Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Modern technology is increasingly simplifying the life of Housewives and helps to keep the house almost sterile clean and all this thanks to steam cleaners. In our article, we will reveal the rating of the TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home! What to buy, reviews and what you need to know before buying, read below.

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Rating of the 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021

The rating of the best steam cleaners for the home 2021-2021 is as follows:

  • Smile ESC 1027;
  • Kromax Odyssey Q-403;
  • Kitfort KT-918-1;
  • Philips FC7008/01;
  • VLK Sorento 6450;
  • Karcher SC 1;
  • Bissell 1897N Lift Off.

Smile ESC 1027

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

The compact model is able to clean any surface that is not afraid of high temperatures and steam. The device is equipped with a variety of attachments, they can clean clothes, glass or perform spot cleaning.

Power, kW 1,05
Tank, ml 350
Temperature, °C 130
Pressure, bar 3,5
Weight, kg 1,95
Modes 1

The cost:1 599 RUB.

  • automatic shut-off;
  • overheat protection;
  • protection from excessive pressure.
  • no gloves in the kit.

A small device capable of cleaning surfaces. For your money, just perfect. When cleaning large surfaces, it is necessary to add water periodically, but this is not critical. I am happy with the device, it copes with the work quickly and efficiently.

Kromax Odyssey Q-403

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Universal steam cleaner capable of coping with dirt, dust and even grease, without leaving streaks in the process. The case made of durable plastic makes the device scratch-resistant.

Modes 1
Power, kW 0,9
Tank, ml 180
Temperature, °C 130
Pressure, bar 2,5
Weight, kg 1

Price:2 450 rubles.

  • the function of disinfection;
  • a measuring Cup is included.
  • low steam supply pressure (2.5 bar).

The device heats up water quickly and fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the convenient handle. The small device is designed for small surfaces, so I didn’t expect much from it. I took to clean the kitchen and bathroom with which the device copes perfectly.

Kitfort KT-918-1

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Kitfort KT-918-1 is a high-power multifunctional device that can save you from stains and dirt. The device is also capable of Ironing things, which greatly simplifies housework.

Tank, ml 220
Power, kW 1
Pressure, bar 3
Modes 1
Weight, kg 1,9

Price tag:2,899 rubles.

  • high power (1000W);
  • removable steam hose.
  • there is no automatic shutdown function.

The device perfectly coped with washing Windows after winter and spring rains, without leaving a single divorce. Perfectly cleans mirrors in the house. Thanks to the device, house cleaning is much faster and more interesting. I recommend the steam cleaner to purchase.

Philips FC7008/01

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

The ideal device for deep cleaning of surfaces. The steam cleaner easily cleans and disinfects walls, floors and furniture. The device copes with the removal of the most difficult contaminants-fat and scale, and is ready to work in 45 seconds.

Modes 1
Weight, kg 0,7
Temperature, °C 100
Tank, ml 70
Power, kW 1,2

The cost:2,950 rubles.

  • high power (1200W);
  • multitasking (to cope with the cleaning of any surfaces);
  • fabric pads included.
  • small tank volume (70 milliliters).

I bought the device as a gift to a friend, she wanted a steam cleaner for a long time, but did not want a large and heavy device. The Philips FC7008 / 01 perfectly met her criteria. She immediately tried the device in action and was very satisfied. The steam cleaner easily removed grease and old plaque. Now I think to take the same device for myself.

VLK Sorento 6450

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

The device in an elegant case perfectly copes with disinfection of surfaces. Perfectly cleans upholstered furniture, and is also suitable for use as a steamer. A variety of attachments will help to cope with dirt on any surface and even in hard-to-reach places.

Temperature, °C 103
Weight, kg 2
Power, kW 1,6
Modes 1
Tank, ml 450
Pressure, bar 4

Price:3 499 rubles.

  • large tank capacity (450 milliliters);
  • the presence of a brush head in the kit;
  • automatic shutdown function.
  • not a removable tank.

The device was given to me when the child was born. At first, I was skeptical about the gift, but after trying it out, I realized the beauty of the device. Perfectly sterilizes the floor and other surfaces, cleans furniture from dirt and perfectly copes with washing Windows. I recommend this device to everyone to purchase.

Karcher SC 1

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

A device released by a well-known global brand that can help you quickly and effortlessly clean your home. The device fights not only various kinds of dirt on different surfaces, but also kills germs, which is especially important if there are children or Pets in the house.

Tank, ml 200
Temperature, °C 98
Pressure, bar 3
Weight, kg 1,58
Modes 1
Power, kW 1,2

Price tag:4,599 rubles.

  • the function of overheating protection;
  • protection of children;
  • the pressure relief valve.
  • low processing temperature (98 °C).

I bought the device for my parents as a gift. Mom is now much easier to wash the Windows, especially since the device does not leave streaks. My father even cleans the interior of the car and says that the steam cleaner copes with cleaning the seats even better than dry cleaning. When buying the device, I did not even know about its versatility, now I will buy the same home to my wife.

