Top 10 banks for car loans

Characteristics in the rating

It is not always possible to buy a car, but sometimes you can’t do without it. And, if you don’t have enough money, a great option is a car loan for the right amount. This will allow you to quickly get a vehicle. But when choosing a Bank, it is important to take into account all possible factors – the rate, maturity dates, loan amount and initial payment on a car loan.

There are plenty of offers on the market, and it’s easy to get lost in them. Therefore, in our article we have collected the best banks for car loans that will help you buy a dream on wheels. All necessary parameters and additional options were taken into account. In the rating, we offer you to get acquainted with the most profitable and reliable loans.

TOP 10 best banks for car loans

The summary table shows data on the best Bank offers. It will make it easier to choose the most suitable car loan from the ones described in the top.

The Bank

Minimum bid, per year

The maximum amount

The repayment period

Minimum down payment

varies depending on the car brand

But the bid shown in the table sometimes requires effort to get. To find out how to get the best terms and conditions for a car loan, please read the detailed description.

10 GenBank

Top 10 banks for car loans

A universal Bank with a focus on deposits and loans. With the help of a car loan from GenBank, you can buy both a supported and a new car. Depending on your ability to pay, you may be issued an amount ranging from 100 thousand to 3 million rubles. The minimum rate for a standard car loan is the average for the market – from 11.5%. A small clarification – to get the minimum loan rate, you will have to pay 50% immediately, as well as insure your car under a hard hat and receive a salary in GenBank. The refund period may vary from six months to 7 years. At the same time, you can pay off all debts ahead of schedule without any obstacles or penalties from the Bank.

For used cars, the initial payment is 30%, for new cars-20% of the total amount for the car. There are no different commissions or additional payments. In the Bank, every citizen of the Russian Federation can receive auto-installments from 0% per annum, if the initial payment is 50%. A one-time payment for the provision of installments depends on the terms of the contract with a specific person and can vary from 0 to 500 thousand rubles. In this case, the maximum payment period will be 3 years.

9 Bank Saint Petersburg

Top 10 banks for car loans

The Bank is among the best in the North-West market. Among the official ratings, it confidently occupies a place in the first hundred. Unfortunately, customers note in their reviews that there may be a problem when issuing a power of attorney for a loan. But in General, users believe that the Bank does an excellent job with its responsibilities, and its employees are attentive to details and will be happy to consult if you have any questions.

On the Bank’s website, you can flexibly calculate the required loan and choose an approximate interest rate. At the minimum, the calculator managed to achieve 10.9% per annum. Conditions – new car, 3 to 4 years for repayment and loan amount from 60 thousand to 4 million rubles. The first installment for a car can be 0%, but the amount, rate and terms of repayment of the loan will not change, provided that you buy a used car. For new cars, 0% is available if you take out a loan for 1 or 2 years and at a rate starting from 14.9%. But it is important to remember that depending on the availability of insurance or its absence, the percentage can seriously increase. The term will also please you – you can repay the loan for 7 years. A special calculator will also calculate payments and the minimum monthly income for you.

8 UniCredit Bank

Top 10 banks for car loans

UniCredit Bank attracts with its customer orientation – everything is done so that it is easy for everyone to get information and find out more details. Auto loans are the main specialty of this Bank. In their reviews, users often indicate that in most cases they are the ones who are being contacted. For car loan programs, the company has more than a dozen offers, adjusted in terms of amounts and interest, depending on the financial capabilities and needs of different categories of customers. The maximum term for payment is 7 years. You will have to pay for the car in the form of a down payment of at least 20%.

When applying for a car loan, you can consider various options from buying a commercial car to a motorcycle or car with a special offer. You can take out a loan for the purchase of a premium car at 9.8% or 11.99% for the purchase of a foreign car. To get the minimum rate, you will need to apply for life and health insurance. The maximum amount of such a loan is up to 8 million rubles. Those who need a small amount in a short time should pay attention to an Express loan. It is issued in half an hour for the minimum number of documents.

7 Bank Russia

Top 10 banks for car loans

A responsible Bank with favorable conditions for purchasing new cars. In their reviews, customers note that the Bank treats everything calmly and carefully. But still, you should double-check your documents so that you don’t make a mistake in the numbers. The main program of the Bank for buying a car is “Auto opportunity”. It assumes that the client can get a loan from 100 thousand to 5 million rubles for the purchase of a new car. When applying for a loan, you must pay 20% of the price of the car in the form of a down payment. But you can pay off your debts in the period from 6 months to 5 years.

The interest rate depends on the terms of the loan, the availability of a hard hat and a salary account: it can start from 11.5% or 12% per annum. But we decided to give our customers a small bonus: those who have a positive credit history get a 0.5% discount. Therefore, the minimum rate that can be obtained from the Bank is 11%. Only to get it, you need to be a salary client, otherwise both borders will grow by 2% at once.

6 Bank Soyuz

Top 10 banks for car loans

Universal Bank, which has seriously begun to develop the direction of credit programs. One of the main branches of the institution was a car loan. Unlike other banks, Soyuz does not have a variety of loan options. But, despite the small number of offers, the level of each loan is high, they are profitable for customers.

