Top 10 budget system blocks

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For simple everyday home or office tasks, an inexpensive desktop computer without an advanced video card and a powerful processor is quite suitable. Inexpensive desktop PCs are primarily focused on using them for office work, but some models get outdated, but quite productive processors with a graphics chip that can allow running games that are undemanding to resources, at least at medium graphics settings.

We have prepared a rating of cheap system blocks, selecting the best models with good hardware at the budget level. All our top PCs receive a sufficient number of positive reviews from real customers, perform well in their work, are available on the Russian market and will not hit the family budget. Let’s add that there are no game modifications of system blocks in the rating, but with such a limited budget, this is quite logical.

Top 10 best budget system blocks

10 PRO-0025990

Top 10 budget system blocks

The cheapest desktop computer in our rating. This build uses an inexpensive 2-core Intel Celeron J1800 CPU clocked at 2.41 GHz in normal mode and 2.58 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. In addition, the CPU has an integrated Intel HD Graphics series video chip. This is not just a budget processor, but a CPU designed for laptops, so it received a passive cooling system and cannot please with performance, which sharply limits the scope of application of office software.

In addition to the above, the manufacturer Profit77 Packed in the available PRO-0025990 system unit 4 GB of so-DIMM DDR3 RAM, operating at a frequency of 1333 MHz, and a set of USB ports, including one USB 3.0 on the front panel. Note that such a low price of a PC is due not only to an outdated CPU, but also to the lack of a hard disk on Board, which will have to be purchased separately. A two-year factory warranty is offered as compensation.

9 HP T430 (3VL71AA)

Top 10 budget system blocks

HP T430 in version 3VL71AA is the best corporate PC among budget devices of this class. Thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions, it does not take up much space, and its performance is enough to solve most of the relevant tasks. The basis of this ready-made system unit is a 2-core Intel Celeron N4000 1.1 GHz processor with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics. Inexpensive Assembly is supplemented with 4 GB of ddr4 RAM, operating at a frequency of 2400 MHz. Plus, it is possible to increase the amount of RAM up to 8 GB.

This desktop system unit comes without hard drives and has 32 GB of eMMC memory soldered on the Board, plus there is a USB 3.0 port for connecting external hard drives. The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS is installed on Board, i.e. the Assembly is not intended for home use. User reviews speak of the high reliability of this PC, while many complain about the limited number of external interfaces.

8 PRO-0477410

Top 10 budget system blocks

The most typical inexpensive office and home system unit with cheap components. It is based on the Intel Celeron G4900 processor with two 3.1 GHz cores each and an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 610 GPU with DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4 support.5. the computer Assembly also uses 4 GB of ddr4 RAM, but with an operating frequency of 2400 MHz. Components are budget-friendly to the maximum, but time-tested, and therefore reliable, which is confirmed by the factory warranty of 2 years, after which the manufacturer offers another 3 years of service at its own expense.

In General, it turns out to be a good desktop PC for solving office tasks of any complexity and working from home without having to run graphics processing SOFTWARE or play demanding AAA game projects at settings above the minimum. Of the obvious shortcomings in the reviews, delivery without hard drives and, accordingly, the OS, as well as a small number of USB ports are indicated.

7 TopComp WO 3650354

Top 10 budget system blocks

In the segment of inexpensive computers with a price below 20,000 rubles, models with a discrete video card are very rare, and the TopComp WO 3650354 system unit is the best of them in terms of price availability. This build is based on a 2-core Intel Core i3 2100 processor clocked at 3.1 GHz. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 video card with 1 GB of video memory helps him. Also on Board are 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 240 GB SSD disk, which means that this budget computer can become the basis for assembling an inexpensive gaming model that can cope with running mid-level games.

Of course, you will immediately need to buy RAM and put an HDD, since the basic SSD will only be enough for the needs of the OS. If you use this desktop PC in the office, it will easily digest any applications, including simple software for working with graphics. As for the reviews, in them buyers objectively complain about the small amount of RAM and its low speed (1333 MHz). Also note that WO 3650354 comes without an OS.

6 Acer Veriton EX2620G (DT.VRVER.008)

Top 10 budget system blocks

An interesting and inexpensive desktop computer with an original design of the case, which has a width of only 102 mm, which is why the manufacturer had to use an external power supply. This PC is built on a 2-core Intel Celeron J4005 2.0 GHz CPU, supplemented with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics and received 4 GB of DDR4 2133 MHz RAM. The Acer Veriton EX2620G comes pre-installed with Linux OS and, among other things, boasts USB 3.0 ports, as well as HDMI and VGA video outputs.

