22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Saint-St. Petersburg is a recognized capital of world tourism, which is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world. Numerous attractions are the reason for this popularity. It is impossible to list all the historical and cultural monuments that are located in the city on the Neva, because every second building in it is a national treasure and heritage not only of our country, but also of the whole world.

But not only do tourists come here to see the beauty of St. Petersburg. Many foreign travelers want to try real national Russian cuisine and get double pleasure from visiting the great city. Those who prefer the gastronomic delights of other countries will also find places to their liking. In St. Petersburg there are restaurants of Italian, Oriental, Japanese, Chinese, Caucasian and other cuisines.

Where to spend time, relax and where to go for lunch, we will tell you in this article. In the rating, we selected 22 restaurants in St. Petersburg, where they offer to taste a variety of dishes of national cuisines of the world, prepared by the best chefs of the Northern capital. The selection process took into account not only the opinion of professional experts, but also the feedback of real users.

Rating of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Category place restaurant average receipt
Best Russian cuisine restaurants in Saint Petersburg 1 Ad block 1 500 -2 500 ₽
2 Palkin 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
3 Marie Vanna 1 500 -2 500 ₽
4 Stackenschneider 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
5 Dostoevsky F. M. 1 500 -2 500 ₽
Best Italian restaurants in Saint Petersburg 1 Giulietta 700 – 1 500 ₽
2 Francesco 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
3 Gianni Pasta & Bar 700 – 1 500 ₽
4 Bona Capona 700 – 1 500 ₽
5 Toscana Grill 700 – 1 500 ₽
The best restaurants of Oriental cuisine in St. Petersburg 1 Barashki 700 – 1 500 ₽
2 Barbara 700 – 1 500 ₽
3 Seven beauties 400 – 800 ₽
The best restaurants of Caucasian cuisine in St. Petersburg 1 Spices&Joys 1 500 -2 500 ₽
2 Erivan 700 – 1 500 ₽
3 Tbilisi city Council 1 500 -2 500 ₽
4 Chechil 1 500 -2 500 ₽
Best Japanese restaurants in Saint Petersburg 1 Sintoho 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
2 MEGUmi 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
3 Miso 900 – 1500 ₽
Best Chinese restaurants in Saint Petersburg 1 Moscow-Beijing 2 500 – 4 000 ₽
2 Made in 700 – 1 500 ₽

Best Russian cuisine restaurants in Saint Petersburg

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Blok rightfully occupies the first place in our list. Excellent location, excellent cuisine and high-quality service-these are the main secrets of the success of the brainchild of the famous restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. The interior is not only relaxing, but also provides an incomparable aesthetic pleasure. Works by famous avant-garde artists adorn the hall. A giant crystal chandelier creates a special atmosphere of intimacy. The restaurant is located on the roof of the Leningrad Center, offering panoramic views of the Tavrichesky garden.

The restaurant is designed for meat gourmets. The menu amazes lovers of gastronomic delights and consists of such sections as” cold Meat”,” fried Meat”,”minced Meat”. Dishes are prepared according to classic and author’s recipes, many of which can be tasted only here. Special attention is also paid to the choice of products. Meat is purchased from farms in the Voronezh region, where gobies are fattened using a special technology with a unique degree of marbling: average between Choice+ and Prime.

On-site Parking is available. Many visitors noted that this is one of the best places in St. Petersburg, where you can taste Russian cuisine and celebrate a significant event in your life. The restaurant is located at 4 Potemkinskaya street and is open daily from 12: 00 to 01: 00. Phone number for booking tables: +7812415 40 40.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The second place in the rating is occupied by an institution that bears the name of a famous restaurateur who opened the first tavern in 1785. Palkin offers dishes of native Russian cuisine, which impress not only foreigners, but also our compatriots with their exquisite design and taste qualities. The menu includes Beluga and sturgeon caviar, venison and wild boar dumplings, buckwheat porridge chops, stewed sauerkraut soup. You can finish the dinner with desserts according to the author’s recipes of the chef.

