Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

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Most models have a No Frost defrost system, child lock, and temperature indication on electronic panels.

Let’s take a closer look at some popular LG refrigerators.

How to choose a refrigerator and what to pay attention to?

Parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a refrigerator:

  • First of all, you should pay attention tonoise level– according to GOST, a level of 55 dB is allowed. However, such a refrigerator can also bring discomfort to its owner. Therefore, you should choose a device with a noise value that does not exceed 41-41 dB.
  • Capacity— it is important to understand that a compact refrigerator is not suitable for a large family, and a device with a volume of 600 liters will not fit in the kitchen of an apartment-Khrushchev.
  • Number of compressors: if there are two of them in the appliance, the refrigerator will be quieter. But modern models with a single compressor and a No Frost system are almost as good as devices with a drip defrosting system.
  • Number of shelves, drawers, etc.. Functionality is very important — when buying a refrigerator, think in your head about what products and where you would like to put them.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Top 10 best LG refrigerators rated

Best models that cost up to 30,000 rubles

This rating shows the best budget LG refrigerators.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The no Frost defrost system for both chambers ensures quiet operation of the compressor — only up to 39 dB. The refrigerator has several classes of climatic conditions: N. SN and St. The refrigerant used is isobutane (R600a).

The unit can consume up to 277 kWh per year, and its energy consumption is class A+. The device is equipped with important functions: protection of children, the sound indication when you open the doors, supersaturate, temperature display.

The shelves in the refrigerator compartment are made of super-strong glass. The product is made in beige color, the body material is metal and plastic. Refrigerator sizes are average: 59,5*65,5*190,7 cm, weight-66 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 302 liters.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The unit consumes up to 277 kWh per year, while it has a class+ energy consumption, it freezes up to 9.3 kg / day. There is only 1 inverter compressor in the refrigerator. Isobutane is used as the refrigerant.

The refrigerator is quite roomy, has 4 shelves in the refrigerator compartment and 4 in the freezer. Defrosting systems — Np Frost, thanks to which the noise of the device reaches only 39 dB.

Dimensions of the refrigerator: 59,5*65,5*190,7 cm, weight-66 kg. Useful options for the product: sound door opening, temperature display and super-freeze. The total volume of the freezer and refrigerator compartments is 302 liters.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 302 liters.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The refrigerator has compact dimensions: 59,5*65,5*173,7 cm, weight in 62 kg and the total volume of both chambers — 261 liters. The inverter-type compressor and Np Frost system ensure quiet operation of the device.

The freezer compartment boasts 4 shelves for freezing food, while the refrigerator compartment has 3 shelves. Additional features of the unit include temperature indication, child protection, the possibility of overhanging doors and super-freezing.

Shelves made of super-strong glass can withstand very heavy loads. The refrigerator has an electronic control with a display that is clear to every user, it is possible to adjust the temperature.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 361 liters.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The compressor is the only one of the inverter type. Isobutane is used as a refrigerant. The unit has a convenient electronic control — there is a display where the required temperature is set.

The refrigerator with the No Frost system has a number of additional features: super-freezing, child protection, temperature indication and doors (sound).

The unit is made in medium sizes: 59,5*65,5*190,7 see The refrigerator weighs 66 kg. The device will not disturb the family with loud sounds either day or night, as it has a low noise level — only 39 dB.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 302 liters.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The device’s defrost system — No Frost and a single compressor guarantee quiet operation. It is possible to move the doors. The unit is made of plastic with the addition of metal in a silver shade.

The refrigerator is controlled on the display — there you can select the desired temperature and the desired mode: super-freeze, child protection, etc. The product has 4 drawers in the freezer and 3 shelves in the refrigerator compartment. Device dimensions: 59,5*65,5*173,7 cm, weight-62 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 261 liters.

Best of premium models


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The appliance has an energy efficiency class of A++ and consumes 32% less energy than other refrigerators. The No Frost system and the unique FRESH Balancer technology are used to maintain the freshness of the products.

In addition, there are additional features: super-freezing, temperature indication, sound notification when opening doors, child lock. The total volume of cold storage units is 360 liters, and the noise level is low, up to 39 dB. Dimensions: 59,5*68,8*200 cm, weight-81 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • total volume — 360L.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The device consumes up to 438 kWh per year and has an energy efficiency class of A+. The inverter-type compressor and defrosting of the refrigerator compartment with the No Frost system make the refrigerator quiet (up to 39 dB).

