Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

A dishwasher is one of the essential appliances in the kitchen. It copes with various dirt on plates, pots, forks, spoons, mugs, etc. Beko dishwashers belong to the list of leaders in the modern market. The equipment of this manufacturer has been tested for years. Such devices make it possible to save about an hour of time and not worry about the safety of dishes. The most important and only thing that the user needs to do is load the Cutlery in the appropriate box and click the start button. Our editorial staff has compiled a rating of the Best BEKO dishwashers, which Housewives and bachelors will not resist.

Best BEKO dishwashers

BEKO dishwashers often receive positive feedback – this applies both to the entire product range and to each model separately. This technique effectively eliminates contamination, regardless of the type of dishes, and also significantly saves water and electricity consumption.

Next, we’ll look AT the top 8 Best BEKO dishwashers. Among them, there are both built-in and free-standing options, so it will not be difficult to choose the best product for your home.

1. Beko DFS 05012 W

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The narrow dishwasher is designed in a minimalist style. All controls are located at the top. This model is very compact, but has high strength – if necessary, you can store dishes and other kitchen accessories on top.
A free-standing dishwasher can hold up to 10 sets of dishes at a time. There are 5 washing programs available here. The liquid consumption rate for performing the cleaning procedure reaches 13 liters. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided protection against leaks and a delayed start timer. There is noise during operation of the device, but its level does not exceed 49 dB. The price of the model reaches 15 thousand rubles on average.

A set for one person is considered to be one set of seven pieces of Cutlery.


  • delayed start-up;
  • high build quality;
  • the mode of incomplete loading;
  • ability to load dishes while the equipment is running;
  • optimal capacity for small families.


  • the lack of door lock.

For families with children, this model is unlikely to be suitable (or you need to watch out) because the door is not blocked during the washing process, although the workflow is suspended.

2. Beko DFS 25W11 W

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The dishwasher belongs to the category of free-standing. It gets positive reviews about itself due to its compact size and good capacity. The width of this device is only 45 cm.

The equipment is able to wash 10 sets of dishes at a time. It has an energy consumption class of A. the noise Level during operation is 49 dB. The dishwasher is also equipped with child protection and a delayed start timer. Leak protection is also available, but only partially.


  • easy operation;
  • light weight;
  • attractive view;
  • ability to change the height of the upper zone;
  • clear display.


  • the lack of included rear legs.

At the back, the manufacturer has provided a thread for the legs, but only a single pair of front legs is included.

3. Beko DIN 14 W13

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The 60 cm wide BEKO full-size dishwasher is square in shape. It is made in white, and all the controls are located on the top panel. The coating of the structure is slightly dirty and easily washed off if necessary.
The BEKO built-in dishwasher works with 4 programs. The capacity reaches 13 sets of dishes at a time. The energy consumption class in this case is A+. As for the liquid consumption, it is equal to 12 liters. The noise level of this device is not too high-47 dB.


  • a large amount of;
  • reasonable price;
  • quiet operation;
  • high-quality drying;
  • save water.

As adrawbacksnote that the power cord is not too long to connect to the network.

4. Beko DIS 26012

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

Stylish dishwasher has small dimensions. It is fully integrated and is ideal for small apartments. The control panel is located at the top – you don’t have to bend too far to select a program and press the start button.
The model holds 10 sets of dishes and operates with a noise level of about 49 dB. It is protected from leaks. Inside, the manufacturer has provided an inverter motor. The liquid is used very sparingly – 10.5 liters per washing procedure. You can buy a dishwasher for 17 thousand rubles.


  • washing dishes until they Shine;
  • accelerated program – 30 minutes;
  • half load;
  • easy cleaning of tureens and dessert plates;
  • the pots fit well in the bottom tray.

The only small oneminus signthere is a problematic drying mode after a 2-hour wash.

5. Beko DIS 25010

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The fully integrated BEKO dis 25010 dishwasher receives positive reviews for its attractive, no-frills design. You can connect it to the network in a matter of seconds, since the wire here is quite long, and all the necessary outputs are located on the back surface.

The device consumes 10.5 liters of water. At the same time, there are 5 working programs, and the capacity is equal to 10 sets per session. Additionally, the creators have equipped the equipment with a class a condensation dryer.


  • good capacity;
  • easy to install;
  • moderately bright operation indicator;
  • the minimum cost of water and electricity;
  • double built-in sprinkler.

The lack of:

  • there is no water stop on the hose.

6. Beko DIN 24310

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The built-in BEKO dishwasher fits into any interior. It is decorated in white, has a square shape and opens from the side.

The case of the dishwasher is very soiled, and therefore customers should be prepared for frequent wiping of fingerprints and other contaminants.

The technique allows you to wash as many as 13 sets of dishes at a time. At the same time, the maximum liquid consumption reaches only 11.5 liters. Among the other characteristics of the dishwasher, the most significant are: 4 operating programs, a noise level of 49 dB, energy consumption of class a+, condensation drying of class A.


  • 30-minute program;
  • high-quality washing;
  • the elimination of dirt, even without detergent;
  • the optimal noise level;
  • the machine is attractive in appearance.

The disadvantagecustomers don’t name the most accessible installation instructions.

7. Beko DFS 25W11 S

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The only dishwasher of our rating, decorated in gray, receives positive reviews not only about the appearance, but also due to the characteristics. It is very functional, while taking up a minimum of space. Because of its height, the model belongs to the category of free-standing.

The Beko 45 cm dishwasher has a capacity of 10 sets. It cleans dishes in 5 different operating modes and consumes no more than 10.5 liters of liquid. In addition to washing, there is also a drying function – condensation, class A. the manufacturer also provided protection from children, partial protection against leaks and a timer for delaying the start. The warranty period for this model is 2 years.


  • improved washing quality;
  • multiple work programs;
  • fits into the interior;
  • conveniently placed dishes with handles;
  • low noise on any washing or drying mode.


  • the door cannot be locked when the equipment is running.

If you open the door during washing, the process will stop, but there is a possibility of water leakage.

8. Beko DFN 05310 W

Best BEKO dishwashers-Rating 2021

The Final position of the rating is occupied by the BEKO 60 cm dishwasher, which belongs to the full-size category. It is made in white and has a slightly rough upper part, due to which the dishes before or after washing will not roll off it.

A free-standing washing machine can accommodate 12 sets. An inverter motor is installed here. A number of work programs reaches 5. Protection from leakage in this case was partial, but the complaints about her come very rarely. The noise level is 47 dB. The manufacturer also provided protection from children and condensation drying of class A. you can Buy a BEKO dishwasher at an average price of 20 thousand rubles.


  • matching price and quality;
  • high-quality removal of dirt in any mode;
  • low noise during operation;
  • excellent drying performance;
  • the service life is up to 10 years.


  • failure of the equipment to cope with long-term scale in the kettle.

Which BEKO dishwasher to buy

The rating Of BEKO dishwashers consists of various models – each of them has its own technical features and capabilities. When choosing equipment, it is recommended to rely on two main criteria-capacity and fluid flow. They are responsible for economical washing of dishes. So, in the first case, the leaders are DIN 14 W13 and DIN 24310, in the second-DIS 26012 and DFS 25W11 S.

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