Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Online purchases will become even more profitable if you use promo codes. Today, this is the easiest way to get a discount on an item. The main advantages of promo codes are their availability, free receipt, and ease of use. You can find them both on the websites of online stores and using special Internet services.

  1. What is a promo code?
  2. Where can I find
  3. In what area are promo codes used?
  4. What are promo codes?
  5. How to activate it and apply it correctly
  6. How to distinguish a valid promo code from an outdated one
  7. Best promo code sites

What is a promo code?

A promo code is a coupon or flyer for a discount. It is issued not in paper, but in electronic form. Inside it is a secret code, which is a word, a set of numbers, letters, or a combination of them. It is very easy to use an electronic discount coupon. Just enter the secret code in a special field when placing an order, in the shopping cart. A discount, special price, or other favorable offer is activated automatically.

You don’t need to pay for promo codes. They are issued free of charge by online stores or online services. Thus, companies attract more customers to their products and services, significantly increasing sales. Such offers are also profitable for the buyer. After all, they allow you to save your budget and not overpay for goods.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Where can I find

Finding promo codes is not so difficult. There are several ways to find favorable offers from an online store or online service.

  1. The company’s website. As a rule, you can find promo codes in a special tab on the company’s website. These sections can have different names: “Discounts”, “Promotions”, “Special offers”,” sale”, “Sale”.
  2. E-mail newsletter. When placing orders in online stores, customers are often asked to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. By checking your email address, you can find out about the best deals and closed sales for club card holders. Promo codes with discounts are also often sent there.
  3. Social network. Every online store has an official social media group. Information about promotions often appears in the news feed. Also here you can find discount coupons that are available at the moment.
  4. Bloggers. Many video bloggers work with companies and online stores to promote their products or services. They offer promo codes based on the topic that their blog is dedicated to.
  5. Aggregator sites. They constantly publish discount coupons. You can use the service for free. Information about favorable offers is constantly updated. To find such sites, just type the name of an online service or store in the search bar and add the word “promo code”.

Sometimes a good offer is just a commercial move. Therefore, first you need to see what prices for the same product are offered by other stores or online services. It is likely that the cost of goods from other companies will be less.

In what area are promo codes used?

Discount coupons are used in many areas of life. With their help, you can get favorable offers for various products: food, cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, appliances, clothing, books and much more.

In addition, a price reduction can also be available for any services: visiting a beauty salon, restaurant, or sports club. There are also options with which you can buy air tickets, tours, excursions at a reduced price, as well as book hotel seats or arrange “preferential” car sharing.

Promo codes even exist in the banking sector. They allow you to apply for a loan with a reduced rate or, conversely, increase the interest rate when opening a Deposit.

What are promo codes?

The variety of promo codes is great today. Before using coupons, you need to know the characteristics of each type.

  • Discount center

One of the most common types of coupons. It allows you to buy a product at a lower price. The discount amount is expressed either as a percentage or in a certain amount.

It is used to accumulate bonuses for subsequent purchases. They are collected on the bonus account. Then you can use them for the next orders and reduce the purchase price.

  • Coupon for gifts

After placing the order, the buyer will be able to receive a free gift. At the same time, the gift can be one of the products in the store’s assortment or other free gifts: notebooks, watches, cosmetics, a perfume sample, a bag, a phone accessory, and more.

  • Code for free shipping

Helps you save money on your order due to free shipping. Most often, such offers are found in the days before the holidays. In this case, the payment for the transportation of goods by postal services is assumed by the online store itself.

  • Code for cashback

This system works simply: after making a purchase, a part of the amount spent is returned to the client’s account. Cashback is expressed as a percentage of the purchase amount. The specified amount is credited to the buyer’s card in cash or returned to the personal account in the form of bonuses.

The discount code can also be of several types:

  • The discount applies to all products in the range. The coupon indicates the amount or percentage that the buyer will receive if they use the promo code.
  • Code that applies to a specific product group in the product range. Then the buyer can choose a product with a discount only from a specific category of goods or services.
  • The coupon allows you to purchase the second, third, or fourth item in your shopping cart at a reduced price.
  • The discount applies only to one of the most expensive items in the shopping cart.

Discount coupons can be open or closed access. According to this criterion, they are divided into 2 categories::

  • Public places.Everyone can use these codes. When a public promo code is valid, any buyer can apply it an unlimited number of times.
  • Individual settings.The code is issued individually for a specific person. They can only take advantage of a favorable offer once. Online stores send such codes by email to their regular customers. A private access coupon can also be sent to the client after registration on the site.

