Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The coffee grinder is a true friend and helper for every lover of aromatic coffee. It helps to prepare a drink in a matter of minutes, while providing the user with the ability to choose the desired grinding strength. Today, there is a wide variety of models with different functions.

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021! Which company is better, reviews will tell you how to make the right choice and not regret it.

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Rating of the 7 best coffee makers 2021-2021

After analyzing all the variety of coffee makers in stores, their characteristics, reviews and opinions of experts, we present to your attention a rating of high-quality assistants in the kitchen.

It was attended by:

  • Panasonic NC-ZF1HTQ.
  • Melitta Optima Glass Timer.
  • Philips HD 7457.
  • Philips HD7762.
  • REDMOND SkyCoffee M1505S.
  • Gaggia Gran Style.
  • Kenwood ES 020.

Let’s look at each model in more detail below.

Panasonic NC-ZF1HTQ

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Opens our rating model from the popular company Panasonic. It is a coffee maker compatible with a thermos flask. Works with ground coffee. It has an anti-drip system in its composition and provides the user with the ability to adjust the degree of coffee strength himself. Even though it’s a coffee maker, it can also make tea.

Type drip
Coffee used ground
Power output 900 W
The capacity of the coffee pot 0.96 l
Filter constant
  • robust housing made of high-quality metal;
  • the original design;
  • the drink stays hot for a long time, thanks to the thermos flask effect;
  • it has a permanent filter, not a paper one;
  • knows how to make delicious tea;
  • termokominek made of stainless steel so they do not require replacement.
  • the power cord is less than a meter long;
  • the water level is poorly visible.

I received this beautiful coffee grinder as a gift. Since I am often on trips, the function of the thermos flask really pleased me. The drink comes out pleasant, rich and remains hot for a long time after cooking.

Melitta Optima Glass Timer

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The drip-type model does not cause any difficulties for users. The main advantage of the presented model is the ability to set the cooking time at a distance. This allows even the busiest people to enjoy a wonderful drink. There is a setting that allows you to select the water hardness, which determines the frequency of decalcification.

Power output 850 W
Coffee pot 1.1 l
Overall dimensions 26x24x20 cm
Weight 2.3 kg
  • power – 850 W;
  • availability of the cooking start programming function;
  • there is a panel with a clock.
  • paper filters are used, which must be changed as they become dirty.

Great option for office use. We are all real connoisseurs and lovers of a delicious drink here. All colleagues liked this model, the coffee really turns out great, as if from a coffee shop.

Philips HD 7457

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The drip-type model has a large capacity and volume. She uses ground coffee for cooking. At a time, it can brew from 10 to 15 cups of delicious drink. A paper or permanent filter is suitable.

Power output 1,000 watts
Coffee pot 1.2 l
Filter permanent or disposable
Weight 1.42 kg
  • high power – 1,000 W;
  • simple operation that does not require a highly skilled user;
  • does not cause difficulties when washing, thanks to the conveniently removable parts;
  • it has an automatic heating function.
  • it doesn’t have automatic shutdown.

I bought this coffee maker as a gift. I’ve been using it myself for about a year. I liked its functionality and ease of use so much that I decided to give it away. The coffee turns out very tasty, even beyond words. You should try it yourself.

Philips HD7762

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The presented model belongs to the drip type. It has a built-in container consisting of two compartments, so you can load grains of different varieties. Provides the user with the ability to adjust the degree of grinding themselves. Auto-off can be adjusted in the range from 30 to 120 minutes.

Power output 1,000 watts
Coffee pot 1.2 l
Overall dimensions 21x44x28 cm
Weight 4.6 kg
  • using multiple types of grains at once;
  • it does not take up much space, thanks to its small dimensions-21x44x28 cm;
  • an original design that will complement any kitchen;
  • easy operation, thanks to detailed instructions for use.
  • no disadvantages were found.

The coffee is simply delicious. Most of all, I like the possibility of preparing several types of drinks at once. It does not require frequent cleaning. I understood it from the first time I read the instructions, everything is described clearly and clearly.

REDMOND SkyCoffee M1505S

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The next model on our list has a built-in coffee grinder. It is prepared using two types of coffee: ground and grain. It is equipped with spill protection and an indicator that shows the current amount of water. You can control it using your phone, just install the ready for sky app and specify the necessary parameters.

Type drip
Power output 600 W
Coffee pot 0.5 l
Auto power off there is
  • does not take up much space ( cm);
  • ability to control from a distance using a smartphone;
  • it has a permanent filter, not a paper one, which must be removed as it gets dirty;
  • there is a function for regulating the degree of grinding.
  • the coffee pot of a small volume of 0.5 L.

The coffee maker is just great. It turns on at the touch of a smartphone button, so you don’t have to wait a long time. The taste of coffee is rich, it is indistinguishable from a real coffee shop. A big plus for myself, I noted here a permanent filter. no need to sweat and buy a bunch of paper ones.

Gaggia Gran Style

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The model is from a well-known popular Italian manufacturer. It is made of black plastic, which differs from others in its density and reliability. It doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. The kit includes two filters designed for ground and portioned coffee. On the top cover of the case there is a stand designed for teaspoons.

Type espresso
Power output 1,050 W
Storage tank 1.25 l
Pressure 15 bar
  • compact, dimensions 20x30x27 cm;
  • robust construction made of high-quality plastic;
  • quite powerful – 1,050 watts;
  • attractive and modern design.
  • not detected.