Bissell 1897N Lift Off

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

An excellent model that can perform many functions. Additional attachments in the kit will help to get rid of dirt in any place of your home, even hard-to-reach ones. For ease of use, a heating indicator and a temperature level controller are located on the case.

Weight, kg 4,2
Power, kW 1,6
Tank, ml 400
Temperature, °C 95

The cost:15 999 rubles.

  • removable water tank;
  • holder for replaceable nozzles.
  • heavy weight (4.2 kg).

We have a dog and a cat at home, constantly washing the floors is not enough to completely get rid of dirt, so we decided to buy a vertical steam cleaner. The device quickly comes into readiness mode, perfectly copes with any kind of contamination and even disinfects the surface. I clean not only floors with the device, but also tile joints in the bathroom and kitchen, wash Windows and clean furniture. We are very happy with the purchase and feel free to recommend the device for purchase.

Comparative table of presented steam cleaners

To make it easier to compare the indicators of the seven presented, let’s compare them in the table below.

Model number Tank, ml Weight, kg Power, kW Temperature, °C Price, RUB
Smile ESC 1027 350 1,95 1,05 130 1 599
Kromax Odyssey Q-403 180 1 0,9 130 2 450
Kitfort KT-918-1 220 1,9 1 100 2 899
Philips FC7008/01 70 0,7 1,2 100 2 950
VLK Sorento 6450 450 2 1,6 103 3 499
Karcher SC 1 200 1,58 1,2 98 4 599
Bissell 1897N Lift Off 400 4,2 1,6 95 15 999

Best in its category!

Despite the selected top seven, we tried to add some of the best steam cleaners in our article in our indicators. We present the best devices in the following categories:

  • The most powerful one.
  • Steam cleaner with the largest tank capacity.
  • Capable of long-term continuous operation.

The most powerful

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Karcher SC 5 EasyFixthe most powerful among steam cleaners. The 1.5-litre water tank heats up to full operating temperature in 3 minutes thanks to its 2200w output. The kit includes a variety of attachments for cleaning various surfaces, and protection from overheating and protection from children will make using the device safe.

Price:27 499 rubles.

Steam cleaner with the largest tank capacity

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

The largest water tank with a volume of 1.7 liters at the steam cleanerMIE Bello.The device effectively cleans any surface without the use of any chemicals. Perfect for Allergy sufferers, families with children and those who have Pets.

The device completely cleans and disinfects the treated surface without leaving dirt, stains and bacteria. The device can also be used as a steam generator or steamer.

The cost:25 299 RUB.

Capable of long continuous operation

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

Endever Odyssey Q-602it is capable of continuous operation for 73 minutes – the highest rate among steam cleaners. The device is able to perform the functions of a dust collector, disinfector and iron, thanks to various nozzles. The 1 litre tank heats up in 15 seconds and the steam cleaner is ready for use.

Price tag:2,650 rubles.

TOP 5 most important questions about steam cleaners

Before buying, many consumers have a number of questions about their devices. We have selected the five most common ones and tried to answer them.

Can mirrors and Windows be cleaned with a steam cleaner?

Modern steam cleaners have various attachments for more convenient and efficient cleaning of mirror and glass surfaces, without leaving streaks in the process. Such devices greatly facilitate the work around the house.

Can I clean the carpet?

You will not be able to clean any carpets or carpet from dust and debris with a steam cleaner, but you can easily decontaminate, get rid of germs, bacteria or stains with this device by selecting the right and suitable nozzle for you. This treatment is very convenient in children’s rooms where additional sterility is needed.

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

How to remove stubborn dirt?

High pressure and temperature can handle almost any kind of contamination. If the dirt or grease stain is too old and dried, it may require pre-softening. In any case, if you choose the right and suitable nozzle, the device will cope with all contamination.

Can I clean parquet and laminate floors with a steam cleaner?

Parquet or laminate flooring is perfectly cleaned with a steam cleaner, but you need to use a special nozzle for cleaning the floor. Such a napkin will protect you from the negative impact of moisture on the boards.

What kind of water should I fill in?

Given the modern hardness and imperfectness of tap water, it is recommended to pour distilled water into steam cleaners, or a mixture of it with ordinary water in half. Such precautions will allow you to avoid the formation of scale in the device and, therefore, extend its service life.

Rating of TOP 7 best steam cleaners 2021-2021 for the home

What else do you need to know before buying?

Before buying a device, you need to solve a few questions for yourself to make it easier to choose:

  • How often you will use it and where.If you are planning daily cleaning of small spaces, it is better to choose a manual steam cleaner, and for more rare, but voluminous cleaning of premises, it is better to opt for a vertical device with a large water tank and a long continuous operation time.
  • Temperature.The higher this indicator is, the more contamination the device can handle. For example, to control mold and grease, a minimum temperature of 110 degrees Celsius is required.
  • Length of hose and cord,the longer they are, the less often you will have to switch the device to another outlet. This is especially useful when cleaning Windows, cleaning floors or large surfaces.
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