This budget system unit is focused exclusively on working in the office, which is why it received a HDD of only 500 GB and limited opportunities for future upgrades, and what users often mention in their reviews. However, the PC copes with everyday work tasks and surfing the web perfectly, plus it has a good level of durability of the components used in the Assembly.

5 HP 460-a209ur (4XK22EA)

Top 10 budget system blocks

The system unit consists of a very popular line of ready-made budget PCs from a well-known American manufacturer. It is based on an inexpensive Intel Celeron J3060 processor with two 1.6 GHz cores. The CPU is complemented by an integrated Intel HD Graphics 400 graphics chip and works in conjunction with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. As you can see, only outdated components are used in the Assembly, which limits the scope of use of this model exclusively to the office.

Among other features of this cheap computer, we highlight the presence of an optical DVD-RW drive, compact dimensions, quite stylish design and the presence of a 1 TB HDD. At the same time, reviews often mention not the best performance when running several office applications at the same time, so this modification is suitable for narrow applications where you need to use only one specific program.

4 Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S-08ASR (90G90065RS)

Top 10 budget system blocks

An interesting modification with an excellent balance of price, performance and quality of components. The system unit Assembly uses an AMD A9-9425 CPU with two 3.1 GHz cores each, plus 4 GB of DDR4 RAM running at 2666 MHz. The video card here is built-in-AMD Radeon R5. For data storage, there is one 1 TB hard drive, plus there is a built-in card reader and USB 3.0 connectors for “fast” flash drives. The 90g90065rs build is delivered without a pre-installed OS.

This desktop computer is designed for use in the office or at home, but can only solve simple everyday tasks without running games that are demanding on system performance. User reviews indicate a fairly high “survivability” of components and good performance in office SOFTWARE. Among the disadvantages, the motherboard is too budget-friendly, supporting no more than 8 GB of RAM, which greatly limits the upgrade possibilities.

3 Lenovo V330-15IGM MT (10TS001KRU)

Top 10 budget system blocks

A simple, cheap, but efficient office system unit. It is based on a 2-core Intel Celeron J4005 processor running at 2 GHz and supplemented with simple integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics. Yes, in terms of performance, this inexpensive desktop computer is inferior even to many modern smartphones, but it is quite suitable for working with text documents. On Board is the traditional 4 GB of ddr4 RAM for the budget segment, plus a 1 TB hard drive. In addition, the Assembly has a built-in card reader for quick export of documents from flash cards.

In General, the V330-15IGM MT is the best purely office version of the finished build from Lenovo, while it comes without a pre-installed OS, which significantly reduced the final price of the PC. It should also be noted that this model has quite compact dimensions and a pleasant design of strict style that will not spoil the appearance of the office.

2 Acer Veriton S2660G (DT.VQXER.08A)

Top 10 budget system blocks

Quite a productive system unit, built on the basis of a 2-core Intel Pentium Gold G5420 processor with a clock frequency of 3.8 GHz. The Assembly also provides 4 GB of DDR4 RAM with the option of growing up to 32 GB and an Intel UHD Graphics 610 video card built into the CPU. For data storage, the manufacturer used a 1 TB HDD, and among the available connectors, we note the presence of USB 3.0 and HDMI. The main trump card of this inexpensive desktop PC is the pre-installed Linux operating system.

Customer reviews indicate the high reliability of the components used and excellent performance in the mode of solving everyday office or home tasks. Acer Veriton S2660G once again confirms that even a cheap computer can be relevant today. Of course, we are not talking about launching AAA game projects with advanced graphics, but this PC will cope with the rest without any problems.

1 Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S-08ASR (90G9006GRS)

Top 10 budget system blocks

One of the most popular Chinese brands increases the quality of its products from year to year, offering more and more reliable desktop computers, among which the IdeaCentre 310S-08ASR in the 90g9006grs modification stands out. A key role in the Assembly is played by a budget, but hardy AMD A6-9225 processor with two cores and a frequency of 2.6 GHz. The CPU has a built-in AMD Radeon R4 graphics core and is supplemented with 4 GB of ddr4 RAM with an operating frequency of 2400 MHz. In addition, this cheap PC received a 1TB HDD, a DVD-RW optical drive, and USB 3.0 ports for connecting peripherals.

In General, the Assembly is very simple, but quite productive for office or home purposes. Watching videos, surfing the web, and working with documents will not cause problems, and the built-in graphics capabilities will even allow you to run simple games, as user reviews also mention. Buyers also point out the reliability of this model when working 24/7 in the office.

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