Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Which running shoes are better to buy

Running shoes are designed for intensive training. They provide reliable foot support, good traction, and elastic cushioning. Special footwear helps to improve the results of training and reduces the risk of injury. However, it is impossible to name any universal model that is ideal for all athletes and for any conditions.

First of all, decide on the purpose of shoes (type of training).):

  • For long, intense running, choose sneakers with a wear-resistant sole, good cushioning and reliable foot support.
  • For competitions, the priority is the lightness of shoes, flexibility of the sole and high speed indicators.
  • For cross-country running, you need running shoes with a good tread, a tight upper, a protected toe and a reliable fixation on the foot.
  • For training on the treadmill, minimalistic models are suitable, providing maximum freedom of movement.

Running technique is also important. There are classic techniques, natural and “from the toe”. In the first case, the landing is performed on the heel, in the second – on the entire foot, and in the third – on the toe. Accordingly, you need to choose sneakers with a difference in the height of the sole at least 10 mm (higher in the heel area), with uniform cushioning throughout the sole or with a reinforced nose.

The athlete’s weight determines the cushioning characteristics of the Shoe. The larger it is, the greater the load on the joints increases. Therefore, athletes over 80 kg need to choose options with an elastic sole and a high level of cushioning.

For novice runners, it is better to choose running shoes with good fixation on the foot to protect ligaments that are not used to intense loads from injury.

There are men’s, women’s and universal versions of sports shoes. Models for men are available in a wider range of sizes. Sneakers for girls take into account the peculiarities of the structure of the female foot and are distinguished by a brighter stylistic performance. The unisex models are designed for professional runners and focus on technical parameters.

When buying, you need to take into account the individual structure of the foot, its size and width. For a comfortable run, sneakers should be 1.5-2 sizes larger than everyday shoes, this will eliminate injuries to the toes.

The width of the pad varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, the ASICs brand produces narrower shoes, Reebok and New Balance-with a wide Shoe, Puma has models of medium width, and in the Mizuno line-expanding in the toe part.

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Selection criteria

There are several criteria according to which you should choose running shoes. They should not be neglected, because they depend on the convenience of running, and sometimes the safety of training.

  1. Type of pronation

Pronation is the structure of the human foot, or more precisely, the type of arch of the foot. One of the main selection criteria. Pronation is a natural cushioning for the foot and can be of several types:

When running, the bend of the foot bends correctly and provides high-quality cushioning. For runners with neutral pronation, almost all models are suitable.

  • Hyperpronation

The arch of the foot is tilted towards the inside of the foot when walking or running. Because of this, the muscles of the foot are relaxed, depreciation worsens. In the case of hyperpronation, it is better to give preference to models that support the foot well. Too hard pad and a high degree of shock absorption will not work.

The foot does not bend enough and falls outwards. Due to gipodinamii increases the load on the tibia. Therefore, the ideal option will be sneakers in which the transition from heel to toe is the smoothest. It is desirable that the sole contains technologies that provide increased cushioning.

Determine the type of pronation is simple: you need to wet your foot in water and step on a piece of paper. It will be possible to tell from the print whether the foot is pointing correctly or slightly falling inwards or outwards.

  1. Type of training sessions

Depending on the type of training sessions, their purpose and duration, as well as taking into account the type of road surface, different models of running shoes are selected:

  • Trainers or remote ones. They are considered universal because they are equipped with the necessary security technologies. They provide good cushioning. Suitable for long marathons up to 10 km. They are used for running on asphalt, hard ground and other dry surfaces.
  • Marathons and half marathons. Purchased for professional competitions. They are very light. They exclude technologies for stabilizing and supporting the foot in order to lighten the final weight. Create the greatest load on the musculoskeletal system. They are suitable exclusively for tempo training and competitions.
  • Minimalistic ones. They are similar to competitive ones due to their light weight and brevity. Imitate barefoot running or barefoot running. The main purpose is to strengthen the foot.
  • Trail services. Designed for off-road use. They can be used for Jogging along winter paths. They protect your feet well from injury when running on slippery, uneven surfaces. They are made of strong, hardy materials, equipped with a strong tread with a grooved surface. Their weight is the heaviest, the sole is the least flexible with average cushioning.
  1. The level of physical fitness

There is a direct relationship here. The less physically prepared a person is, the more cushioning and foot protection they need. Conversely, the better the physical fitness of the athlete, the lower the level of cushioning and support required.

