The 20 best punchers

Characteristics in the rating

What a man needs in the first place? Housing. People have been engaged in its arrangement for more than one Millennium. Of course, during this time, a huge number of various tools and devices were invented that make work easier and improve the result. The most significant innovations in the field of construction and repair occurred after the invention of electric motors. Some power tools are designed for only one purpose, while others can perform a whole range of jobs. For example, a hammer drill is a device that combines the functions of a jackhammer and a drill, i.e. it can drill and chisel at the same time.

Entry-level punchers have relatively low power, which is why they can only work with soft concrete and brick. The main advantage of such models is their low weight and ease of use. The main manufacturers of Amateur punchers are domestic companies, such as Interskol, Zubr. Professional tools can boast a power of 1500 watts, which is enough for working with stone and concrete, chipping channels and making large holes. This class includes famous brands: Makita, Bosch, DeWALT.

When buying a hammer drill, you have to consider several important criteria::

  1. Power. The larger the diameter and depth of the holes that are planned to be drilled, the more powerful the tool is needed.
  2. The impact energy. Hard materials and high work intensity require high values of this characteristic.
  3. Versatility. If you buy one tool that you plan to use for concrete, metal, and wood, it is logical to consider models with replaceable cartridges.
  4. Ergonomics and weight. The lighter and more convenient the hammer drill, the less tired the user gets. On the other hand, for heavy work, you have to use powerful tools that can not weigh too little.
  5. Type of food. Battery models are much more convenient than network ones, but much more expensive and limited in power.

We offer you an overview of punchers, which presents popular tools among Amateurs and professionals, well-proven in the market. When compiling the rating, the following factors were taken into account::

  • the popularity of the model;
  • number of positive reviews;
  • price – performance ratio;
  • reputation of the manufacturing company.

The best inexpensive punchers for the home: budget up to 7000 rubles

For the home, it is not necessary to purchase powerful punchers with rich technical characteristics. After spending a round sum, you can purchase a tool that will never be implemented.

Most users need a hammer drill in order to drill holes for dowels and anchors, drill through brick or concrete, make holes for an outlet. Less often, the puncher is used for dismantling piers, crushing under wiring and removing concrete deposits.

Today, there are many models on sale, including well-known brands, which you can really buy by spending no more than 7000 rubles (or even much less). For a home, it is quite enough to take models with a power of no more than 850 watts. The maximum impact energy of such “home-grown” instruments is an average of 2.7 to 3.2 j. Anything more than 12 joules is already professional tools, the price of which is from$ 500 and above.


The 20 best punchers

When choosing a hammer drill for a home or professional tool, you should pay attention to several factors at once. The first is the impact force. In this case, it is equal to 2.8 joules. The average indicator for such a tool, but for the house is quite sufficient. The second is the frequency of strikes. At Kalibr, it stopped at around 5,5 thousand. This is the best indicator, but without the rotation speed, this parameter does not matter. This rotary hammer rotates at a speed of 1150 revolutions per minute, with a power consumption of 800 watts. An economical model, but too weak for a serious construction project, so we will classify it as a home model.

And the main advantage in this case is the price. This is the best inexpensive tool on the market, and this is due to the fact that the manufacturer is Russian, and all products are produced at its own factories, and not in China, as is often the case. As the reviews say, there are no complaints about the quality. If there is a factory defect, the manufacturer changes the tool without any questions or returns the money spent. Of course, this brand is still far from such market giants as Bosch or MAKITA, but if you don’t often use a hammer drill, then this is a great option for your home.

4 Hammer PRT 800 CE PREMIUM

The 20 best punchers

Here is the best hammer drill for the home and there are several reasons for this. First of all, it is compact and quite powerful. It’s not powerful enough for serious construction tasks, but it’s just the thing for everyday use. Secondly, its price tag is below five thousand rubles, which in comparison with famous European brands, such as Bosch or MAKITA, is a mere penny if you compare the same tool characteristics. And, thirdly, it has the most complete equipment.

