Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

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The latest innovations of the Chinese car industry are a serious competition for manufacturers who have dominated the Russian market for decades. Having conquered their niche market with affordable offers, Chinese firms have significantly increased their quality in recent years. Today, their cars are a serious competitor to European brands, showing similar characteristics at a more affordable price.

The review presents the most interesting and best new products that have appeared or are just entering the Russian market. The position in the rating was influenced not only by the characteristics of models, but also by the opinions of service center specialists, owner reviews, as well as the level of demand for these brands from domestic buyers.

TOP 10 best new products of the Chinese car industry

10 FAW Besturn X80

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Fans of the Chinese car industry will appreciate the facelifted FAW Besturn X80 model. In addition to the new radiator grille and the” cut “of the head optics (the headlights have become narrower and “sharper”), it is now possible to choose a transmission – fans of sharp driving can choose mechanics instead of an automatic machine in an elite configuration. The configuration options have also expanded: the prestigious Luxury and restrained Comfort have a decent set of attractive options. The car has climate control, a rear-view camera. In the most prestigious configuration, high-quality leather is used instead of fabric seat upholstery.

Otherwise, the car remained as practical and unpretentious, demonstrating moderate maintenance costs and resistance to harsh operating conditions. In the Russian market, these qualities have been repeatedly confirmed by tests of various automotive publications and users who have made a choice in favor of this car. A good price advantage (in the basic Comfort configuration, the model costs about 770 thousand rubles), a decent level of comfort and safety make the novelty more than attractive.

9 DongFeng AX7

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Tough competition in the budget segment of cars in the Russian market is largely caused by the proposals of the Chinese automotive industry, which, by the way, quite successfully conquer the more picky European market. The model of the stylish Dongfeng AX7 crossover has absorbed the features of many popular brands, but this does not deprive the car of its attractiveness at all, and the price issue is largely a decisive factor.

In addition, the level of configuration of the top version is much more affordable than the most “empty” Assembly of a popular brand. Given the serious build quality indicators of this Chinese model, the reliability of the power plant, it is easy to predict the choice of many potential buyers, and not only in the Russian market. The increased interest in the model is largely justified by the fact that it is produced by one of the largest state-owned factories in China, on the Assembly lines of which models are assembled not only Nissan, Honda, Peugeot, but also top-end versions of Infiniti and Volvo.

8 Haval F7x

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

The cross-coupe from the Chinese car industry has a sporty character, although outwardly it does not seem quite “agile”. Its style is a bit like the prestigious X 6 from Bavaria, especially since there is no simple configuration in this model – the Comfort package is taken as the basis, which has many interesting “chips”. The new model range Haval can have both front and all-wheel drive with switching modes of operation. The powertrain (2.5 liters), coupled with a robotic transmission, is completely predictable in its capabilities – up to a hundred F7x accelerates in just 9 seconds, and 190 HP gives a good power reserve for high-speed overtaking.

It is worth noting the presence of a touch virtual cockpit instead of devices and intelligent driver support. Leather in the trim and on the seats with bright inserts says that we are looking at a fashionable “thing” designed for a young and energetic buyer. In any case, in the Russian market, the price even among Chinese cars is quite interesting. Given the high build quality, reliability already noted in previous models of the brand and affordable configuration options, serious interest in this new product is fully justified.


Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Just 6.5 liters/100 km, a panoramic roof, an elegant comfortable interior and an impressive body design will not leave anyone indifferent. And if you add a powerful and dynamic engine, 7 seats (together with the driver) and more than a fair value for all this pleasure, then it becomes clear why GAC chose this particular model to enter the Russian passenger car market.

Moreover, the SUV may not have a reliable all-wheel drive distribution system from the American BorgWarner. The front-wheel drive model with an automatic transmission looks great on the urban crossover market. The novelty of the Chinese manufacturer promises a hot season to its competitors-rich equipment (the most affordable “base” looks top-end) and high build quality, visible even in small details, can “wipe the nose” of many potential competitors in the Russian market.

6 Zotye T600

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

In the middle Kingdom, this dynamic crossover has been among the TOP 20 best-selling cars for 2 years. In the Russian market, the T 600 has already established itself as a stylish and reliable representative of the Chinese automotive industry. The novelty appealed to many owners – in its appearance, someone sees the features of the German Tuareg, some find similarities with the legendary RAV-4.

