What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Perform daily or evening face makeup is not difficult at all, if you have all the necessary tools and accessories at hand. But what kind of cosmetic preparations and auxiliary elements may be needed during the application of make-up? Journalists.we decided to look into this issue. In this article you will find a complete list of care and decorative cosmetics that are used for face makeup. As well as a list of necessary and secondary accessories that will make the process of applying make-up simple and enjoyable.

Skin care cosmetics

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

You can not apply makeup on your face without first preparing the skin. Otherwise, cosmetics will not last on the surface of the skin for more than three to four hours, and the condition of the epidermis will gradually worsen. Therefore, you will definitely need to buy several preparations to prepare your face for applying makeup.

The first product belonging to the group of must-HEV-milk for washing. This product differs from the product for removing makeup in a more natural composition, which does not contain components that wash off persistent cosmetics. The product should be used before each application of makeup, that is, every day in the morning.

After cleansing the face, it is recommended to treat it with a light scrub. It is not necessary to do this every day, but three or four times a week you will still have to remove keratinized skin particles, especially if you have oily, problematic skin with clogged pores. Or a dry dermis that is prone to peeling. You can buy a facial scrub or prepare it yourself. For example, used coffee grounds act very gently on the skin, do not injure and effectively cleanse. And additionally saturates the epidermis with useful substances.

If you have skin problems in the T-zone, it is not superfluous to apply a tonic to this area. It will improve the skin and get rid of the greasy Shine that can occur during the day with the increased work of the sebaceous glands.

After washing and scrubbing, the skin of the face should be moistened or applied to it with another care product that is suitable for your age category and type of epidermis. It will be nice if SPF factors are present in the composition of such a cream. In winter, it is enough to use a cream with an SPF-15 or SPF-20 filter. In summer, the dermis will need more powerful protection. Therefore, it is desirable that the drug contains an SPF-30 filter or higher. In 5-10 minutes after applying the cream, your skin is completely ready to use decorative cosmetics and apply makeup. But if you have enlarged pores, it is recommended to perform another procedure that will help narrow their lumen. Just run an ice cube over your face and then wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth. Ice can be made from plain or mineral water.

Decorative cosmetics

The list of decorative cosmetics that may be required to perform a make-up depends on several factors. For some girls, mascara and lipstick are enough. Others also use Foundation, powder, blush, etc. The type of skin also plays an important role. If a woman has a problematic dermis, she will need a concealer, the use of which is not required for girls with perfectly smooth skin of a normal type. Just in case, our experts have listed all the cosmetic preparations that you may theoretically need for face makeup. Read the description of each tool, and you will be able to decide for yourself whether its use is necessary in your case.

Primer or base

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Any makeup is recommended to start with applying a primer.This tool performs three functions simultaneously:

Evens out the skin’s relief, filling in all the bumps, the smallest depressions and creases, wrinkles.

Protects the skin from the effects of decorative cosmetics and negative climatic factors.

Increases the durability of makeup-with a primer, cosmetics will last on the face for several hours longer. Girls who prefer to use the drug report that the makeup is “in place” throughout the day and does not need to be adjusted.

The primer can be applied not only on the surface of the face, but also on the eyelids, on the lips. In this case, the durability of shadows and lipstick or gloss also increases. The base can give the skin a dullness or internal radiance, if the product contains reflective particles.

A specialized primer for the eyelids occupies a special place in the cosmetic bag of a modern girl who likes to use shadows. If you apply the primer on the cleaned surface of the epidermis, it will prevent the shadows from rolling into balls, even on oily skin. Cosmetics will not fade or smudge even in extreme situations. The product will increase the saturation of the eye shadow pigment – their shade will correspond to 100% indicated on the package. And at the same time, there is no feeling of stickiness or tightness on the skin of the eyelids, which often happens if a standard facial primer is used on the eyelids.

For eyelashes, there is also a special base that strengthens the hairs, gives them more volume and length, and can make the shade of the eyelashes more saturated.

Concealer for face makeup

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

The corrector is used by a large number of women, as sooner or later each of them has aesthetic defects that need careful masking. The concealer has a dense texture and high overlapping properties, so it allows you to hide such small imperfections in small areas of the face.:

Pimples, welts, and scars.

