IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

In homes, appliances are increasingly appearing that are aimed at alleviating various household problems related to washing, cooking and, of course, cleaning the apartment. It is on it that Housewives spend a lot of time and effort. To make this process easier and faster, a device such as a robot vacuum cleaner was developed. It independently cleans surfaces. In the sale of these products appeared not too long ago, but they immediately became popular. Today, you can find a huge number of these models on sale. We want to tell you about the robot vacuum cleaner from the Japanese manufacturer iPlus x600pro PetSeries that came to our test.

This model was released for wide sale in early 2018. The design is characterized by optimal performance and a fairly wide functionality for its price (a vacuum cleaner will cost about 12 thousand rubles). The design of the device is carefully thought out by the developers, the overall dimensions are small, which allows the product to penetrate under furniture items and other hard-to-reach places.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

The gadget is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp, which allows you to get rid of most pathogens and allergens, and there is also a special system for wet treatment of the floor surface. in order to use it, it is enough to fill a special tank with liquid, fix the nozzle with a soft cloth installed and activate the device.

  1. What is included with the device?
  2. Vacuum cleaner design
  3. Operational qualities
  4. Features available in the robot vacuum cleaner
  5. Instructions for using the robot
  6. Pros and cons of the product
  7. Conclusions

What is included with the device?

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

The basic package includes a whole set of different items:

  • Directly the robot vacuum cleaner itself;
  • Remote control for remote control of the device;
  • Charging station where the gadget will return to recharge the battery;
  • Power adapter;
  • A unit designed for wet cleaning;
  • Side of the brush, which extend the range of products;
  • Brush used for manual cleaning of the container and filter from accumulated dirt;
  • A set of papers that includes instructions with a translation into Russian and a warranty card.

Vacuum cleaner design

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

During the development process, special attention was paid to the appearance of the model. The result is a rather interesting and stylish design. The case is made of special reinforced plastic, which has a matte finish on the end parts, the upper part is glossy. The design has a Golden color, which makes it even more beautiful. The device’s classic shape for robot vacuum cleaners is a circle. On the case on the front side there is a touch panel, on which you can find several buttons. It can also be used to activate the gadget. Approximately here is a cover that covers the dust collector compartment, which can be easily removed if necessary.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

From the sides around the perimeter, you can see a protective bumper, and there are also ventilation holes that remove excess heat from the processor and other internal parts. In this part there is also a container filled with water for wet cleaning.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

There are two relatively large driving wheels on the bottom, and a front swivel wheel is provided for driving. There are fasteners for side brushes, which, by the way, have an average stiffness. The suction port is small, but it is quite enough to draw in most of the dust from the surface. At the bottom, there is also a battery compartment and platforms that provide its charge when the robot vacuum cleaner is located on the base. There is a special attachment for the attachment for fixing the microfiber cloth, which carries out the final cleaning of the surface.

Operational qualities

The model is equipped with a Nickel-metal hybrid battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh, which is enough to thoroughly clean an area of up to 120 square meters in one pass. In offline mode, the design can work up to two hours. The power consumption of this robot vacuum cleaner is 85 watts, and the suction power indicator is as much as 25 watts. This parameter is quite decent for traditional vacuum cleaners, and for such miniature products it will be one of the highest.

The robot has 35 different sensors at once, among which there are a variety of:

  • Prevent falling from a height;
  • Orientation in space;
  • Calculating areas of the area that are most polluted;
  • Notifying the user that the dust collector is fully filled.

It is worth saying a few words about the dust collector. It is a container equipped with a cyclone filter, its volume is 500 ml. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner itself are 34x34x8. 7 cm with a weight of 4.5 kg. The device is much less noisy than a classic vacuum cleaner – the noise level does not exceed 55 dB at the highest power level.

