The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

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The Italian company Hotpoint-Ariston offers customers a wide range of washing machines with vertical and horizontal loading. Perhaps, it is the rich model range that distinguishes the brand favorably from many other manufacturers. Among the features of Ariston washing machines are the stylish design of all models without exception – they are elegant, ergonomic, and fit harmoniously into any interior style. There are many different price categories – you can buy a premium washing machine or opt for an inexpensive but functional technique. For those who have already decided to give preference to the Ariston brand, but still have not chosen the optimal model for themselves, we offer a rating of the best washing machines from this manufacturer.

Top 5 best Hotpoint-Ariston washing machines

5 Hotpoint-Ariston VMSL 5081 B

The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

The cheapest model from Ariston is surprisingly functional. The maximum load of Laundry is not the largest, but also not small – 5.5 kg. But the spin is a little pumped up – only 800 rpm. But the manufacturer has provided for the presence of 17 programs, among which there are special options-anti-creasing, stain removal, children’s clothing, economical washing, anti-Allergy, light fabrics. The list of advantages is completed by the possibility of setting a delayed start, economical water consumption (49 liters) and electricity (class A+).

In reviews, the main advantage of the model is that most users call it a very low cost for a well-known brand. They are completely satisfied with the quality of washing, the number and set of programs, the volume level during operation, and a simple but pleasant design. On a tight budget, this is a great option for a reasonable price. There are some comments, but they are insignificant – incomplete washing of the powder from the tray, there is no 15-minute program and the ability to wash one thing separately.

4 Hotpoint-Ariston VMSG 601 B

The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

The popularity of this model Hotpoint-Ariston brought low cost combined with quite good characteristics and functionality. In General, this is the most common washing machine with a drum for 6 kg of dry Laundry, housing protection against water leaks, a standard set of 16 washing programs. Some of the features include anti-allergenic washing in a large amount of water and delaying the start for up to a day, spin is not bad, but not the best – up to 1000 rpm, water consumption is moderate – about 49 liters per cycle.

Since the model is actively sold out by users, there are a lot of reviews about it. Most often, customers mention the low cost, good quality of washing, quiet operation, classic but pleasant design, reliability, and ease of operation. Some users would like to add drying, but for this price you can not find a model with this option from other manufacturers. Sometimes there are complaints about the smell of plastic at the beginning of operation.

3 Hotpoint-Ariston RZ 1047 B

The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

The developers clearly dedicated this model to all connoisseurs of concise, strict, but at the same time unusual equipment. Its design conquers at first glance-the classic forms are complemented by a dark gray, almost black color scheme and a large loading hatch in an unusual design. But the advantages do not end there – an inverter motor, 16 different programs, automatic cleaning, blanket washing function, direct injection, soaking, crease prevention. The list goes on with excellent spin speeds (1400 rpm), complete protection against water leaks and a high energy efficiency class (A+++).

Not every model of washing machine, even such a famous company as Hotpoint-Ariston, will meet with such rave reviews. Users ‘ opinion – great design, excellent capacity of the drum, convenient operation and powerful spin, quiet operation and a decent set of functions. The only negative is the lack of drying at a high cost.

2 Hotpoint-Ariston RT 7229 ST S

The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

Stylish, functional washing machine from Ariston fell in love with customers not in vain. At a very affordable price, it combines European Assembly and excellent functionality. The 7 kg load, which has already become almost a classic, is enough even for a large family. Among the programs you can see washing children’s, downy, delicate clothes, steam treatment, stain removal. If necessary, you can use the delayed start option. The obvious advantages include full protection against leaks.

A considerable number of positive reviews indicate the popularity and demand of the Ariston washing machine among Russian buyers. Among the frequent statements – washing is high-quality and gentle, the steam supply option is implemented incomparably, with its help you can quickly refresh things without the risk of their deformation. In this model from Ariston, you can wash everything from clothes and blankets to shoes. Therefore, many consider it one of the best washing machines and have no complaints about its operation.

1 Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD 96407 JD

The 5 best washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

If possible, it is better to consider models from a high price segment. As a rule, they are produced directly in the brand’s home country, which has a positive effect on the quality of materials, Assembly and durability. One of the rather expensive models is the Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD 96407 JD. It can be called an ideal option for a large family – simultaneous washing of up to 9 kg of dry Laundry, drying by residual humidity up to 6 kg. The manufacturer Ariston provides as many as three drying programs. Additional advantages in favor of choosing this model are the Super Silent silent washing system, maximum spin speeds of up to 1400 rpm, the ability to add Laundry during the cycle and a variety of programs.

The two main criteria that determine the choice of users are a big brand name and a very roomy drum. But in the reviews found the listing and other benefits. For example, reliability, quiet operation, very good quality of washing and drying, many additional options. As always, not without dissatisfied – some believe that the cost is too high.

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