Bruises and / or bags under the eyes.

The color of the corrector doesn’t have to be beige. A skin-colored cosmetic product will perfectly mask bags under the eyes, but it may not be able to cope with other defects. Depending on the nature of the problem that the tool is designed to solve, the color of the corrector can be green, blue, purple, pink, orange or yellow. For example, a green concealer will mask red pimples well, since the green and red shades are on opposite sides of the color spectrum. And bruises under the eyes will help hide a pink or orange drug. By the same principle, the shade of the corrector is selected to mask other defects.

Concealer for face makeup

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Concealer is the” big brother ” of the concealer. They have the same functions-masking imperfections of the skin. But the concealer has a lighter texture, it is applied to large areas of the epidermis and is used, as a rule,not before, but after the Foundation.Problems that this tool is designed to solve:

Large areas of flaking or redness of the skin.

Enlarged pores on the nose, cheeks and chin.

Large age spots.

Uneven complexion.

Usually the concealer is available in beige tones. You need to choose the product depending on the color of the Foundation that you use – it should be slightly lighter than the Foundation.

Foundation for the face

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Foundation is a must-have makeup tool for many women. It is used by those who do not have special problems with the skin. And those who suffer from various aesthetic defects definitely can’t do without it.Foundation will help to finally mask such imperfections:

Unevenness of the skin.

Acne and enlarged pores.

Gums and black dots.

Dull complexion.

How to choose a Foundation for your skin type:

To choose the shade of the product, you need to use a probe. The drug is applied to the lower part of the face – to the right or left of the chin. If the product merges with the skin color on the face and neck, then it is suitable for you.

To understand whether it is comfortable to use a Foundation, whether it does not cause a feeling of tightness, do not wash the product off the skin for 20-30 minutes. Spend this time doing some shopping, and then come back to buy some makeup if it suits you.

The Foundation should be changed at least twice a year. The skin tone changes depending on the season – it is lighter in winter than in summer. Therefore, when the cosmetic product is once again over, do not rush to buy a new drug of the same color, but re-test it on the skin of the face, “trying on” the shade.

For oily, combination, problem skin, a Foundation with a matte finish is suitable. It is desirable that the preparation contains antiseptic substances, minerals, vitamins and regenerative components that restore the structure of the skin. You can try to buy not a classic Foundation, but a modern BB cream or CC cream, which, in addition to performing a decorative function, have a therapeutic effect on the skin.

For dry skin, a Foundation of liquid consistency is suitable, which contains moisturizing components, for example, hyaluronic acid. Holders of dry epidermis can also use bibiani and CC creams.

For age-related skin, it is recommended to buy specialized Foundation creams with an anti-age effect. In their contains components that slow down the ageing process of the skin and effectively camouflage lines, wrinkles, dullness of the epidermis. In the composition of such preparations, as a rule, there are no reflective particles that can accentuate aesthetic flaws.

When choosing a Foundation, pay attention to the products of major brands. They offer product lines that fall into different price categories-from mass market to luxury. This will allow you to easily choose a drug depending on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Face makeup powder

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Powder is used in makeup in order to fix the previous layers of cosmetics, give the face a matte or inner glow, create a smooth, velvety, uniform surface. The same product, which often contains absorbent components, prevents the appearance of greasy Shine on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin throughout the day.

There are several types of powder:

Pressed– suitable for normal and combination dermis, it is very convenient to carry in your purse or cosmetic bag, use outside the home. The product does not crumble, does not stain surrounding objects. Most products are equipped with everything necessary for the use of cosmetics-a mirror and powder puff, an applicator.

Crumbly– allows you to create the thinnest layer of cosmetics on the skin, which will not clog even enlarged pores. The perfect choice for oily and problematic skin. Such a drug is most convenient to keep in the home collection of cosmetics. If the lid is not tightly screwed, the powder crumbles, gets dusty and covers the entire contents of the bag. However, there are loose powders, the form of release of which allows you to constantly carry them with you. Such cosmetics are enclosed in a case, at the end of which there is a wide thick brush, through which the powder enters the skin. When the powder is not used, the brush is protected by a tight-fitting cap, so cosmetics will not crumble in the cosmetic bag.