Autonomous cold storage when power is turned off — up to 10 hours. The unit has useful additional functions: supercooling, super-freezing, temperature indication and open door. The total volume of the device is 613 liters, dimensions— 91,2*71,7*179 see

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — on the side;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 613 liters.

DoorCooling + GA-B509 BLGL

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The total volume of the refrigerator is 419 liters ( 127 liters-freezer, 292 — refrigerator). Among additional features it is possible to allocate the lock from children, the crisper drawers, superzamorozki and display the temperature on the display. Dimensions of the device: 59,5*73,7*203 cm, weight-77 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • noise — 39 dB;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 419 liters.


This model is a two-chamber device that has the dimensions of 59,5*68,8*200 cm and weight 81 kg. The refrigerator is made in silver color, the case is metal with plastic.

The unit’s chambers have impressive volumes: 230 — refrigerating and 105 — freezing. The defrosting system for both chambers is No Frost. There is a freshness zone, but it has a drawback — it can freeze food stored in the refrigerator.

The energy consumption of the product reaches 246 kWh per year, the energy consumption class is A++. In the Arsenal of the refrigerator there is a super-freezing function, the “vacation” option, temperature indication, and all this is electronically controlled on a special panel.

The refrigerator has the possibility of overhanging the door, and isobutane is used as a refrigerant. The manufacturer stated that the noise level of the device does not exceed 40 dB, which corresponds to the norm for a quiet refrigerator.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — from the bottom;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 336 liters.


A free-standing refrigerator with a side freezer has a number of useful functions: a freshness zone, super-freezing, electronic temperature indication, protection from children. The noise level of the device should not exceed 41 dB. Refrigerator dimensions are compact: 91,2*71,7*179 cm, weight-115 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • freezing chamber — on the side;
  • the number of compressors — 1;
  • the number of cameras — 2;
  • management — electronic;
  • the total volume is 613 liters.

10 best LG refrigerators

Place Full name Characteristics in the rating
Top 10 best LG refrigerators
  • Top 10 refrigerator manufacturers

The LG brand is the world’s largest manufacturer of home appliances originally from Korea. It has been manufacturing high-quality appliances for over 50 years. Based on extensive experience, LGI specialists produce devices that have ideal technical characteristics.

One of the company’s priority areas is the production of refrigerators. All of them are distinguished by high-quality Assembly, the use of the best materials and stylish design. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for buyers to choose a particular model.

Our rating includes The best LG refrigerators in different categories: the most reliable, quiet, functional, etc.

LG refrigerators are one of the best-selling models on the domestic market. They have the following important advantages over their main competitors (Bosch, Pozis, Indesit, ATLANT)::

  • The side walls do not heat up.
  • The model range is impressive – a huge selection of refrigerators of different sizes, colors, volumes, configurations.
  • Extensive production experience allows the company to produce the best devices, taking into account all the requirements of customers.
  • Models are equipped with a back wall, which allows you to put them close to the wall, saving space in the kitchen.
  • They have a high energy efficiency class (A++), which significantly reduces electricity costs (compared to Pozis and Indesit, they consume 20% less).
  • The Know frost system for both chambers allows you to forget about the need for defrosting, provides long-term storage of food.

LG is all about impressive functionality combined with high quality. Thanks to the latest technologies, the brand constantly equips its equipment with important functions, improved systems, without forgetting about appearance. The design of the equipment is so diverse that every buyer can easily choose the right model.

10 LG GA-B409 UEDA

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Despite the lowest price in the LG refrigerator range, this model is modern and functional. Electronic control ensures accurate maintenance of set temperatures, and the Know frost system eliminates the need for regular defrosting of cameras. The refrigerator is quite roomy-304 liters. This is a good option for a family of four. The volume level during compressor operation is not the highest – about 42 dB. There are options for super-freezing and temperature indication. Users leave mostly positive reviews about the model.

  • budget price;
  • nice beige color;
  • quiet operation;
  • Know frost option for both cameras;
  • a good capacity.
  • uncomfortable drawers in the freezer compartment;
  • ill-conceived organization of the internal space of the refrigerator compartment.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Electronic roomy refrigerator of a pleasant beige color. The main difference from other models participating in the rating is the presence of an ice generator in the kit.

