How to find a movie without knowing its name

Many of us regularly have a situation where we need to find a particular movie whose name we don’t remember. How exactly to search for it? Let’s find out.

The choice of method will depend on when and where you watched the movie. It is also affected by which Internet sites you are registered on.

If you remember where you watched the movie

How to find a movie without knowing its name

Most often, the problem of finding the name of a movie occurs after watching it on a particular TV channel. The easiest way to find it is if the movie is being shown right now. Modern digital TV allows you to look at a TV program by pressing just one button on the remote control (it is called “Guide” or similar). In the TV program, you will quickly find out what exactly is being broadcast right now.

If you watched a movie on TV, for example, a couple of weeks ago, then there is also nothing to worry about. Especially if you remember the TV channel that broadcast it. There are many sites on the web that archive TV programs. For example, you can find it on the Yandex. TV Program website . It remains only to run your eyes over what exactly the TV channel showed two weeks ago.

But what to do if you watched a movie not on TV, but on some random website? Don’t wait by the sea for the weather! The more time passes, the harder it will be to figure out the name of the movie. Keep in mind that the addresses of all sites you visit are saved in the “History” until you clear this section of the browser yourself. Rewind the log to the time when you watched the movie. It is possible that you will find the page you are looking for. Then you just need to click on it to see the name of the movie.

If you found a movie by entering its name in the search, now forgotten, then everything is even easier. Many search services also keep a history. All you have to do is visit the search history and you’ll quickly remember the movie’s name. Google’s search history is displayed on this page .

If you’ve watched a movie or TV series on a streaming service, then it’s quite simple. You just need to visit it again, and then go to the “browsing History” section. Almost every self-respecting streaming service has it — Netflix, Kinopoisk HD, and many others.

If you remember the approximate plot of the movie

Things are much more complicated when you don’t remember exactly where you watched the movie. Perhaps your relatives have launched a video file that you saw when you were visiting them. Now the relatives themselves do not remember the name of the movie, and the file itself has already been deleted. What should I do? Remember at least an approximate plot. Then you can proceed in several ways.

The easiest way is to use a search engine. In theory, you can help Google and “Yandex”. Enter a query that contains the main feature of the plot. It is possible that the search engine will give you the correct name of the movie. For example: “VIN Diesel and Paul Walker are dragging a safe around town.” Google will immediately tell you that this is the fifth part of “fast and Furious”. This way you can find out the name of a movie even if you’ve only seen one or two scenes.

You can also search for the movie title on the Kinopoisk and IMDb websites . They have special pages that are designed for keyword search. If you are lucky, you will find the right movie even if you remember the minimum number of details.

If you are familiar with the English language firsthand, the What is my movie service will help you . This site uses artificial intelligence based on the description of the movie you entered, or even just one scene from it. The service contains a huge database, so it finds even little-known movies.

Another good way to search for a movie title is to ask other people. This can be done, for example, in social networks. In “Vkontakte” there are a huge number of groups dedicated to films and time periods. If you go to the “My 90s” community, they will definitely help you remember the name of a movie from this time period. But, of course, you will have to wait — you should not hope for a lightning-fast response.

Social networks are good, but sometimes it’s better to ask a question on a specialized site. The same “Kinopoisk “mentioned by us has an excellent forum, where there is a section “search for movies”. Publish a post here first of all — it is possible that soon you will be prompted by the long-awaited name of the film, even throwing off a link to its page on this site containing detailed information. You can also ask visitors to Peekaboo who are avid moviegoers. To do this, you need to create a post on this site that contains the tag “Looking for a movie”.

The disadvantage of the above methods is only that you need to be a registered user of Kinopoisk or Peekaboo. However, now registration is a minute’s work, there is nothing wrong with that.

English language experts can use the TV Tropes website . This resource contains a database of movie stamps. They usually abound in almost every movie. If you choose, for example, “Revenge of the main character”, you will be provided with a list of films whose plot is based on this. The Russian-language website also tells about stamps ” it’s a real encyclopedia of movies.

Search by quotes, actors, and frames

How to find a movie without knowing its name

Sometimes a cool phrase from the movie that one of the characters gave out gets stuck in my head. Often you forget what kind of movie you are talking about. There’s nothing wrong with that. Enter the phrase in any search engine — it is possible that you will immediately find the desired quote. This will definitely not be a problem if the film is well-known.

If you have a lot of free time, you can manually go through the collections of film citations. They are contained on websites “Wikiquote” and .

If you know the name of at least one actor involved in the filming of the movie you are looking for, you can find the name of the movie in just a few seconds. To do this, simply enter the name of the actor in the appropriate field of Wikipedia, Kinopoisk, or any other major site dedicated to films. Next, you just need to go through the list of films where he was present. Or she, you can also focus on Actresses.

We recommend that you register on kinopoisk and start keeping a list of movies you’ve watched on This resource. In the future, this will significantly simplify any search, as well as allow you to choose the perfect movie to watch on your free evening.

There are also situations when you have a shot from a movie, but you don’t know which one it is from. If the movie is well-known enough, then you can easily find out its name using one or another search engine. To do this, follow these steps::

Go to Google or Yandex.

Go to the “image Search” section.

Click on the camera icon in the search query field.

Now drag and drop a frame from the movie contained on your computer. Alternatively, click the “Select file” button, and then all that remains is to find its location on the hard disk.

Click the “Find on the Internet” button.

Next, the search engine will try to find images with a similar or identical frame on the Internet. This allows you to easily find out the name of the movie from which the frame was taken. So you can search for and full versions of videos — enough to make a screenshot of the cropped version that you have. How exactly a screenshot is made in a particular video player is, perhaps, a topic for a separate article.


Now you know exactly how to find a movie whose name you don’t remember. It turns out that the modern Internet allows you to do this without any difficulties.

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