Rating of air conditioners in 2021

Choosing a split system or air conditioning in an apartment or office can be difficult. The best manufacturers of air conditioners are ready to join the battle for your money, which you intend to pay for high-quality air conditioning equipment. Therefore, the range is large. There are several types of air conditioners, and if one is perfect for an office, then the other is perfect for an apartment. But if you buy the wrong model, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable apartment, where it will be cold in winter and hot in summer.

Top 20 best air conditioners

The famous company produces high-quality household appliances, so our rating of air conditioners opens their model. This is a unique air conditioner from a famous brand. The system is assembled from two devices – one unit is located on the street, and the second unit is located indoors. The pipeline between them can be up to 15 meters long. The build is surprisingly strong – there are no gaps or crevices anywhere. The brand’s designers did their best and did not leave a single unfinished place. The strength of the Assembly is one of the main advantages of this system, for which many decide to buy this one.

The design of both blocks is also well developed. The device has a classic white color that fits well into any interior. The split system can not only warm and cool the air, but also provide effective ventilation. Cooling requires 685 watts, while heating requires 645 Watts. The device is equipped with a self-diagnosis function and a freon leak sensor, and a special system does not allow ice or frost to appear on the external device.

  • Cools quickly
  • The internal module does not make any noise
  • Economical
  • Remembers the latest settings
  • Of all the air conditioners presented in the rating for an apartment, this one is the most purchased
  • The external unit is noisy, you can hear it through the wall
  • Small buttons on the remote control

This wall-mounted air conditioner can create a comfortable atmosphere in any office or apartment. The white color scheme fits well into the interior. The unit is quite compact, so it will not interfere with you and will take up extra space. It is better to buy it for a small apartment. The weight of the indoor unit is only 7 kg.

The device has a night mode, where it tries not to make any noise. Then the motor also spends less electricity. You can also turn off the backlight. There is a dehumidification function.

The air conditioner is equipped with shutters that can direct the air flow in the desired direction. When cooling, the air can be directed to the ceiling, and if you need to warm the room, the air is directed to the floor.

Energy efficiency is very good-class A. the Design stands out as one of the main advantages. The remote control that comes with the device is very helpful. It has a convenient backlight.

The freon used for this device has been tested for safety and is loyal to the ozone layer.

  • Good efficiency
  • Quickly cools and warms the room
  • Safe freon
  • Compact dimensions, which can rarely boast of wall-mounted air conditioners
  • Reasonable price
  • The design is not as beautiful as we would like

Models of this reliable brand always fall into the rating of the best air conditioners .If your apartment is a Studio or a room within 20 sq. m. this compact air conditioner, which can dry, cool and heat the air, will help you. It is equipped with many filters, one of which uses activated carbon, and the second – silver ions. Of course, there is also a simple mechanical filter.

The case of the device is made in a monolithic design and is equipped with a small screen. The device looks stylish. The air conditioner can be turned on from a distance using the remote control. Energy efficiency is very high-class A. there is a turbo mode That will allow you to quickly cool the room. The air dampers are adjustable horizontally and vertically. According to customer reviews, the device is also perfectly suitable for cottages. The settings do not get lost even with frequent power outages. The dehumidification mode brings the microclimate to an ideal state, mold fungi will disappear.

  • Price
  • Perfectly maintains the temperature
  • Adjusting the air flow
  • Ventilation mode
  • Cleans the air
  • They are not available, it is difficult to find at least one negative review, always five stars out of five

Wondering whether to choose an inverter or conventional air conditioner? If there are small children in the house, definitely an inverter one. It does not allow a sharp temperature drop and reduces the chance of catching a cold to a minimum. And Mitsubishi’s advanced design solutions have allowed us to build the best air conditioner in terms of strength and durability. It is protected from all the negative effects of the weather. Also, the device does not collect dust and is easy to repair. The case looks very stylish, and will go well with the interior.

Mitsubishi has developed a proprietary smartphone app that lets you control the air conditioner from a distance.

This best of inverter air conditioners is also equipped with a sensor that detects if there are people in the room. It can change the operation parameters depending on your presence.

Four independent shutters are used for air distribution. Among the modes there is also a night mode. The energy efficiency of the entire complex is amazing-A+++. The 20 dB noise level makes it almost silent. The device can be selected for the bedroom.

The Plasma Quad Plus filter removes all types of contamination, including 99 % of allergens. The refrigerants used for this model almost do not harm the ozone layer.