How to activate it and apply it correctly

The promo code is activated during checkout. In most cases, the code is activated in the shopping cart. When you enter it, you can see the order form. Among other graphs, it has a special field. It can be called in different ways: “promo Code”, “order Discounts”, “Special offers”. To activate the discount, you need to copy and transfer the code from the promo code to this field. You can enter numbers and code letters using the keyboard.

Then you need to click the “Activate” or “Apply” button. The system will automatically recalculate the order amount downwards or provide other bonuses provided for in the order.

If the order form does not have a field for entering the cipher, then it is better to contact the support service. In some cases, the discount is activated automatically for the product from the promotion offer.

How to distinguish a valid promo code from an outdated one

Depending on the validity period, promo codes can be either fixed-term or indefinite. Coupons of the first group always show the start and end dates of the promotion. You can expect a price reduction only during the validity period of this promotion. When the offer expires, you will not be able to apply the code for the discount.

Perpetual coupons are valid from a few hours to an indefinite period of time. To use the promotion correctly, it is important to read its terms and conditions carefully.

Best promo code sites

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

One of the easiest and most convenient sites to use. Here you can find products from more than 20 categories. In addition to sorting by category, the service offers users a convenient search by store name. All names are arranged in alphabetical order. Every day, the site staff publishes more than 5,000 promotions and promo codes. The range of offers is constantly increasing and being updated.

Popular offers are always visible, as well as promotions that are valid on this day. There is a separate tab with offers for free shipping. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

  • only verified promo codes;
  • large store catalog;
  • daily update of information;
  • easy sorting of stores by category and name;
  • here you can find discounts up to 90%.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The site has been operating since 2013. Provides promo codes from the most popular online stores in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Several search options have been developed to get acquainted with the promotions. Products can be found by brand name. They are arranged on the page in alphabetical order. Another search option is by the category that the product belongs to: home, garden, food, sports, children’s goods, appliances, and much more.

  • all promo codes are free;
  • you don’t need to register to receive them;
  • promotions are collected from different countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine;
  • the site has a Facebook group with more than 16,000 subscribers. By subscribing to it, you can get information about new promotions;
  • easy search for stores, promotions, and coupons;
  • each store is given a description, customer reviews, and a list of current offers.
  • no personal account;
  • no information about international promotions;
  • there is no mobile app.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

All promo codes on the site are checked manually. This makes it possible to avoid” expired ” and outdated offers. By the way, the promotions themselves are sorted by different criteria: best, new, special, recommended. The most popular categories that are most in demand are listed separately.

We offer a weekly newsletter for promotions. You just need to subscribe to news from the company. The subscription doesn’t require anything, and you can easily cancel it at any time. Feedback works well. You can always ask your Manager a question via messenger.

  • about 7500 current promo codes;
  • ability to add your favorite stores to your favorites;
  • there are groups in social networks and a YouTube channel;
  • well-established feedback from technical support and administration;
  • detailed breakdown of coupons by category.
  • there are no filters by name, so you’ll have to enter them in the search bar;
  • no personal account;
  • the number of stores is small compared to other sites – about 1000.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The site has been offering services for more than three years. Its assortment includes many interesting promo codes and promotions. In addition, the sorting is done very intelligently. The best promo codes are presented separately, then the most popular discounts are offered. If you need a quick search for a specific position, you can use the search bar or a section sorted by category.

New offers and promotions, as well as those that are valid only today, are displayed in separate tabs. There is also a section with seasonal discounts. Here you can use the delivery codes. Just go to the tab with the appropriate name.

  • discounts are offered not only in domestic but also in foreign stores;
  • there is a section with codes that are valid for 1 day;
  • sort alphabetically, by category, by relevance;
  • new discounts are placed in a separate tab;
  • the aggregator offers seasonal promotions.
  • there is no possibility to register and receive the newsletter;
  • no bonuses or cashback;
  • there is no personal account.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The service appeared not so long ago. It has a simple design. Designed in a minimalistic style. Easy to navigate. Popular online stores and coupons are placed in a separate tab. There is a search by category, name and a separate tab – “Top-20 promo codes”. The disadvantages of the site include a small number of stores – 250. There is also no way to register a personal account. In addition, sometimes there are codes with an expired validity period.

  • promotions are collected by category;
  • alphabetical sorting of lists;
  • there are top 20 best promo codes available;
  • navigation is clear and convenient;
  • clear instructions on how to use the service are provided.
  • small range of offers;
  • lack of cashback and bonuses;
  • unable to share reviews.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

Here you can even find a 90% discount, learn about free shipping offers, and seasonal sales. In addition to coupons, the service offers a choice of gift certificates. There is a separate category that is dedicated to the delivery of food. There are about 3,500 stores available in the site’s catalog. You can find discounts by category using the special tab. There is also a separate section with information on sales.

