6 best activator washing machines

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy and install a stationary washing machine that has a vertical or frontal loading type. Some people do not have enough money for this, and they do not want to take a loan at all. Others have too little space in the apartment, even for a narrow model. Still others are going to buy a washing machine for the dacha, and it is difficult and pointless to take a stationary model there. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the best activator washing machines. These are real babies that do not require much effort to transport them. Such a device is useful both in the country and in the hostel.

Rating of the best activator washing machines

Category place product name price
Rating of the best activator washing machines 1 RENOVA WAT-60PT 6 990 ₽
2 AVEX XPB 65-55 AW 11 220 ₽
3 RENOVA WS-50PT 6 765 ₽
4 Feya SMP-40N 4 496 ₽
5 Slavda WS-30ET 2 860 ₽
6 Voltek Princess 2 932 ₽


6 best activator washing machines

If you think about it, RENOVA has become a household name. This trademark means exclusively activator machines. People like these devices, which is why our rating includes two models sold under the RENOVA brand at ONCE. The article starts with a device called WAT-60PT. This model can surprise you with several of its characteristics at once. And we are not talking about the cost of 11 thousand rubles — indecently much for a device belonging to the activator type. Most surprising of all is the capacity. The device is capable of washing 6 kg of dry Laundry! Therefore, in terms of capacity, this model is not inferior to narrow washing machines, and even surpasses some of them! However, the dimensions of the device are also appropriate, the height reaches 88 cm. If it were not for the wheels on the bottom, then transportation of the device would be difficult. The weight of the washing machine is 26.5 kg — to lower such a “baby” from the stairs, you will need the help of a second person. In the house, no problems arise — not only the wheels help, but also a fairly comfortable handle.

The RENOVA WAT-60PT uses electronic controls that even an elderly person can quickly master. You can choose from as many as ten washing programs. There is even a wool washing program here! The washing of delicate fabrics is also not forgotten, but every activator washing machine must be able to boast of this program. There is also a soaking mode. It will be useful if the clothes are very dirty. Of course, you can also soak the Laundry manually. But in this case, you will then have to be distracted to transfer the Laundry to the washing machine, and start it up. Here, everything happens automatically, which is good news. In short, just because of this, you can be generous with such a fairly large amount.

The case of the device is made of plastic. The tank does not need to be cleaned manually — after washing, you are asked to run the appropriate program. It is also necessary to note the presence of at least partial protection against leaks. The device is also not afraid of children — you can safely lock the controls. The machine also knows how to monitor the imbalance and foam level, such control is extremely rare in activator washing machines.

Please note that this model does not include a heater. This means that you need to pour hot water here, only in this case the washing will be effective. As for the spin, the manufacturer did not forget about it. However, the corresponding efficiency class E indicates that the Laundry will still hang on the rope for a long time.

It’s nice that the device has received an energy class A. It indicates that the washing machine will not have too much impact on electricity bills. By the way, there is a timer for delaying the start of washing — it is useful for those people who pay for electricity at night at a reduced rate.

In short, the RENOVA WAT-60PT is a great model. The best in our rating. But it is unlikely to suit those people who expect to bring the device to the bathroom only for the time of washing. This washing machine was too big.


  • Convenient electronic control;
  • Not very high power consumption;
  • Huge capacity;
  • Spin speed selection is available;
  • Implemented protection against children and leaks;
  • There is a control of the imbalance and foam level;
  • 10 Laundry programs are provided;
  • Built-in timer for delaying the start of washing;
  • There is a signal for the end of the program.


  • Very large dimensions;
  • The high cost;
  • The efficiency of extraction is not ideal.


6 best activator washing machines

Another very large activator washing machine. The height of this representative of our rating is 85 cm. the device Also has a very decent width — as much as 71 cm. This is due to the presence of two compartments at once. In the first of them, the usual washing process is carried out. The second one is a centrifuge, in which the Laundry is wrung out. How effective it is is not said, the relevant tests were not carried out by specialists. But there is no doubt that the result will be slightly better than when using the washing machine discussed above. But it is “a little better”, the underwear in any case will have to be dried on a rope for quite a long time.

This unit can accommodate up to 6.5 kg of dry fabrics. During the washing process, you can interrupt the process by loading the found socks or any other underwear. But this opportunity, so that you understand, is in all activator washing machines, so they are good. Unlike the instance discussed above, it uses mechanical control. There is no question of any large number of washing programs. In fact, you can use regular washing and washing of delicate fabrics, nothing more. However, usually buyers of such devices do not need anything else.

