9 best pneumatic screwdrivers

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Pneumatic screwdrivers are distinguished by the lack of an engine and a simpler design. This has affected the low weight and allows you to use them without a time limit. For operation, you will need a powerful compressor and a storage receiver. Such a pneumatic tool is practical in furniture factories and other Assembly plants that require a hardy screwdriver designed for everyday operation. Let’s find out which air screwdriver is the best, for which we will compare nine of the most popular products of this type from world brands.

Rating of the best pneumatic screwdrivers

When compiling the TOP-9 best pneumatic screwdrivers, we took into account both the characteristics of the tool and customer reviews. This helped to create a balanced description with the pros and cons of products, so the review will be without “rose-colored glasses”.

Category place product name price
Rating of the best pneumatic screwdrivers 1 Bosch 0 607 460 400 29 406 ₽
2 Senco SEN602C 14 628 ₽
3 Schneider Airsystems DRS 810 26 839 ₽
4 Senco SEN610 14 900 ₽
5 SUMAKE ST-4488 22 644 ₽
6 Metabo DS 14 8 449 ₽
7 JONNESWAY JAB-1017 8 420 ₽
8 Fubag SL120 5 382 ₽
9 Gross G208 6 525 ₽

Bosch 0 607 460 400

9 best pneumatic screwdrivers

In the first place is the Bosch air screwdriver, which is designed for a pressure of 6.3 ATM, and also needs 810 liters of air every minute. This flow allows the pneumatic tool to spin the tooling up to 750 rpm. On the back of the gun there is a valve for adjusting the twisting force with parameters of 1.5-8 Nm. To connect the air hose, use a 1.4-inch fitting with a herringbone tip. The internal diameter of the compressor hose must have a cross-section of at least 10 mm, then the unit will work without loss of power. In reviews, users like the handle length of 15 cm, suitable for people with large hands. The owners are also satisfied with the relatively low weight of the pistol, which is 800 g. It is convenient to work with it all day, and the case is almost not heated.

We have marked this pneumatic screwdriver as the best one because of the presence of a wrap-around depth limiter. This allows you to set the exact degree of screwing in of the fastener and not damage the surface of the material if it is brittle.


  • robust housing;
  • comfortable to hold in your hand;
  • weight 800g;
  • pressure and tightening torque adjustment are provided.


  • the high cost;
  • loud operation 84 dB;
  • it is difficult to connect the hose to the herringbone adapter.”;
  • a powerful compressor is required due to the air consumption of 810 l/min.

Senco SEN602C

In second place is a pneumatic screwdriver from the American brand Senco, made in the L-shaped body. The model has two rubber pads on the handle, which increase the reliability of the grip. The hex Chuck of the pneumatically driven screwdriver is capable of reaching up to 800 rpm and tightening fasteners with a force of 14.7 Nm. The manufacturer has taken care of the possibility to adjust the screwing stiffness in order to work with the tool on both soft and hard materials. Operation requires a pressure of 8 ATM and a compressor capable of delivering 453 liters per minute. The pneumatic screwdriver weighs 1.1 kg and works with a volume of 78 dB.

The pneumatic screwdriver is interesting in the presence of a second handle, which can be rotated 360 degrees around the body. This not only increases the grip reliability, but also makes it easier to push, so that it is convenient to put pressure on the fasteners. Given that this instrument does not have a percussion function, this dual-handle configuration helps to increase productivity compared to similar devices with a single handle.


  • there is a reverse;
  • rubber pads on the handle;
  • robust steel housing;
  • provides improved performance;
  • light weight 1.1 kg.


  • when rotating, the second handle scratches the paint on the body of the screwdriver;
  • it is not very convenient to switch the reverse.