It is convenient that you can read reviews about its work on the site. Reviews are real and help you get an impression of the quality of services. You can also see feedback from technical support. Site users can create a personal account. For those who do not yet know how to use discount coupons, a short and simple instruction is offered.

  • large catalog of online stores;
  • there is a personal account;
  • ability to leave feedback about the company’s work;
  • good sorting by product category, store name;
  • a separate tab with sales is displayed;
  • a section with a catalog of gift certificates.
  • no Android app provided;
  • there are no international online stores.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

A service created in Poland in 2010. Today it operates in 44 countries around the world. Here you can find offers from 12,340 stores and about 84,000 coupons. The site is available without registration. Attracts with its pleasant design. In addition, it is very convenient. Promotions are sorted by category: “Popular”, “newest”, “Picodi Only”, ” coming Soon, hurry up!”. The most favorable offers are selected in the section “Picodi Editorial recommends”.

By subscribing, you can get a whole range of preferences: be the first to learn about new discounts, save on purchases, and use the site’s special offers.

  • large number of stores and coupons;
  • good sorting: by name, category, popularity;
  • the breakdown by maturity of the action: from the new to those that are about to expire;
  • user-friendly and attractive interface.
  • no mobile app available;
  • there is no possibility to create a personal account;
  • there are no bonuses, cashback, or points.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

A well-known service with high activity. Its main advantage is a rich selection of offers from Russia, near and far abroad countries. Here you can find discount coupons from more than 1000 stores. The most popular ones are presented in a special field and are always visible. Foreign stores have a Russian-language page. The aggregator offers you to subscribe: once a week, you will receive an email to your email address. It contains 20 of the best deals from your favorite stores.

  • variety of choices;
  • easy navigation;
  • separate tab with promotions for free shipping;
  • section with the best and exclusive coupons;
  • sort by category and name;
  • ability to share your own promo code with others.
  • no bonuses or cashback available;
  • there is no possibility to register;
  • no mobile app or browser extension;
  • you can’t leave reviews.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

A distinctive feature of the site is a lot of different types of sorting. You can find the desired coupon here by name, category membership, date added, rating, discount amount, and popularity. In addition, you can use the special tab “Discounts up to 90%”. Here you can find a selection of offers with the highest discount rates. By subscribing to the newsletter, a potential buyer will always be aware of interesting promotions.

The site receives codes directly from realtors. New promotions are published within a few minutes after they are received. But before that, the codes are manually checked.

  • well-designed sorting;
  • ability to add to favorites;
  • there are 700 stores represented;
  • 2000 current promo codes are offered;
  • daily update of coupons and discounts.
  • there is no way to register a personal account;
  • feedback can only be sent via e-mail.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The first thing that impresses the aggregator is the conciseness of the design. Navigation is simple and straightforward. The site menu has only 3 tabs: sort by store category and a section with top promo codes. There are also separate lists of recommended, popular, and new offers.

The service has pages in social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, Odnoklassniki. You can always find out about new and up-to-date discounts in the news feeds. You just need to become a subscriber to the site’s page in social networks. The company’s managers cooperate directly with the stores. Every day, information about favorable offers is updated.

  • simple design;
  • availability of official pages in social networks;
  • there is an alphabetical sorting of stores;
  • new, recommended, and popular codes and stores are collected on the main page, and information about them is constantly updated.
  • sorting isn’t the most convenient option;
  • there is no personal account.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The site’s catalog includes about 1,200 stores and services. More than 4,000 promo codes are available for use. In the Arsenal of more than 16,000 offers for sales and promotions. To keep up to date with all events related to the discount coupon, you need to subscribe to the newsletter.

By visiting the site, you can quickly see which stores are most popular among customers, and get acquainted with the best discounts on products. For targeted search, you can sort by store name or product category.

  • possibility of subscribing to e-mail newsletters;
  • availability of pages in social networks;
  • wide range of discounts;
  • large range of stores;
  • you don’t need to register to use the service.
  • unable to leave a review;
  • no mobile app available;
  • there is no personal account.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The site was founded in 2011. The catalog includes 1,180 stores. The information is updated on a daily basis. All promo codes are constantly checked and tested by content managers for relevance. Therefore, there are no expired or invalid coupons here. Only current offers. Those who subscribe to the newsletter receive information about new promotions every week by email.

  • no registration required;
  • simple interface;
  • the most profitable promotions are collected in the special tab ” Best deals»;
  • we offer information about seasonal discounts;
  • you can search for the address of the store or the brand name;
  • the site has pages in social networks: Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte.
  • mostly Russian stores are represented, with a few from Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan;
  • there is no possibility to register in the personal Cabinet;
  • no mobile app available;
  • there are no offers from international online stores.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The service offers discount coupons from 1,100 stores. The total number of promo codes exceeds 4000, and the number of promotions is about 6000. In addition to the standard sorting by store name and product category, there is a special selection with the best offers and exclusives. New items constantly appear on the main page. In addition, you can find out about new discounts from the newsletter. All you need to do is subscribe to it and keep up to date with the best offers.