It fits perfectly into my kitchen. To be honest, I bought it only because of its attractive appearance, but the functionality was excellent. It makes delicious coffee, does not require special control, is easy to disassemble and clean.

Kenwood ES 020

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

The latest model of our rating is semi-automatic with average power. She enjoys to work with ground coffee and pods. It has in its structure a special container designed for compact storage of filters. Comes in a set with tempera, spoons and tray.

Coffee ground/pods
Power output 1 100 W
The volume of water 1 l
Pressure 15 bar
  • reliable housing made of high-quality and resistant metal;
  • it does not take up much space in the kitchen, due to its small size (19x37x29 cm);
  • it does not make loud noises during operation.
  • special small cups are needed.

Made of high-quality materials. I’ve been using it for a year and a half, but the look is still the same as in the store. Nothing was scratched or broken. Easy to take apart and dishwasher safe. The taste of the drink is rich, I really like it.

Comparative table of the presented coffee makers

The table below shows the main characteristics of the models we reviewed, which will help you answer the frequently asked question “ ” Which coffee maker should I choose for my home? Coffee machine or coffee maker – which is better for your home?”

Model number Power (W) Coffee pot capacity (l) Overall dimensions (cm) Price (RUB)
Panasonic NC-ZF1HTQ 900 0.96 25. 5x30x26. 5 8 500
Melitta Optima Glass Timer 850 1.1 25x24x20 6 000
Philips HD 7457 1 000 1.2 22x29x22 4 000
Philips HD7762 1 000 1.2 21x44x28 15 000
REDMOND SkyCoffee M1505S 600 0.5 25. 5x30x26. 5 7 500
Gaggia Gran Style 1 050 1.1 20x30x27 12 000
Kenwood ES 020 1 100 1.2 19x37x29 18 000

Lists of the best!

After the above rating, we decided to make a list of the best models of coffee grinders in each category:

  1. Geyser coffee grinders.
  2. Automatic for the home.
  3. Premium class.

I suggest you go to the description of the model in each section.

Geyser coffee grinders

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Rommelsbacher EKO 376/Geasily prepare a drink of any complexity. The bowl is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass, made in Germany. The case is made of stainless steel.

Coffee used ground
Power output 365 W
The volume 0.3 l
Cord storage location there is
Power-on indicator is present
Overall dimensions 18x23x18 cm

The approximate cost is about9,000 rubles.

Automatic for the home

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Melitta Caffeo Solo&Milkit is manufactured by well-known German manufacturers today. Uses only coffee beans. Users note that the presented model makes a delicious espresso with a delicious foam.

Power output 1,400 W
The volume of water 1.2 l
Pressure 15 bar
Weight 8.3 kg
Overall dimensions 20x33x46 cm

The approximate cost is about30,000 rubles.

Premium class

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Saeco HD 8969 GranBaristo Avanti– coffee grinder from a well-known Italian manufacturer, which is made of ceramic. The user can control it from a distance using their phone or tablet. Knows 19 recipes for delicious drinks and provides the ability to change the degree of grinding.

Coffee ground or grain
Power output 1,900 W
Storage tank 1.7 l
Pressure 15 bar
Weight 13 kg
Overall dimensions 21x36x46 cm

TOP 5 most important questions about coffee makers

What are the types?

There are several types of coffee makers:

  1. Drip. Hot water moves to the filter, and then to the grains, taking away their taste.
  2. Geyser station. The water moves from top to bottom, and thus fills the coffee.
  3. Carob. The grains are placed under a press with a pressure of 10-15 bar.
  4. Automatic.It works completely independently and does not require any instructions from the user.
  5. Semi-automatic.Requires configuration on the part of its owner.

What is the best manufacturer?

Today, the most high-quality and popular company for the production of coffee grinders and other kitchen appliances is Melitta.

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

How to choose a geyser coffee maker?

Making the right choice and not regretting it is not an easy task. In this case, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Volume.It is better to choose a coffee maker with a volume of 0.8-1.5 liters.
  2. Power.Depends on your personal preference. If you have a small family or rarely use it, then 800 watts of power is enough. In other cases, you should opt for 1,000 watts.
  3. Housing material.Models made of plastic and metal last the longest.
  4. Number of functions.They may be few or none at all. It all depends on you.

How to choose a carob coffee maker?

The carob-type model of operation, unlike its competitors, is completely identical to the coffee machine. When choosing it, you should pay special attention to the material from which the horn is made. Durable and high-quality will be the model, the horn of which is made of stainless steel.

Rating TOP 7 best coffee makers for home 2021-2021

Which model should I choose?

Due to the wide variety of models on the shelves in the store, this question arises for everyone. Before buying, you should consider:

  • view;
  • goal and how many times a day do you drink coffee;
  • budget;
  • place where the device will be located.

What else do you need to know before buying?

Before buying a kitchen assistant, you should know what nuances you should pay attention to in order to make a good choice.

  1. Power.It depends on the speed of cooking and strength. Experts recommend to choose a model with a capacity of from 600 to 900 watts.
  2. Pressure.It is especially important for carob grinders. Standard – from 10 to 15 bar.
  3. Volume of the water tank.This is worth paying attention to if you are going to often prepare many servings of the drink.
  4. Availability of additional functions:drop-stop, timer, strength control, transfusion protection, automatic heating.
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