How to water your flowers if you\’re going on vacation

A fairly common problem for people who love flowers and regularly leave home. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, home plants still need care and neighbors or friends with relatives can not always help with this. In this case, there are several solutions to the problem, and today we will try to describe them to you.

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

Option 1: Smart pots

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

Pots with automatic irrigation are available for sale. Such a flowerpot consists of two sections, one of which is for water, it can be located on the side or bottom, and the other for plants. Such products allow you to provide your plants with ideal conditions with minimal time and effort, but their cost is not small.

Option 2: flower bath

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

To provide the plant with moisture for a long time, you can take some container like a basin, container or tray, pour water and put pots of flowers in it. The land itself will be fed with water. This method is suitable for moisture-loving flora. For less moisture-loving people, you can pour expanded clay or other porous stone into the container, pour water and put the pots on the embankment. The stones will be soaked with water and will slowly supply the earth with moisture.

Option 3: a Bottle to help

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

Drip irrigation is easily organized using a regular bottle or other similar container. To do this, make small holes in the lid, pour water into the bottle and install it in the pot with the lid down. The moisture itself will seep through the holes into the ground. Take into account the size of the plant, we put a small bottle for a small one, and a large one for a large one.

Option 4: Lace irrigation

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

A very simple and affordable method based on the law of communicating vessels. You will need narrow strips of fabric, you can use a bandage, gauze or regular shoelaces. Pour a container of water, such as a pot, and place it on a raised platform. Around, slightly below the level of the pan, set up vases with plants. One end of the string is lowered into the water, the other is fixed on the ground in a pot. So we do with all the pots. Water is absorbed into the fabric and flows through it to the flower.

Option 5: Moistening with a Mat

How to water your flowers if you're going on vacation

In garden stores, there is a device called a capillary Mat. The product looks like a rug and is made of a material that can absorb and release moisture. It is necessary to spread the Mat on a plane that is not afraid of moisture, and lower one corner into the water. Pots with plants are placed on top of the Mat, which independently take moisture from it. There are special products consisting of two pallets and an absorbent Mat. Water is poured into the inner one, an external tray is inserted into it, on which a Mat is spread, and vases with flowers are placed on top.

It is advisable to try out all these manipulations in advance in order to know where, how much water to pour and for how long this or that method is enough. And also it will not be superfluous to prepare a branch of the flower. In case the main plant still dies, you will already have something to replace it with.

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