  • separate section for exclusive promotions;
  • constantly updating coupons;
  • subscribe to news from the company;
  • there is a personal account;
  • ability to add to favorites.
  • no bonus programs or cashback;
  • there is no mobile app.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The project has been in operation since 2021. In a short period of time, he managed to become quite popular. You can easily find the right promo code by store name or category. You can also use the search bar. The design is made as minimalistic as possible. Here everything is at hand, there is nothing superfluous: no Intrusive advertising and interface congestion. But minimalism has a drawback-the lack of pop-up Windows with information. To get acquainted with the positions of the section, you must go to the tab.

  • there is an extension for browsers;
  • there are assistant bots in Telegram and Viber;
  • if you want, you can leave a review;
  • the user can add their own coupons.
  • there is no cashback in the resource;
  • no bonus programs available;
  • there are some outdated coupons;
  • not exactly easy to navigate.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

A user-friendly, easy-to-use website. The main page has everything you need to find the best promotions. Visitors to the site are immediately offered new products, the best discounts of the day, promotions and other favorable offers.

The “Top 20” tab is a selection of the twenty best discounts. It helps you quickly get acquainted with coupons that will allow you to buy your favorite product at the most reasonable price. To receive weekly top-10 promo codes to your mailbox, you need to subscribe.

  • it is possible to quickly find great discounts;
  • e-mail newsletter with special offers;
  • availability of pages in social networks.
  • there is no alphabetical index of stores
  • there is no sorting by product category.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

On the main page of the site, you will always find new and up-to-date promo codes. Here are also collected coupons that are most in demand. If you need a specific code, you can use the “All stores” or “Categories”sections. You can’t lose your favorite coupon. After all, the site has a “favorites” function. You can use it to save what you liked.

For those who want to keep up to date with the best promotions, the site offers a newsletter by e-mail. Site users can always ask a question via messenger.

  • newsletter;
  • constantly updating promo codes;
  • exclusive discounts in a special section;
  • sort by name and category.
  • no pages in social networks;
  • you can’t register a personal account.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

The service was launched in 2014. The site’s coupon sorting is designed to quickly find the best deals. New, popular, with free shipping, ending soon, with a gift to order – all these sections will help you easily find the promotion you are interested in.

Every day, the service offers about 1000 active promo codes for products of various categories: from electronics to jewelry. The “Product of the day” section lists items with the best prices. In special sections, you can get acquainted with the ratings of online stores and reviews about them.

  • store ratings and reviews;
  • easy sorting by category;
  • Product of the day selection»;
  • products from different countries: Russia, China, Germany;
  • alphabetical sorting.
  • feedback can only be sent via e-mail.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

It was launched in 2014. During its existence, it was able to attract a large audience. Site traffic-from 5000 people per day. Here you can find promotional offers from the most famous stores in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The service offers exclusive coupons that are hard to find on other aggregators. The list of stores is constantly updated. Now there are more than 1000 of them on the site.

  • sort alphabetically and by category;
  • secret promo codes can be sent to your email address;
  • each service or store is provided with a description, customer reviews, and a list of current promotions.;
  • coupons are collected not only from Russia, but also from neighboring countries.
  • it is not possible to register a personal account;
  • no mobile app or browser extension is provided;
  • a small number of reviews about the service.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

A service that doesn’t cause problems when searching for a coupon. The “only today” section offers a selection of promotions that are valid exclusively on that day. There are also tabs that contain only new products, exclusive products, or top store offers. Sorting by product category and name helps you quickly find the right product at a discount.

  • alphabetical index;
  • sort by category;
  • a selection of promotions based on novelty, relevance, popularity, and other criteria.
  • feedback via email only;
  • there is no personal account or social media pages.

Best sites with promo codes, TOP 20 rating 2021

An interesting design and an original name immediately attract attention to this service. The catalog includes a large selection of discount coupons for a variety of product categories: auto parts, discounts on training courses, cosmetics, food, clothing, shoes and much more.

You can find the required code in the search bar or by category. The main page contains the latest offers from online stores and online services. The service offers a lot of useful information: how to use promo codes, life hacks to save money on purchases, and instructions for using coupons.

  • original idea of design and the names of the site;
  • large and diverse selection of coupons;
  • user information support;
  • there are sections with seasonal discounts and sales.
  • your personal account is missing;
  • there is no alphabetical index.
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