Powder in the balls.The preparation is applied by brush, so it is intended mainly for home use. A distinctive feature of this drug is the ability to mix colors, achieving the perfect shade of the skin.

The powder should match the skin tone and shade of Foundation. Therefore, it is recommended to buy both drugs at the same time. They will be perfectly combined with each other if you purchase products of the same brand and the same series (line).

Blush as a means for face makeup

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Blush will help to give your face a healthy and fresh, rested and radiant appearance. No wonder a natural blush on the cheeks is associated with excellent health. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to purchase this tool. Even if you don’t often use blush in your daytime makeup, you will definitely need it in the process of creating an evening look.

Blushers are available in the same versions of the texture as powder. Also in the product range of various brands you can find cream and mousse preparations.When choosing the consistency of the product, you need to follow this rule::

If you plan to apply blush to powder, then they should be dry-pressed, powdered, in balls.

If you plan to apply blush on bare skin or on a layer of Foundation, use products with a liquid or creamy consistency.

When applying blush, it is very important not to overdo it. If you make too dense and bright a layer of makeup, the face will look ridiculous and unnatural.

Lipstick or lip gloss, contour pencil

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

If you want to emphasize the beauty of your lips, be sure to buy a lipstick or gloss. Recently, products with glossy and matte finishes have become very popular, so you will have a lot of options to choose from. How to choose the right lipstick for day and evening look:

Daytime makeupit is usually made using light, pastel, soft pink and peach shades of lipstick. But if the emphasis is solely on the lips, the color of the lipstick may be more saturated. For a natural Nude make-up, you can use a beige lipstick, a clear gloss or a gloss with a minimum amount of pigments.

Evening holiday makeup allows the use of rich, bright and juicy shades of cosmetics. In this case, you can accentuate both the eyes and lips. In the last season, the trend is the use of matte lipsticks saturated red, Burgundy, wine shades.

The choice of lipstick color largely depends on the shape and volume of the lips, on the color type of appearance and the General style of the girl. Before buying the product, it is recommended to test several disposable probes directly on the lips, and not on the skin of the hands.

The pencil can also be used in both daily and evening makeup. It will allow you to emphasize the shape, contour of the lips, and make the borders clearer. Also, using a pencil, you can increase the durability of the lipstick, since the lines applied to the contour will prevent the product from spreading and smearing.

Cosmetics for eyes and eyebrows

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Most girls actively use decorative cosmetics for eye and eyebrow makeup. Eyes, especially beautifully made-up, attract attention, and neat eyebrows make the image complete. Therefore, for face makeup, you will probably need such cosmetics:

Eye shadow. They can be light or dark, bright or Nude. The texture of the drugs also varies widely, ranging from the pressed and loose shadows to cream and gel options. The finish can be pearlescent or matte. Choose the shade of shadows in accordance with the color of the eyes, hair on the head, skin tone, that is, under your color type of appearance. Also of great importance is the type of makeup, its purpose and the technique of applying cosmetics.

Eyeliner, pencil for drawing arrows. The use of such cosmetics can radically transform the appearance. If you learn to use eyeliner or pencil, you can even make small and expressionless eyes open and shining. Special attention of women deserves an unusual waterproof universal eyeliner-eye shadow. This product can be used for absolutely any purpose – apply to the eyelids as a solid coating or make graphic thin lines. In the process of operation, the tool does not dry out, the lines made by it are easy to correct with a cotton swab. You can fix the result with a liquid product with a glossy or matte finish. For everyday makeup, you can use pencils and eyeliners in black, brown or gray. For festive and solemn moments, a bright blue, green, purple shade with sparkles is suitable.

Mascara for your lashes.It is difficult to find a modern girl or woman who at least periodically did not use this type of cosmetics. Mascara can slightly emphasize the eyelashes, making them a little darker. Or to give the hairs of the eyelashes for more length and volume. For example, volumizing mascara can easily mimic the effect of extended lashes.

