5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

Characteristics in the rating

The model line of robot vacuum cleaners in the price category of 10000-15000 rubles is one of the widest in terms of functionality and representation in retail chains. Such devices are distinguished by a practical design, strong body materials, and optimal configuration.

They are equipped with modern motors that are mostly more powerful than budget devices, innovative, often proprietary filtration systems, and high-precision laser navigation. They have an increased size of the dust collector and the capacity of the battery (AB). Depending on the model, the machines perform dry, wet or combined cleaning. In our rating, the best offers of the market in the price category of 10000-15000 rubles.

Top 5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

5 Xiaomi MiJia Sweeping Robot G1

5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

The novelty of 2021 has already received a lot of positive reviews for high-quality dry, wet cleaning. It is equipped with 2 elastic brushes at once, and it moves through the rooms not at all chaotically thanks to the gyroscope. The fall sensor system is also at a high altitude, there are problems with collision sensors, and dark objects are not always distinguishable. The advantages include trouble-free finding of the charging base by the device.

The device automatically adjusts the suction power. For hard surfaces, it is less, while dust, small crumbs, and animal hair are collected well. When moving on carpets that the vacuum cleaner runs over without hindrance, the suction power increases. Separate dust collector (0,6 l) and water container (0,2 l) without emptying/refilling is enough for cleaning up to 40-50 sq. m. This is how much the device passes on a single battery charge. A model that costs up to 15,000 rubles is included in the “smart home” category and can be controlled via the smartphone app or Yandex’s Alice voice assistant.

4 Xrobot X5S

5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

The household device for dry and wet cleaning received a good navigation system. It quickly navigates in space, optimally builds a route, and is maneuverable. Thanks to the system of infrared sensors, the device does not collide with surrounding objects, does not fall from a height. If you get stuck on thresholds with a height of more than 1.5 cm and long-pile carpets, an audio alert is activated.

There are 5 cleaning modes in total, including local cleaning. Roomy (0.5 l and 0.3 l) containers for dust and water have to be serviced after cleaning at least 40 sq. m. A special feature of the robot is the system for separate collection of large garbage and dust. Filtration is high-quality, even unpleasant odors and allergens are removed thanks to the HEPA consumable. The cyclone dust collector can be removed from the housing and shaken out without any problems. Cleans the device on a single charge for up to 2 hours, there is a timer. Disadvantages of the model – non-running orange color of the side of the case, charging time AB about 5 hours, increased noise.

3 Genio Deluxe 370

5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

The Chinese development attracts attention with its presentable appearance. You can choose one of the 3-way color schemes. On the mostly matte case made of high-quality plastic, no dust is visible. The model in the price category up to 15,000 rubles in the Central part of the upper cover has a push-button touch panel for controlling (voice commands are available) with a display and opening the compartment with a cyclone dust collector. Additionally, the package includes a remote control for comfortable operation. Everything is easy to open, the Assembly of the device does not cause any complaints.

The machine is equipped with 2 units for dry cleaning (standard, turbo brush) and a container with a microfiber cloth for wet cleaning. There is an option to collect liquid. As users note in the reviews, the quality of wet cleaning can be compared to manually wiping the floor with a MOP. In total, the robot vacuum cleaner operates in 4 modes. For 2 hours of cleaning on a single charge, the device processes up to 100 square meters. m. Cons-the height of the device is 8.7 cm, the weight is 3.3 kg, it does not always see dark furniture.

2 ELARI SmartBot Turbo SBT-002T

5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

The rating participant in the price category of 10000-15000 rubles looks outwardly restrained and stylish, works very quietly, efficiently removing dust and animal hair. The turbo brush included in the kit is capable of retracting even pencils and other small objects. A pair of side brushes effectively collects micro-debris, which is important when cleaning along baseboards, in corners, under furniture items. The disadvantage of dry cleaning in reviews, consumers consider winding long wool or thread on the bristles.

Despite the lack of a map construction function, the vacuum cleaner moves most often along the optimal trajectory, although it is better to close the room with the device in order to avoid it rolling out of the work area. In addition to the 0.5 l dust collector, there is a 0.4 l capacity for wet cleaning. You can control it using buttons, remote controls, a quick connection to the app via Wi-Fi, and Yandex’s Alice voice assistant. This model has one of the best AB working hours – 2 hours.

1 iLife A7

5 best robot vacuum cleaners up to 15,000 rubles

On the laconic body of the robot vacuum cleaner, a push-button control panel with an LCD display clearly stands out. It is completely waterproof and has good access thanks to the Central frontal placement. The large (0.6 l) cyclone-type dust collector is made of high-quality plastic. Due to the 3-level filtration system, its resource is sufficient for dry cleaning of 40-50 square meters. square meters.

Another advantage is that the diameter of rotation of the floating brush is 5 cm. Therefore, with small irregularities in the floor covering (tile, wood, carpet), high cleaning efficiency is achieved. The electric brush is included in the package. The control system is also carried out via remote controls within a radius of up to 8 meters and an app on a smartphone. However, users call the latter option not the most effective. The battery charge lasts for 120-150 minutes. The pros also include 5 cleaning modes, a timer by day of the week and time, the case weight of 2.5 kg and its small thickness (7.6 cm), the cons – the charging time of 5 hours, when Parking on the base, the time settings are reset to zero, slightly increased noise (60 dB).

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