TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Manufacturers of kitchen appliances produce a variety of models.

To get your bearings in the range and buy the best coffee maker, just pay attention to the following details::

  • power output– varies from 300 to 1400 watts, it depends on the speed of preparation of the drink;
  • the volume– there are models for 2-6 cups;
  • type of work– the electric one can be taken with you on a trip or in the office, the stove top coffee maker is only suitable for use on the hob;
  • material– geyser devices are made of aluminum or stainless steel, both materials have good thermal conductivity and are easy to maintain;
  • additional features– water level indicator, timer, automatic shutdown after making a drink, strength control and automatic heating of the drink.

Rules for choosing a geyser coffee maker

In order for the product to serve for a long time, be reliable, and enjoy a delicious drink every day, you need to know the basic rules of choice. Geyser models do not have special elements, so the devices are almost always reliable and high-quality. Their operation is very simple, which for many is an important detail. A person will need to put coffee and pour in water, then turn on the device in the network or put it on the stove. With the help of a special valve on the water tank, the coffee maker adjusts the pressure itself if the liquid cannot pass through the coffee filter.

The main advantage of such models is the quality of the finished drink and the absence of sediment in it. This is caused by design features and the principle of operation. The cooking process itself takes about 5 minutes. In addition, the device independently regulates the temperature, which eliminates its drop.

The design itself is the same for all models.

It includes the following components::

  • Liquid reservoir-located at the bottom of the device, it must have a valve that stands in the wall itself. It is filled with cold water up to the value that should be specified.
  • A filter that is attached to a container of liquid. It is covered in a circle with a grid, crushed coffee is put in it and it is better to use medium or coarse grinding. In the case of fine grinding, it is necessary to carefully compress it.
  • Beverage container – the upper element of the device, where coffee will get ready for use.

Geyser models are considered universal devices that are used in everyday life, at work or in nature.

Case and container materials

The case can be made of different materials. Often they have a high value of thermal conductivity, they are easy to care for. The main options that are presented in stores are as follows::

  • Aluminum is a classic raw material for geyser coffee makers, using the highest quality food grade steel, which is completely safe for people and meets all standards. After the purchase, a slight metallic taste may appear in the drink, but this happens after 2-3 times to speed up, you can simply thoroughly wash the main parts without using powerful detergents. In case of poor kidney function or other health problems, it is not recommended to buy a coffee maker made of aluminum.
  • Stainless steel-the models will be very strong and reliable. They can be washed in the dishwasher, the bottom is often suitable for an induction cooker, and the thickness itself speeds up the process of making a drink. Steel versions will not rust if the device is constantly used, they are among the most durable.
  • Ceramic coffee makers do not oxidize, so the drink will be clean to taste, without extraneous aromas and retains its basic properties. Such a product is often very beautiful, especially if there are patterns on the body. The disadvantage is considered to be fragility and a low degree of resistance to damage.
  • Polymers – used in coffee makers to lighten weight, increase strength, and increase temperature resistance.

The appearance of geyser machines can be completely different, but they are all perfectly made in shape and color. In addition, for some devices, the upper container may be made of glass, which will allow you to monitor the cooking process. The handles are often made of nylon or bakelite, so they are not exposed to heat.

The cost of models at the moment is 1000-9000 rubles, and this indicator is influenced by the following factors::

  • The material of the device.
  • Capacity of the container.
  • Additional options and the ability to prepare different drinks.
  • Possibility to use the coffee maker on different cooking surfaces.
  • Power.

You also need to look at additional options when making a selection. Some manufacturers of electric models make a compartment for the cord, add several filters to the package, which help to get different types of coffee. There may also be a spoon for measuring portions, a brush.

The volume

It takes into account the number of people living in the house.

Please note!When buying a device for one or two servings, a family of three or four people will have to wait in line for their favorite drink for a long time.

