Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

Every day tile as a floor and wall covering is becoming more and more popular. Today, it can be found almost at every step: in the subway, on the street, in the pool, various salons, etc. It is actively used in any industry and in this regard, the popularity of the tile cutter is also increasing. It is necessary in a situation where you need to cut off some part of the tile. The device easily separates an even and neat piece of the desired size.

Rating TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose, pros and cons, reviews, price and main technical parameters will help you in this extremely difficult choice.

Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

Rating TOP 7 best tile cutters

After studying all the information provided on a given topic on the Internet, we created a rating of the best tile cutters in any price segment. Based on feedback from professionals and experienced users, we have included the following recommended models in our review:

  • BATTIPAV Super Pro 900.
  • RUBI TP-66-S.
  • Gigant TC 800.
  • Anchor 600mm 1/3 3664.
  • DeWALT DWC 410.
  • Ryobi LTS180M.

Let’s learn more about each submitted candidate.

BATTIPAV Super Pro 900

Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

Opens the rating of the best high-quality assembled device that has passed many tests from its manufacturer. It has an excellent cutting length of 900 mm. It is quite enough when working with massive tile materials.

Provides high-quality results regardless of the type of contact surface. It is allowed to work with ceramics and porcelain tiles, the length of which is 19 mm or more. Users are encouraged to make movements on the work surface away from themselves, which ensures a high-precision and accurate cut.

Weight 22 kg
Cutting thickness 5-19 mm
Cutting length 900 m
Diagonal cutting length 630×630 mm
  • the cut length is 900 mm;
  • high quality cutting edge;
  • the service life is 10 years with careful use;
  • the comfortable handle does not slip during operation.
  • not found.

Recently purchased a tile cutter for the promotion due to the need for daily construction work. The device perfectly copes with all the tasks set, while not spending much time. Separately, it is worth noting the comfortable handle, non-slip throughout the entire process of work.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

This unit for a long time occupies a leading position in the ratings of the best manual tile cutters due to the reliable design of the monorail type. It is able to work for an unlimited amount of time, while performing smooth and fast cutting of material.

Throughout the entire process, the user is provided with comfortable operation, thanks to the handle made of durable non-slip materials. The tool can work with various materials, including ceramics, GRES and porcelain stoneware. On the case there is a special ruler, the main task of which is to organize a high-precision cut.

Cutting depth 2 mm
Weight 10.5 kg
Cut length 660 mm
The cutting element video clip
  • the ruler provides a high-precision cut;
  • the cut length is 660 mm;
  • the kit includes a winning video clip;
  • the user is provided with comfortable operation thanks to the non-slip handle.
  • not detected.

I tried the RUBI TP-66-S in all its glory and I can say one thing – it is definitely worth the money. Despite such a small amount, the device turned out to be very multifunctional. Easily copes with ceramic tiles and even street tiles. The cut is made even. No damage to the material and fragmentation into a bunch of small pieces.

Gigant TC 800

Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

An excellent purchase for beginners, since this device does not require any additional knowledge on operation from its owner: it has a simple and understandable control for everyone. The model received a useful addition from the manufacturer – a ruler with an emphasis. This ensures that tile cutting and marking operations are performed with high accuracy. Long service life and high-quality Assembly attract the attention of even experienced professionals.

Diameter of the landing hole 6 mm
Length of cut 800 mm
The length of the cutter 22 mm
Maximum tile thickness 12 mm
  • high-quality Assembly from a popular manufacturer;
  • the service life is 8-10 years;
  • the presence of a laser and ruler allows for a more accurate cut;
  • the cut length is 800 mm.
  • the bed is weak.

I have been using it for 2 months now and can describe all the advantages in more or less detail. In General, the tile cutter is good: the roller does not blunt, the cut length is good, it does not break the table during operation, it can be manually adjusted and does not play. Although the manufacturer declares everywhere about the high quality of its product, I can say that it is not always up to par.

Anchor 600mm 1/3 3664

Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

It has gained popularity among buyers due to two significantly important factors-the price and the rubber gasket. Experienced tilers leave extremely positive reviews due to the presence of a ballerina in the design. You can use it to make round holes in the tile. The roller-shaped cutter easily handles ceramic tiles together with a fork, which quickly separates the cut parts from each other.

Type manual
Length of cut up to 600 mm
The diameter of the cutter 16 mm
The thickness of the tiles up to 6 mm
  • rubber padding prevents the material from slipping;
  • the ballerina is included in the device;
  • convenient to use.
  • the foot is not of the best quality;
  • the cutter quickly becomes blunt and requires additional sharpening.

An excellent manual tile cutter caught my eye in a construction equipment store. I wanted to try it out for a long time and finally it happened. The device was dealt with immediately, there were no problems with management. The tile comes out flat, without chips or uneven corners. The incisor is quite sharp, but quickly blunts. In this regard, you need to always have a sharpener or new incisors with you.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

The electric model of a standard tile cutter is increasingly taking the lead in quality ratings. It is versatile because it is suitable for working with tiles and glass. Cutting handles dust formation quickly and efficiently, while ensuring safe operation.

Height 166 mm
Depth 252 mm
Width 240 mm
The diameter of the disc 110 mm
  • wide range of adjustments;
  • easy operation and use;
  • high maneuverability;
  • water-type cooling is available.
  • it is difficult to find disks with a diameter of 20 mm.