In total, the Bank offers six main loans for the purchase of a car, including one commercial and two partner loans (for Foton and GAZ cars). Buying a new car with a price of up to 6.5 million rubles is available at a rate starting from 10%. Used cars are taxed at a rate starting from 11%. you can charge up to 5 million rubles. Commercial vehicles are subject to loans of up to 3 million rubles at a rate of 8.5% per annum. And a special offer for GAZ car lovers – an amount of up to 3 million rubles with a rate starting from 11.5%. In each case, the payment period can be up to 7 years. But you need to make an initial payment of 15% of the price of the car. And fans of Foton get a unique opportunity to take out a loan for 3 million at 4% per annum!

5 Setelem Bank

Top 10 banks for car loans

A subsidiary of Sberbank, specializing in issuing loans to individuals, especially likes to deal with car loans. The standard conditions for buying a car are as follows: the rate of 12.6% per annum. The maximum loan amount varies depending on the car brand. The payment period varies from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the amount and terms of contact. But a loan can be much more profitable thanks to affiliate programs. Special conditions and special rates for the promotion are provided for 24 car brands, including Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, UAZ, Hyundai, KIA, Lada and so on. Promotional interest rates can reach ridiculous levels: for example, for Subaru you will have to overpay from 5% per annum, and for Geely – from 1.99%. While for popular cars, the minimum rate is kept at 12-14% per annum. Naturally, to get such a low rate, you will have to collect a package of documents, get a special offer and make the first payment from 40%.

Standard conditions for buying a car are not happy – you will have to overpay from 17.2% per annum without a promotion (for a promotion – from 9.9%). The maximum amount varies depending on the car itself (new/used, foreign/domestic), the type of credit program and the amount of the initial payment. It is important to know that when getting a loan from Setelem, you need to apply for a hard hat for a car. If there is no necessary documentation base, the Bank has the right to charge a fine of about 10,000 rubles. In the reviews, customers note that periodically there are failures in the delivery of documents from the CASCO to the network, you need to check this yourself.


Top 10 banks for car loans

One of the best banks in Russia, which actively develops regional areas. It is ranked in the list of the 30 largest institutions. Mainly specializes in account maintenance and lending. Best terms on the loans can be obtained in the framework of the program “Avtopartner”. This offer allows you to get up to 5 million rubles at 10.9% per annum on new cars through a partnership agreement. The loan for used vehicles is issued at a minimum of 13.9%.

In the standard package, the percentage is higher-from 14.8% per annum, but without the mandatory registration of a hard hat. The minimum bid in this case will be 10.9%. The maximum loan size is up to 5 million rubles, and the repayment period is 5 years. You will definitely have to make a minimum 20% contribution from the full price of the car.

3 Center-Invest

Top 10 banks for car loans

In terms of the minimum interest rate for a loan, Center-invest can safely be called one of the best. Since 9,5% in modern realities seems like a fairy tale. This rate applies to both used and new cars. However, to get the best bid, you need to make a contribution of half of the assigned amount for the car. The maximum cost of transportation can not exceed 3 million rubles.

From the pleasant – in the same Bank there is an alternative.

You can consider a loan not with such a pleasant percentage, but with a longer term. Available loan for the purchase of passenger vehicles for 7 years at 11.5% per annum. You only need to pay 10% of the total amount. It is worth noting that the rate and contribution may increase depending on the price of vehicles. Unfortunately, Center-invest has only these two loan programs, which can be used to get up to 3.15 million rubles.


Top 10 banks for car loans

VTB is deservedly included in the list of the best banks for car loans. And for good reason. Because it offers a variety of loan programs for new and used cars. You can purchase vehicles from both individuals and authorized dealers. Motorcycles without a hard hat are also available for purchase. A separate program “Extralight” allows you to take out a car loan at a reduced percentage (2.5% for used and 3.5% for new cars).

Of the total proposals stands out the program “Autoprofile”. It allows you to take money at 8.5% per annum. According to the offer, you can get up to 7 million rubles for a period of 7 years. In addition, the minimum fee will be 20% of the price. But to get such conditions, you will have to apply for a hard hat, life insurance and the “Motorist” package.

1 Tinkoff Bank

Top 10 banks for car loans

The leader of our rating of the most profitable banks for car loans is honestly occupied by Tinkoff with its universal loan program. The institution allows you to receive up to 2 million rubles in cash and return them for up to 5 years. The annual rate starts from 9.9% if you apply for a loan online at a Bank. If you apply for a car loan directly when buying at the salon, the rate may drop to 7.5%. The loan program applies to both new and used cars under the age of 18. Proof of income is not required for receipt.

Tinkoff Bank benefits from the fact that it allows you to take out a car loan without a down payment at all. This condition applies to any conditions and types of cars, which distinguishes Tinkoff from the same Bank St. Petersburg, which allows you not to pay the first installment only under certain conditions. Moreover, Tinkoff does not require mandatory registration of a hard hat. The application is reviewed in a few hours, which is convenient if you need to make a deal urgently. The Bank itself will check the intended purchase using all available databases, which will protect you from buying a ” bad ” car.

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