In such cases,it is advisable to purchase products designed for 3-5 servings. Although manufacturers produce models that can cook from 1 to 18 cups of delicious coffee.

Additional features

Most modern models have such functions as: automatic shutdown, preheating coffee, delayed start, regulating the strength of the drink, the ability to connect to wi-fi.

Some models provide for the presence of departments for storing the cord, replaceable filters, the presence of brushes and spoons for the convenience of brewing a drink.

Here you should be guided by your own wishes and financial abilities.Any additional functions significantly overestimate the cost of the device.

Therefore, if you do not plan to control the coffee maker via a smartphone, then you should not choose a product with such capabilities.

Brand or username

If you buy a device from an unknown manufacturer, you can save your own savings. But as a result, there is a risk of getting poor quality of the product.

During operation, the top and bottom threads of the container may play on the coffee maker, cracked filter pad, poorly attached handles.

Please note!Branded products are much more expensive. But they can boast excellent quality, interesting designs and an impeccable reputation that has been proven for decades.

Non-stick coating

Its presence will greatly facilitate the care of the device.High-quality non-stick coating will prevent the appearance of scale and the resulting plaque will be easily and quickly washed off with ordinary water without the use of detergents.

The presence of a non-heating handle

Absolutelyall geyser coffee makers are equipped with handles that do not heat up during the coffee making process.

They are made of nylon, wood and other materials.

In addition, attention should be paid to the size of the handle. It should be large enough to hold the product securely in your hand.

The power of the device

The speed of preparation of the drink directly depends on this criterion. Manufacturers offer products with power from 400 watts to 1500 watts.For 1-2 people, it is enough to purchase a device with a power of 400-500 watts.

For a family consisting of 3-4 people, you will need a more powerful device from 1000 watts. Coffee makers designed for a large volume of coffee preparation should be quite powerful from 1000 watts to 1500 watts.

Auto shut-off

Almost all electric coffee makers are equipped with automatic shutdown. Thisthis function turns off the appliance after making coffee. If it is not present, the device will burn down due to evaporation of water in the container.

Attention! The process of making coffee in a geyser coffee maker takes about 5 minutes of free time.

Availability of automatic heating

Simpler models do not have automatic coffee heating.the presence of this option allows you to keep the prepared drink warm for a long time.

If you set the coffee to brew and got distracted, even after half an hour you can enjoy a nice hot drink.

Cord length

Some believe that this selection criterion does not play any role. But in fact, very muchit is important that the cord is long enough. It is good if the device is installed in close proximity to the outlet.

But if it is located at a distance, you will have to additionally look for an extension cord. The ideal option is models that have a cord length of 85 -100 cm.

What is a geyser coffee maker?

The geyser coffee maker was invented by the Italians in the distant 30s.The principle of operation:

  1. Ground coffee is poured into the upper part of the appliance.
  2. Water is poured into the lower tank. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the maximum level of liquid pouring, so that it does not close the steam outlet valve.
  3. The upper part of the appliance is closed and connected to the mains or installed on the stove.

Important!The unique feature of the geyser coffee maker is that when water boils, steam passes through the ground coffee, absorbing its aroma and taste.

Existstwo options for geyser coffee makers:

  • Electric. They are easier to use and handlethere is no need to monitor the processmaking coffee. All that is required from the user is: pour water into a special container, pour coffee into the filter, turn on the device in the network and press the button. The device will do everything else itself. Electric models are made of tempered glass, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, and polymers. They feature a wide range of designs and colors.
  • Gas stations. They are made of steel or stainless steel. Externally, such devices resemble an octahedral hourglass.Before making coffee, the product is completely disassembled. Water is poured into the lower container, coffee is poured into a special filter, and the upper part of the device (lid)is screwed on top along the thread. After that, the coffee maker is put on the stove for a slow fire. It is quite easy to understand that the drink has been prepared. The device will start to hiss as the last drops of water evaporate. Some models signal the preparation of coffee by loud bubbling.

