Best Sammons Preston Walker Tray

Finding the Best Sammons Preston Walker Tray at a reasonable price is one of the most important aspects of shopping. The best options for products vary from one brand to another as well. The below-mentioned products are some of the best and most popular items that are being sold in the market today.

Best Sammons Preston Walker Tray

Sammons Preston - 56856 Rollator Medical Tray Walker Attachment for Standard Walkers, Easily Attach and Remove or Clip onto Walker, Mobile Portable Tray for Disabled, Elderly, Handicapped, Standard

$55.94  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Walker tray fits most standard size walkers with a 17"-18" front horizontal bar, measures 12.75" deep. 21.25" wide at the base, and 15.5" wide at the top
  • Allows those with a standard walker to perform tasks and function independently as you move from place to place in a hospital or when you are in and out of your home
  • Seamless tray attachment and removal makes it simpler to use for convenient portability, only use the tray when you actually need it
  • Sturdy design and build quality sustains a moderate amount of weight ranging from food, laundry, and daily living tools
  • Convenient walker tray allows for easy transfer of items or objects such as meals, clothes, and medicine

Sammons Preston The Kneeler, Hanging Knee Sling Fits Any Walker, Comfortable Adjustable Knee Cushion for Standard Walkers, Lifts Leg for Complete Non Weight Bearing Patients

$240.00  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • 300 lbs. Weight capacity, measures 8" x 8.5" x 8.5", with adjustable straps to fit patients of any height or weight
  • Provides a hanging knee sling that can fit any standard walker
  • Knee kneeler allows complete non weight bearing patients to keep weight off foot and ankle after injury or surgery
  • Sturdy design and build quality sustains a moderate amount of weight ranging from food, laundry, and daily living tools
  • Perfect solution for the elderly and those recovering from an injury or surgery

DMI Walker Tray, Rollator Tray, Mobility and Walker Accessory Tray Table Fits Most Standard Walkers, Folding with Two Cup Holders and Tool Free Assembly, 16 x 11.8

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as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • WALKER TRAY FOR FOLDING WALKER is compatible with most standard walkers, as well as folding walkers that are approximately 18.5 inches wide. Attaches easily to most walkers by connecting and adjusting to fit walker legs. Not compatible with extra wide or bariatric walkers
  • TRAY FOR WALKER easily opens and locks in place and conveniently folds down when not in use. Two inch lip around the edge helps prevent items from rolling off and deep, stable cup holders prevent spills
  • WALKER ACCESSORIES for seniors, handicapped and disabled have no tool assembly and quickly and easily snaps in place. Tray locks in place while raised for safety and reliability of carrying around food, books, drinks, phone, purses or wallets. Also great for reading, crafting, writing or computer work
  • WALKER TRAY WITH CUP HOLDERS is easy to clean and is made of durable, lightweight plastic
  • TRAY TABLE FOR WALKER measures 16 x 11.8 x 2 with two deep and stable cup holders. Walker tray is 18 inches between the centers. To install: Snap all four vinyl coated metal clips onto walker legs. When securely fastened, raise tray into an upright position until it locks in place. To lower, raise tray gently and slide metal brackets forward to release. Tray folds flat and out of the way. Tray has a weight capacity of 5 pounds

Sammons Preston Reacher Walker Bag, Attachable Tall Storage Bag for Reachers for Portable On-The-Go Use, Long Container for Reaching Claws and Additional Walker or Rollator Organization - 19834

 in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Conveniently holds a reacher claw to provide easy access when you need additional reach to pick objects up
  • Tall storing bag measures 25 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide to store various sized reacher grabber tools
  • Easily fastens at three points for extra stability and keeps grabber at handle height for quick access
  • Made of waterproof polyester with two hook & loop straps at the top and one at the bottom to secure to legs of walkers and rollators
  • Non latex design increases mobility and transportation of personal items when using a walking assist like a rollator or walker

Sammons Preston - 59087 Walker Cuff, Comfortable Grip Walker Cuff, Machine Washable Cuff That Aids in Walker Gripping, Cuff with a Hook and Loop Closure That Stays Secure to The Walker

 in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Cuff provides a more comfortable and proper grip for those who have weak grip
  • One size fits most and works with either hand, walker cuffs come in a pair
  • Hook and loop closure ensures a proper grip to the walker to aid in gripping
  • Machine washable cuff makes it easy to keep clean and keeps it sanitary
  • Made with a pressure relief pad that helps prevent against sores that can come with prolonged holding

Sammons Preston 53922 Clip for Feather Reach Reachers, Pack of 10 Holder Clips for Grabber Tool Storage on Walkers, Rollators, Canes, Wheelchairs, Attachment for Accessibility Tool