The best trainers for long-distance running

Trainers are specially designed for long-term intensive loads. They are designed for running on asphalt and hard ground, and are great for long-distance races. Such sneakers are used during regular training, so they are subject to increased requirements for wear resistance. They have an elastic, strong sole with good cushioning and reliable foot support.

Asics GT-1000 7 G-TX – the perfect balance of stability and shock absorption

The seventh updated model of the ASICS GT-1000 series is a budget training sneaker, the softest in the brand’s line. They combine responsive midsole cushioning and reliable Duomax foot support to help control hyperpronation. The midsole of the model uses the innovative FlyteFoam lyte material, which is 55% lighter than EVA.

The outer layer is made of hard wear-resistant rubber, there is a polyurethane insert for better adhesion to the surface. The removable insole provides anatomically correct foot position and enhances cushioning. In the upper part, an elastic, breathable mesh is used, and reflective inserts are provided for safety. The weight of the model is 290 g, the sole difference is 8 mm.

  • Very elastic and soft sole.
  • Ventilated upper material.
  • Excellent wear resistance – can withstand mileage over 500-1000 km.
  • There are reflective elements for running in the dark.
  • Bright design-the sneakers are available in black, blue, and neon green.
  • They get wet when running through wet snow and slush.

Soft road running shoes Asics GT-1000 7 are designed for runners of various levels of training. They are suitable for medium and heavy weight athletes with a neutral pronation.

Brooks Ghost 11

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

The excellent cushioning of this model is provided by a combination of several Brooks technologies that provide support, stability and comfort. BioMoGo DNA eco-material midsole absorbs shocks. The bottom layer of the sole is equipped with two types of rubber: blown rubber in the front is responsible for flexibility and responsiveness, and carbon rubber in the heel area gives elasticity and strength. A new feature-a shockproof Loft Foam cushion in the back – allows for a smoother fit and improved rolling of the foot from heel to toe. Elastic water-repellent and breathable mesh upper provides ventilation and a precise fit, regardless of the shape of the foot.

  • The sole has a good grip even on wet surfaces.
  • The model is equipped with a reflective detail for visibility of the runner in the dark.
  • Weight: men’s 309 g, women’s 269 g; the ability to choose the width of the foot from narrow to wide.
  • Support: “Neutral”, suitable for runners with normal pronation for daily walking and running on roads at any distance.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

As with the Asics Gel Kayano 25, the excellent cushioning of the Asics Gel Cumulus 20 is due to the use of high-tech systems and materials built into the model structure. As a result, runners experience stability, flexibility, responsiveness, soft shock absorption, and smooth load distribution from heel to toe. The bottom layer of the sole is protected from wear and provides a reliable grip on the surface. A shock-absorbing insole with antimicrobial properties, a good fit, soft inner surfaces, lightness and excellent ventilation contribute to additional comfort. The model has a reflective stripe in the heel area to distinguish the runner in the dark.

  • Perfect for your daily run on the roads.
  • Weight: men’s 285g, women’s 236g.
  • The pair corresponds to the standard size; the choice of foot width is possible from medium to wide.
  • Foot support: “Neutral”, for runners with normal pronation.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

The elastic and reliable cushioning of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is achieved by already proven technologies from Brooks. The bottom layer of the sole is protected from abrasion and provides a good grip. A comprehensive GuideRails support system for the heel side walls and midsole of the sneaker is used to lock the foot in place and prevent overexertion. Cushioning of the upper part is complemented by a soft tongue and collar. A good fit, a spacious sock and a smooth, ventilated upper guarantee even more comfort.

  • Weight: men’s 312 g, women’s 272 g; the ability to choose the width of the leg from narrow to very wide.
  • A new series of the category “Stability”, more tangible support of the foot.
  • Suitable for daily road runs for runners with moderate pronation who need light or moderate support.

New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo

When choosing asphalt running shoes with maximum cushioning, pay attention to models from the American brand New Balance. This model has a corresponding sole, which in the heel area has a cellular structure,which in turn perfectly softens the impact and generally perfectly absorbs shock. Apparently, it is not for nothing that many experts include this model in their rating of sneakers for asphalt.

