Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Technology does not stand still and now all the work that needed to be done manually is done by smart machines. One of these is a mixer. Depending on its function and application, it can be used for work at home, in the workplace, and in public catering areas.

Given the entire range of models on the shelves in stores, an inexperienced user will have a question about how to choose the right equipment. Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021! Which one to buy, reviews will help you make a successful purchase and not regret it.

Rating of the 7 best mixers 2021-2021

After analyzing all the variety of mixers in stores, characteristics, reviews and opinions of specialists, we present to your attention a rating of high-quality kitchen assistants.

It was attended by:

  • VITEK VT-1409 W.
  • Braun HM 3137.
  • Bosch MFQ 36460.
  • KITFORT KT-1308.
  • Smeg SMF01.
  • Bosch MFQ 4020.
  • Bosch MFQ 4080.

Let’s go to the description of each candidate.


Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

The first model in our rating from a well-known budget manufacturer can serve as a manual and stationary device. He copes with his work perfectly. It has a bowl that moves and forms the desired consistency.

The volume of the bowl is 3.3 liters, so you can prepare several servings. Several special beaters and a pair of hooks can be used to knead different types of dough.

Volume of glass 500 ml
Cord length 0.8 m
Power consumption 600 W
Weight 1.7 kg
  • lightweight, weighing only 1.7 kg;
  • warranty period is 1 year;
  • easy to use, thanks to clear controls;
  • the case is made of high-quality plastic;
  • a 500 ml measuring Cup is included.
  • he doesn’t like long hours of work, which can cause him to disconnect himself.

A great mixer for home use. I use it to knead the dough and not bother with it for a long time. Copes perfectly with his work. The dough turns out to be homogeneous, without lumps and quickly fits.

Braun HM 3137

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Users describe this model as the best manual assistant in the kitchen. It fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out and makes use more comfortable. The control is simple and is carried out with just one finger, does not require a particularly qualified user. The kit includes: a pair of beaters and hooks, a chopper, a leg and a measuring Cup.

Speeds 5
Number of attachments 5
Cord 1.2 m
Type manual
  • many useful features, turbo mode;
  • the handle is made of rubber, which makes the work more comfortable;
  • made of high-quality plastic;
  • the chopper has a volume of 500 ml;
  • measuring Cup – 600 ml.
  • short cord – 1.2 m.

I thought for a long time before buying, because I don’t know much about technology. I was afraid to buy some garbage, but everything went well with this model. It perfectly copes with its purpose. I whip up mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cream, and even whites for her.

Bosch MFQ 36460

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

The model from the well-known Bosch company has long occupied a leading position in the rating of the best quality equipment. It has a 450-watt motor, five speeds, and additional modes. The bowl, which rotates thanks to the set parameters, ensures good mixing of all products to the desired consistency.

Material plastic
Attachments 4 pieces
Speeds 5
Type stationary
  • attractive design;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • doesn’t make loud noises;
  • robust plastic housing.
  • some users don’t think it’s powerful enough.

I bought this mixer as a gift to my old friend. After a week of using it, she talked about convenient operation and saving time in the kitchen. Cooking has become easier and more convenient than before. No need to spoil the manicure with dough and other products.


Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Mixer from Confort will completely replace your manual labor. It can work independently without requiring any special control. You just need to load the ingredients into the bowl and select the desired parameters. A special mixing system will make the perfect mix, thanks to a new type of nozzle. The volume of a bowl of 4 liters is enough for a small family.

The bowl stainless steel
Number of speeds 6
Attachments 3
Weight 4.2 kg
  • attractive design;
  • the presence of a timer, so you can not control the whipping time;
  • the case is made of durable plastic;
  • high power – 600 watts.
  • the high level of noise.

I appreciate such a great feature as having a timer. It allows me not to be in the kitchen all the time, but only to look in occasionally. This makes life easier, especially when it’s timed to the minute.

Smeg SMF01

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

The presented model differs from its competitors in its original corporate design and functionality. The kit includes: 3 nozzles, a 4.8 l bowl, rubber feet and additional nozzles to the main ones.

The bowl 4.8 l
Speeds 10
Attachments 3
Material metal
  • the original design;
  • it doesn’t make any noise;
  • compact, 41×44×26.5 cm;
  • long cord – 95 cm.
  • heavy, weight-8,5 kg.

I cook a lot of cakes and other sweets every day. the presented model helps me out. While she kneads the dough, I have time to rest. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Bosch MFQ 4020

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

The main feature when choosing a hand mixer is its convenient location in the hand. This model is equipped by developers with a comfortable rubber handle, thanks to which strong vibrations are not felt.