The color scheme can be chosen according to your interior design. As a result, a place in the top 10 is guaranteed.

  • Perfect build quality
  • Very quiet
  • Safe refrigerant
  • Ability to choose a color
  • It won’t blow
  • Very large

If you are not sure which company to choose an air conditioner, it is better to take something from this one. The biggest advantage of this model is good efficiency, and the price is more reasonable. It produces powerful cooling or heating, while using 5.6 times less electricity than many other models. Even compared to the best models, it spends 40% less. And in standby mode, its costs do not exceed 1 kW.

The inverter air conditioner effectively cools and heats the air, and does it at high speed. Heating consumes only 270 watts, but in terms of efficiency, this model is not inferior to many household heaters.

The inverter motor makes almost no noise, its noise level is only 23 dB. The built-in thermostat is very accurate, the error does not exceed half a degree.

The filter removes not only dust and allergens, but even filters out formaldehyde molecules. It turns out absolutely clean air.

An ionized silver filter and a bactericidal filter can kill up to 99.9 % of all microbes and mold spores.

  • Stable operation up to -15 and +43
  • It has turbo mode
  • Controlled via the remote control
  • Led display
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Short cord

The 2021 rating is continued by Mitsubishi’s Heavy Industries model. This conditioner mounted on the wall, has durable protection against the elements. The indoor unit is made in a unique black and white case. The motor is an inverter, and therefore it will not only last longer than a simple one, but also will not interfere with you with loud noise. The efficiency of the motor is very good. The block can be purchased and used as part of a larger system, and all of them will work flawlessly.

Many allergens and all bacteria are removed from the air. The air conditioner can perform self-cleaning. Energy consumption class-A. the 3D-AUTO air direction System warms or cools the room evenly.

A catalytic filter with titanium ions can remove the maximum amount of allergens. The air conditioner remembers the settings forever, so a temporary power outage doesn’t erase them.

  • Filters remove almost all allergens
  • Saves energy
  • It works well as part of the system, but it is also suitable as a separate air conditioner for your home
  • A little complicated remote control
  • After a while, when turned on, it may give out the smell of a swamp, but after a couple of minutes the smell passes

Russian companies also have the best models. This split system is produced by the well-known domestic manufacturer Ballu. This split system will allow you to warm up the apartment, even if the window is -25. This device is much more efficient than a heater in terms of energy consumption. It consumes six times less electricity than household heaters. Energy efficiency is very good-A++. The air conditioner can receive orders from a smartphone via Wi-Fi. The noise level is also very low, only 19 dB, the air conditioner will not even interfere with sleep.

This split system uses the safest type of refrigerant, which not only does not harm the environment, but also allows you to cool the room more efficiently.

The compressor, made using new technologies, is reliable and comes with a five-year warranty. Thus, this is an excellent device with the necessary functionality for affordable money.

  • Economical
  • Safe for nature
  • Five-year warranty
  • Available only in white, and some wish for black
  • To connect to wi-fi, you need to spend a decent amount of time

In terms of reliability, this type has proven itself well. Such systems also consist of two separate modules. The inner one is wall-mounted, hence the name. Wall-mounted systems work for both cooling and heating of indoor air.

This split system is designed for a small room, no more than 25 square meters in area. The air conditioner can also both cool and heat the air. A special feature of this device is the ability to self-diagnose, due to which you can quickly and efficiently find the problem and repair the device.

The air conditioner is very quiet-37 dB. And the indoor unit does not make any noise at all – only 24 dB. Also, the external unit is covered with anti-corrosion protection. Among the filters there is also a plasma one. The indoor unit is equipped with a screen that shows the selected settings. The air conditioner is controlled via a remote control. The design will appeal to many customers. The device has a mirror surface.

The kit includes a 5-meter track, but it can be extended to 15 meters by purchasing additional components.

  • Convenient remote control
  • Low noise level
  • Reviews say that it is not suitable for large apartments

This brand is reliably kept in the rating of manufacturers of air conditioners and other air conditioning equipment. This air conditioner is designed for a small house or apartment – no more than 20 sq. m. But the noise level of this device is record low-23 DB, which is absolutely inaudible. Manufacturers claim that such peace of mind was achieved due to high-quality materials and a special shape of the fan.

The plastic that makes up the body of the air conditioner does not decompose at all from ultraviolet rays, and therefore you can expect that the air conditioner will last you a very long time. The GOLDEN FIN coating of the outdoor unit will extend its service life.