In terms of other characteristics, it is not inferior to the most functional refrigerators – it is possible to control it from a smartphone, and there are many useful options. The manufacturer provides a child lock, an open door alarm, a super-freeze, and an indication of the temperature regime.

Both chambers of the refrigerator are defrosted by the Know frost system, there is a spacious freshness zone. The total volume is 438 liters. Power consumption is low – class A+.

  • quiet but efficient inverter compressor;
  • ability to control from a smartphone;
  • low noise level up to 39 dB;
  • advanced functionality;
  • capacity;
  • availability of an ice maker.

I couldn’t find any negative reviews about this model of refrigerator, so the only drawback is the rather high cost.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Very spacious refrigerator (613 liters) with a side-mounted freezer. Powered by a single inverter compressor, it has a low noise level of up to 39 dB.

The model is electronic – all settings are set from the display, it is possible to set accurate temperature indicators individually for each of the cameras. There is a freshness zone, defrosting is carried out automatically using the Know frost system.

The model is quite functional – “Vacation” mode, child lock, sound notification of an open door, temperature indication. The freezer capacity is very large – 219 liters, there is an option of super-freezing.

  • attractive design;
  • convenient organization of internal space;
  • capacity;
  • pleasant lighting;
  • quiet operation.

Negative reviews about this model of refrigerator could not be found.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The new model from the Korean brand LG impresses with the number of useful features. The state-of-the-art Smart ThinQ system allows you to fully control your refrigerator from your smartphone. You can connect via Wi-Fi via the mobile app. Here you can easily change the temperature regime or get an open door notification.

Thanks to the multithreaded cooling system, food will remain fresh at any point in the refrigerator. The model has a high energy efficiency class A+++, which reduces electricity consumption to 246 kWh / year. The total volume of the two chambers is 360 liters. Special seals prevent the development of harmful microbes.

The Total No Frost system eliminates the need to manually defrost the cameras.

  • multifunctional;
  • modern systems;
  • useful modes;
  • control via smartphone;
  • led backlighting;
  • adjusting the humidity of the freezer compartment;
  • display.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Our rating is based entirely on customer reviews, because in the process of using household appliances, many advantages and disadvantages are usually revealed. The presented model has a large number of positive reviews. All of them point to the reliability and durability of this refrigerator.

LG GA-B489 YVQZ works at the expense of a powerful linear compressor, for which the manufacturer gives a guarantee of as much as 10 years. This is rarely found in foreign brands. The refrigerator is equipped with fresh areas for meat with fish and vegetables with fruit. If you need to put large containers or pots inside, a convenient folding shelf can easily help you do this.

It has an optimal noise level that does not interfere with being in the kitchen.

  • long service life;
  • good price;
  • best reviews;
  • durable materials;
  • powerful freezer compartment;
  • important functions (“vacation”, ” super-freeze»);
  • electronic control via a dedicated display;
  • beautiful appearance.
  • the smell of plastic at first.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Stylish white refrigerator LG GA-B419 SQQL is the best combination of price and quality. The Korean brand produces its products in different price categories, and this model is the best choice in the budget segment. The high class of energy consumption allows you to spend only 286 kWh / year.

The volume of both chambers allows you to simultaneously cool and freeze the optimal amount of food. Thanks to the possibility of overhanging the door, the refrigerator is easy to place in the right place or in a small kitchen. The smart system will notify you if the door is open for a long time.

The device quickly cools food to the desired temperature and keeps it fresh for a long time.

  • excellent value;
  • good technical specifications;
  • stylish design;
  • beautiful color;
  • inverter compressor;
  • strong glass shelves;
  • interior lighting;
  • convenient display.
  • the smell of plastic at first.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Electronic two-chamber model designed for embedding. It has an optimal width of 55.4 cm. The design is classic, the refrigerator is made in standard white color. Thanks to the inverter compressor, it works quietly and efficiently. The total volume of the refrigerator is 250 liters-the best option for a family of three or four people.

Due to the electronic type of control, you can set accurate temperature values for each of the chambers and maintain it at a stable level. The Nou frost automatic defrosting system is used for both compartments. Of the additional features, there is an option for super-freezing, temperature indication.

Prolonged opening of the door is accompanied by a beep.

