Jennifer Lawrence\’s luxury home

American film and television actress Jennifer Lawrence lives in Los Angeles, a Villa designed by a French architect, cost her just over $ 8 million. The interior of the rooms is mostly made in white, milk, cream tones. Five bedrooms, a swimming pool, a garden, a gym — a cozy stay in the mansion is guaranteed. Below we will tell you what a luxury Villa looks like, what interiors are located in it.

Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

Back yard

Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

The main feature of this house is the atmosphere. It is surrounded by greenery. The rear facade is partially absorbed by climbing ivy. The territory is decorated in a Mediterranean style: it is decorated with stone paths covered with moss, a small fountain set among lush flower beds, and a five-meter pool hidden behind the lush greenery of the garden.

Seating area

Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

A spacious and cozy room with snow-white furniture, dark stripes and fur on the floor. Special attention is paid to textiles and decorative elements. The decoration is dominated by light beige shades, which makes the room seem even more spacious. The living room opens onto a terrace surrounded by greenery.


Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

In the master bedroom, a large bed with a soft gray headboard serves as a place to relax. The bed is complemented by a soft couch of the same color. There is a warm cream-colored carpet on the floor. This room has an additional Seating area with access to the balcony.

Dining area

Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

Large curtains, a huge chandelier of light color decorate the room and add more light. Vintage furniture, wrought iron elements – in lamps, candlesticks, a lot of decor: figurines, all this is a pronounced Provence style, which is present everywhere in the house of the actress. In the middle of the room is an oval table that can accommodate six people. All this creates an atmosphere of warmth that encourages confidential conversations.


Jennifer Lawrence's luxury home

The heart of the house is made in Provence style. This style is called “French country”, that is, it is a” rustic ” interior with a French accent. This is a light, sweet, slightly sentimental and cozy interior with the spirit of a French village. In the middle of the room is a table that emphasizes the importance of this room for the inhabitants. The furniture combines many convenient lockers, drawers, shelves. The floor is covered with large tiles in light brown shades.

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