$14.35  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Secures the Feather Reach and other grabber tools to canes, rollators, walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital bed rails to allow for easy access whenever extended reach is needed
  • Pack of 10 replacement clips, fit most reachers with tubing less than 9/16" diameter
  • Small clips won't interfere with normal reacher use
  • Attachment device makes it easy for you to organize your mobility and limited reach devices
  • Lightweight clips are the perfect storage solution for individuals with limited reach or range of motion, including the disabled, handicapped, and those recovering from surgery

Sammons Preston - 55469 Plastic Base Utensil Holder Strap, Universal Cuff, Adjustable Gripping Strap for Holding Utensils with Angled Plastic Base for Palm, ADL Eating Aid for Weak Grip & Limited Mobility

$18.17  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Eating assistance strap with half cone-shaped base directs utensil away from palm to make eating easier for those with limited reach and mobility
  • Beige nylon and plastic utensil holder is washable for frequent sanitary reuse
  • D-ring┬ástrap with sturdy adjustable velcro for use by individuals with weak grip, such as the handicapped, elderly, and disabled
  • Daily independent living tool makes eating easier and more enjoyable by stabilizing forks, spoons, and sporks
  • Utensils not included, BPA and phthalates free, non latex

Sammons Preston-75979 Economy Hip Kit II, 4-Piece Kit Includes 32" Easireach II Reacher, 16.5" Plastic Shoehorn, Sock Aid with Built-Up Handles & Contoured Bath Sponge, Dressing Aids & Self-Care Tools

$44.99  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Reacher allows for picking up items off the floor without bending over, shoehorn & sock aid facilitate independent dressing & limit back, hip & knee strain, long sponge facilitates independent self-care without caregiver help
  • Hip Kit II includes 32" long Easireach II Reacher, 16.5" long plastic shoe horn, sock aid with built-up handles for easy grip, & contoured bath sponge for self-bathing & cleaning, kit comes in plastic travel bag for easy storage & transport
  • Designed for those recovering & rehabilitating after hip replacement surgery, reduces back, hip & knee strain caused by bending over
  • Dressing aid, independent daily living aid, self-care tool for seniors, the elderly, disabled & handicapped
  • Most often recommended by therapists for post hip, knee or bariatric surgery

Sammons Preston - 20780 Premium Flip-Away Half Lap Tray, Clear Wheelchair Accessory Fits Left Side

$205.00  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Half tray attachment for wheelchairs folds over the armrest and away when not in use, without interfering with the wheelchair wheel to make transfers easier and more convenient
  • Clear tray fits on standard and desk style left wheelchair arms and attaches easily, allows user to see lower extremities
  • Plastic tray has a recessed, indented region to hold a cup, 22"l and 14"w at widest point of tray, 3"w at narrowest point over armrest
  • Ideal wheelchair accessory for elderly, handicapped, and disabled individuals for eating, writing, reading, laptop use, or other daily activities
  • Non-latex material

Sammons Preston Clamp-On Mouthstick, Lightweight Long Mouth Holder Device for Pencils, Pens, and Long Handle Tools, Hands Free Assistance Aid for Quadriplegics and Limited Motor Skills, 10"

$50.00  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Securely holds pen, pencil, paintbrush, chalky or tools of a similar diameter, which are then controlled by the mouth and can be maneuvered with ease
  • Lightweight mouth wand device weighs 3 ounces for long term ease of use
  • Adjusts with thumbscrew locknut at distal end to vary angle and diameter up to 1/2 inch
  • Long handled extension device for elderly, disabled, quadriplegics, and those with limited or not hand function
  • Hygienic product cannot be returned after package seal is broken, pencil not included, non-latex

Sammons Preston Bath Sponge & Toe Washer Combo, Easy-To-Grip, Easy-To-Use, Lightweight Double Cleaner, All in One Tool for Sanitizing Your Feet With One End & The Rest of Your Body With the Other End

$12.00  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Combines to amazing washing tools into one that can serparatley wash your stinky feet with one sponge and your body with the alternate sponge
  • You will recieve one dual purpose cleansing device with your purchase, both sponges attached
  • To increase the life span of your sponge, the polyfoam is treated with an solution
  • Total length of the bath sponge is 25", visible part of the handle is 16", body sponge is 3" x 5" x 2" and toe washer is 2" x 4" x 1. 5"
  • Latex-free so individuals who have skin sensitivities or an allergy to latex can still use

Sammons Preston - 39741 Wheelchair Cup Holder Attachment, Universal Device for Wheelchair Users

$20.00  in stock
as of July 23, 2022 4:58 am


  • Wheelchair cup holder for holding drinks in a convenient and accessible location
  • Comes with two Velcro Straps, two foam inserts, and the cup holder, cup holder measures 2.5" deep with a 3.5" circumference
  • Cup holder is designed to hold almost any shape of cup or bottle
  • Velcro straps easily fasten to armrest of almost any wheelchair, scooter, or desk chair for a variety of uses
  • Non-latex material

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