Schneider Airsystems DRS 810

The pneumatic screwdriver of the pistol type from Schneider Airsystems consumes 360 liters of air per minute, so it is less “voracious” compared to the participants described above. The tool body is made of metal, and the handle is covered with anti-slip pads that increase the reliability of the grip. The model operates with a pressure of 7 ATM and spins the spindle up to 1650 rpm. At the same time, the tightening stiffness of the fastener can be adjusted with a maximum of 8 Nm. To connect to the compressor, you will need a hose with an internal diameter of 9.5 mm. Reviews show that the screwdriver fits comfortably in the hand, but it is inconvenient to rest the second hand when pressing.

This pneumatic screwdriver is the best for the thoughtful connection of the compressor hose to the gun. This is usually a weak point, because bending the hose often bends and then bursts. I have to cut it off and rearrange the fitting. Here, the manufacturer also produces a gun with an already built-in communication segment, protected by a thick shell and having a dense metal crimp at the entrance. The hose from the compressor is already connected to a flat area after 50 cm, so it does not break.


  • there is an adjustment of the tightening torque;
  • rubberized handle;
  • robust metal housing;
  • consumes 360 liters of air per minute.


  • the high cost;
  • slippery trigger;
  • the screwing depth is not adjustable.

Senco SEN610

And here is another American model from Senco, which consumes 540 l / min of air at a pressure of 6.3 ATM, and generates a twisting stiffness of up to 5.5 Nm. If necessary, the wrapping force can be reduced to 0.5 Nm to avoid damaging the brittle material. The air screwdriver is made in a black metal case and is equipped with two rubber pads so as not to slip in the hands. The manufacturer has taken care of the trigger with an ergonomic shape, convenient for long-term finger pressing. A reverse is provided on the side. In reviews, the model is liked by professionals for its narrow shape of the cartridge, which facilitates access to small mounting holes and openings.

We put the pneumatic screwdriver in the list of the best because of the increased number of revolutions that do not fall under load, which the spindle can develop. This model can rotate at 1800 rpm. Not all pneumatic units are capable of this, so choose this screwdriver for high performance when you have a large amount of Assembly or disassembly.


  • the finger does not slip off the trigger;
  • there is a reverse for changing the direction of rotation;
  • the narrow configuration of the cartridge;
  • the ergonomic shape of the handle.


  • requires a powerful compressor due to the flow rate of 540 l / min;
  • constant lubrication is required;
  • you can only buy it on request.


And here is a professional pneumatic screwdriver from the Taiwanese brand SUMAKE. The model consumes 450 liters of compressed air with a pressure of 6.2 ATM. The connection from the compressor is made through a threaded connection and a 1/4 ” connection. in Order for the volume of air supplied to be at the desired level, a hose with an internal diameter of 9.5 mm is required. The handle of the gun is completely covered with rubber, so the tool is securely held even during active manipulations. But the weight of this model is slightly larger than the others and is 1.4 kg. In reviews, customers like the pneumatic screwdriver with a high reverse lever, which is convenient to switch in thick working gloves.

The pneumatic screwdriver is recognized by us as the best in terms of tightening force. Among its analogues, it has a fairly high indicator — 16.4 Nm. This allows you to wrap fasteners with a diameter of up to 7 mm. But if you need to screw something very delicately, then the tightening torque can be reduced to 5.1 Nm.


  • the handle is completely covered with anti-slip material;
  • the case is resistant to falling damage;
  • reverse is convenient to switch even with work gloves;
  • it can function for a long time without overheating.


  • weighs 1.4 kg;
  • the high cost;
  • threaded connection of the fitting.

Metabo DS 14

9 best pneumatic screwdrivers

The German brand Metabo has developed the DS 14 pneumatic screwdriver, which consumes 340 l / min at a pressure of 6.2 ATM. Its twisting stiffness is adjustable in the range of 5-14 Nm, and the speed of rotation of the hex Chuck reaches 1800 rpm. The pneumatic tool weighs 1.2 kg. The maximum diameter of the screw-in fastener is allowed up to 6 mm. Buyers in the reviews are satisfied that these pneumatic screwdrivers, like all other Metabo products, are undergoing pre-sale preparation, which excludes the sale of defects. This reduces the likelihood of buying a broken tool online. In the kit, the manufacturer supplies three 1/4 nipples at once for a variety of connection organization (ISO, EURO, ARO). The company also gives You a bottle of oil so that you have everything you need to get started.

