Don\’t throw away wine corks

Do not get rid of corks from wine and champagne, as they can be used to make completely unique and practical things. Cork stoppers are an almost universal item that can easily be used in any home.

Don't throw away wine corks

Idea 1: Key Chain

Don't throw away wine corks

The original use of traffic jam is to create a key ring. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you will have the cutest bunch of keys on the traffic jam, which will definitely not get lost.

Idea 2: Whiteboard for photos and notes

Don't throw away wine corks

Very useful and easy to make thing that will decorate the interior of your home. Take a cardboard box and trim the stoppers so that they are all the same size and length and do not extend beyond the boundaries of the work area. Lubricate the bottom of the box with polyvinyl acetate glue and attach wooden stoppers to it. As a result, you will be able to attach various kinds of themed decorations, notes, photos, and lists.

Idea 3: Frameworks

Don't throw away wine corks

Feel free to experiment-glue them along and across, “herringbone”, cut in half, into small circles or use whole. Let your imagination run wild! You can use a traffic jam to create more than just pictures and photos. Mirrors, various crafts, writing boards and anything else your heart desires can be decorated with this cute cork thing.

Idea 4: Vases and cups

Don't throw away wine corks

From balsa wood of the same size and thickness, you can make unique products for fruits, flowers, and jewelry. You just need to buy an adhesive, wine corks and come up with the shape of the upcoming product. With these tools, you need to decorate a vase that is scanty for the interior. For this purpose, vases with a smooth surface are suitable. Wooden wine corks can be glued in different ways, it all depends entirely on your imagination. If you want, you can stick it all together or cut it up.

Idea 5: Cabinet Handles

Don't throw away wine corks

Is the handle of the Cabinet or dresser broken? Do not rush to cover the doorsteps of furniture stores in search of a replacement. It is possible to create unusual handles from wine corks. To do this, they need to be slightly sharpened, and then attached with screws to the door or drawer.

Idea 6: jewelry Boxes and organizers

Don't throw away wine corks

Every woman has a lot of jewelry. A variety of bracelets, chains, rings, and earrings. In order to keep everything in one place without the possibility of loss, you can not limit yourself to one box. The use of wine corks can easily cope with the formation of a storage point, you just need to make minimal effort and everything will be stored in its place and in beautiful organizers.

Idea 7: teapot Stand

Don't throw away wine corks

A teapot stand is required in almost every home, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to make it yourself. First, cut the corks into small circles. Each cork should be cut into 10-15 circles. Then organize them into a single pattern and connect them with a thread and needle.

We really hope that our simple tips will help You!

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