Type manual
Speeds 5
Attachments 4
Material plastic
  • does not make loud noises when working;
  • knead any dough well;
  • fits comfortably in your hand, thanks to the rubber handles;
  • the build is of good quality.
  • no disadvantages were found.

I love working with a mixer. It is comfortable and there is almost no vibration when using it. Therefore, I can do what I love for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

Bosch MFQ 4080

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

The presented model has a high-quality construction made of durable plastic. It can work for a long time without making much noise. It comes with a pair of attachments, a chopper, a bowl and a leg.

Type manual
Power output 500 W
Attachments 5
Material plastic
  • it works for a long time without stopping;
  • long cord – 1.5 m;
  • lightweight, weighing only 1.6 kg;
  • the five speeds.
  • in reality, the power is much less than in the technical parameters.

I rarely use the mixer, but at the same time I demand high-quality work from it. With it, I whip up amazing puree, make excellent cream for cakes. In General, a great thing, I advise you to buy.

Comparative table of the presented mixers

The table below shows the main characteristics of the models we have reviewed.

Power (W) Power cord (m) Weight (kg)

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Best in its category!

After the above rating, we decided to make a list of the best models of mixers in each category:

  • Stationary.
  • Budget model.
  • The most economical one.
  • Planetary.

I suggest you go to the description of the model in each section.


Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Bosch MFQ 3555it combines a couple of important qualities-convenient use, high-quality Assembly and high-quality work. It has a bowl with a volume of 3 liters.

Type stationary
The bowl rotating
Power output 350 W
Speeds 5
Attachments 4
Cord length 1.4 m

The approximate cost is4,500 rubles.

Budget model

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Zelmen 381/61Sl Mix Robi– budget version of a stationary mixer. It has two modes: turbo and pulse. The kit includes a protective cover, 3 nozzles, a chopper.

Type stationary
The bowl 3 l
Power output 400 W
Number of speeds 5
Material plastic
Weight 2.8 kg

The approximate cost is3,500 rubles.

The most economical one

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

Scarlett SC-045a great model that, thanks to its small power of 200 watts, perfectly saves electricity. Despite its small size, it completely copes with its work.

Type manual
Power output 200 W
Speeds 7
Attachments 2
Material plastic
Nozzle deactivation button there is

The approximate cost is about1,200 rubles.


Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSEit is considered the most multifunctional and high-quality mixer among users. Due to this popularity, the model is available in large quantities of different colors.

Type stationary
The bowl 4.83 l
Power output 300 W
Speeds 10
Attachments 3
Weight 10.6 kg

The approximate cost is about20,000 rubles.

TOP 5 most important questions about mixers

Which mixer should I buy?

Depending on the type of operation, the mixers can be:

  • Homemade.Designed mainly for infrequent use. They are compact and do their job well – everything the user needs from them.
  • Stationary ones.This type is fully suitable for people who love to cook. They are large, powerful, and can handle a large amount of work.
  • Professional ones.Planetary models differ from the rest by their impressive size. They are powerful, heavy, and capable of running nonstop.

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

How long can it last?

The duration of work depends entirely on how many products are loaded into it.:

  • processing time in full load is 5-8 minutes;
  • if you are kneading the dough, then the time of this work is about 5 minutes;
  • other work takes 2-3 minutes.

How long is the service life?

Manufacturers claim that with careful use, the mixer can work for up to 20 years. The important factor here is human. It all depends on your request and the amount of work per day. Some devices break down within a month after purchase, while others can last for more than a year.

Is a blender better than a mixer?

At first glance, you can say that a blender is similar to a mixer in some of its functions, but this is partially true. The fact is that the blender makes the mixture, and the mixer mixes the ingredients. The first one has knives, but the second one doesn’t. What’s best will be best for you will have to decide for yourself.

Rating of TOP 7 best mixers 2021-2021 for home

What are the most popular companies that produce them?

Based on the ratings and reviews of professionals, we can safely say that the best companies that produce household appliances and time-tested –Philips, Braun, Bosch, Kenwood, Siemens, Vitek, Scarlett.

What else do you need to know before buying?

Before buying a kitchen assistant, you should know what nuances you should pay attention to in order to make a good choice.

  1. The type of mixer:manual, stationary, combined.
  2. Power output:180-250 W for “light “work, 270 W or more for “heavy” work.
  3. Number of speeds.Working hours depend on this.
  4. Bowl capacity. It is determined based on your requirements and preferences. For example, a family of 2 people is enough for 2-3 liters.
  5. Material.It is best to choose high-quality and dense plastic.
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