In any case, the exterior of the Zotye T600 looks an order of magnitude higher than its cost. In the Russian market, the owners highly appreciated the efficiency of the model – in the city, a front-wheel drive crossover with manual transmission consumes just under 8 liters/100 km, and with a six-speed automatic only 0.5 liters more. A time-tested model of a reliable engine, assembled under the license of Mitsubishi Engine Manufacturing, demonstrates unpretentiousness in operation. Top-end equipment will delight owners with a panoramic roof, quality interior trim, and security systems and intelligent driver support, coupled with Keyless access and other “chips” provide affordable comfort at a premium level.

5 Changan CS75 Plus

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Youth crossover Changan CS75 Plus (this is how it is positioned by the Chinese manufacturer) in the market caused a serious stir, and the offer itself led to a clear confusion of representatives of the European and Asian automotive industry. A quick glance at the crossover is enough to capture the concerns of brands like Renault, Audi, Mazda, and Toyota. The plus series has not only a memorable shape of the radiator grille and ultra-thin strips of head light. The high aerodynamics of the body catches the eye, and the leather interior, a modern panel with a large dashboard and multimedia screens (like a Mercedes) and the quality of the interior trim can not be compared with this cost.

The novelty owes its sporty character not only to its appearance. A fairly dynamic and powerful engine (178 HP in the basic version and 233 HP in the top-end, all-wheel drive version) works in conjunction with an equally efficient automatic transmission from the Japanese Aisin. In the Russian market, this model will appear only after the sale of the pre-styling version, which is radically different from it. I would like to believe that this will happen this year.

4 Lifan X80

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

In the second half of 2018, Lifan plans to start selling the X80 crossover in Russia. This is the largest model of a well-known Chinese manufacturer, which is capable of carrying 7 people. The car was tested by specialists of the popular magazine “Za rulem”, having received a sample directly from the middle Kingdom. When creating the Lifan X80, the designers focused on the popular Japanese Toyota Highlander SUV. Only slightly reduced dimensions of the car, although the wheelbase coincides one hundred percent. But experts found in the appearance of the novelty similarity with another popular car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

As for the technical aspects, the crossover is equipped with a 2-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 192 HP. unfortunately, the car will be delivered in Russia only in the front-wheel drive version, the prospects for equipping the transmission with a plug-in rear-wheel drive are still vague.

3 Chery Tiggo 7

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Crossover Chery Tiggo 7 is designed to replace the market is not quite successful model Tiggo 5. While it is planned to sell cars at the same time, but gradually the novelty should replace the old SUV. In Russia, the Chery Tiggo 7 may appear in the fourth quarter of 2018. the Car is original in terms of design, the appearance of the crossover is called Tiger Style. The front of the car stands out especially. The optics are boomerang-shaped, and the radiator grille is somewhat like a spider’s web.

The seven will be powered by two engines. And if the two-liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 122 HP looks quite familiar, then the turbocharged version with a return of 152 HP promises the owner a lot of pleasant emotions from driving. The interior is thoroughly thought out, it will be comfortable to be in the car not only for the driver, but also for passengers. The center console will feature a 9-inch multimedia system screen.

2 Geely Emgrand 7

Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

The Geely Emgrand 7 sedan appeared in China back in 2015. the Budget car was sold in Russia at a price of 700-800 thousand rubles. In June 2018, the Assembly of the updated emgrand Was started at the belji plant in Belarus. The first cars should enter the market in August 2018. in Addition to winning the price, the buyer will be lured with a set of winter tires as a gift, providing installments, loans, and using the trade-in system.

The vehicles will be equipped with two engines. Economical consumption will please the owner of a 1.5-liter gasoline unit (103 HP), and you can feel the drive from driving on a car with a 1.8-liter engine (129 HP). in combination with the first engine, a manual transmission is offered, and a CVT box will distribute the torque of a more powerful power unit. Even in the basic configuration, there will be such modern options as an on-Board computer, a 4-speaker stereo system, ABS, EBD security systems and front airbags.


Top 10 new products from the Chinese auto industry

Among Chinese cars, this serious frame SUV stands out noticeably with a moderately hard exterior and impressive equipment. Security systems, comfort level and high quality of interior trim materials indicate that we are looking at a premium car. In the Russian market, reliability is primarily valued in cars, and this fully applies to FOTON SAUVANA. Attachments, many systems and sensors on the Assembly line of this model are supplied by well-known brands. No one doubts the quality of components from Bosch, DANA, ZF, BorgWarner (transmission), and it is from them that this SUV consists.

In addition to the affordable price and impressive reliability, the new product of the Chinese automotive industry demonstrated efficiency not only in daily operation, but also during service. It is worth noting that even in the simplest configuration, there are options such as aluminum sills, cruise control, tire pressure sensor and 5 active safety systems. The spacious interior is easily transformed, and the Comfort and Premium packages have a third row of seats.

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