The hammer drill is delivered in a special case, which makes it easier to store. The kit already includes several drills of various diameters, as well as blades and Stingers. In most cases, you have to buy such components separately, and they are quite expensive. Here, everything is already included, and this is quite enough for carrying out work at home. By the way, the impact parameters are also up to par. The force is equal to three joules, and the frequency of strokes is 4 thousand per minute. You can’t call such a tool professional, but it copes with its tasks quite well.

3 Makita HR2440

The 20 best punchers

With a power of 780 W, an impact energy of 2.7 j and a weight of only 2.3 kg, the characteristics of this hammer drill allow you to hold it with one hand, and the maximum diameter of the hole in concrete that it can drill is 24 mm. This is an absolute record in the budget class of the tool. A slightly higher price does not deter buyers, for whom the name of the Makita brand is synonymous with quality and attention to the smallest details.

The owners of the hammer drill speak approvingly about the ergonomics and ease of use of the tool. Reliability and performance, according to reviews, are also on top. A well-designed case and the build quality of the case are also among the advantages of the models. The only drawback is the lack of chiseling function.

2 Bort BHD-1000-TURBO

The 20 best punchers

At the dawn of its appearance, the Chinese company Bort pretty much spoiled its reputation by producing low-quality products. Later, the reputation had to be restored, and today, Bort is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools, producing a huge range of products at the best prices on the market.

Here is a high-power hammer drill. The force of its impact is almost 4 joules, and the frequency of strikes is 4 thousand per minute. When the cartridge revolutions are 900 rpm, this is a very good indicator. The tool can be used both at home and in production or large-scale construction. Moreover, it is an inexpensive hammer drill, and tools with similar characteristics are much more expensive. As they say in the reviews, there are practically no complaints or complaints about the quality of the tool. There is a marriage, but very rarely, and sellers in stores are willing to change low-quality goods for a new one. It is clear that the brand is serious about restoring its good name, and is doing its best to become the best manufacturer of power tools.

1 Bosch PBH 2900 FRE

The 20 best punchers

The lightweight and functional Bosch rotary hammer is a successful development of the German concern’s engineers. It has the lowest weight in its group, three modes of operation, including chiseling, and has earned a lot of positive customer reviews. Electronic speed control increases the service life of the rotary hammer and provides user-friendliness. Branded cartridge SDS-Plus allows you to instantly change the drill bits.

Owners of this device especially like the low weight with a fairly powerful impact and a very reasonable price. The complete set is also excellent – the punch case is traditionally well thought out, except for the BOSCH PBH 2100 RE itself, there are drills, drills and, if necessary, a replaceable quick-release Chuck. In a word, experienced craftsmen are sure that this hammer drill is the best option for the home.

The best” proven ” punchers: price and quality

This rating includes the most popular models of rotary hammers from well-known brands “Bosch”, “Makita”and ” DeWALT”. The main criterion for getting into the rating is a large number of positive reviews regarding the quality and reliability of power tools.

5 Hitachi DH26PC

The 20 best punchers

One of the market leaders that produces professional tools with the best build quality. As noted in numerous reviews by real users, the tool is durable and of the highest quality. It does not fail even when working at the highest loads, and the only thing that requires replacement is the rotor brushes, which, by the way, are included in the kit.

Hitachi focuses on the quality of its products, and even factory defects are extremely rare. However, not all service centers undertake the repair of such equipment. They motivate this by the complexity of the device and the lack of non-original spare parts on the market. Yes, if something is burned in the hammer drill, you will have to fork out for the original part, and it can be very expensive, often more expensive than an entire hammer drill from a lesser-known manufacturer. If you use this tool for the home, then you can not worry about breakdowns at all. The tool is professional and designed for maximum loads.

4 Metabo KHE 2860 Quick

The 20 best punchers

The Japanese brand Metabo is one of the main competitors of MAKITA and Bosch. It produces high-quality and reliable tools that do not fail during long years of service and do not require replacement of expensive parts. By the way, the parts here are very expensive, and replacing the rotor will cost more than buying another, inexpensive model, which is full on the modern market.