  • optimal dimensions for embedding;
  • classic design;
  • defrosting Know frost;
  • stable temperature maintenance;
  • quiet and efficient inverter compressor.
  • low freezing capacity – no more than 4 kg per day;
  • the small volume of the freezer is 52 liters.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The two-chamber refrigerator of a beautiful beige color is one of the quietest models on the domestic market. The noise level of the LG GR-M802 HEHM does not exceed 38 dB. For devices with such high performance, this is extremely rare.

The model is equipped with a full Nou frost cooling system, which preserves the quality of products longer, and also eliminates the need for periodic defrosting. It has an impressive capacity of 570 liters, one powerful compressor and an optimal class of energy consumption. Additional functions include a temperature indicator and a super-freeze.

Thanks to the absence of noise and optimal capacity, the LG refrigerator will be a good helper in the kitchen. The shelves are made of durable glass.

  • Fits a lot of products;
  • Camera illumination;
  • User-friendly display;
  • Cools down quickly;
  • Great reviews.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The model from LG GR-M802 HMHM impresses with its capacity. The volume of both chambers is equal to 600 liters! On 3 convenient shelves, a large number of products are placed, which, thanks to an optimal cooling system, are stored for a long time. The model is perfect for a large family.

The refrigerator has one powerful compressor, high energy efficiency class (A++). Another advantage is the reliable, impact-resistant stainless steel case. It is made in a classic design-the freezer is located on top. It freezes up to 7 kg of food per day. The design provides for the possibility of overhanging the door.

The control allows you to independently change the temperature of the main chamber and humidity in the freshness zone.

  • area of freshness;
  • temperature adjustment;
  • silent operation;
  • good capacity;
  • excellent materials;
  • positive reviews;
  • reliability.

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The modern LG GA-B489 tgrf refrigerator has a sophisticated design and excellent technical characteristics. Burgundy color in combination with a beautiful floral pattern will appeal to fans of unusual technology. The model will add a zest to any interior.

But the manufacturer also took care of the capabilities of this refrigerator. The main chamber inside is made taking into account any preferences: a special grid is provided for large bottles, one of the shelves can be extended and raised when it is necessary to put a large pot.

The touch control panel provides access to the necessary settings.

  • stylish appearance;
  • No Frost system;
  • optimal energy consumption (a++);
  • electronic management;
  • convenience of storing products of non-standard sizes;
  • multifunctional;
  • reliable materials (doors made of tempered glass, housing made entirely of metal);
  • special shelves for vegetables and cheeses.

Attention!The above information is not a guide to purchase. For any advice, please contact our specialists!

7 best LG refrigerators according to experts-Rating 2021

Updated: 18.09.2021 23: 59: 38

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

South Korean company LG Electronics Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics. LG brand refrigerators are in great and well-deserved demand for functionality and quality at an affordable price. Experts have prepared for you a rating of the seven best models of LG refrigerators to date.

Rating of the best LG refrigerators

Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

LG GA-B499 tglb refrigerators are assembled at the LG Electronics plant in Russia. This is one of the most functional and high-tech models in its price category. A number of characteristics allow us to refer it to the premium class.

This is a two-chamber refrigerator with linear dimensions of 59.5×66.8×200 cm in a metal and plastic case of deep black color. The device weighs 90 kg. The freezer compartment is located at the bottom. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 226 liters, the freezer capacity is 105 liters. In both cases, defrosting is No Frost. There is also a “zero” chamber with a volume of 29 liters, allocated for the freshness zone.

The refrigerator operates from a single inverter compressor, consuming up to 246 kWh per year (belongs to the high energy efficiency class ” A++”. It covers three climatic classes – from subnormal to subtropical.

This model is also made special by electronic control, which is implemented not only by the control panel on the door, but also by software and hardware that allows you to control the modes using a smartphone or even remotely via a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Among other useful options in LG GA-B499 TGLB implemented: energy-saving mode “vacation”, Express freezing, child protection, temperature display and open door, the ability to outweigh the door. No ice generator is provided.

  • wide functionality;
  • energy efficiency;
  • remote management;
  • stylish appearance;
  • the premium class;


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The two-chamber refrigerator LG GA-B429 SMQZ continues our rating. This model is slightly less functional than the GA-B499 TGLB described above, but it is significantly cheaper, which attracts many buyers.