This appliance can dry the air, heat and cool. The installed settings are easily viewed on the small built-in display. The air conditioner is able to clean itself, removing all dirt from its insides. A separate mode with quiet operation is provided for the night. There is also a timer for delayed start, which can be wound up for 24 hours.

  • Very quiet
  • Plasma generator
  • Good design
  • The price is attractive, only for the promotion

Cassette systems work on the same principle. The only difference is that the indoor unit is not mounted on the wall or floor, but only on the ceiling. It is better to choose such systems for offices or administrative buildings. But we spend a significant part of our time at work. Therefore, a pleasant microclimate will contribute to labor productivity.

The brand’s engineers have provided this model with even more features and features. The air conditioner cools very well, which is one of its main advantages. The compressor for this model is manufactured and assembled in Japan. External blocks can work with other internal ones – they are universal. The duct can be up to 50 meters long.

The amount of fresh air from the street can be easily adjusted. The external units are equipped with two fans. You can set a timer for delayed activation for up to 24 hours.

With its 39 DB, the indoor unit is a little noisy, but with its power, such a disadvantage can be forgiven. Class C energy efficiency also pays off with power.

  • Powerful
  • Long air duct
  • Loud noise

This brand is not inferior to its competitors in quality. This model is equipped with an inverter motor, which makes less noise and handles energy more economically. This option is designed for suspended ceilings. The ceiling height can be up to 3.5 m. the Device is equipped with blinds that can direct the air flow where necessary. The blinds can be rotated on all four sides.

This air conditioner, like all cassette models, is best installed in the middle of the room. It fits in a standard 60 cm Euro cell.

The air conditioner is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the settings.

The air conditioner is supplied with a pump that removes condensate.

In addition to the cooling and heating modes, there is also a ventilation mode in which the device operates without a compressor or heater. In dehumidification mode, the temperature remains the same, but the humidity decreases.

  • Smart auto mode
  • High capacity – enough for 100 sq. m

As the name implies, the channels through which air moves play an important role in these devices. Channel systems can cover several rooms at once.

This is the most powerful ducted air conditioner on the market. It will create a comfortable atmosphere even in a large room. The device is practical and efficient. It is controlled via a remote control, it is possible to start a timer. The indoor unit is compact and does not make much noise.

It can be connected to the supply ventilation system. The device is able to distribute the cooled air via the air passage routes at a decent distance. The motor is capable of delivering a pressure of up to 160 PA. The air conditioner is frost-resistant, it does not lose its performance even at -15.

The compressor is manufactured and assembled in Japan. External blocks can be combined with internal ones from other manufacturers. The length of the route is up to 50 meters.

Top designers of the brand worked on this series. Therefore, they are not only effective in their work, but also look good. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is a great option.

  • Frost resistance
  • Long track support up to 50 meters
  • Compact and stylish
  • Price,
  • Such channel models are good for industrial enterprises or large offices

Choose a model from this Chinese company is better for a large home or office. This model stands out because it can take in air from both below and above. This opens up great opportunities for installing an air conditioner. The unit has a height of 35 cm, which makes it very compact compared to its competitors. The ceiling won’t have to be lowered because of it.

For operation, a centrifugal fan on a silent motor is used.

The air conditioner has built-in sensors that can monitor its operation and maintain it at the same level.

There is a separate turbo mode that allows you to quickly bring the room temperature to the desired temperature.

The device is also equipped with a timer that turns it on or off by a certain time.

In winter, the heat exchanger is switched on using Smart Defrost technology – it is first defrosted for a long time to avoid damage, and only then begins to work. Gradual defrosting allows the heating element to last much longer.

Comes with a remote control. The self-diagnosis system will allow you to quickly identify problems if they appear.

  • Safe due to its robust build and self-diagnostic system
  • Powerful
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • Not available to everyone at this price

This model is interesting because you can change the air direction and other settings using the remote control right during operation.

The device has good frost resistance, can work at -15. The external unit is versatile, combined with those made by other manufacturers. It can connect to a track up to 50 meters long.

The air is directed by means of blinds, which also turn at the command of the remote control.

There is a timer for 24 hours, which will allow you to use the possibility of a delayed start. There is also a turbo mode, if you need to quickly bring the temperature to the desired one. In total, the device has three speeds.

The external unit is full-size, it uses two fans and can be configured with units from other manufacturers. The indoor unit measures 83 x 83 cm. The device will serve a room of up to 72 sq. m. floor and ceiling Mounting. The model is rightfully included in the best air conditioners 2021 rating.