Technical indicators here are average: the power consumption is 880 watts, with a rotation speed of 1,150 revolutions per minute. The frequency of strokes is 4.4 thousand, and these indicators are suitable for the home, although the manufacturer itself positions this tool as a professional one. But the main advantage is ergonomics. The company pays special attention to this factor, and all products of this brand can boast of convenience and external attractiveness. As they say in the reviews, it is convenient to work with the puncher, your hands do not go numb, and after several hours in the strike mode, tremolo does not occur, as is the case with less convenient options.

3 DeWALT D25124K

The 20 best punchers

This model has an impact energy of 3.4 j – the best indicator in the category. At the same time, the damping of recoil and vibration is also at a high level. Such a hammer drill is perfect for electrical installation and installation work, where it is often necessary to lay strobes, make sub-sockets and drill deep holes in concrete. The kit includes a replaceable quick-release Chuck, so the tool can also work as a powerful drill.

Customers are particularly satisfied with the performance and reliability of the hammer drill. According to reviews, it requires almost no effort from the user – you just need to correctly direct it. Professionals like a good weight-to-power ratio, and it is recommended, including for high-rise work. The disadvantage is rather modest equipment: only a case and a depth gauge.

2 Makita HR2470

The 20 best punchers

The weight of 2.6 kg with a maximum impact energy of 2.4 j is the result of really competent work of designers. Adding to this excellent balance, ease of use and excellent reliability indicators, we get the best tool for home or professional installation work.

The owners unanimously praise the drilling speed, resistance to overheating and long-term non-stop operation, ease of maintenance and maintainability. Excellent ratings were also earned by the excellent weight distribution and thoughtful ergonomics of the tool. Minus one: expensive and hard-to-find spare parts, such as replacement engine brushes.

1 Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR

The 20 best punchers

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR is one of the most popular models of rotary hammers for home and semi – professional use. Number one in our ranking of the most proven punchers! It can work in both drilling and chiseling modes. There is a quick Chuck replacement system and a quick-release Chuck included.

You can find many positive reviews about the Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR. Of the advantages, we can note the durability of the tool and high power. Comment of one of the users:

“Non-killable punch, the best in terms of reliability! Free takes high-grade concrete, which is used for the construction of bridge structures. I heated it to such an extent that my hands could not hold it. And not a hint of wear and tear. At the same time, I got it used for 2 years»

Complaints about the tool are mostly related to defects and forgeries. The fact is that the model is very popular and there is a possibility that instead of the German Assembly, a Chinese-made hammer drill may fall into the hands of the buyer, with all the ensuing consequences.

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Best battery-powered punchers

Any power cord is a potential inconvenience. The network tool requires an outlet or extension cord that you need to carry around with you. In addition, in many places there is simply no electricity nearby, for example, when installing advertising structures on the street. In such cases, a cordless hammer drill is a good choice. This category includes only the best models with excellent ergonomics. All of them use modern lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as a power source and are characterized by a good mass-power ratio.


The 20 best punchers

Speaking of a high-quality and reliable tool, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is the German company DEWALT, which produces the best power tools with the highest characteristics. There are also battery-powered punchers in the company’s Arsenal, and this is one of them. Despite the fact that the tool is powered by a lithium battery, its impact energy is 2.8 joules, which is comparable to network models. The frequency of impact is also at an altitude of 4.4 thousand per minute.

This is a real professional tool, which even at maximum loads will last a very long time and will not require repair. As for the disadvantages, here it is one, and it is typical for all products of the brand-a high price. According to the manufacturer, it is fully justified by its high quality and long service life, but frankly, there are cheaper punchers on the market with the same characteristics, and awarded a huge number of positive reviews. It is difficult to say whether it is worth spending money on a brand, but the fact that this is the best tool on the market, and only a few people can compete with it, is indisputable.


The 20 best punchers

Cordless punchers rarely spoil the consumer with a democratic price, but we found the most inexpensive tool that runs on battery power and its price is less than 8 thousand rubles. At the same time, we are not considering a little-known Chinese product, but a branded tool from a Japanese manufacturer that is widely known throughout the world.

