Rating of video recorders in 2021

The popularity of video recorders is constantly growing, and not only for deep immersion in YouTube, for posting curious and, unfortunately, accidents.

Previously, such cameras were used by the police, but now almost everyone has them. These devices have already helped many drivers, and therefore new drivers are eager to buy not just a DVR, but a reliable and powerful device, so that there is no doubt who is to blame.

And some people buy them just to watch a video of their trip, or install them as video surveillance to see how the driver behaves behind the wheel, who was lent a car.

Regardless of its purpose, the car DVR must perform its work smoothly and produce high-quality video. This is where it becomes difficult to choose what exactly to buy, and whether to overpay for quality and battery.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled a rating of DVRs in 2021, which, according to users, deserve your attention.

Every year, the selection is updated, new models continue to get prettier against the background of the old ones, and therefore only new products with advanced characteristics were included in this rating that is relevant for 2021.

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