Features available in the robot vacuum cleaner

There are quite a lot of operating modes here:

  • Automatic-the device will determine the area of the room based on the readings received from the sensors, find out the location of various obstacles, and also plot the optimal route for moving around the room;
  • The local mode is designed specifically for the structure to perform a thorough cleaning of the site selected by the user, and the movement will be performed in a spiral.;
  • The function of moving along walls will help you deal with such problem areas as along baseboards and in corners;
  • It is possible to program the robot vacuum cleaner, which allows cleaning strictly on a schedule. The product will be launched at the selected time strictly on a specific day of the week. After completing the process, the gadget will automatically return to the base to recharge the batteries.;
  • Wet mode is designed to wipe the floor with a built-in water tank and a microfiber cloth that perfectly collects even the smallest dirt.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

The main cleaning is carried out by two side brushes that collect debris from the floor surface and direct it to the suction port. They do not have very high rigidity, they do a good job even with a large amount of hair or animal hair. This can be achieved thanks to the use of fairly modern VacuumPetPro technology. The Central brush is not provided in the design of the product, so there will be no difficulties with cleaning it when using it.

The iPlus x600pro PetSeries robot has an infrared sensor that easily calculates the most polluted areas. An ultraviolet lamp is located near it, which will be very useful for people who are susceptible to allergic reactions. With its help, you can instantly get rid of all sorts of microorganisms that cause allergies or irritation of the respiratory tract.

Instructions for using the robot

As we said earlier, the robot vacuum cleaner comes complete with instructions translated into Russian. It explains in detail how to properly use this equipment so that it will last as long as possible. One of the important advantages of this vacuum cleaner is that it does not need special care. All operations in this regard are reduced to a number of simple rules:

  • The tank should be cleaned of accumulated garbage in a timely manner;
  • All sensors and the surface of the vacuum cleaner should be thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth;
  • From time to time it is necessary to remove hair and wool from the brushes;
  • The wheels and swivel caster will also need to be cleaned.

Pros and cons of the product

The iplus x600pro Pet Series robot vacuum cleaner is ideally suited for use not only at home, but also in small offices and even in hotel rooms. It works well with smooth surfaces, but it is not very friendly with fluffy ones, for example, with long-pile carpets.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

This is mainly due to the fact that its design does not provide a turbo brush specifically for such purposes. However, with a low pile, the vacuum cleaner copes perfectly. We have already mentioned that there are several modes of operation, and quite a lot of sensors. The device is perfectly oriented in the room, does not crash into walls, corners or furniture. Also, the advantages include a number of other points:

  • Attractive and stylish appearance;
  • Long battery life;
  • Powerfully sucks;
  • Copes with low obstacles, for example, can easily drive on a Mat with a small pile;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Ability to program the design by day of the week and by hour;
  • There is a sensor that indicates that the garbage container is fully filled;
  • Surface sanitizer UV lamp;
  • Wet cleaning is possible;
  • Thoroughly cleans pet hair;
  • Low noise;
  • There are instructions in Russian.

Despite such a significant number of positive qualities, the robot vacuum cleaner also has certain disadvantages:

  • Outdated rechargeable battery – lithium-ion batteries are increasingly used today;
  • Not too rich equipment of the product-there are simply no AAA batteries for the remote control, spare rags, brushes, filters, etc. also no;
  • Various kinds of dirt remain on the glossy surface of the case – dust is clearly visible, fingerprints are noticeable;

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features

  • It is not entirely clear how it moves around the perimeter of the room in cleaning mode, since it performs the same actions as during automatic cleaning.;
  • Small volume of the water container;
  • Missing turbo brush;
  • It doesn’t perfectly suck in large garbage. The tests used tea, millet and lentils. After cleaning, several large grains of lentils remained on the laminate, and I coped well with other products used.

IPlus x600pro PetSeries-review of the robot vacuum cleaner: reviews, prices, features


For its price category, the device turned out to be quite decent both in terms of manufacturing quality and cleaning efficiency. If you do not have carpets at home, but laminate, linoleum or ceramic tiles are laid everywhere, then such a robot vacuum cleaner will be the best solution for your apartment. It will save time and effort, and all surfaces will remain perfectly clean until the next cleaning.

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