The restaurant attracts attention not only for its cuisine, but also for its convenient location in the very center of the city, as well as the atmosphere that has been preserved since the pre-revolutionary institution located here. It has become one of the most popular places in St. Petersburg for holding various events: weddings, anniversaries, conferences. The Banquet hall can accommodate up to 250 guests at a time. The interior is refined, designed in soothing colors.

Customers appreciated the high level of service. Those who visited this place for the first time noted that they will definitely come again. Parking is not provided. The restaurant is open from 12: 00 to 00: 00. It is located at the address: Nevsky Prospekt, 47. Contact phone number: +7812703 53 71.

Marie Vanna

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The third place in the rating belongs to a chain of restaurants located all over the world: Los Angeles, London, new York, Washington, Moscow, Baku. But the first restaurant opened more than 10 years ago in St. Petersburg. The cozy interior is reminiscent of an authentic Russian home environment. There is a cuckoo clock and a samovar with steering wheels, a hand-knitted lampshade, retro buffets and a gramophone. And the kitchen resembles dishes lovingly prepared by my mother or grandmother: delicious pies and pies, rich soup with chicken, delicate thin pancakes and lush thick pancakes.

Guests from abroad will be surprised by baked suckling pig, stuffed sterlet, pike perch with horseradish and of course native Russian drinks that accompany any feast. They can be located at their own discretion: either in the common room on the first floor, or on the second level on the balcony, or in a separate room.

The retro salon offers you to take advantage of special offers and celebrate your birthday or bachelor/hen party favorably. It opens its doors to visitors at 12 o’clock and is open until 01.00. the vanna restaurant is located on Mytninskaya embankment at number 3. you can Book a table or order a Banquet by phone: +7812640 16 16.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The restaurant included in our rating and located on the fourth line completely excludes the concept of “minimalism” in everything from the kitchen to the interior. The house in which it is located was built more than two centuries ago and is named after the architect Andrey Ivanovich Stackenschneider. Once upon a time, the best representatives of the cultural intelligentsia of St. Petersburg gathered there. Today, the restaurant is also a place where famous people from all over the world come not only to have lunch, but also to chat.

Luxury is visible in any, even the most inconspicuous details. Guests are surrounded by stucco ceilings, preserved from the time of construction, leather, velvet, natural wood, crystal, bronze. Porcelain dishes are an undoubted point of pride, which emphasizes the aristocracy of this institution. Russian dishes made according to ancient recipes and technologies have become a business card. In addition to the main menu, there are business, Banquet and hunting menus, where every gourmet will find what he likes.

You can visit the restaurant at the address: 10 Millionnaya street. It is open every day from 8 am until the last visitor. Phone number for more information: +7812401 69 19.

Dostoevsky F. M.

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Restaurant of Russian cuisine, which finished in fifth place ranking in this category is an intimate place where you can spend an unforgettable evening or to celebrate the holiday with friends at the highest level. The interior is refined and decorated in bright colors, creating a special cozy atmosphere that promotes gastronomic enjoyment. The name is also reflected in the design. In the main hall there are bookcases with great works of the writer. A variety of Russian dishes is served on site. They are prepared according to old Russian recipes, including the author’s finds of the chef.

The menu includes cold and hot appetizers, salads, fish and meat dishes, and drinks. Veal jellies with horseradish, sterlet pies, shutosh soup, pike cutlets, onion buckwheat deserve special attention of guests. Guests will enjoy dishes from the Russian avant-garde menu, named after the great artists Kandinsky and Malevich. For a more pleasant stay, a variety of Board games are offered here.

The restaurant is chosen for celebrating weddings and anniversaries. The Banquet menu is made based on the preferences of customers, and in addition to Russian, you can include European cuisine. Opening hours: from 07: 00 to 23: 00. location: 9 Vladimirsky Prospekt. contact number for booking a table: +7812334 22 44.