New Balance 996v2

A classic, recognizable running silhouette from NB with a partially genuine suede upper plus a sole with a special insert for additional foot stabilization. Despite their lifestyle silhouette, for many runners, this pair has become the best option.

Nike React Miler

These asphalt running shoes from Nike offer increased cushioning thanks to the company’s proven Nike React midsole foam and special heel shape. The model is designed exclusively for runners and according to their recommendations.


Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

On the second place of the rating sneakers from the legendary brand Nike model WMNS NIKE QUEST. They are distinguished by a multi-layered sole with separate blocks: stabilizers under the outer arch of the foot, under the heel, anti-slip tread. The Shoe is soft, sewn from moisture-and air-permeable material, fixing on the foot by means of unusual lacing.

The NIKE WMNS NIKE QUEST sneakers are equally comfortable for running short and long distances, as well as for using them in everyday life, combining them with jeans or a skirt. The model range includes 5 color options and combinations of color pads and soles, on black and gray sneakers, the loops for laces are bright colored. The size grid corresponds to the generally accepted one, so you can safely order shoes in online stores, where the price for a pair starts from 5,200 rubles.

Important: to avoid buying an expensive fake of the original Nike WMNS NIKE QUEST sneakers, compare the product code numbers – they must match the number on the back of the tab.


Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

If previously presented sneaker models were designed for running on smooth asphalt, then the Salomon SPEEDCROSS 4 W is designed for running on dirt and rough terrain. They have a grooved studded tread on the sole from heel to toe (Contagrip® Mud&Snow), the Shoe is stable with foot support and stabilization for comfortable overcoming obstacles on soft and wet ground without injury, the lining material is breathable, air-permeable, the weight of the Shoe is small, almost invisible.

A special feature of the Salomon SPEEDCROSS 4 W sneaker is its resistance to dirt, the lining material repels water and wet ground, and the soil also does not linger in the sole projector. Ergonomics are also good: the shoes fit snugly to the foot as if molded, there are no chafing zones, and a pocket is provided for laces on the tongue.

You can buy the legendary Salomon SPEEDCROSS 4 W running shoes for women from 6,100 rubles.

Under Armour UA W HOVR Phantom NC

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Classic running shoes are made of knitted textiles with an unusual relief, which dries quickly after getting wet from rainwater, it perfectly lets moisture from sweat out, so that the foot is always dry and comfortable. The fit of the shoes is compression, while nothing presses and does not cause discomfort, the toe is tight. The back of the Shoe is tight, supports the heel and fixes it, protecting the foot from dislocation when moving.

A special feature of the under Armour UA W HOVR Phantom NC women’s running shoes is the ua HOVR™sole manufacturing technology. It involves the return of energy (Energy Web system) when taking a step by reducing the load on the leg, so the runner is less tired and the workout can last much longer. The sole is made of a special dense foam, combined with a tread that gives excellent cushioning and perfect grip on asphalt, rubberized surface, in sneakers it is convenient to run and off-road. They are combined with both a sporty image and a casual set of clothes.

You can buy Under Armour UA W HOVR Phantom NC starting from 11,000 rubles.


Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

The model was created in collaboration with the master of Japanese shoes Omori specifically for the best athletes in the world. Sneakers fit snugly on the foot and do not bring any of the possible irritations or inconveniences. It provides complete comfort during running training. When you use this pair, you will take training and competition to the next level.

In Adizero adios 4, there is depreciation, which returns all the energy of each step. The upper is made of mesh and has reliable ventilation. When using this model, you will not be familiar with the burning or tingling sensation in the foot.

Adizero adios 4 sneaker features

  1. A tight-fitting design that allows the athlete to feel confident and comfortable.
  2. Lacing.
  3. The upper is made of synthetic materials, mesh and textiles.
  4. The sole has gained optimal traction with the help of Continental rubber.
  5. Suitable for all weather conditions.
  6. Popular Adidas boost sole.
  7. The easy and practical model weighing in at only 226 grams.

Nike Zoom Winflo 4

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Only professionals in their field worked on this project. This model was invented in 2021. Nike has invented a unique innovation in the world of competitive running shoes. The main feature of the developers of this Zoom Winflo 4 model was to increase the recoil force from each step and return energy to the athlete by 4-5 % than in traditional marathons from Nike.