Attention! If the coffee is overheated in gas devices, the drink will be bitter.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the main onesadvantagespurchases of a geyser coffee maker include:

  • affordable price;
  • easy to operate;
  • the reliability of the device;
  • good strength of the drink and pleasant aroma;
  • ability to add spices to the drink during cooking (ginger, cinnamon);
  • compact and ergonomic design;
  • lack of coffee grounds.

Since such products do not have specific components, they are quitepractical and reliable in operation.

In the geyser coffee maker, you can brew not only coffee, but also simple tea and medicinal herbs.

At the same time, they are not devoid ofdisadvantages:

  • the need to use only coarse coffee. Since fine coffee will clog the filter;
  • inability to vary the strength and volume of the drink;
  • the device remains hot for a long time after switching off, which leads to burns if used carelessly.

Please note!Sugar and milk are recommended to be added to the drink after its preparation.

Suitable for whom?

Geyser coffee makers are suitable for real connoisseurs of natural coffee. Unlike expensive and oversized coffee machines, they aremore convenient and easy to use.

Buy a geyser-type gas compact coffee makerrecommended for those who spend a lot of time outdoors(goes on Hiking trips, arranges picnics). They can be used to prepare coffee over a campfire. Also, such devices are suitable for summer residents.

Geyser coffee makers of the electric type are often found in offices. For such purposes, products designed for the preparation of 12-18 cups of strong coffee are purchased.

Rating of the TOP 20 best models

TOP 10 best electric geyser coffee makers
1 FIRST AUSTRIA 5471-1 2 000 ₽
2 KitchenAid 5KCM0812OB 14 000 ₽
3 Rommelsbacher EKO 366/E 8 000 ₽
4 ENVEDER Costa-1020 2 000 ₽
5 ENVEDER Costa-1010 2 000 ₽
6 De’Longhi Alicia EMKM 6 5 000 ₽
7 Bialetti Moka timer 3 10 000 ₽
8 Bialetti Moka timer 6 12 000 ₽
9 Rommelsbacher ECO 376/G 7 000 ₽
10 Polaris Kontur-4C 2 000 ₽
TOP 10 best geyser coffee makers for the stove
1 Bialetti Moka Express 1163 (6 cups) 4 000 ₽
2 Rondel Kafferro RDS-499 (300 ml) 2 000 ₽
3 Italco Induction (6 cups) 1 500 ₽
4 Bialetti Mukka Express (2 cups) 6 000 ₽
5 Bialetti Moka Express 1162 (3 cups) 3 000 ₽
6 Walzer Rondell RDS-432 (300 ml) 3 000 ₽
7 Bialetti Moka Induction (3 cups) 6 000 ₽
8 Bialetti Moka Induction (6 cups) 4 000 ₽
9 Bialetti Moka Express 1164 (4 servings) 3 000 ₽
10 Kortado Rondell RDA-399 (450 ml) 2 000 ₽

Operating principle of a geyser coffee maker

In the broadest sense of the word, this type of equipment for the kitchendesigned for fast deliverybrewing coffeewith the use of spring technology. The machine consists of two vertically arranged tanks of the same volume, separated by a container for ground coffee.

In the upper vessel, the tank is designed for ready-made coffee, which passes through a strainer. Cold water is poured into the lower container, which is also heated here.

Through a special tube, boiling water is fed to the upper vessel, heating the crushed coffee beans with steam on its way.. Most consumers believe that water is being poured on coffee, but this is not the case.

The tanks are tightly screwed to each other, which provides the necessary water pressure and temperature.

Regardless of how many servings the machine is designed for, the coffee container must be filled completely, otherwise the desired strength of the drink will not work.

If the coffee powder is rammed according to the tablet type, then the drink will get a richer aroma and rich taste at the output.