Best Italian restaurants in Saint Petersburg


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The first place of the rating in the category best Italian restaurants of St. Petersburg goes to Giulietta with an interesting history of appearance. After the opening of Romeo’s near the Mariinsky theater, the founders had the idea to create a beautiful “Juliet”. So there was a popular place not only among residents, but also guests of the Northern capital, where you can relax and enjoy national European cuisine, which is loved by millions of gourmets around the world.

The morning Breakfast is served in a small, cozy room just outside the entrance and includes a fragrant Cup of coffee and homemade desserts baked according to traditional recipes. Next, guests enter the main hall, the interiors of which fully reflect the spirit of the Mediterranean country. Small cozy tables are designed for a group of four people, but you can always connect them and enjoy socializing in a large friendly team.

The menu is varied and includes both simple dishes and more complex, refined ones. For many parents, the advantage of the establishment is the presence of a children’s room, stylized as a circus, where, under the supervision of an experienced nanny, kids play while adults relax and enjoy food. Opening hours: from 9.00 to 00.00, on Saturday and Sunday it opens 1 hour later. Address: Engineering street, the house 13. Contact phone number: +7812443 83 45.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The second best restaurant in the rating is Francesco. Visitors are immediately introduced to the cozy atmosphere of Italian culture and everyday life. The interior features antique furniture, massive candlesticks, sideboards with dishes, soft sofas. A special pride is the menu, which includes both traditional dishes and original ones created by chef Francesco Barbato. These are pastas, risotto, carpaccio, tagliolini, and several types of homemade cheese. Good wine from the best vineyards in Sunny Italy will cheer you up and help you connect with your friends.

In the restaurant you can not only have a delicious lunch, but also spend time with benefits. Master classes, drink tastings, and sports competitions are regularly held here. Francesco meets the demand of all lovers of Italian cuisine. Vegetarians and people who adhere to fasting will find dishes that meet their requirements.

Free Parking is provided for visitors. Kids can play in a special room, and then have a snack with dishes from the children’s menu. The restaurant is open on weekdays from 9 am to 01.00, on weekends-from 12.00 to 01.00. It is located on the Suvorovsky prospectus, the house 47. You can book a table by phone: +7812640 16 16.

Gianni Pasta & Bar

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The cozy restaurant has long acquired loyal fans who have become regulars of this place. The idea of its creation belongs to a couple who traveled a lot and wanted to create a corner of Sunny Italy in St. Petersburg. The design is bright. The interior is decorated in red and white tones. The hall is decorated with a small fireplace with stucco molding, many figurines and paintings that were brought from the most beautiful country in Europe.

Comfortable armchairs and sofas with pillows will create the necessary mood for rest. Wicker screens are provided if guests want privacy. The menu pleases the true gourmet deli. But the special pride of the chef is homemade handmade pasta. Its own pastry shop provides an opportunity for sweet tooths to taste traditional Mediterranean delicacies.

While the parents are resting, the children will not be bored. Interesting show programs and master classes are prepared for them. Gianni Pasta & Bar, which took the third place in the rating, offers to take advantage of special offers and celebrate a birthday or other celebration with significant discounts. The restaurant is open every day from 11: 00 until the last customer. Its address is 11 Spassky pereulok. Phone number for contacting the administrator: +7912304 77 44.

Bona Capona

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The fourth place is occupied by a chain of Italian restaurants that are located in different districts of St. Petersburg, but retain a single concept. The chef from Tuscany was able to fulfill the dream of the founders of the establishment and allow all visitors to touch the amazing world of this country. In traditional recipes, the author’s technologies are introduced, improving the taste and aroma and attracting more and more new guests. Ravioli and lasagna, risotto and pizza, pasta and Frutti, and, of course, the wine list, which contains the best drinks from the Sunny country.