The dimensions of the unit are 59.5×64.3×190.7 cm, weight-70 kg. The silver-colored case is made of metal and high-quality plastic. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 223 liters, the freezer — 79 liters, the location of the freezer is lower. Defrost both cameras — No Frost.

As for the most important technical characteristics, the LG GA-B429 SMQZ almost exactly repeats the previous model. The refrigerator belongs to the same energy efficiency class “A++” (consumption up to 221 kWh per year), supports remote control from a smartphone and remote via Wi-Fi.

The range of climate classes is from subnormal to subtropical. Powered by a single isobutane inverter compressor (R600a refrigerant).

The “Vacation” mode is provided, there is a function of Express freezing, protection from children, temperature indication and a sound signal when the door is not tightly closed.

A significant difference is the rather modest volume of the freezer compartment. Also, many people note an exceptionally clean surface of the case. Claims to noise are contradictory – often the” excessive ” noise of the compressor during the control measurement turned out to be within the declared 39 dB.

  • attractive design;
  • remote management;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • reasonable price with rich functionality;
  • small freezer;
  • complaints about compressor noise and extraneous sounds;
  • branded surface of the case;


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

LG GR-M802 HMHM is a unique refrigerator model in our rating due to its capacity. It is really outstanding in this case – 600 liters (434 liters-refrigerator compartment, 176 liters – freezer). The freezer is located on top.

The dimensions of the unit are appropriate-86x73x184 cm, weight-89.5 kg. All this should be taken into account when buying — measure the doorway in advance and be ready for partial dismantling of the “box”, carefully assess the free space at the installation site.

The functionality of this model includes all the advantages of modern refrigerators: defrosting of both chambers No Frost, super-defrosting function, electronic control, temperature indicator, sound signal when the door is not tightly closed, illumination of both chambers, “Hygenic freshness” program, etc.

In General, this model can be a good alternative to roomy side-by-Side refrigerators, if for some reason this form factor does not suit.

However, it is necessary to note the design flaws that can create inconvenience.

So, for example, the dimensions of a refrigerator can significantly complicate its skidding to the floor (you may need a freight Elevator) and installation – outweighing the doors is not provided for by the design.

  • relatively quiet operation;
  • exceptional roominess.
  • the doors can’t be overhung;
  • potential difficulties with delivery and installation.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

LG GA-B489 tgrf refrigerators are manufactured in Russia at LG’s own factory. As described above in the LG GA-B499 TGLB rating, experts consider this model to be a premium class. It has a stylish design and a spectacular red case shade.

Dimensions of the unit-59.5×68.8×200 cm, weight-97 kg. The volume of the refrigerator is 196 liters, the freezer (lower placement) – 105 liters.

There is a zero chamber with a volume of 17 liters, which houses a wet freshness zone with Opti temp technology.

The refrigerator meets high energy efficiency standards and is classified as “A++” (256 kWh per year). In addition to the overall energy efficiency, a separate gentle “Vacation” mode is provided.

Cooling is provided by a linear inverter compressor and R600a (isobutane) refrigerant. The freezing capacity in this model is up to 14 kg per day, a super-freezing mode is provided. Self-contained cold storage in the freezer – 14 hours. Defrost both cameras — No Frost.

Useful options: temperature indication on the LCD display, the ability to outweigh the doors, control panel lock, antibacterial door seal Bio Shield, humidity level controller FRESHBalancer, Wi-Fi with Smart ThinQ connection.

  • stylish design;
  • the premium class;
  • quiet operation;
  • wide functionality;


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

The rating of the best LG refrigerators continues with another interesting model — LG GA-B489 ZVCK. This is a two-chamber unit measuring 59.5 x 68.8 x 200 cm and weighing 81 kg in a silver metal and plastic case.

The cameras are almost identical to the previous models: refrigerated volume of 230 l, freezer — 105 L. Both support No Frost defrosting. A freshness zone is provided, but judging by the reviews, users have questions about its functionality – cases of freezing of stored products have been noted.

The most important technical characteristics are similar to the previous model: energy efficiency class ” A++ “(consumption up to 246 kWh per year), electronic control,” Vacation ” mode, super-freeze function, temperature indication, the ability to outweigh the doors, isobutane as a refrigerant.

The declared noise level of operation is no more than 40 dB, and judging by the reviews, this parameter in practice corresponds to the norm.