Best electric geyser coffee makers

In the assortment of well-known brands there are dozens of geyser-type coffee makers working from the network. Below are THE top 10 best models according to the owners. An overview of the characteristics and comparison of several options will allow you to make the best choice.


Table top coffee maker with 300 ml tank. This volume is enough to make three cups of espresso or two Americanos. Boiling water passes through ground coffee at a pressure of up to 5 bar, which ensures the preparation of a rich drink.

The efficiency of the model is determined by the power of 480 watts.

There is a light indication of switching on. The case is made of aluminum, and the heating element is hidden in the base of the device.

If there is no water, the unit automatically shuts down.


  • power — 480 W;
  • volume-0.3 l;
  • size-21x24x11. 5 cm;
  • weight-1.41 kg.


  • delicious coffee;
  • fast cooking;
  • high-quality housing;
  • easy operation.


  • small water container;
  • complex cleaning.

KitchenAid 5KCM0812OB

Stylish and practical model with a capacity of 1.44 kW. It can be used only at home and in public catering establishments.

It has high performance and reliability. Made in a classic design.

The capacity of the jug is 1000 ml.

The case is made of heat-resistant glass and plastic elements.

You need to put ground coffee in the filter.

Thanks to the anti-drip system, the drink does not spill on the tray. There is a regulator of the strength of the drink.


  • power — 1440 W;
  • volume-1 l;
  • dimensions-17x36x22 cm;
  • weight-2.1 kg.


  • stylish design;
  • transparent case;
  • choosing the strength of coffee;
  • fast cooking;


  • difficult washing;
  • cooks only one serving at a time.

Rommelsbacher EKO 366/E

The 356w model is equipped with a 350ml jug, which allows you to prepare 3 to 6 cups of coffee in one cycle..

You can only use ground coffee, as the machine does not have a built-in coffee grinder.

The hot steam in the device is supplied at a pressure of 10 bar, so the drink turns out to be rich and fragrant.

The case is made of stainless steel, resistant to temperature and mechanical influences.

For storing the cord, there is a compartment on the case. Automatic shutdown guarantees safe operation of the device.


  • power-365 W;
  • a volume of 0.35 liters;
  • dimensions-14x21x14 cm;
  • weight-1.2 kg;
  • the cord length is 0.7 m.


  • fast cooking;
  • auto power off;
  • easy operation;
  • it doesn’t get dirty for a long time.


  • it cools down for a long time;
  • there is no water level indicator.

ENVEDER Costa-1020

Desktop coffee machine from a reliable Italian manufacturer. It is made in a classic style and has compact dimensions.

Due to the power of 480 W, it is possible to quickly brew coffee, spending a small amount of electricity.

The flask is designed for 300 ml of water.

There is protection against overheating and overload, which eliminates damage to the device. There is an adapter for regulating the strength of the drink, as well as an indication of switching on.


  • power — 480 W;
  • volume-0.3 l;
  • dimensions-13x24x19 cm;
  • the cord length is 0.85 m.


  • delicious coffee;
  • compact size;
  • fast cooking;
  • regulation of the fortress.


  • small jug;
  • there is no automatic shutdown after making a drink.

Best cheap geyser coffee makers

In this category, we have included inexpensive geyser coffee makers for those who like to save money and at the same time get high-quality results. There are no additional functions in their designs, but this is how the budget price is formed. The devices presented by us are distinguished by stylish designs, convenient operation, safety and reliability.

Bialetti Elettrika

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews

A simple geyser model created by the company of the inventor of this miracle device does not include any additional options and is designed to prepare two cups of coffee with a volume of 80 ml. The compact device is convenient to take with you on trips, it does not take up much space, and your favorite drink can be prepared wherever you go.

The case is made of aluminum, the handle is made of nylon. The model has a power-on indicator. For cooking, you will need ground coffee, since the device does not have a coffee grinder.

