7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners with the possibility of Autonomous operation are appreciated by Housewives for their ease of use and speed of cleaning. But often such models are unable to replace a full-fledged device, since the operating time without recharging is very short. It is best to purchase cordless vacuum cleaners as additional assistants. This will make it possible to regularly maintain order in the room, without having to get a bulky device with many attachments.

Today, experts have prepared a rating of the best 7 models of cordless vacuum cleaners in different categories.

What to pay attention to when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner

Power.It is important to look at two parameters: battery power consumption and suction force. Energy savings will depend on the first one, and cleaning efficiency will depend on the second one.

Battery life. It is desirable that the device can withstand at least 20 minutes on a single charge.

Dimensions and weight. Since the device is portable, it can not have a large size and weigh a lot. Usually, cleaning is done with one hand, which means that it should not get tired during the entire cycle.

Easy storage. A cordless vacuum cleaner is always best to have on hand. Make sure that the model has a special bracket that allows you to attach the device directly to the wall, from where you can quickly remove it. Vertical Parking is also suitable for putting the appliance in the storage room.

Filtering. Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with a cyclone filter, in addition to which a removable, washable filter is installed that traps small particles.

Rating of the best cordless vacuum cleaners

Category place product name price
Best vertical cordless vacuum cleaners 1 Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua 16 490 ₽
2 Vax U86-AL-B-R 20 790 ₽
3 Bosch BCH 6ATH18 10 080 ₽
4 Tefal TY8871RO 10 891 ₽
Best 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners 1 Dyson V6 Cord Free Extra 19 290 ₽
2 Philips FC6404 Power Pro Aqua 13 751 ₽

Best vertical cordless vacuum cleaners

Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The first place in the rating is occupied by a universal model with two cleaning modes: dry and wet. The suction force of the vacuum cleaner is higher than that of similar cordless models. Users note that the device copes not only with small debris and dust, but is also able to remove sand.

Equipped with a container for collecting dirt, which is convenient to take out and clean. Three-layer filtration will help keep the air in the treated area clean and fresh.


high suction power;

long battery life – 30 minutes;

light weight – 2.9 kilograms;

fast cleaning of the container.


noise level-83 dB;

poorly copes with cleaning along walls and in corners;

relatively expensive – 20 thousand rubles.

Vax U86-AL-B-R

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

On the second line is a cordless vacuum cleaner, which has two batteries, thanks to which long-term operation is ensured without recharging. According to the manufacturer, even with daily use, the charge will last for a week. If you need a one-time thorough cleaning, then the device will last up to 50 minutes offline. Fast charging takes only 3 hours, after which the model is ready to work again.

The Vax U86-AL-B-R is maneuverable and compact, although it looks bulky. Using it with one hand is quite simple, as noted in the user reviews.


high suction force – 175 auth;

easy cleaning of the cyclone filter;

a compartment for storing attachments is provided.


power consumption-1000 W;

poorly removed hair from the roller nozzle;

high cost – 27 thousand rubles.

Bosch BCH 6ATH18

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The third position of the rating was taken by a cordless vacuum cleaner, which has an optimal price-quality ratio. You can buy the model for a relatively low amount – 13300 rubles. The device weighs only 3 kilograms, so that the hand does not get tired during cleaning. The battery life is decent and is 40 minutes. In 3 hours of charging, the device will be 80 percent ready for operation, and in 6 hours – 100.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a cyclone filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. There are three power modes, and a turbo brush is included.


sufficient suction force;

charge indicator and the fullness of the filter;

power regulator on the handle;

low noise level-75 dB;


no slot attachment;

small container volume;

it does not penetrate into hard-to-reach places.

Tefal TY8871RO

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The fourth position is occupied by a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning of premises. The model is equipped with a special ultra-thin triangular brush Delta Vision with illumination, which quickly removes dust and debris in the corners, under sofas and beds. The device is adjustable, so you can choose between three power modes, depending on the selected one, the operating time will be from 20 to 50 minutes.

The cyclone filter, as noted by users, is easy to clean. Thanks to vertical Parking, you can put the device in any convenient place.


power consumption-110 W;

compact and maneuverable;

relatively inexpensive – 13 thousand rubles.


poorly copes with cleaning wool and hair from carpets;

small container volume – 0.5 liters;

high noise level-82 dB.

Best 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners

Dyson V6 Cord Free Extra

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The fifth place in the rating went to a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner with a balanced design that allows you to securely hold the device during prolonged cleaning, without experiencing discomfort and fatigue. If you remove the handset, the device can clean hard-to-reach areas, such as high-hanging shelves, the space behind the radiator, or the car interior.

The battery life is 20 minutes. When you turn on turbo mode, the performance increases significantly, but the charge will last only for 6 minutes.


power consumption-350 W;

maximum suction power-100 W;

digitally controlled motor;

indication of the discharge and overheating;

turbo brush and nozzle for cracks in the kit.


high noise level-87 dB;

high cost – 25 thousand rubles.

Philips FC6404 Power Pro Aqua

7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

On the seventh place of the rating is a universal vacuum cleaner that can work in dry and wet cleaning mode. A three-layer filter captures the smallest particles, so that the blown air is clean and odorless.

The cyclone system is very easy to operate. The container is removed with a single tap, after which you can pour out all the collected dirt, rinse it and return it to its place. The model is suitable for cleaning all types of floor coverings, including carpet.


long time of Autonomous work is 40 minutes;

light weight – 3.2 kilograms;

relatively inexpensive – 14 thousand rubles.


high noise level-83 dB;

it does not penetrate into hard-to-reach places.


7 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The last line goes to the cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a vertical or as a manual one. This allows you to perform various tasks, in addition to traditional cleaning, to clean the car interior, cabinets, curtains, furniture.

The lightweight and maneuverable machine is ideal for quick cleaning. It is recommended as an additional assistant to maintain order in the room. Cyclone filtration is installed.


power consumption-100 W;

high suction power-180 W;

optimal battery life is 30 minutes;

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