We have been using this unit with our colleagues for a year now, and during this time it has never failed us. Thanks to the large frame, tiles can be processed in different sizes. The cutter is self-sharpening, which makes it much more convenient to work than with manual analogues.

Ryobi LTS180M

Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

The battery drive remains to this day a rather rare highlight in tile cutters. This parameter gives you the energy independence and mobility required for a construction device. Many users distinguish it as a powerful 18 V motor, which easily copes with tiles of any type and thickness.

Cutting height 22 mm
The diameter of the disc 102 mm
The speed of rotation 4,500 rpm
Voltage 18 V
  • battery-powered mobility;
  • low weight-1.6 kg;
  • highly ergonomic design;
  • works with tiles of any thickness;
  • the control is located on the handle, which facilitates switching during operation.
  • weak battery – 2.5 Ah.

In General, I liked working with the Ryobi LTS180M, but the manufacturers decided to save on battery capacity, which means that the battery life does not exceed 1.5 hours. Tiles are not always smooth. There are cases of arbitrary jumping off of the cutter.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

A convenient and compact tool designed for cutting tile materials. It can work with different types of materials: ceramics, tiles, paving slabs. Thanks to the budget price tag, this unit is available to absolutely everyone. It has gained great popularity due to the powerful 1.32 kW motor and the spindle rotation speed of 13,000 rpm.

Power output 1320 W
The diameter of the disc 125 mm
The speed of rotation 12000 rpm
Cutting height 41 mm
  • powerful electric motor – 1.32 kW;
  • high spindle speed – 13000 rpm;
  • diamond disk with a diameter of 125 mm;
  • prevents the appearance of chips and bumps;
  • water cooling.
  • the function of cutting at an angle is not provided.

I received a powerful tile cutter as a gift from my friends, but it turned out to be different in practice. It cuts even the thickest tiles well and smoothly. Use is made convenient by placing all the necessary buttons on the handle. It is rubberized and does not slip during the entire working time.

Comparison table of the presented models

Based on the rating of the best tile cutters, we have organized all the main technical parameters that play a major role in the selection process into a comparative table. With it, you can easily compare your favorite devices and choose the best one.

Model number

Power output Overall dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)

Price (RUB)

Lists of the best

Below are the best tile cutter models in some categories:

  • Mechanical.
  • Electric.
  • Manual.

Let’s start with a more complete description of the presented sections.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

DeWALT D24000it can handle any type of tile work. It has a high – power engine-1.6 kW, water-type cooling and provides the ability to perform cutting at a user-defined angle. The tile length is limited to 61 cm.

The device considers 2 stops. They can be used to increase the accuracy of cuts at any angle. Safe operation is provided by the casing. It completely covers the saw blade, which is 250 mm.

Type diamond
Power output 1,600 W
Hole diameter 16 mm
Cutting height 95 mm
The speed of rotation 4,200 rpm

Price:from 15,000 to 25,600 rubles.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

HUSQVARNA TS 66 Rit is considered the best device for professionals in their field. It works long and efficiently, which is why it attracts the attention of experienced buyers and professional employees.

The device is equipped with a strong table, so that when working there is no need to crawl on your knees. The pump supplies water to the saw and it moves along the rail located above the bed. This makes it easier to control the entire work process.

Power output 800 W
Voltage 220 V
The diameter of the disc 200 mm
Landing diameter 25.4 mm
Depth of cut 4 cm
Maximum cutting length 66 cm
Width of the working table 46 cm
Length of the working table 96 cm

Price:from 25,000 to 29,000 rubles.


Rating of TOP 7 best tile cutters: which one to choose

Tile cutterKolner KTC 600designed to work with tile floor and wall tiles. It does not require any special knowledge from its user, which is why it is so popular among beginners.

Overall dimensions 175x115x805 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Cut length 60 mm
Depth of cut 7 mm
The cutting element video clip

Price:from 1,000 to 1,400 rubles.

What to look for when choosing

We all know how difficult it is to choose one model out of a dozen that you like, so we decided to describe in detail what parameters you need to follow before buying.

  1. The strength of the frame. A poor and flimsy frame is unable to cope with a large amount of work and last a long time, so you need to choose based on the purpose of the purchase. If you plan to work with the device for many hours every day, then first of all pay attention to the frame.
  2. The length of the tool.This parameter directly depends on the size of the tile you are going to save money on. It’s better to buy a universal long device than to buy a bunch of different sizes.
  3. Smooth ride.High-quality assembled tile cutters have bearings in their structure that ensure smooth running. It is recommended to test the device before purchasing, in order to detect running problems. In this case, you can easily choose something other than working with an inconvenient and low-quality device.

How to use it correctly

Many beginners are wondering how to use the tile cutter correctly, so as not to break or spoil the material. The technique of using it is quite simple, so you don’t have to look for a mentor or go to any courses.

Place the device on as smooth and hard a surface as possible. After that, check the condition of the cutter and, if necessary, replace it with a sharper one, in order to avoid breaking the material. The final step is to check the cutter and secure all the main elements.


For a more complete introduction to the topic and consolidation of all the information received, we suggest watching the video.

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