Eye shadow, mascara, or brow pencil. These cosmetics will help to give the brow arches a certain shape, fill in the gaps, make the shade of the eyebrows more saturated, fix the hairs in the desired position for the whole day. When choosing eyebrow makeup products, remember one rule. Girls with blonde hair are recommended to have a shade of eyebrows one tone darker than the curls on their head. And brown-haired women have more eyebrows, one tone darker than their hair. Hot brunettes do not have to worry about this, they do not need to change or enhance the natural shade of their black eyebrows.

Glitter, shimmers, and glitters. Such tools will definitely come in handy if you need to make an unusual, festive, avant-garde face makeup. Sparkles are applied to the base, which allows you not to worry about the fact that they can fall off at the most inopportune moment.

The range of eye makeup products is probably the most extensive in comparison with the set of preparations for the lips and face surface. By regularly visiting the cosmetics store, you will learn in time about all the new products that will make the process of making a make-up even more pleasant and interesting.

Auxiliary cosmetics-highlighter and bronzer

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Some women who have mastered different makeup techniques use additional types of cosmetics. Most often used highlighter and bronzer. What you might need them for:

Highlighter(translated from English as “highlight, highlight, underline, accent”). This is a cosmetic product that is used to draw attention to certain areas of the face. For example, if you apply a highlighter to the back of your nose and apply a darker shade to the wings, your nose will appear longer, narrower, and more elegant. Highlighter is used to give the skin the effect of glow, freshness, pearly radiance, as well as for contouring or sculpting facial features. In the latter case, using a highlighter, you can visually change the appearance-the oval of the face, the contours of the chin, nose, lips, cheekbones, the height and width of the forehead.

Bronzer. From the name of the product, it is clear that it gives the skin of the face a bronze hue, creates a tan effect, and can be used on dark skin as a blush. The same product can be used as an eye shadow or in contouring techniques as a Darkener. If the highlighter highlights, then the bronzer takes you into the shade. Due to the combination and transitions of contrasting shades, it is possible to visually correct the features of the appearance, emphasizing the advantages and camouflaging the disadvantages.

Both highlighter and bronzer are available in different shapes, can have different textures and the nature of the finish. Therefore, the choice of tools for solving certain problems will not be difficult.

Accessories and small items

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Face makeup will be difficult to perform correctly and fully, if you do not take care of the accessories. You may need these things::

A mirror.It is desirable that it should be large – it should contain the full reflection of the person from the top of the head to the diaphragm area. This will allow you to fully review the appearance after applying makeup, compare the skin tone on the face and in the neck or decollete area. Of course, you can also use a small or medium mirror. But this can be inconvenient, because it will have to be held in your hand. In addition, only part of the face is reflected in a small mirror, and it is simply impossible to assess how well and symmetrically the makeup is made. Such miniature accessories are best used outside the home, as they easily fit in a purse or cosmetic bag. A home mirror can be not only large, but also three-leaf, equipped with lighting devices, as well as individual elements with magnification of the image.

Set of cosmetic brushesfor applying different types of drugs to the face. The set can include three or four basic brushes for base and Foundation, powder, blush, and eye shadow. Also, the kit may include additional elements, for example, brushes for applying lipstick, highlighter and bronzer, for spot application of concealers and concealers, brushes for eyebrow care, etc. Accessories for the use of liquid cosmetics are usually made of artificial lint, as it does not absorb cosmetics and allows you to spend it as economically as possible. Brushes for dry and loose products, as a rule, have a natural, soft pile, which allows you to blend cosmetics well and create accents in the necessary places. To store the brushes, you will need to buy a special box or a rag pencil case, like professional makeup artists and artists. You can also get accessories and preparations for cleaning brushes, for example, a special rubber Mat with bumps on the surface.

Sponges and beauty blenders. Such accessories will be useful for girls who are not used to using brushes for applying liquid and creamy cosmetics.

Palitra-ringfor mixing cosmetics. Using this accessory, you will not need to apply drugs to the skin of the back of your hands, which is not hygienic enough. The use of a compact metal palette that can be sterilized not only facilitates the process of applying makeup to the face, but also prevents staining of the skin of the hands, because it is not always convenient to erase traces of cosmetics.