The very composition of these sneakers boasts of its uniqueness. The upper is made of Flyknit material, for greater ease of steam and ventilation. The model contains ZoomX foam material. The heel area is fixed with an internal backing. An outsole with an optimal amount of rubber is responsible for effective movement and grip.

Practice, scientific experiments and observations of the choice of athletes prove that these sneakers are best suited for long-distance running.

Advantages of Nike Zoom Winflo 4 sneakers:

  1. Unique design.
  2. Rich history of the model.
  3. It is confirmed by science that this is the most effective pair for running.
  4. Excellent air capacity.
  5. The unique system of hooking with a surface.
  6. A pair endowed with ZoomX foam.
  7. Energy return to the owner by 4%.

Adidas UltraBoost 3.0

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Adidas uses high-quality Boost cushioning in almost all of its running sneaker models. But they decided to improve this model and made UltraBoost, which uses the largest amount of this foam material, which makes Adidas sneakers an ideal choice for long and difficult races.

Most users pointed out that because of the top of the sneakers, the foot will hang out and this will cause inconvenience, but the company claims that the braided top is made in order to reduce the weight of the Shoe in the direction of movement, so that the foot feels more freedom and protects the fingers from chafing and irritation.

The Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 sneaker features stretchweb cushioning technology. Large selection of colors.

The main features of this model are:

  1. A swift silhouette.
  2. Ultraboost foam midsole.
  3. Variety in the form of colors.
  4. Torison system for foot support.
  5. Braided top of the model for greater sensitivity with a coating.
  6. Surface: road, gym, track.
  7. Polyurethane insert at the back.
  8. Neutral support-reduces the impact load.

Reebok Print Run 2

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Made of seamless textile with polymer coating. Lightweight mesh upper lets in plenty of air. Cross-section polymer inserts provide strong support and prevent the mesh material from wearing out too quickly. The inner layer of the sole is made of carbonized foam and copies the relief of the foot.

The difference between the toe and heel is comfortable – 10 cm. Suitable for non-professionals and novice athletes. The sole is made of independent elements characterized by an improved flexibility and shock absorption. The gel insole with antimicrobial treatment creates a comfortable feeling during your workout.

  • double-density perimeter frame for stability;
  • carbon rubber inserts in the heel area for improved durability;
  • the structure of the soles with independent parts for flexibility.
  • the sole is constantly Packed with pebbles due to the special structure of its surface.


Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Versatile sports loafers that can be used for daily Jogging and Hiking, as well as for various types of outdoor activities. The model is designed for spring and summer. The upper is not only well ventilated, but also holds the foot perfectly. The Techlite interlayer serves as a shock-absorbing and supportive part. The Omni-Grip® outsole is made of rubber, which perfectly grips the surface. The upper half-boots are made of dense fabric mesh.

  • increased comfort through the use of modern technologies;
  • good ratio of cheap price and decent quality;
  • wear-resistant upper material;
  • comfortable microclimate inside the Shoe;
  • concise design.
  • not suitable for winter and wet weather in autumn.

Nike Zoom Rival S 9

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

The Nike Zoom Rival s 9 training spikes are designed for comfortable cross-country running on snow-covered paths and snow-covered streets. The upper is made of breathable spacer mesh. The sock has laser perforation. It improves flexibility and provides additional ventilation.

The insole is soft, made of EVA foam. It completely repeats the anatomical shape of the foot and creates comfort during running sessions. The rigid Pebax ® outsole and 7 studded sockets guarantee a secure grip on slippery surfaces. Spikes are not placed on the entire sole, but only up to the arch of the foot. This ensures the stability of the midsole.

  • high stability;
  • breathable materials;
  • ergonomic shape of the insole;
  • increased flexibility due to perforation.
  • designed for short distances of 400-600 meters.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 sneakers are a Prime example of a combination of a neat appearance and the ability to withstand loads when running at any distance. The model is intended for athletes and Amateurs.

Main advantages of the model:

  • the air cushion absorbs the impact on the feet at the moment of landing and transforms the force of the impact
  • extra energy for the next step
  • the mesh upper provides good stretch and support where it’s most needed.
  • special Flywire threads are tightened with laces, which helps to fix the foot well
  • the slanted heel and rubber sole allow you to improve the quality of running
  • rubber section on the bottom of the Shoe to improve the grip.

