Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

A washing machine is one of the most popular devices in the everyday life of a modern person. It would seem that everything is extremely simple: I loaded the Laundry, clicked on a few buttons — and you’re done! In fact, choosing a good unit at a reasonable price is not so easy. Atlant products from Belarusian manufacturers meet the requirements of most customers. We hope that our mini review of the TOP 5 best models will be useful when choosing.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Which ATLANT washing machine to choose
  3. Best ATLANT washing machines
  4. ATLANT 40М102
  5. ATLANT 60У1010
  6. ATLANT 70С109
  7. ATLANT 60У108
  8. ATLANT 50У88

Advantages and disadvantages

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

The factory in the Belarusian capital, which initially produced only refrigerators, produces a huge number of household appliances, among which washing machines occupy one of the most honorable places. Atlant products are in demand not only in the domestic market, but also exported to a number of European countries.

To the peculiarities of the Minsk washing machines are:

  • Russified liquid crystal display. The information is displayed in one of 4 languages (temperature mode, washing time, spin frequency);
  • automatic door locking when the unit is running. There is also protection against accidental starting of the machine by children;
  • the door of the loading door opening fully;
  • adjustable height of the legs, which allows you to install the equipment even on uneven floors;
  • high-quality fuel tank. For its manufacture, high-strength steel is used, which prevents scale from settling on the surface of the heating element. Therefore, the Atlant washing machines work perfectly even with water of increased hardness.;
  • resistance to mains voltage drops (175-255 V);
  • good energy efficiency. Most of the brand’s models belong to the category of energy consumption A;
  • design features of the drum that allow you to evenly distribute the Laundry, prevent it from stalling;
  • memorizing frequently used functions;
  • timer that allows you to program the device to start at a convenient time;
  • signal the end of the cycle.

Arguments to buy the products of Atlant:

  • reasonable prices. To be even more precise, Atlant’s products are one of the cheapest on the market;
  • increased reliability. First-generation units that are more than 10 years old continue to serve their owners;
  • excellent build. Careful control at all stages and the use of high-quality components allows Minsk residents to produce quite competitive goods;
  • good quality cleaning cloth;
  • multitasking. A large number of pre-installed programs allow you to choose the optimal mode;
  • simple, intuitive operation with multi-language menu;
  • minimal noise;
  • compact size, which is very important for small-sized housing.

There are also a number of disadvantages that the buyer should be aware of:

  • under-squeezed Laundry. As a rule, these are classes C and D, which corresponds to the grades “good” and ” mediocre»;
  • design flaws. For example, water falling on the floor when opening the hatch, accumulation of debris between the drum surface and the fins, strong pump noise when draining water;
  • some modifications vibrate strongly during spin (an impressive sight when a 60-kilogram machine moves a meter or more).

Which ATLANT washing machine to choose

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

When choosing a modification of a washing machine, pay attention to the following factors::

  • dimensions, loading method. The choice depends on the size of the room and the space for the typewriter. Among the products of Atlant, there are many compact and narrow models. However, their working life is less long than that of standard ones, since tightly Packed parts wear out faster;
  • the materials of construction of the hull of the tank and the drum;
  • drive type (most reliable — direct);
  • type of control — electronic or mechanical. The latter option is more reliable, but the electronics are much more convenient;
  • the dry weight of the loaded linen. The choice depends on the size of the family. For 3-5 people, a unit designed for 5-6 kg is enough;
  • functionality. The more preset functions, the easier it is to choose the optimal mode that corresponds to the characteristics of different types of textiles.;
  • the noise level in the work;
  • safety (protection against leaks, accidental switching on);
  • efficiency classes for washing, spinning, and energy consumption;
  • expert ratings, user reviews on the official website and forums.

Best ATLANT washing machines


Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Front-loading model designed for 4 kg of dry Laundry. Cleaning efficiency indicator — A, squeezing-C. The maximum spin speed per minute is 1000 revolutions. The spin speed can be adjusted depending on the type of fabric. The dimensions of the washing machine are 600x330x850 mm. A total of 15 modes are provided, which are described in detail in the instructions. The machine is characterized by relatively quiet operation (noise level does not exceed 59 dB, in spin mode-74 DB), energy efficiency class A+. The device is equipped with a built-in timer that allows you to postpone the launch for a day. Power supply-220 V network.

Connection is provided only to cold water supply. The heating element itself heats the water to the set temperature. The tank is made of plastic. The device weight is 58 kg.

  • select spin speed (cancel if necessary) ;
  • foam level and imbalance monitoring;
  • the number of programs — 15, including-for wool, sportswear, delicate fabrics, quick wash, soaking. A special stain removal program is also available;
  • opening the hatch 180 degrees;
  • signal about the end of the working cycle.
  • compact dimensions (narrow with a depth of only 33 cm);
  • optimal number of programs;
  • stability;
  • reliability;
  • moderate noise;
  • intuitive menu;
  • easy operation;
  • excellent Laundry cleaning quality;
  • good build;
  • delayed launch for up to a day;
  • low price.