For this relatively small amount of money, we get a rotary hammer that rotates at a speed of 1300 revolutions per minute, and this is the best indicator, even for a tool running on the network. The frequency of strikes here is 5,5 thousand, which is also a lot. And this is taking into account the lightest possible weight, only 2 1/2 kilograms. True, there is a drawback here – the force of the blow. In this model, it is equal to 1.3 joules, which is very small, especially for complex work. Simply put, this is a tool for the home, although it is positioned as a professional one. As for the quality, the product competes well with such giants as Bosch and MAKITA, and this is evidenced by numerous reviews on the web.

3 Bosch GBH 180-Li 4.0 Ah rotary Hammer x2

The 20 best punchers

The Bosch battery tool is so popular among builders and installers because the quality of its batteries is always at the highest level. This hammer drill is no exception. The 18-volt battery takes only 40 minutes to charge, and has a capacity of 4 Ah, while there are two of them in the kit, which allows you to work without interruptions. The ergonomics of the tool are well thought out: it is well balanced, has comfortable rubberized handles, and is blocked from accidental activation. A nice bonus is the ability to quickly replace the engine brushes without disassembling the tool.

Owners praise the truly German build quality of the tool and attention to the smallest details. Listing the advantages of the hammer drill, buyers especially often mention excellent batteries, smooth and clear switching, as well as a convenient case. And although its impact energy is not the highest in the category – 1.7 j, it bores holes up to 20 mm in diameter in concrete without any problems.

2 AEG BBH 18 Li-402C

The 20 best punchers

The puncher from AEG is a very good choice. It has high power, which allows you to drill holes in concrete with a diameter of up to 50 mm. Of course, the impact energy of this model is slightly lower than that of the rating leader, but 2.3 joules is enough for most work.

Ergonomics, as you would expect from a device of this level, are excellent. Changing modes, installing a drill, adjusting the drilling depth limiter – all operations are done in just a second. The use of the device is also facilitated by the vertical layout of the engine and the relatively low weight. In General, although expensive, but high-quality, powerful and convenient punch.

User reviews

Dignities: High performance; there are all the necessary operating modes; batteries last for a long time; low weight (3.5 kg); there is a storage case in the kit; reverse, anti-vibration system.

Disadvantages: Relatively high cost; no safety coupling.

1 Makita DHR264Z

The 20 best punchers

The products of the Japanese company Makita are famous among professional builders around the world. The DHR264Z stands out from the competition with its high impact energy and well-designed ergonomics. What only is the possibility of using universal batteries, suitable for any MAKITA wireless equipment. By the way, there are two of them in this punch at once. The ease of use is also excellent – thanks to the L-shaped shape, the high weight of the hammer drill does not create any inconvenience, and this is very important for a tool that is constantly in your hands. There are also no complaints about the power. Of course, the maximum impact energy of 2.5 j does not allow working with very hard materials, but for light concrete and bricks, it is enough in excess. It is worth noting a large number of operating modes and security locks.

User reviews

Dignities: High power; three operating modes (drilling, impact drilling and chiseling); the presence of reverse; anti-vibration system; electronic speed control; there is a system for quick replacement of the cartridge; relatively low cost.

Disadvantages: High weight (4.7 kg), delivered without a case for storage and transportation.

Best professional punchers: impact energy from 12 joules

Maximum impact energy is one of the most important indicators when choosing a hammer drill. This value determines what kind of material you can work with. If light models with an impact energy of around 3 j allow you to chisel only soft concrete and brick, then professional tools (from 12 j) will easily drill or split even hard stone. Of course, PRO-level tools also have a very high mass and … less functionality. Amateur devices can also be used as a drill and screwdriver, but representatives of this class are aimed only at drilling with impact and chiseling.

5 Hitachi DH45MR

The 20 best punchers

When it comes to the quality and reliability of power tools, most of us will remember one of the Japanese brands, for example, Hitachi. This is the best tool on the market, which practically does not fail even at maximum loads. And reliability isn’t the only advantage. The manufacturer also pays a lot of attention to ergonomics and convenience. This rotary hammer has a unique form factor. It fits perfectly in your hands, and a special anti-vibration system allows you to work with it for long hours, almost without experiencing fatigue.