According to reviews, the model is distinguished by an elegant body, convenient use, long service life, high-quality Assembly and budget cost. Coffee turns out to be aromatic, rich, without thickening. Also, many noted that it can be used to prepare herbal decoctions and tea.


  • Italian brand;
  • affordable price;
  • adapter for sockets in the set;
  • easy to use;
  • compact size;


  • not detected.

Best geyser coffee makers with additional features – for electric and gas stoves

Bialetti Kremina

A very interesting and truly exclusive geyser coffee maker, in which you can brew not only strong espresso, but also get it in the form that is offered in coffee shops, specialized bars – with a thick, delicate cream foam. That’s not all. If you add a little milk, you can really get a great macchiato. This is how a simple, compact device can become an alternative to a bulky and expensive automatic coffee machine.

The process of foaming the drink is simple: after removing Bialetti Kremina from the stove, you just need to quickly work with a special handle up and down with the lid tightly closed. The coffee maker is made of aluminum, the body color is natural metallic. It is not suitable for induction cookers, but for all other cookers – no problem. You can only wash it by hand. The volume of a water bowl is 140 ml, in terms of espresso cups-this is 3 servings.

  • Nice design;
  • Transparent top cover;
  • Improved design.
  • Production – Romania.

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.8 / 10 rating Reviews have long wanted a geyser coffee maker and carefully studied what stores offer. When we came across this version, at first we thought it was expensive. Figured out what’s what, decided – it’s worth it. They were not mistaken.

Bialetti Mukka Express

A very pleasant-looking and one-of-a-kind geyser coffee maker with an original design in the colors of the “Burenka” Holstein breed. And this is not a random fantasy of the designer, but a rather thick hint that Mukka Express can cook a real cappuccino on a regular stove. On induction, unfortunately, no. Unless you use a special adapter disk.

The shape of the hull is devoid of the faceted outlines of traditional Moka, here it is rounded. Where did you see an octagonal cow with black and white spots? The main secret of success is a special valve in the upper bowl for foaming milk with hot steam. Setting the correct proportions of ingredients is not difficult – there are special risks for optimal filling.

  • Elegant design, functionality;
  • The working volume of the coffee maker is 220 ml for 2 servings of cappuccino;
  • Optimal aluminum housing for better extraction and preservation of coffee flavor.
  • Detachable milk Frother – plastic (collapses over time, you can buy, but hard to find);
  • The Romanian Assembly.

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.7 / 10 rating Reviews Brews perfectly. Cappuccino on the stove – who would have thought it? It turns out great! There are no complaints about this. Only now the plastic nozzle for the second year crumbled, foam shot at the ceiling. With difficulty, but found a new spare part.

Bialetti Brikka 6784

Another unique coffee maker in its own way. Externally, a typical Moka in an aluminum case with a traditional faceted shape for Bialetti. The design is also almost classic, with a small but extremely important exception-Brikka has an element that makes it a strong and delicious drink with a beautiful foam, as close as possible in its properties to real espresso, which is served in specialized bars.

Actually, it’s all about a special valve that blocks the exit from the tube until the pressure inside reaches the desired value. At a certain point, it opens with a characteristic click and the coffee quickly fills the upper Cup in just a couple of seconds. Needless to say, the effectiveness of brewing improves, the taste becomes stronger and richer, the texture becomes creamy. “Our” version of the coffee maker with article 6784 for 4 cups (160 ml), there is a 2-portion version of 6782 (90 ml).

  • Stylish ageless design, comfortable heat-insulated handle;
  • Excellent result at the output;
  • Compatible with most cookers, excluding induction cookers.
  • Country of origin-Romania;
  • There are only two small-volume versions in the product line.

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.7 / 10 rating Reviews as the owner of a gas stove, this geyser coffee maker is perfect for Me. I used to use Turka, but somehow my enthusiasm quickly disappeared. Now fresh coffee with foam is always on the menu for Breakfast. Yes, and on other Friday evenings it is well drunk with strengthening additives.