  • a combination of price and quality;
  • quite quiet.
  • functionality of the freshness zone.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

A special place in our rating is occupied by the LG GR-N309 LLB model. This is a built-in refrigerator with the appropriate features for integration into any interior.

Dimensions of the unit — 55.4×54.4×177.5 cm, weight-73 kg. The volume of the refrigerator – 181 liters, the freezer-64 liters. Both are defrosted with No Frost. A separate chamber is reserved for the freshness zone. Location of the freezer compartment – lower.

In terms of energy consumption, this model belongs to class “A”, consuming up to 330 kWh per year. The cooling capacity provides a freezing capacity of up to 10 kg per day. Self-contained cold storage in the freezer — up to 12 hours. Super-freezing and super-cooling functions are implemented. The refrigerant used is isobutane (R600a).

Users also liked the presence of an ice generator in this model. Indeed, this is not the most “mass” option, and LG GR-N309 LLB is the only model in the presented selection where it is available.

The nominal noise level of the refrigerator is no more than 37 dB, and judging by most reviews, the refrigerator is really quiet.

  • quiet operation;
  • there is a freshness zone;
  • there is an ice generator;
  • unjustified price;
  • insufficient capacity.


Rating of the best refrigerators from lg-Gadget

Completing the rating of the best LG refrigerators according to experts, the most budget, but worthy of functionality model — LG GA-B489 YVQZ. The model is economical in every sense, as it belongs to the energy efficiency class “A++” with consumption up to 237 kWh per year.

The refrigerator body is made of white painted metal and white plastic. Its dimensions are 59.5×68.8×200 cm, and its weight is 89 kg. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 255 liters, the freezer (lower location) – 105 liters. A freshness zone is provided. Freezing capacity — up to 14 kg per day, there is a super-freezing function and a “Vacation” mode.

The refrigerator is powered by an inverter compressor, and isobutane is used as the refrigerant. The modes are controlled via an electronic panel with an LCD display. It is possible to outweigh the doors.

According to the documents, the nominal noise of the refrigerator should not exceed 40 dB, but among the real reviews there is a significant percentage of those who are dissatisfied with the real noise of the unit.

  • affordable price;
  • the protection of children.
  • quality of materials and Assembly;
  • noisy.

15 best fridges-2021 Rating (Top 15)

No matter how eventful and unpredictable 2018 may be, some things always remain the same. For example, there is a huge demand for large kitchen appliances, and in particular for good, high-quality and reliable refrigerators, without which the life of a modern person is simply unthinkable.

They are bought for a new home or kitchen set, in the country, as an addition to the existing ones, instead of outdated or out-of-order models.

In the last “tragic” case, when the purchase decision has to be made urgently, however, as with plenty of time to think, from the abundance of options provided by domestic retail, the head can go round-which refrigerator is better to buy, which copy to stop at?!

No matter how banal, you need to choose the best. That’s just, as they say, to each his own and what is good for one, let the other not death, but quite likely disorder and sadness. As a simple way out of this situation, we suggest that you read our rating of the best refrigerators as of the beginning of 2021, divided into several relevant categories.

What principles were used to form the rating of the best refrigerators

Everyone who has ever faced the problem of choosing a particular product most often looks for answers in the most accessible and quite rational way – they study reviews on various resources in order to take advantage of other people’s experience and avoid unnecessary mistakes. The method works, but not 100%. After all, on the Internet, some companies have launched a real information war and not everything should be blindly trusted.

We may not have such “long hands” as the mafia, but we managed to use several reliable sources.

Experts who left reviews and shared their opinions were representatives of trade organizations that conduct sales and complaints statistics, conduct customer surveys in order to form a product matrix with minimal losses from returns, service specialists who know some typical shortcomings of certain models or manufacturers in General, real owners of popular refrigerators, and even a couple of regional representatives of leading brands. By the way, customer reviews about refrigerators were also studied.

Rating of the best refrigerators of 2021 in terms of quality and reliability

Our rating of the best refrigerators of 2021, of course, does not include all popular models.

The most budget-friendly varieties are not presented here, but the purpose of the review is to choose the best, not what is cheaper.

There are no super-expensive refrigerators from specialized prestigious brands, which are sold quite rarely, and their functionality is not necessarily better than that of the above-mentioned ones.