This washing machine weighs approximately 19 kg — Relatively few for this size. It is possible that the manufacturer managed to reduce the weight due to the plastic tank. Also, the final weight was affected by the lack of all sorts of additional components. For example, there is no electronic unit that can be used to implement child protection. There is also no control over the foam level and imbalance. Yes, what can I say, there is not even partial protection against leaks. And this is in the washing machine, for which they ask for 11 thousand rubles!

However, you should not worry too much. If this model consisted only of shortcomings, it would not be included in our rating. The device can be praised for its high-quality copper motor. It seems that it will not fail either after the end of the warranty period, or in five years, or in ten. Also, this engine is able to boast of low power consumption, as evidenced by the corresponding class A.

Otherwise, we must admit, this is a typical activator washing machine. If it had been a little smaller, it would not have been priced, even if the capacity was not so large. However, even with such dimensions, it is a good choice for installation in the country.


  • There is a separate centrifuge;
  • Holds a large amount of Laundry;
  • Delicate fabrics can be washed;
  • Not very high power consumption;
  • Easy mechanical operation;
  • An excellent copper motor is used.


  • To spin the Laundry, you need to move it to the second compartment;
  • No protection against leaks and children;
  • Not everyone will like the price;
  • Large sizes.


6 best activator washing machines

Another activator washing machine with a second compartment in the form of a centrifuge. This model is made by RENOVA. As we have already said, for many, this brand is associated with high-quality and inexpensive washing machines.

When designing this model, the manufacturer tried to save money in every possible way. This is noticeable. At least take a look at the control panel. Yes, it has quite a large number of regulators. However, they are all mechanical! There is no question of any large number of washing programs. The manufacturer also reduced the amount of materials used in construction. As a result, the size of the device for some reason did not decrease, but the capacity was only 5 kg. And if you plan to use spin-out, then you will have to load no more than 4.5 kg of dry Laundry — the centrifuge will not spin up more.

The dimensions of the washing machine are 74x43x88 cm. Therefore, it is better to keep it in one place. No, transportation from one room to another is possible, but it will take some effort. Connect the device to hot water. This is explained by the fact that activator washing machines do not have a heater in their composition. This is partly why they consume a relatively small amount of electricity.

Simplification is also noticeable when looking at the case. And it’s not just that it’s made of plastic. The fact is that the product has not received at least partial protection against water leaks. However, it is unlikely that something will happen to the case even if you accidentally left a metal object in your shirt pocket. There is also no child protection here. This, however, also does not frighten — it is unlikely that the child will do anything with such a control panel. Yes, and you will not keep such a washing machine connected to the mains when it is not in use?

Perhaps this is a very good copy. The problem is that finding it in stores is becoming increasingly difficult. Apparently, this model is discontinued. Now only leftovers from warehouses are sold. Also, not all customers like a large number of manual operations. Unfortunately, there is practically no automation here. It will take you two minutes to fill in the water. After washing, it must be drained to get a new portion for rinsing. Well, then you have to transfer the Laundry to the centrifuge. However, if you want to spend only 5-6 thousand rubles on a washing machine, then you need to be prepared for the fact that each washing process will be very time-consuming.


  • There is a separate centrifuge;
  • Low cost;
  • Good capacity;
  • There is a multiplexer;
  • Delicate Laundry can be washed;
  • Maximally simplified management.


  • It is quite difficult to find in stores;
  • Fairly large size;
  • No protection against water leaks;
  • Short drain hose.

Feya SMP-40N

6 best activator washing machines

As you already understood, this washing machine is made in Russia. It also belongs to the activator type. Moreover, it also has two compartments, one of which houses a centrifuge. However, it should be noted that this device turned out to be a little more compact. Its width is 69 cm, the same is the height.

The product received simple plastic covers. The rest of the body is made of the same material, so this washing machine cannot be called particularly heavy. On the top panel of the device, you can find three mechanical regulators. Unfortunately, there are no special programs here. Unless you count as such the washing mode of delicate fabrics, which is present in all such models. By the way, inside this machine can accommodate 4 kg of dry Laundry. Not much, but if you believe the reviews, you can even wash a set of double bed linen at a time.

Of course, there is no leak protection here. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to damage the case used here. But the motor is quite capable of failure. Several reviews mention just such a problem. Fortunately, this can happen in the first few months of using the washing machine, when the warranty is still valid. If by the end of the warranty period nothing has happened with the machine, then in the future you should not wait for breakdowns.

