Rating of entrance doors in 2021

Rating of entrance doors in 2021

The front door of a house says a lot about who lives inside. But choosing the one that will suit the style of your home is not always easy. After all, it must also provide security at the same time. Sometimes the appearance and characteristics don’t match. A beautiful door can save or destroy your image, but it often turns out to be one of the most thoughtful investments of the owner of a house or apartment.

Of all the acquisitions, it pays off better than any other. And you have a lot of alternatives – there are different materials, colors, textures, and security levels.

When choosing, you should focus on the budget – a lot depends on it. The cheapest models will not provide good thermal insulation and security, but if you pay a little too much, you will get premium locks and materials, as well as an improved design. Also keep an eye on the brand, because well-known brands, although they inflate prices for the name, are guaranteed not to skimp on safety or durability.

This model, which opens the rating of entrance doors, is designed to resist cold and almost does not allow cold air to pass through. The appearance is also very good. With a large thickness of 10 cm, the model is strong and reliable.

Outside, it is finished with metal, which is painted in any of 14 different colors. The coating can also have a different pattern, which can be selected from 35 options. Thermal insulation is made up of 5 layers, like the best models.

The metal from which the finishing details are made is bronze. It not only does not rust, but also allows you to get a unique look. The primer that covers the metal contains zinc and prevents rusting.

  • Does not rust or get damaged by moisture
  • Good thickness and strength
  • Beautiful finish

The Russian brand produces high-quality door designs, although they will have to pay a lot for them. This option is available in two sizes-width 88 and 95 cm with a height of 205 cm. The metal from which the lining of the canvas is made has a thickness of 2 mm. The thickness of the structure itself is 8.5 cm.

This option provides excellent sound insulation – 40 DB. Five-layer thermal insulation with a Styrofoam core and insulated lining will protect you from any wind. The metal lining is protected by an anti-corrosion primer and decorative paint.

The sealer is manufactured in Germany at Schlegel plants. Securemme locks manufactured in Italy are integrated in the door. There are two of them – both cylinder ones.

Outside, the canvas is finished in black oak, and inside-in sand color. The product weighs 120 kg. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.

  • Good sound insulation and wind protection
  • Powerful, heavy and durable
  • Status information
  • They complain about locks

This model has a very strong lining made of two-millimeter cold-rolled steel. The canvas is 9.5 cm thick. There are three vestibules, and they are made in Germany by the KIM TEC brand.

Thermal insulation here is very advanced – it consists of 9 layers, among which there are expanded polystyrene, Styrofoam and isolon – the best materials for insulation of both heat and noise. The hinges are made by Combiarialdo, an Italian brand known for the strength of its products.

The main and secondary locks are from Kale. Both suvaldnye. Both the box and the canvas are covered with a three-layer anti-corrosion primer. Eco-friendly soil contains zinc and effectively stops rust.

The inner panel can have any DECOLINE design. A rich range of milling machines and paints will allow you to choose almost any design. The inner panel is made of MDF 1.6 cm thick. MDF is protected by a layer of PVC, which will not allow moisture and the sun to spoil the color or design.

All materials have been tested for environmental friendliness.

  • Better thermal insulation
  • Many possible designs for the interior panel
  • Locks from a good brand
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