5 best washing machines under the sink

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Lack of free space forces owners of small apartments to look for the most compact solutions in everything. This also applies to washing machines. Knowing this, manufacturers produce small, but convenient and functional models that take up a minimum of space. Some of them are so compact that they are suitable for embedding under the sink. There are not so many such washing machines on sale yet, and only a couple of manufacturers offer specialized models for embedding under the sink. But, nevertheless, buyers still have the opportunity to choose. Having selected the most interesting offers of the market, we have compiled for you a rating of the best washing machines under the sink.

Top 5 best washing machines under the sink

5 Zanussi FCS 1020 C

5 best washing machines under the sink

The compact washing machine, designed to load up to three kilograms of Laundry, has an electronic Board, a standard set of washing programs. The maximum spin speed is 1000 revolutions per minute. Despite its small size, the model washes, rinses and wrings as well as full-size machines, consuming much less electricity and using very little water (39 liters per full cycle).

In General, the washing machine fully meets the expectations of customers. It is made with high quality, has a sufficient number of programs, fits perfectly under the sink or in the kitchen set. But some users do not have enough short washing among the modes, and in reviews there are quite often complaints about loud operation and excessive vibration.

4 Eurosoba 1000

5 best washing machines under the sink

Eurosoba is one of the few manufacturers offering special models of washing machines that can be integrated under the sink. Given the specifics of the equipment, it is distinguished not only by its very compact size, but also by a well-thought-out design. Mechanical control, 180-degree sunroof opening, powder-coated galvanized housing – this washing machine will last a long time. Otherwise, this is a fairly simple model – a set of quite standard 12 programs, spin at 1000 revolutions per minute, loading 4 kg of dry Laundry.

According to user reviews, the washing machine is miniature, quiet, pleasant in appearance. The set of programs offered by the manufacturer is quite enough for washing clothes of all types. It perfectly washes, squeezes well and is cheaper than newer and more functional models of the same brand. The disadvantage that many buyers noticed is that at a high price, the quality of plastic leaves much to be desired.

3 Electrolux EWC 1350

5 best washing machines under the sink

The compact washing machine is designed to load a small amount of Laundry-no more than three kilograms. But this is really a real workhorse – it washes efficiently and presses at speeds up to 1300 revolutions per minute. The choice of programs is not the largest, but it is possible to set the time of completion of washing, as well as a timer and protection against leaks. This is one of the best options when there is an acute shortage of free space in the bathroom – the washing machine easily fits under the sink, without taking up extra space.

Especially astute users in reviews include mechanical control among the advantages of the model, since it is placed under the sink, and water can get on it. Big advantages – quiet, almost inaudible operation, excellent maintainability. But the cost for such a simple model seems too high for some.

2 Candy AQUA 1D1035-07

5 best washing machines under the sink

The Candy AQUA 1d1035-07 compact washing machine is an excellent low-cost option for installation under the sink. This is one of the best models for a combination of low price, functionality and design. When loaded at 3.5 kg, the washing machine wrings out Laundry at speeds of up to 1000 revolutions per minute and has 16 different washing programs. The large diameter of the loading hatch makes it easier to put Laundry in the drum. On sale, you can also find sets from this washing machine with sinks of different shapes, which eliminates the need to independently choose the option that best fits the size. True, it turns out to be somewhat more expensive than buying a washing machine and sink separately.

In reviews, users refer to the advantages of the model as low cost, compactness, excellent washing quality, and a fairly simple but pleasant design. I am pleased with the abundance of programs, especially several options for short washing. But there are also disadvantages – too noisy work for such a baby, not the best quality. Often there are complaints about breakdowns and difficulties with repairs due to the lack of spare parts in Russia.

1 Eurosoba 1100 Sprint Plus

5 best washing machines under the sink

Expensive, but very high-quality and compact washing machine, designed specifically for installation under the sink. It differs from other similar models in its increased functionality, despite its very modest size and load of only four kilograms. These are 14 washing programs, including various special modes, functions of reloading Laundry, protection from children. The small size does not prevent the washing machine from wringing out at speeds up to 1100 revolutions per minute.

Despite the decent cost, users leave mostly positive reviews about this washing machine. It is quiet, functional, and roomy enough for its small size. Users are pleased with a lot of washing programs, an intuitive interface. The only unpleasant moment is that if the washing machine breaks down, it will not be easy to find spare parts for it.

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