Summing up, the fairy SMP-40N Is a good washing machine. But do not expect impressive opportunities from it. And this is the only representative of this rating in which a defective engine can be present. In short, the purchase is fraught with risk. It should only be performed if you are unable to purchase the other washing machines discussed here. By the way, do not confuse this model with the Fairy SMP-40 — that machine does not have a pump for draining dirty water.


  • Updated with a centrifuge;
  • Delicate items can be washed;
  • The capacity is 4 kg;
  • Easy mechanical operation;
  • Sold in many stores;
  • Low cost.


  • No protection against water leaks;
  • Non-removable drain hose;
  • You can buy a defective copy.

Slavda WS-30ET

6 best activator washing machines

Another activator washing machine of domestic production. This is an even cheaper copy. For it in the Russian retail ask only 3 thousand rubles. It is clear that for such money you will not get a device with any broad functionality. There is only one compartment present here. And this does not mean that all actions are performed in it. No, the machine just didn’t get the spin function! This means that after washing and rinsing, you will have to squeeze out the Laundry yourself, so that it does not take an astronomical amount of time to dry.

There are only two mechanical controls on the top panel of the device. With this machine, you can wash no more than three kilograms of dry Laundry at a time. It is not recommended to wash delicate fabrics here. Or before that, put them in a special bag — in this case, nothing will happen to them for sure.

The lid of this washing machine is made of translucent plastic. This allows you to observe the washing process firsthand. If you see an abundance of foam, then the process can be paused. Also, this action is useful if you need to reload the Laundry. With everyone, it happens when the next pair of socks is already after the start of washing.

Please note that the width and height of this model are 41 and 64 cm, respectively. This makes the washing machine the best choice for the cottage. You can transfer it even in the trunk of some cars, not to mention in the back seat! Students who live in dormitories also buy such a washing machine. It is impossible not to admit that at a cost of 3000 rubles, you stop paying attention to the reliability of the design and engine — even if the device fails, it will not be a pity. However, in numerous reviews does not say anything about any damage. Only one person had the pulley attachment block beating against the stiffener, which required a little file work.

Otherwise, this is a typical budget activator machine. It perfectly copes with washing. It includes a simple filter, which is quite a challenge to remove. There is no protection against leaks, and the case is made exclusively of plastic.


  • Very modest size and weight;
  • Low cost;
  • Doesn’t make too much noise;
  • Easy-to-learn mechanical controls.


  • The internal filter is difficult to remove;
  • Not particularly large capacity;
  • There is no leak protection;
  • No spin-up;
  • Poorly thought-out system of water drainage.

Voltek Princess

6 best activator washing machines

Another representative of our rating, created by a domestic company. This instance has the simplest possible appearance. Many people might even mistake it for a trash can! This is a very compact model, equipped with a minimum of buttons and controls. Behind is a folding handle, which makes the device easy to carry.

Dimensions, of course, affected the capacity. It is only 1 kg. This makes you forget about washing a sweatshirt, a set of bed linen or something similar. Basically, this washing machine is able to accept underwear, t-shirts and other things made of light fabrics.

To be precise, the device dimensions are 35x34x45 cm. At the bottom of the device is the so-called activator disk, with which the washing process is carried out. Of course, you should not count on different washing programs. However, the only mode used here is enough for absolutely any things.

Of course, there is no protection against water leaks. However, the size of the device is such that even with the most serious failure, water does not flow out to the floor — the pressure is not high enough for this. But the product can still break — in one of the reviews it is said that the same activator has stopped spinning at the washing machine. The author of the review recommends using the device only for washing the simplest fabric products — socks, underpants, and other things. If you start washing something more serious, then the flimsy design will make itself felt — the engine mounts are at risk of cracking.


  • Very low cost;
  • Simple mechanical control;
  • Minimum dimensions and weight;
  • Flooding of neighbors is impossible.


  • The design is too flimsy;
  • It only holds small items;
  • The filling hose is too thin;
  • Short power supply wire;
  • There is no spin function.


This is the list of the best activator washing machines. The devices discussed in this article will delight you with their minimal size and light weight. Of course, they can’t handle a lot of Laundry, but they will definitely be able to wash sheets, underpants, t-shirts and other things. Another difference from stationary washing machines is the need to use hot water — activator models do not know how to heat it.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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