We have tried to select really relevant variants of various formats and price categories for your judgment, but you will still have to make final conclusions and make a decision on your own based on your own needs and stylistic preferences.

10 best LG refrigerators

In the market of refrigeration equipment, the products of the Korean brand are presented in a wide range.

The devices are popular with buyers who choose the optimal ratio: reliability-functionality – price. The review presents the top of the best LG refrigerators.

Familiarization with the parameters and technical capabilities will help you not to make a mistake with the choice and purchase a unit that will please you with high-quality work.

Advantages of LG refrigerators

ELGI models are characterized by quiet operation throughout the entire service life, which is important for most consumers. In addition, refrigerators of this brand have the following advantages::

  1. the non-heating, closed back wall will please the owners of small apartments – the household refrigerator can be safely moved close to the wall, this will not reduce its performance.;
  2. economical use of electric energy – equipment of type A+ and a++ is 50-80% more energy efficient than other classes;
  3. the presence of a dry freezing system with a competent temperature distribution – No Frost means “no frost”. A compressor built into the rear wall ensures full air circulation and prevents the formation of an ice crust.;
  4. equipping modern models with Android OS and LCD displays turns the unit into a multimedia center, a cookbook and a tool through which you can share your gastronomic preferences on social networks.;
  5. stylish design and a wide variety of colors – the model range includes red, black, blue, green, and Burgundy models. LG offers refrigerators with designer handles, a variety of prints on the surface of the front panel and mirrored doors;
  6. prompt service in service centers – if spare parts are available in stock, repairs are made quickly and free of charge within the warranty period.

One of the main advantages of refrigeration units is the price. Affordable price combined with a high level of quality activates customer demand, stimulating the brand to develop even more functional home appliances. The slogan of LG is Life is Good, and it strives to make the life of consumers of its products comfortable.

Which refrigerator is better: Samsung, LG, Bosch, Liebherr or Whirlpool:

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The reliable, spacious A+ model with a lower refrigerator compartment is characterized by a concise design and a user-friendly, intuitive interface. The LG GA-B419 SQQL is equipped with a Total No Frost cooling system.

The unit in the “quick freeze” mode does not waste time on cooling fruits and vegetables, which makes it possible to preserve their structure and vitamin composition.

The “eco mode” function-reduces the cost of electric energy and is very convenient in case of a long absence of owners.

  • An audible signal that warns you that the door is open or not tightly closed.
  • Remote temperature control.
  • Illumination with a heat-free LED lamp.
  • The presence of a self-diagnosis system that notifies about a malfunction.
  • The absence of light in the lower chamber.
  • A small box for the eggs.

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The best LG refrigerator for those who need a larger model. A wide device with an upper freezer with a freezing capacity of up to 7 kilograms per day and Autonomous cold storage for up to 11 hours. Defrosting is performed by means of the frost control System.

The unique Hygiene Fresh filter is used for air purification, which removes 99.9% of dirt. The system consists of four filtration layers that thoroughly destroy dust, fungal spores and bacteria.

The deodorizer, which turns on every two hours for ten minutes, allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors.

  • Economical power consumption – class A+.
  • High level of noiselessness – 38 DB.
  • Reliable motor with minimal wear and tear.
  • Roominess due to the large width.
  • Uneven top surface.

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Two-chamber model with a large freezer in the lower part, which has four compartments. Three of them are designed for freezing meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The fourth small compartment is convenient for storing ice cream and food ice. The total volume of the LG GA-B419 SYGL is 302 liters.

  • Silence.
  • Audible door indication.
  • Temperature control.
  • Super-freeze mode.
  • Some consumers note the complexity of managing the display.
  • Noise may occur during the first two weeks of operation.
  • A small egg rack for only eight pieces.

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Energy efficiency class a++ unit with a lower freezer, No frost and a freezer capacity of up to 14 kilograms per day. Additional equipment includes a temperature indicator and a super-defroster. The SN-ST climate version allows you to use the LG GA-B489 YMQZ in the temperature range from 10 to 38 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for any Russian region.

  • High class of energy saving.
  • Uniform cooling thanks to the Multi Air Flow.
  • Clear led display Board with six buttons for regulating operation.
  • It does not require the installation of shelves and trays upon receipt – all parts are already in place, securely fixed with foam.
  • Stylish design – glossy front part of the door in the color “platinum silver”.
  • The top of the unit is not intended for installing a TV or other home appliances.
  • The outer coating is easily damaged by scratches.

