Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

Before buying a construction vacuum cleaner, you should understand what functions this equipment is intended for – only armed with this information can you choose the best tool. A significant amount of dust, sawdust, and other debris is generated during construction or repair. The worst thing here is fine dust, which can cause serious harm to human health and even disable electrical equipment. In this case, the purchase of a construction vacuum cleaner will be fully justified.

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

Before starting our review, we decided to give you the key rules that should help you choose such equipment.

  1. Operating principle and rules for choosing a construction vacuum cleaner
  2. Best models of construction vacuum cleaners in 2021
  3. 10. Shop-vac Micro 4
  4. 9. Bort BSS-1010
  5. 8. SOYUZ PSS-7320
  6. 7. Makita VC2512L
  7. 6. Bosch GAS 20 L SFC
  8. 5. Karcher WD 3 Premium
  9. 4. MIE Ecologico Maxi
  10. 3. Krausen Eco Plus
  11. 2. Arnica Hydra Rain Plus
  12. 1. Karcher SE 4002
  13. In conclusion, a useful video

Operating principle and rules for choosing a construction vacuum cleaner

Probably, we will not open America for anyone by saying that a construction vacuum cleaner works in the same way as the most ordinary household structure. Inside the device is a fan, which will be driven by a special motor. During operation, air, along with dust and larger inclusions, is directed to this low-pressure zone. In the future, it passes through the filter elements, remaining in them, and the purified air is sent back to the room through the outlet.

At the same time, the construction vacuum cleaner can be fixed directly in the work area so that there is a minimum amount of dust, it can also be connected to another tool, it is also used as a standard vacuum cleaner after the work is completed.

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

The filtration method is very important, as this point is responsible for how much fine dust will be released back into the air. dust collectors can be fabric, paper, dirt can be collected in special containers or pass through an Aqua filter. The latter option is the most effective, since the air will pass through the water, where all the dirt will be retained. Unfortunately, such structures are quite expensive.

When compiling our rating, we took into account positive and negative user reviews for a particular model, and also took into account such device parameters as power, performance, housing, and various additional options. In addition, an important role was played by the ratio of price and quality. We hope that our review of construction vacuum cleaners will be very useful for you and will make it easier to choose such equipment.

Best models of construction vacuum cleaners in 2021

10. Shop-vac Micro 4

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This is one of the most compact models in our review today, and this vacuum cleaner is used for both dry and wet work: you can use it to collect all kinds of liquids, remove fine dust and larger debris. The device is perfectly suitable for cleaning the car interior. The case is made of high-quality plastic, it has no backlash, does not begin to make extraneous creaks even after several years of operation. The volume of the garbage can is 4 liters, the engine power is 1.1 kW, the design provides a handle for easy transportation.

The engine is quite noisy, the air comes out from behind, is equipped with a rather long cable – almost 6 meters, the suction hose has a length of 1.2 meters: a standard indicator. The mass is small, is only 2.7 kg. Overall dimensions are quite compact – it is only 27 cm wide, so it will be ideal for performing work in a limited space. The kit includes two nozzles – for collecting liquid and for processing cracks.

  • Small, but quite powerful design;
  • Very convenient to use;
  • High-quality Assembly;
  • Long service life.
  • It is not very convenient to change the nozzles;
  • You need to be careful with the hose – it sometimes breaks at the bends.

9. Bort BSS-1010

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This is an even more compact design than the one already discussed above. At first glance, it may seem that the characteristics are not too high, but in the process of subsequent operation, it becomes clear that they are quite suitable for both domestic and industrial work. The length of the hose is standard, there are nozzles for a fluffy surface, filters for dry and wet cleaning are provided. A dry filter is always used, and a wet filter (made of dense foam) is put on if necessary. The button that turns on the motor is located under a special sealed cover, neither moisture nor dust will get under it.

There are two holes for connecting the hose – one for suction, the second for blowing. The design itself includes two main elements: the upper part contains all the working elements, and the lower part is designed to collect dust and dirt. The parts are connected by rotary locks on each side of the device. On the suction port there is a valve that closes it, protecting it from water flooding. It takes in any contamination – both small and large enough.

  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Good power output;
  • Perfect build.
  • It is highly electrified, which is why the surface of the case is quickly covered with a layer of dust.