  • Powerful unit with low noise level
  • Remembers settings
  • It has a function that prevents the formation of ice
  • The price is not lifting for everyone

This system, designed for air conditioning of large rooms, is produced by a Japanese company that is popular for a combination of price and reliability. This option is best chosen for commercial premises, but the model is also quite good for domestic use. The placement is floor-standing, the design is stylish and will easily fit into the interior of an office or living room.

The heating mode here works up to -25, which indicates a high frost resistance of the device. Separate heaters are installed, which maintain a stable temperature in the indoor unit.

Both the design and construction were taken care of here – it is light and easy to install. The noise level of the model is also quite low, especially if you take into account its power.

The air can move both up and down. The timer in this model can be set for a week, which allows you to set a weekly schedule for the air conditioner. The distribution system allows for three independent air outlets. The model is controlled via a wireless remote control.

The air passes through a filter with platinum ions, which kill bacteria and viruses, as well as rid the air of odors. You can insert an additional filter that removes allergens.

The model is combined with the old pipelines, so you don’t have to change anything.

  • Quiet motor
  • Filter against bacteria and viruses
  • It can be combined with old pipelines
  • You need to find a separate place on the floor

Closes the rating of air conditioners 2021 again model from Electrolux. This air conditioner combines a beautiful design, the best technology, and a lot of opportunities for the user. The indoor unit is well suited to any interior, both office and commercial. Low noise contributes to quiet operation.

There are many modes of operation, including cooling, heating, drying and ventilation. The external unit is protected from corrosion. The split system is not afraid of power surges.

There is a possibility of mixing clean supply air. The motor runs stably at -10 and +43. The timer for switching off and on can be set for a day. The blinds move automatically.

Many parts are coated with an anti-corrosion coating that prevents them from oxidizing. All filters are washable and do not need to be changed.

Defrosting and self-cleaning are automated. Settings are stored forever, and a power outage doesn’t delete them. The best air conditioner that both cools and ventilates.

  • Proprietary anti-corrosion coating
  • Automated operations such as cleaning and defrosting
  • Washable filters
  • The review showed that it is better to mount it under the ceiling

How to choose a split system

But you can choose an air conditioner if you know what to choose and have already studied the prices. Air conditioners vary widely in their capabilities and sizes. Some are installed as an air purifier and have a warm air outlet in the window, for example, the best mobile air conditioners that are not included in this rating. Our list includes devices that consist of two modules, external and internal, and are mounted on the wall or located on the floor.

Which air conditioner is better to choose for an apartment in order to feel comfortable in it? Take a look at our rating of popular models. Here you will find the best air conditioners. Prepare the sleigh in summer, and the air conditioner in winter.

Which split system is better to buy

To choose the right system, decide on the priorities. The air conditioner is designed to cool the air, and not all models are able to use forced ventilation. For a breath of fresh air, you will have to pay a decent amount.

All household air conditioners at affordable prices drive indoor air in the room. Yes, they cool it down, warm it up when you need it, or just ventilate it, but you’ll have to open the window for fresh air to flow in. In this case — a breather or an air conditioner?

These two devices aim for different results. The Breezer, like a light breeze, carries fresh air from the street into the room through a hole in the wall. Of course, he cleans it with filters and even warms it up so that you don’t freeze. Breather – ventilates the room when the Windows are closed. After all, sometimes, living in the center of a megalopolis, you can open a window and take a SIP of smog. That’s where the breather is needed. It will not save you from the summer heat, but it will always have fresh air and no drafts.

To cool the air on those two days when we sometimes have summer, you can only use air conditioning.

Therefore, the correct device will solve your problems. By the way, a breather and an air conditioner can perfectly complement each other.

If it is not possible to mount the system on the wall, you need column air conditioners. The device is stretched up like a column and placed on the floor. Basically, the column type is good for large rooms, they are loved by hotels and hostels.

Well, for the dacha, consider the best mobile air conditioners. In these models, both internal and external units are connected in the same housing. The air duct is brought out to the street through a window. Of course, you need to provide a hole for this. But by putting your hands on it, you can achieve convenience, especially if you remember that neither the external nor the internal unit is required to be mounted on the wall.

A mobile air conditioner can only be called relatively mobile, because you need to come up with an air duct mount in the window, but this type will appeal to summer residents, tenants, or all those who are not yet ready to fork out for the classic version.

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