Saucony Ride ISO

Saucony Ride ISO is a sensational model of running shoes for short and long distances. They fix the foot well, provide balance to the foot and allow you to feel the return of momentum during running. The shoes are soft on the outside and very pliable in the sole. Thanks to tests, it was possible to establish that they can easily withstand running even for long distances.

Cushioning is provided by the ultra-durable Everun material (an innovation from Saucony), which provides continuous cushioning throughout the entire run. The design architecture of the upper is adapted to the shape and movement of the foot, and the high-quality rubber in the front of the sneaker improves grip.

Mizuno Rider 20 GT-X

Mizuno Rider 20 GT-X-running shoes with excellent cushioning and absolute water resistance for training in the cold season. This model is famous for its wear resistance and tenacity of the tread. Sneakers comfortably fix the foot and do not cause discomfort to the feet.

Mizuno Rider 20 GT-X – the perfect balance of softness and elasticity. The model has a rather high cost and does not have good ventilation due to a special membrane system. Running shoes are suitable for athletes who run on rough terrain or rocks, including in the winter season.

Reebok Nano X

In addition to the fact that these running shoes for running on asphalt have already proven themselves, the Nano X model has increased comfort, provides high stability during training and has a flexible sole with a shock-damping effect.

Hoka One One Clifton

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Rating:5 out of 5

Type of running shoes:road signs

Features:soft shoes and at the same time responsive. Great for long-term workouts. The Nike Zoom Fly 3 loses out in terms of softness. A special feature of these shoes is the narrow front part. Keep this in mind when making your final selection.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt


  • Ortholite insole that takes the shape of a foot.
  • Soft elastic material and seamless construction inside the heel.
  • Spot cushioning in the heel thanks to Hovr foam placed in the mesh for greater responsiveness.


  • The smallest rain can wet the top, consisting of a Threadborne mesh.

PUMA CometLM039853413

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

Low running shoes suitable for men and women, PUMA CometLM039853413 incredibly comfortable, judging by the reviews of professional and Amateur athletes. They are designed to meet the needs of runners on a flat surface: the textile is breathable, allows steam to pass through without letting the foot sweat, and the elastic and lightweight sole with a raised Flex tread provides a comfortable step when running without much effort with perfect cushioning, which is also facilitated by the insole made of Softfoam material.

Sneakers are ideal for running in the warm season of pride on a flat road – on the ground, the sole transmits unevenness to the foot, which is not very comfortable. The cost of a pair OF Puma CometLM039853413 affordable – about 3,300 rubles.

Saucony Liberty

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt


  • Neat appearance.
  • They have special support for the Medial TPU Guidance Frame for runners whose problem is hyperpronation.
  • Due to the Isofit system, they give the feeling of a sneaker-sock-they fit the foot tightly, gently fix it, do not press or RUB.
  • Flat elastic lacing, additional eyelets for secure fixation of the heel.


  • Limited color options.
  • Insufficient ventilation during the warm season.

Best Nike short-distance running shoes – Nike Free RN 5.0

Heel-toe drop, often called offset, is the difference in the amount of material under the heel and the amount of material in the front of the Shoe. Running shoes with a high “descent” of the foot have a large difference in height between the heel and the front of the foot (usually measured in millimeters) and are often preferred for long-distance running due to increased cushioning. But zero-drop running shoes have the heel and forefoot in the same plane and are great for short distances.

The Nike Free RN 5.0 model is the best choice between zero and high-descent running shoes. Its minimal cushioning and Nike Free outsole provide the flexibility and comfort that make this pair one of the best short-distance running shoes for athletes who want a lower-heel model.

Best Nike long-distance running shoes – Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

One of the biggest problems with most running shoes is that the design can interfere with comfortable movement. For long-distance running, Nike has once again met the runner’s needs with the innovative Nike React Infinity Run. This pair provides support and stability to the foot without interfering with its natural movement.

The Flyknit upper provides breathability and safety to the runner’s foot, while the React cushioned midsole adds a balanced combination of strength and softness. Overall, the user-centric design and functionality make the Nike React Infinity Run one of Nike’s best long-distance running shoes.

Best Nike trail running shoes – Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 6

Rough terrain is often full of rocks and branches that get under the sole and inside the sneaker and bother your feet. While running, you need to focus on comfort, and not be distracted by annoying factors. The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 6 is designed to combat any distracting debris and rocks inside the sneaker with its sock-like ankle collar.