On height and technical characteristics. The impact force of this model is more than 15 joules, with a maximum speed of 250 rpm. During this time, the hammer puncher deals about 2.5 thousand blows and can drill concrete up to 50 centimeters thick. The parameters are worthy of a professional tool, and they are unlikely to be useful in everyday life. This tool could safely occupy the top line of our rating, if not for one significant minus-the price. This factor distinguishes all the brand’s products, and not only the tool itself is expensive, but also its components, as well as spare parts. Yes, replacing parts is extremely rare, but if a breakdown still occurs, get ready to pay a tidy sum for repairs.

4 CALIBER EP-2000 / 50M

The 20 best punchers

When working with a powerful tool, one of the main factors is convenience. Punchers put a lot of strain on your hands, and it’s important that they have a comfortable form factor. The Russian brand Kalibr has put maximum emphasis on this, and this is the most convenient and powerful tool at the same time. The force of its impact is more than 25 joules, and this is the best indicator among the presented models.

The rotation speed is 280 revolutions per minute, and the impact frequency is 2.3. With such technical indicators, the tool is capable of punching concrete parts up to 50 centimeters thick, and this is very much, even for a professional tool. Please and the price. Compared to such brands as Bosch, MAKITA or Hitachi, this is a very inexpensive hammer drill. In addition, it is easy to repair if necessary. Almost any service center takes care of repairs, and there are enough spare parts on the market, and they are inexpensive. By the way, as noted in the reviews, the tool is quite high-quality and rarely needs to be repaired or replaced parts.

3 DeWALT D25601K

The 20 best punchers

Compared to the competition, the DEWALT hammer drill seems like just a toy. The impact energy is “only” 12 joules, which is enough for stone and non-reinforced concrete. The main advantage of the model is its ease of use. Thanks to its relatively low weight and very efficient vibration damping system, you can work with the tool for a very long time.

In terms of functionality, the D25601K also has no complaints. Here you will find a carbon brush wear indicator, a drilling depth limiter, a safety coupling and a spindle lock. Reliability, judging by the reviews, is also on top. In General, this is an excellent tool for performing complex, but not extreme work.

User reviews

Advantages: low weight (only 6,8 kg); very effective anti-vibration system; excellent functionality and several degrees of protection; relatively high power.

2 BISON ZPM-40-1100EK

The 20 best punchers

The Russian company Zubr produces reliable and high-quality power tools. The brand’s Arsenal includes both household appliances and professional ones, and we have the most powerful impact hammer with an energy output of over 12 joules. With this tool, you can drill concrete floors up to 40 centimeters wide.

The speed of rotation of the cartridge is 500 revolutions per minute. For a household tool, this is very small, but the main emphasis here is on the force of impact and its frequency. The puncher produces more than 2.8 thousand strokes per minute. And the main advantage here is low power consumption. The tool takes only 1.2 kilowatts per hour, and for this class it is very small, and is the best indicator among the models presented in the rating. The manufacturer also took care of user convenience by equipping the tool with a special system that dampens vibration. This allows you to work with this hammer drill for quite a long time, without experiencing fatigue and strain on your hands.

1 Makita HR5211C

The 20 best punchers

The Japanese, as always, are on top. The HR5211C rotary hammer from Makita can not boast the best figures by all criteria, but it is an order of magnitude cheaper than the silver medalist of our rating. The impact energy is 19.7 joules, which is partially offset by the higher impact frequency. Judging by the reviews, the model perfectly copes with any materials: from brick to reinforced concrete.

The main thing is that the user can cope with the hammer drill itself, because its weight is almost 10.8 kg. Fortunately, a D-shaped handle is provided on the case, which greatly simplifies holding the tool. It should be noted that the carbon brush wear indicator is a very useful feature.

User reviews

Dignities: Very high power; excellent reliability (withstands about 5 years under very intense loads); anti-vibration system; smooth start of the engine; no shocks without load; included is a lubricant package.

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