Disadvantage: no drying. However, for an inexpensive model, this is more of a wish than a complaint. The load is small, but for a small family, this is exactly what you need.

ATLANT 60У1010

Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

A stand-alone washing machine designed for 6 kg of dry Laundry. The control type is electronic. The digital display shows information about the serviceability of equipment and the state of the working cycle. The device dimensions are 300x410x850 mm, weight 62 kg.

Like most representatives of the Atlant brand, the model is characterized by good energy efficiency (A++). The washing and spin efficiency categories are A and C, respectively. The water consumption per cycle is 45 liters. The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. It is possible to select the frequency (or cancel) of squeezing, depending on the type of tissue.

The machine is equipped with the following safety systems::

  • protection of children;
  • foam level monitoring;
  • unbalance control;
  • partial protection against leakage.

In total, there are 16 programs, including those for wool, silk, denim, and children’s items. There is a function to delay the launch for up to 24 hours. The tank is made of plastic. The noise level in operating mode and during spin is 59 and 73 dB, respectively.

  • modern design;
  • lots of work programs. And all absolutely necessary ones;
  • good engine;
  • reasonable price.


Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Beautiful functional modification with front-loading. The washing machine is designed for simultaneous loading of 7 kg of dry Laundry. The control is electronic, all necessary information about the operation of the unit is displayed on a digital display. The device dimensions are 600x480x850 mm, weight 63.0 kg.

In terms of energy efficiency, this modification leaves behind the two already described rating models (A+++). The washing and spin efficiency levels are A and C. the maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. The spin speed is regulated up to its complete cancellation, depending on the type of textile. Protection against children, water leaks (partial), foam level and imbalance control determine the safety of the device.

The number of preset modes is 11. In particular, there are special programs for cleaning wool, children’s and sportswear, and denim. The stain removal function is very convenient.

  • plastic water tank;
  • the boot hatch that opens 180 degrees;
  • the noise level in the wash/push-UPS — 59/73 dB;
  • ability to select the operating temperature;
  • signal the end of the program.
  • heavy loading. For a large family with small children, this is a great advantage;
  • a large number of programs;
  • good build quality.

No shortcomings have been identified.


Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Washing machine with front loading, electronic control and the ability to use as a stand-alone or built-in equipment. The machine is designed to load 6 kg of Laundry. Product dimensions 600x420x850 mm.

Energy consumption and efficiency categories:

  • washing — A;
  • push-up — C;
  • power consumption — A+.

The average water consumption per cycle is 45 liters. The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. You can set the desired speed limit, depending on the type of textile.

The machine is protected from switching on by children, there is full protection against leaks. There is also control over the level of foam and the imbalance of the unit. The number of operating modes is 15. Plastic water tank. The noise level during washing and spinning is 60/68 dB.

  • the choice of a temperature mode;
  • signal the end of the cycle;
  • Led-indication;
  • self-diagnosis;
  • possibility of additional loading of Laundry.
  • almost perfect build;
  • relatively compact dimensions;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • low price compared to analogues from other companies;
  • excellent washing, wringing and rinsing quality;
  • intuitive operation;
  • large, convenient sunroof that opens completely.
  • noise during operation;
  • vibration and stomping when washing heavy clothes.


Best ATLANT washing machines: TOP 5 rating for 2021

Stand-alone machine with the possibility of embedding (the cover is removable) and front loading. The weight of dry Laundry, which can be loaded into the unit at the same time, is 5 kg. The control type is electronic. Product dimensions 600x420x850 mm, weight 62 kg.

The energy efficiency of the device is quite high (A+), the quality class of cleaning and spinning textiles is A and D. On average, 45 liters of water are consumed in 1 cycle. Push-up speed is adjustable from 0 to 800 rpm.

The device is protected from accidental switching on by children, from leaks (partially). There is control over foaming and imbalance. The absolute advantage of the model is multitasking (23 working modes). In addition to products made from different types of fabrics, even sports shoes can be washed in the machine. There is also a spot removal function.

  • machine start delay — up to 1 day;
  • plastic water tank;
  • opening the loading hatch 180 degrees;
  • washing and spin noise level-59/68 dB;
  • the choice of water temperature;
  • signal the end of the wash.
  • minimal noise and vibration during operation;
  • solid build;
  • the machine copes equally well with cleaning dense bulky things and products made of delicate fabrics;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • small size;
  • reasonable price.
  • the noise of the drain pump;
  • there is no countdown when washing;
  • Laundry removed from the washing machine, slightly damp;
  • silent cycle end signal.

However, all these shortcomings are completely uncritical, adjusted for the low price.

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