The best geyser-type coffee makers for any cookers, including induction ones

GAT Aroma Vip Induction (9 of cups)

Geyser coffee makers of another Italian manufacturer are no less good than those of Bialetti. And if you contrast the models of the” native ” Assembly from GAT and some Romanian products with the logo in the form of a “mustachioed uncle”, then the comparison will not necessarily be in favor of the pioneer brand. In addition, the latter for some reason does not particularly make their” Moki ” with the support of induction heating in their father’s house on the Peninsula-sapozhka.

Hence the choice of the category leader – GAT Aroma Vip Induction. It is also an elegant geyser coffee pot for any stove with a body made of cast food-grade aluminum. The issue of full compatibility is solved due to the ferromagnetic properties of the bottom of the lower bowl. In a specific version, you can prepare 9 cups of espresso (450 ml) at once, but there are other options for 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 servings.

  • Non-stick coating of the water tank (prevents the appearance of scale, mold);
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic and pleasant to the touch handle with silicone material;
  • Production – Italy.
  • Aluminum for washing in PMM is taboo.

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.9 / 10 rating Reviews are a Great thing. Both externally, and in terms of quality, and in terms of convenience. Drip coffee makers suck in comparison. Expensive coffee machines-no, but money is a pity. I like coffee from the geyser. Just need to fill your hand a little.

Bialetti Venus 1682

Beautiful geyser coffee maker made of stainless steel, which is perfect for owners of induction cookers. Of course, other types of heating are also supported. The glossy metal body looks very solid, the special shape of the spout provides a convenient drain into the Cup in a thin trickle.

The very fact of the presence of the mustachioed logo not only indicates that it belongs to the most famous manufacturer of geyser coffee makers, but also implies a good quality of both the product itself and the drink prepared in it. The 4-Cup option came to our attention, but you can choose 2, 6, or 10 cups depending on individual needs and family composition.

  • Reasonable price;
  • Heat-resistant handle and button caps;
  • Fast coffee making, practical, easy to clean.
  • Not made in Italy (India).

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.7 / 10 rating Reviews Compact and not particularly expensive replacement for a large coffee maker. It is indicated that for 4 cups, and for two of us it is just perfect. Quickly picked up the best one for a variety of grains and milling. Now the aroma of coffee is constantly in the house.

Italco Induction (6 cups)

It also happens that you want to be cheaper, but that it was good. Why not? Here is an example – a cute geyser coffee maker in a fashionable modern guise. Naturally, the name itself should not deceive. Italco is made far from the country where they love pasta, pizza and risotto, but in those parts where Peking duck is best prepared.

Well, China. What’s the trouble here, when the design itself is quite simple and you can reproduce it without using high technologies, and not only Europeans can make a stainless steel case. But the price tag is twice or three times lower than that of the “trendsetters”. Plus, you can brew coffee on all types of cookers, including induction.

  • Affordable price with quite adequate quality;
  • Nice design;
  • A good volume is 300 ml (for 6 cups or 2-3 usual home mugs).
  • Not the most economical consumption of coffee.

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews
9.5 / 10 rating Reviews for this money, everything is fine. Not Bialetti, of course, but it cooks well. Here the result depends more on the user himself. Used on a single-burner induction cooker. And it’s necessary for this to happen, too, Chinese.

The best geyser coffee makers in terms of price-quality ratio

This category includes models where the quality of the design corresponds to its cost. We have tried to gather the best representatives of coffee grinders that meet these requirements. They are distinguished by interesting designs and ease of use, which is confirmed by the reviews of satisfied customers.

Rommelsbacher EKО 366/E

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews

The first place in the rating is occupied by a geyser coffee maker of the highest German quality, in the design of which everything is taken into account to the smallest detail. The stylish stainless steel case has an unusual conical shape. The base can be rotated 360°, which allows you to quickly and easily install the device on it.