Its tight and durable silhouette helps protect your foot at all costs thanks to the hard-wearing rubber outsole and strong React cushioning in the midsole. With reliable grip and responsiveness, the Wildhorse 6 is one of the best pairs of running shoes for running on any rough terrain.

Best women’s running shoes for running on asphalt

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

This category includes women’s Wave Connect 3 sneakers from the Japanese brand Mizuno. They are designed specifically for fans of running on asphalt and in the gym on the track. The model has a more energetic roll from heel to toe. This was due to the structure of the sole. The Wave plate has a wave-like shape and is made of alternating hard and softer plastic alloys. It has good shock absorption properties. Under it is a solid layer of foam. This Shoe has an excellent combination of stabilization and rebound.

The upper is made of breathable AIRMesh material that allows air circulation. At the same time, there are numerous overlays made of artificial leather. They make it possible to fix the foot when running. The materials are wear-resistant and of high quality, so even under heavy loads, the shoes will serve You for a long time.

Mizuno sneakers are more solid, compared to those where the manufacturer uses gel as a shock absorber. But at the same time, they are light and have high dynamics. Therefore, the model is suitable for both light-weight runners and experienced athletes who need shoes for long distances at a free pace.

The model is recommended for athletes with a weight of 60 to 85 kg and a running pace of 4: 30 to 6: 30.

Best men’s running shoes for running on asphalt

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

This category includes men’s running shoes ASICS model GT 1000 5G-TX. The toe and heel have a special gel that reduces the load on the joints during impacts. The model is designed for training in a Park with Packed paths, on asphalt, as well as in the gym on the track. Designed for runners with neutral or hyperpronation. Shoes have excellent shock absorption and stabilization characteristics.

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

The sole protector conventionally divides the foot into zones, which provides better traction and rebound. This redistributes the load. The back part of the sole is made of wear-resistant rubber, which takes on most of the impact when it comes into contact with the surface. The front part uses vulcanized rubber for better grip, reduced sliding and better repulsion.

The upper material is mesh and provides ventilation to the foot during intense sports. Therefore, inside the sneakers remain dry and do not cause discomfort. Comfort around the fingers is provided by changing the design. Now the pad is not sewn on, but attached by heat welding.

The gel segment is located in the sole in the upper layers near the heel. This solution allows you to achieve a smooth roll from heel to toe. In the heel area, rigid fixation with a plastic Cup and dense padding, providing a reliable fixation.

The shoes are designed for training at a pace up to 4: 40. Designed for athletes weighing up to 90 kg.

Best men’s running shoes for running on a dirt road

Rating of the best running shoes for running on asphalt

This category includes ASICs Sonoma 3 running shoes, which have thick and wide protrusions on the tread. They make it possible to easily cling to any surface: soil with stones, rocks and dirt. They are not quite suitable for walking on asphalt, but they show excellent traction results off-road.

Foot protection when moving on rocks. The athlete does not feel protruding and sharp parts with his foot. This provides additional safety from injury, as well as no fatigue and congestion in the muscles. The model has an anatomical fit and perfectly fixes the ankle.

The upper part of the material is covered with a Gore-Tex membrane. It extends the service life of the sneaker and provides air circulation. At the same time, the shoes do not have full protection against moisture penetration, which must be taken into account during training. The sock is protected by a lining made of artificial leather.

Comfort and additional cushioning due to:

  • a special gel located under the heel;
  • Ortholite three-layer breathable insoles;
  • wear-resistant foam soles.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s running shoes?

Usually men’s shoes has a Shoe width of D, while the female – connector “B”. This means that women’s shoes will be narrower than men’s. In addition to the obvious differences in Shoe shape, many female models have a slightly higher heel area than the same male model (relative to the height at the front of the foot). Thus, men’s and women’s models differ not only in colors and sizes.

Let’s sum up what kind of running shoes are better for running.

Sneaker models are periodically removed from production, supplemented with improved characteristics, and re-released. Comfort and quality are invariable criteria for evaluating shoes. According to the editorial Board, the leader of today’s top-10 best running shoes rating is the ASICs Gel Kayano 25 sports pair.

When choosing “your” pair of sneakers, it is important to take into account individual parameters — pronation, foot width, leg structure. You may have to check a lot of pairs by touch before you find one made just for you. The best will be the one that proves its functionality and will be barely noticeable in the sock.

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