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LG refrigerator for a large family and for those who like to store food for the future. Its volume is 613 liters. A side-by-side model with vertical camera placement. LG GC-B247 JVUV is equipped with an inverter linear compressor and Total No Frost.

  • Finishing the edge of the shelves with a thin material without gaps.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Fairly quiet operation.
  • A well-functioning freshness zone.
  • Bad handle design.
  • Complex shelf height adjustment in the freezer.

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Two-chamber device with glass shelves. The doors are equipped with four compartments for storing eggs and sauces. A freezer with three solid plastic drawers is located at the bottom.

The LG GA-B499 YLCZ provides the ability to outweigh the doors by changing the opening side. Number of compressors – one, No frost system, energy class-A++.

The list of additional functions includes temperature indication and super-freezing.

  • High-quality Assembly.
  • It makes virtually no noise during operation.
  • Audible alert when the door is opened.
  • Spacious freezer capacity.
  • The lack of folding shelves.
  • Restriction on opening drawers.
  • With frequent opening, a soft “buzzing” may appear.

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The two-chamber refrigerator with a freezer in the lower part has two freshness zones FreshBalancer and FreshConverter, Total No Frost systems and multi-flow multi-Air Flow cooling. PCM is used as the finishing material of the body and door, which absorbs excess heat and helps maintain the optimal temperature regime. Additionally, the Wi-Fi function is enabled.

  • The presence of a door closer.
  • Two humidity control modes.
  • Remote management via the SmartThinQ App.
  • Three types of temperatures for meat, fish, and vegetables.
  • The handles do not have a push rod for easier opening.
  • The outer coating is easily damaged by careless handling.

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A unit with two large chambers for cooling and freezing food with multi-flow cooling that does not require forced defrosting, and an internal display.

Energy class-A. the LG GA-B409 SVQA is equipped with a smart diagnostics system. Shelves in the freezer are made of high-impact glass.

There are two folding shelves in the dairy compartment.

  • Setting the freezing level.
  • Convenient touch panel for changing the temperature.
  • High-quality seal on the doors.
  • Boxes for vegetables and fruits on wheels.
  • Led illumination only in the refrigerator container.
  • A small box for the eggs.

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The device is called a ” sleeping giant “because of its impressive size and quiet operation, which is provided by an inverter” smart ” motor. The total volume of the LG GR-M802 HMHM is 639 liters. The freezer, equipped with a removable ice maker, is located at the top. Two regulators are responsible for the temperature in refrigerating containers. One of the additional features is accelerated freezing.

  • Resistance to temperature changes.
  • Lots of usable space.
  • Perfect if there is no place to store pickles and summer preparations.
  • There may be problems during the delivery process due to non-standard dimensions.
  • Quite a high price.

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Refrigerator of energy class A++ with a system that prevents the formation of ice. The freezer located at the bottom has shelves and drawers made of durable material. With the LG GA-B429 SMQZ, you don’t have to worry about an open door. He will definitely notify you about this with an audio signal.

  • Spacious refrigerator compartment.
  • Convenient external display.
  • The doors are hung on the other side.
  • The presence of a lower folding shelf.
  • Brand stickers are difficult to remove.
  • High price.

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Linear compressors of the units presented in the review are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

Which LG refrigerator is better to buy in 2021?

The list of top models of household appliances listed above is conditional. Each customer sets their own requirements for refrigeration equipment. When choosing LG devices, we recommend that you consider:

  • Volume, height, and width depending on the size of the installation space, user growth, and number of products.
  • Location of the freezer, whether it has shelves, baskets, or both at the same time.
  • Internal design of the refrigerator compartment: how many shelves, at what distance from each other they can be placed, characteristics of the material of execution.
  • The presence of special protection from children with locking buttons and safely slamming doors, if there is a baby in the family.
  • Additional features. They increase the cost, so you need to decide how important they are and whether they will be useful during operation.

The decision about which refrigerator will be installed at Your home should be made after a thorough study of the technical parameters of various devices, based on real user reviews. In this case, the probability of minimizing the probability of error will increase, and the house will have equipment that will serve for a long time and without fail for many years.

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