8. SOYUZ PSS-7320

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This is the only model of domestic production that was included in our review. The design is equipped with a very powerful 1.6 kW engine, which provides a fairly strong air intake. There are two sockets for connecting the hose, a so-called frame filter and three bags are included. It is worth noting that the connector for installing the filter is standard, so you can use products from other manufacturers. The size of the bags is 25×41 cm, the volume of the trash can is 20 liters. On the case there is an additional socket for connecting an electric tool.

The length of the cord is 3.5 meters, it has three cores, each of them with a cross-section of 1.5 square meters. mm. the hose is elongated-one and a half meters, there are also two more tubes of half a meter. The structure is mounted on wheels, it can also be used for suction of liquids, a vacuum cleaner is used both in home and industrial conditions. The vacuum cleaner is well suited for collecting stone or concrete dust, there is a wet cleaning function. There are several degrees of protection, and during long-term use, the filter is cleaned automatically. If the tank is completely full during wet cleaning, the device will automatically shut down.

  • There is an outlet on the case;
  • Effectively cleans surfaces and air from dirt;
  • The function of wet cleaning;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Good tank capacity.
  • The plastic case is somewhat unreliable.

7. Makita VC2512L

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This model is distinguished by a rather long hose-3.5 meters, a handle tube that allows you to adjust the suction force, and this mechanism is made in the form of an opening with three positions: fully open, half closed and fully closed. The kit includes a nozzle with a brush and a rubber insert, the width of which is 300 mm, a brush for dry cleaning with a width of 100 mm and a nozzle for working with corners and crevices. The motor power is 1 kW, you can also connect an electric tool with the highest power of 2.6 kW. The dimensions are small-38x40x53 mm. The vacuum cleaner can be used for both dry and wet cleaning – the degree of cleaning of surfaces and air is made according to class L, that is, it will retain particles smaller than 1 microns.

The vacuum cleaner tank is made of reliable plastic, inside there is a convenient handle for transportation, the device moves on wheels-the rear ones are large, the front ones are small in size, they provide easy turns when moving. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can also be used without a garbage bag, as it has a washable filter inside, the filtration area is 3000 sq. cm. the Filter is cleaned automatically using the built-in Push&Clean system. Garbage collection bags are quite roomy – one is enough to clean about 40 square meters of sand and cement from about 40 square meters of area, and the degree of filling of the bag does not affect the traction force at all.

  • Pretty easy;
  • Acceptable overall dimensions;
  • High power level;
  • Ability to connect an additional tool.
  • Metal tubes accumulate static electricity – they will periodically be electrocuted;
  • When turned on, there is some delay in starting, but this is quite common among construction vacuum cleaners.

6. Bosch GAS 20 L SFC

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

One of the most powerful vacuum cleaners among all the models included in our review, the model copes well with both dry and wet cleaning, it is able to cope with a large amount of dust. With this tool, all work will be performed not only efficiently, but also quickly. The volume of the container is 15 liters with a filter surface area of 2800 sq. cm. the kit includes everything you need for comfortable and long-term operation of the product. There are quite a lot of useful features: in particular, this model is equipped with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system, and there are convenient wheels on the bottom of the case for transporting or moving indoors.

The design does not require special maintenance, you only need to change consumables from time to time. On the case there is a socket for connecting an electric tool. The device is characterized by a good Assembly, the case is reliable, has no gaps, backlashes and other manufacturing defects. The engine power is 1.2 kW, the capacity of the dust bag is 6.7 liters, filtration provides a high cleaning class-L. the dimensions are small-44x38x48 cm, an automatic remote control system is provided, a number of nozzles for reliable cleaning of even rather complex surfaces.

  • High reliability;
  • Durability;
  • Good suction power;
  • A strong case;
  • The filter can be flushed.
  • High cost.

5. Karcher WD 3 Premium

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

The model has an elongated feed hose – 2 meters and two connecting tubes of half a meter each. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can be placed on wheels to facilitate transportation. Despite the high power level, the design works quite quietly, this model is one of the best construction vacuum cleaners of the year, and the manufacturer positions it not only as a household, but also as a household one. The kit includes a large number of attachments: special attention should be paid to the design designed for dry or wet cleaning and equipped with a latch – this is a truly versatile model.

The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful, due to which it draws sand and cement dust well into itself. The volume of the dust collector is 17 liters, it can be used without a bag, a cyclone filter and a fine filter are installed. Directly on the body of the vacuum cleaner there is a power adjustment. The power consumption is 1000 W, which is quite enough for cleaning after repairs in the apartment.