Eyelash Curling iron. Such a device will be needed for girls who do not want to use mascara, but want the look to be expressive and attractive. Tweezers allow you to create the effect of “make-up without makeup”, apply natural make-up techniques in the Nude style. However, this accessory can also be used in combination with mascara. In this case, you can get the effect of extended eyelashes, which are charmingly bent up.

Tweezers for correcting the shape of eyebrows. No modern woman can do without this accessory, since even the natural shape of the brow arches requires care and removal of individual elements that go beyond the contours and stand out from the General mass.

Trimmer for correcting the length of the hair of the brow archeswith several removable attachments. The same function can be performed by nail scissors in combination with a small comb with closely spaced teeth.

Make-up remover for the face.You will have to wash off cosmetics every day, and running water and soap are not quite suitable for this purpose, as they will increase the dryness of the skin. It is better to buy micellar water, foam or gel for washing your face.

Paper napkins, cotton pads or cotton wool, ear sticks. These things are used for applying makeup to the face, and for correcting make-up, and for removing it.

Head band. It will make it easier to apply makeup to your face by fixing your hair without letting it fall over your forehead.

Moisturizing face spray. This product can be used before applying makeup to the face, as well as during the day. The spray eliminates redness, normalizes the color of the skin, moisturizes the dermis and fixes the make-up.

Performing face makeup regularly, you will gradually understand what cosmetics and accessories are really needed, and what tools can be easily abandoned without spending extra money. For example, in a daily make-up, you can use brushes to apply Foundation to your face. And when performing evening makeup, many professional makeup artists use special airbrushes. Thanks to this, the coating is as uniform and resistant as possible, especially if you powder the surface of the skin at the very end. But buying an airbrush is an expensive investment that you can easily refuse. Or still give yourself pleasure and buy a professional makeup device.

What you need for face makeup in different styles – a minimal set of tools

What you need for face makeup: a list of the perfect makeup kit

Each girl has her own unique style and changes the image depending on the circumstances. Therefore, the make-up may also have a different purpose, according to which the set of necessary basic cosmetics also changes.:

Classic casual makeup.It is preferred by most girls and women who attend educational institutions and go to work. This is a versatile, practical make-up that does not take much time to apply to the face, because it is usually not enough in the morning. For a classic style, you will need a primer, concealer and Foundation, a little light blush. As well as eye shadow, shades of which smoothly merge into one another, mascara and a soft lipstick.

Make-up in a minimalistic stylewith the use of technology Nude. This type of make-up is suitable for young girls and adherents of naturalness in the image. You will need a primer and Foundation, beige shadows and brown mascara. You don’t need to cover your lips and cheeks with makeup.

Sporting.This type of make-up is characterized by simplicity and naturalness. It is mainly used for Foundation and mascara. For lips, you can choose a balm-care that will protect delicate skin from chapping and dehydration during exercise. This product can be both colorless and colored, with different fruit aromas and tastes.

Romantic. In this case, you need to create a delicate and fragile image that can attract the attention of men. Pastel colors of the pink and beige spectrum are used. The emphasis is on the eyes and lips, the shades are blurred. You will need a concealer, primer and Foundation, pink blush and the same lip gloss.

Avant-garde. Make-up in this style is suitable for bold and eccentric personalities who prefer to be in the center of everyone’s attention. Here the contrast of shades, brightness, and color saturation are important. All types of cosmetics are used, from primer to eyebrow pencil.

Dramatic.This style is perfect for formal evenings, where you need to look not just festive, but solemn and luxurious. Deep saturated and contrasting noble shades are welcome, eliminating vulgarity in the image. To emphasize all the advantages of appearance and hide the shortcomings, you need to use a concealer, a primer, a Foundation, and all other cosmetics within the framework of the chosen facial makeup technique.

When choosing an individual style, focus on the features of your appearance, age, type of employment, and preferences. Do not try to copy the makeup of other girls, because what is perfect for one can distort the image of other people. If you are not sure about your choice, or the perfect result was not achieved, consult with a professional makeup artist, who will give you some recommendations on what face makeup products you will need.

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