This model is distinguished by several advantages over its analogues. First, it has a very comfortable handle, which, in addition to the rubber lining, also contains ergonomic cutouts for fingers. This configuration increases the comfort of holding and reduces tension in the hand. Secondly, the pneumatic screwdriver vibrates at the level of 3.6 m / S2, so the master’s hand gets even less tired (for other models, the indicator starts from 4.0 m / S2).


  • there is an adjustment of the tightening torque;
  • a convenient reverse switch;
  • consistently delivers the declared power, regardless of the load;
  • the handle is covered with rubber.


  • very noisy operation 94-105 dB;
  • the paint on the case is gradually erased.


And here is another simple and very reliable air screwdriver from JONNESWAY. The tool runs on compressed air with a pressure of 6.2 ATM, producing 1800 rpm with a tightening torque of 14 Nm. The metal case is not painted in any way, so the product retains its original appearance, despite long-term operation. The handle is covered with rubber and contains ergonomic cutouts. In the reviews, the owners like the pneumatic screwdriver with a narrow shape of the cartridge, which is useful when screwing fasteners between closely located parts. Another product of the JONNESWAY brand from the Pneumatics category is distinguished by an extended warranty of 2 years, which also encourages some to make a choice in favor of this product.

We have marked the pneumatic screwdriver as the best in terms of compressed air consumption. For efficient operation, you will need 120 liters per minute, and this does not require a powerful compressor and a roomy receiver. But in terms of performance, this model is not inferior to those that consume 400-600 liters / min, so the product looks much more profitable than competitors.


  • the narrow shape of the cartridge;
  • comfortable grip;
  • the handle is completely covered with rubber;
  • signed directions of the reverse switch.


  • the reverse switch jumps at the slightest touch;
  • there is no torque adjustment.

Fubag SL120

The German brand “Fubag” produces one of the most powerful pneumatic screwdrivers with a tightening torque of 120 Nm. The tool Chuck is capable of spinning up to 12,000 rpm, significantly contributing to increased productivity. To connect the gun, you will need a hose with an internal diameter of 9.5 mm, as well as a pressure of 6.3 ATM. The manufacturer has implemented a fundamentally different scheme for starting the reverse rotation. The trigger is made in the form of a rocker arm and pressing on one side leads to clockwise rotation, and pressing on the other edge starts twisting the snap. The handle is completely rubberized and does not slip out of your hands. Excess air is removed through the second channel in the gun handle.

In reviews, customers share that this pneumatic screwdriver is very helpful when working in a confined space due to the length of the case 165 mm. For other models, the length varies from 190 to 250 mm. In addition to its compact size and extreme power, the product is notable for the most affordable price among its analogues, which makes it the best.


  • quick connection of the hose via the rapid fitting;
  • rubberized handle;
  • exhaust air outlet through a channel in the handle;
  • the short length of 165 mm for limited spaces.


  • very loud work;
  • awkward trigger with reverse function.

Gross G208

The review is completed by a pneumatic screwdriver from the Gross brand, which consumes 800 l / min with a pressure of 6.3 ATM. For full operation from compressed air, you will need a 1/4-inch fitting and a hose with an internal diameter of 9.5 mm. The gun has a ring for adjusting the torque with a maximum of up to 17 Nm. The kit includes a rapid connection and a key. The air flow spins the blades of the pneumatic screwdriver up to 700 rpm. The reverse lever switch located to the left of the trigger is convenient for quickly changing the direction of rotation. The rubber coating of the handle increases the reliability of the grip.

Our experts have identified the pneumatic screwdriver as the best in terms of long-term readiness of the manufacturer to carry out free repairs during the warranty period. This period is the longest here and is 3 years, according to the company’s statement on the official website of Gross-Tool.

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