The model provides a maximum security system that will protect the coffee maker from overheating, boiling, and power surges. The power-on indicator shows the status of the device and its readiness for operation.

The length of the cord is 0.7 m, the case has a compartment for its storage. According to reviews, the device meets all safety requirements, is easy to use, and, most importantly, helps to prepare a rich espresso with pronounced taste and aroma.


  • robust stainless housing;
  • hidden fuel tank;
  • compartment for cord;
  • overheat and boil-off protection;
  • 360°rotation of the base;
  • auto shut-off;


  • not detected.

KitchenAid 5KCM0812EOB

TOP 20 best geyser coffee makers for home: rating 2021-2022 and how to choose a high-quality model according to customer reviews

The bold design was developed not only for interior decoration. Thanks to this design, coffee turns out to be more saturated, the taste is stronger, and the aroma is deeper. Through the transparent case, you can watch the cooking process. Special strength glass, ergonomically shaped handle. The Power Is 1440 Watts. The volume of the water tank is 1 liter.

All parts of the coffee maker are locked during operation using a magnetic lock. The package includes metal and fabric filters, which are easy to clean and allow you to use when brewing coffee of various densities. The on/off display helps you monitor the entire process.

The manufacturer took into account all the nuances and included a measuring spoon and a brush in the set. They are made of polypropylene, safe for health.


  • extended configuration options;
  • magnetic lock;
  • water level indicator;
  • fortress control;
  • 2 types of filters;
  • unique design;


  • the cost is about 18,000 rubles.

Best geyser coffee makers for the stove

In addition to electric geyser coffee makers, there are models that need to be put on the stove. Such options can be found in the line of reliable and well-known brands. They are inexpensive, but at the same time differ in stylish design and high quality materials. The rating shows the most popular models.

Bialetti Moka Express 1163 (6 cups)

With this coffee maker, you can quickly prepare a delicious drink for a group of six people.

The case of the device is made of aluminum, which does not darken from high temperature and is easily cleaned of dirt.

You can adjust the strength and mix several types of coffee in the filter itself.

The handle of the coffee maker does not heat up during operation. The model is suitable for making coffee on an electric and gas stove.


  • a volume of 0.24 l;
  • dimensions-16.6 x 21.8 x 12.4 cm;
  • weight-0.78 kg.


  • high-quality execution;
  • robust construction;
  • easy to use;
  • fast heat up time.


  • a small amount coffee;
  • leaks from the lid when it is poured into the upper reservoir.

Italco Induction (6 cups)

Model with an ergonomically shaped body, which allows you to carefully pour hot coffee into a mug.

It is suitable for gas, electric and induction cookers, as well as for brewing coffee on an open fire.

The tank is designed for 300 ml of water, which allows you to prepare 6 cups of 50 ml coffee.

The case is made of stainless steel, resistant to temperature changes and mechanical impact.


  • volume-0.3 l;
  • dimensions-16.6 x 21.8 x 12.4 cm;
  • weight-0.78 kg.


  • cheap;
  • thick bottom;
  • suitable for induction cooker;
  • fast coffee brewing.


  • kind of puny pen;
  • the filter lets in a lot of coffee dust.

Rondel Kafferro RDS-499 (300 ml)

Stylish and easy-to-use coffee machine with which you can prepare up to 350 ml of your favorite drink.

After pouring coffee into a special container and pouring water, you need to put the device on the hotplate.

Due to the pressure, water rises to the upper tank and is saturated with ground coffee.

The drink is enough for 6 cups.

The case of the device is made of metal with high strength and resistance to temperature changes.

The non-stick coating makes it easier to maintain the appliance.


  • volume-0.3 l;
  • dimensions-16.6 x 21.8 x 12.4 cm;
  • weight-0.78 kg.


  • robust construction;
  • suitable for any plate;
  • the average volume;
  • non-stick bottom coating.


  • lack of coffee strength;
  • there is no water level indicator.
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