  • Attractive appearance;
  • A little noise;
  • Small weight;
  • Good cleaning quality.
  • A short length of cord;
  • I would like a bigger trash container.

4. MIE Ecologico Maxi

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This is quite an interesting model of Italian production. The design does not provide bags or containers for dust, so it is considered a separator, here water acts as the only filter element. With this design, even chemical cleaning of surfaces can be carried out. Such a vacuum cleaner can also be used for domestic conditions, it has the function of wet and dry cleaning. The air cleanses just perfectly, because all the dust and dirt remain in the water – it only needs to be changed periodically as it gets dirty. The suction power of the device is 690 watts with a power consumption of 1000 watts. On the upper panel of the case there is a handle that is responsible for adjusting the power, if necessary, you can also use the aromatization function.

The kit includes quite a lot of attachments, and some of them are designed specifically for domestic use – for dry cleaning of curtains or carpets, for various kinds of household appliances, upholstered furniture, and so on. If necessary, you can also connect an electric brush to the product. The engine is equipped with a special protective stop system, it does not make too much noise – the noise level does not exceed 64 dB. The capacity of the water tank is 16 liters, the product passes through 165 cubic meters of air per minute.

  • Good power, and the device is quite economical;
  • Reliable and high-quality Assembly;
  • Perfectly copes even with a large amount of dust.
  • The container for draining water is not very convenient – you have to disassemble almost half of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Krausen Eco Plus

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

This cleaning vacuum cleaner, equipped with an Aquafilter, is versatile: it can be suitable for both repair and regular home cleaning. The water jet comes out of it under serious pressure, due to which this model allows you to save the room from the slightest dirt particles. The device works well with concrete surfaces, removes any bacteria and even viruses from the carpet pile. The air passes through a water filter that can quickly remove almost all dust. It is worth noting that this filter element is a transparent flask, which will become cloudy as it becomes dirty, respectively, you will only need to change it in time.

The design has an electromagnetic switch, which will make the equipment more comfortable to operate. The maximum speed of the engine is 28 thousand revolutions per minute, it works quite noisily -76 dB. The total volume of the water filter is 10 liters. The device is not too large – only 35x36x44 cm, but it will weigh 7 kg, which is quite a lot for a vacuum cleaner.

  • Provides the function of aromatization;
  • Large capacity water filter;
  • A decent number of attachments included in the kit.
  • Sometimes the Assembly is lame, it happens that there are backlashes and cracks between the elements.

2. Arnica Hydra Rain Plus

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

In the second place of our review of the best construction vacuum cleaners is this very functional model of the Turkish manufacturer. The design provides a function for both dry and wet cleaning, there is a fairly modern air filtration system based on DWS technology. After cleaning, the air in the room will be quite clean and fresh. In the Aquafilter, you can add various kinds of flavors that will be transmitted to the surrounding air.

If necessary, you can use this vacuum cleaner to collect spilled liquid in a volume of up to 6 liters. The blow hole provides for connecting a hose to it if necessary. The vacuum cleaner in the kit has two hoses at once – one of them is designed for dry cleaning, the other for wet cleaning. In addition to them, there are a significant number of attachments for all occasions-smooth and hard surfaces, carpets, furniture, there is a turbo brush.

  • Very convenient water filter;
  • Extended warranty period – 3 years;
  • The high power of the device is 2.4 kW.
  • Large overall dimensions;
  • It makes a lot of noise during operation.

1. Karcher SE 4002

Best construction vacuum cleaners, top-10 rating of good vacuum cleaners

Recognized leader of our rating: although this vacuum cleaner has been on the market for quite a long time, it still remains the most popular among all devices for cleaning construction debris. This model has a body made of high-quality plastic, resistant to physical influences. The handle performs several functions: it facilitates transportation, emptying the tank and easy opening of the housing. The Aquafilter tank is made of transparent plastic, so it will be immediately noticeable whether the device needs to be replaced with water.

The kit includes a carpet cleaning nozzle, and the spraying of cleaning solutions occurs over a large area, the moisture collection system quickly dries the surface. The cleaning agent is supplied via a special system built into the hose. The suction power is high, so this vacuum cleaner will easily cope with various hard materials such as sand, cement, small pebbles, spilled liquid.

  • High degree of reliability;
  • A decent number of attachments for a variety of operating modes;
  • Wet cleaning is quite high quality;
  • Easy to maintain and maintain.
  • Large weight and overall dimensions.
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