5 best garden vacuums

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“Are you still cleaning up the trash with a rake? Then we’re coming to you! “and I want to recite this “legendary” advertising slogan, slightly remaking it for the garden theme that interests us. Of course, if you are an ardent supporter of physical labor, and, most importantly, have a small territory with a small number of plantings in use, it is quite possible to eliminate fallen leaves, dry stems and branches after pruning by hand. But the owners of a large allotment in any case, it is more convenient to clean up organic litter with the help of mechanized devices-garden vacuum cleaners, sometimes also called “blowers”for the principle of operation.

We have collected 5 of the best models of garden vacuum cleaners that can become a loyal assistant to both an experienced gardener and a beginner who dreams of an ideal garden plot. The main criteria for getting into our rating were the performance of the unit, its economy, reliability and functionality. For complete objectivity, we not only studied information from official sources of manufacturers, but also analyzed the reviews of real customers who have already managed to evaluate the quality of this type of equipment in practice.

TOP 5 best garden vacuum cleaners

All garden vacuum cleaners for private use are divided into three types-these are electric models, battery devices and devices that run on gasoline. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose a particular model only based on your individual requirements and capabilities. We made a “combined” review, which included the best representatives of all types of harvesting equipment that are most popular with Russian buyers.

5 Bort BSS-600-R

5 best garden vacuums

Universal vacuum cleaner-blower Bort BSS-600-R with the function of blowing and suction – one of the favorite cleaning tools of domestic gardeners. This small compact unit with a convenient ergonomic handle and light weight (only 2 kg), has enough power to put in order the household territory, remove accumulated organic matter, as well as qualitatively clean the yard or workshop from small construction debris.

  • Electric motor power 600 W;
  • Speed adjustment is provided;
  • Dust bag included;
  • Quiet operation – 75 dB at maximum mode.
  • Short power cord (2 m), which limits the cleaning radius;
  • During prolonged use, the housing may become very hot.

The Bort BSS-600-R model is very popular not only for its technical features, but mainly for its affordable price, which in most stores does not exceed 2000-2300 rubles. At such an affordable price, this device perfectly copes with the tasks set, providing a high class of cleaning, comparable to the results of using professional cleaning equipment.

4 GreenWorks GD40BV

5 best garden vacuums

The next participant in our review is the battery-powered 2-in-1 greenworks GD40BV handheld device. Such models are most often chosen by owners of small house plots, gardens and vegetable gardens that need to be cleaned of small debris in the shortest possible time. Despite its mobility and small dimensions, the device has all the advantages of full-fledged garden vacuum cleaners – there is a bag for collecting garbage, there is a choice of speed from 6 suggested ones, and sharp steel knives for crushing are installed inside the case.

  • Easy maintenance that doesn’t require any type of fuel;
  • Environmental safety and high air flow rate;
  • Brushless induction motor;
  • Low level of noise and vibration during operation.
  • The product goes on sale without a battery or charger.

Since this type of garden vacuum cleaner works without the use of gasoline or oil, it does not produce any harmful emissions, which means it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The battery life depends on the selected mode – at the maximum speed of GreenWorks GD40BV can be operated for about 15 minutes, and if you slightly reduce the pace, then cleaning can be carried out from half an hour to 60 minutes.

3 Husqvarna 125 BVx

5 best garden vacuums

The convenient Husqvarna 125 BVx petrol model provides a powerful air flow for blowing over large polluted areas and perfectly sucks up street litter in the vacuum cleaner mode. Complete with the unit itself is a set of different pipes, as well as a bag for collecting crushed garbage, a screwdriver wrench for quick repairs and a carrying strap on the shoulder. According to user reviews, the device quickly sweeps away not only fallen leaves, but also branches and small stones from the ground, and when switching to suction, it easily processes even solid natural elements – cones, acorns, etc. It is also effective for cleaning soot from chimneys of stovepipes.

  • 16-to-1 mulching system that increases the capacity of the dust collector;
  • Ability to maintain an optimal air flow rate;
  • Capacity – 798 cubic meters / hour;
  • Innovative technology for quick start-up.
  • High cost compared to other models.

In addition to the rather large price tag, users attributed to the disadvantages the fact that the bag material does not hold fine dust well, and this can cause contamination of the operator’s clothing. Because of this nuance, we can not put a good, in General, Husqvarna 125 BVx on a higher place in our rating.

2 Stiga SBL 327 V

5 best garden vacuums

Petrol vacuum cleaner Stiga SBL 327 V became a member of this review not only because of good performance (average performance is 10.2 cub. m/min), but due to a clever design, ensuring low noise when working, as well as limiting the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. A specially designed anti-vibration system provides comfort and prevents fatigue during use, which is rarely found in gasoline models.

  • Well-balanced body;
  • High maneuverability;
  • Easy start-up with a manual cable;
  • Compact size and light weight – 4.6 kg.
  • Refueling with gasoline not lower than AI-92 is required.

The model is delivered immediately with a set for working in the vacuum cleaner mode and a volume bag for collecting dust (55 liters). It is suitable for cleaning highly polluted areas with large garbage. Since the device is equipped with a sufficiently capacious fuel tank and has the necessary mobility, it can be operated for a long time even in areas that are quite remote from home.


5 best garden vacuums

The first place goes to an electric vacuum cleaner from a popular Russian manufacturer of garden equipment, which is characterized by high power, thoughtful design and easy transportation. Compact and light in weight, the unit can be easily carried on the shoulder, for which a reliable and strong belt is attached to the device. The vacuum cleaner effectively removes fallen leaves, mown grass or small debris in a private yard, on a plot, on a tiled sidewalk or on the artificial surface of a Playground.

  • High motor power – 2600 W;
  • Two modes of operation-powerful blowing and suction with mulching;
  • Large garbage bag – 40 l;
  • Ergonomic handle and comfortable shoulder strap.
  • Not detected.

Judging by the comments on the network, buyers were satisfied with the purchase of this device, considering that they had at their disposal a reliable and easy-to-maintain tool for cleaning the garden and yard. Excellent performance, high-quality materials and solid construction combined with a low price allow us to call ELITECH PSM 2600 the best garden vacuum cleaner for private use.

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