There are many reasons why Bona Capona is successful. One of them is the use of the freshest natural products that are purchased from trusted suppliers. They are environmentally friendly, they preserve the most useful and nutritious properties. The establishments often host real Italian holidays, where you can taste the pasta of the day or taste a new wine.

The main difference between the restaurant and similar establishments is affordable prices. Therefore, whole families come here to enjoy the unforgettable flavor and hospitality of the staff. The operating modes of the network’s establishments differ from each other. To find out the exact opening and closing schedule, order a Banquet or book a table for the evening, please call: +7812655 05 00.

Toscana Grill

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Toscana Grill ranks fifth in the best Italian restaurants category. The restaurant specializes in Tuscan cuisine. It is the first restaurant in the Northern capital to offer dishes from this part of the European country. During their travels, the founders were fascinated by the hospitality of Tuscany, especially the national cuisine, the basic concept of which is built on naturalness and maximum preservation of the natural tastes of ingredients.

For cooking, we use products imported from this Italian region. The rest are purchased from farms in our country, located in ecologically clean areas. Guests of the restaurant can taste traditional Tuscan cheeses, snacks, bread and wine only here. Meat-eaters will love the steaks and other dishes, which are cooked on the grill. The recipes and serving of soups are completely Tuscan. The original authentic interior allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Sunny country, even when the window is frosty St. Petersburg winter or rainy autumn.

The restaurant will be a great meeting place for a large company, where children will have something to do. It is easy to find, it is located in the very center of the city on the embankment of the Griboyedov canal at 64. The restaurant is open daily from 12 PM to 00: 00. Contact phone number: +7812310 64 54.

The best restaurants of Oriental cuisine in St. Petersburg


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Among the three best restaurants of Oriental cuisine, the first place in the rating is occupied by Barashki, located on the 5th floor of the PIK shopping and entertainment complex. A magnificent view of the sights of St. Petersburg even more lifts the mood and promotes communication. The hall is divided into several zones, so each guest will find what he likes: a quiet cozy table for conversations or a place for a noisy party. There is a lounge area, a bar, separate booths and a children’s Playground.

The interior has a lot of wood and decorative Oriental details. The kitchen offers traditional dishes based on old recipes. There is also a children’s menu with interesting design of desserts, soups, salads and hot dishes. A diverse tea list attracts connoisseurs of strong drink. Guests will be offered hookahs on water, milk, juice, fruit.

Guests can relax in the karaoke area, sit on the outdoor terrace in summer, or cheer on their favorite team during sports broadcasts. Eastern and Asian cuisine is served daily from 11 am. The restaurant closes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 01.00, on Thursday-1 hour later, Friday and Saturday – at 5 am. Location: 2 Efimova street. you can Book a table by calling: +7812903 66 99.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The next restaurant included in the rating impresses with its interior, which includes large panoramic Windows with a beautiful view of the city, arches with Oriental ornaments, floor panels made of old glazed tiles, chandeliers made of bronze and brass. The menu will delight lovers of national cuisine with traditional recipes. Gourmets will be delighted with the Moroccan tagine, which is based on any meat on the bone, and the mandatory ingredients are nuts, raisins, herbs, cinnamon. The chef also offers to taste his own author’s novelties.

In two halls, you can sit down as a couple at a table, or a large company. If you want to retire for a romantic meeting or conduct business negotiations, then a VIP booth without video surveillance is provided for this purpose. The establishment develops various promotions for the benefit of guests. For example, after 18: 00 and before closing, there is a 25% discount on the entire bar menu, or you can have dinner after this time for 990 rubles per person, choosing one of the suggested sets of dishes.

Free Parking is available for car owners. The establishment is located on Marat street in the house number 55. It is open daily from 12: 00 to 23: 00. Phone for more information and reservations: +7812764 73 33.

Seven beauties

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

In the very center of St. Petersburg, there is another place that is one of the three best Oriental restaurants selected in our rating. The interior reproduces the national flavor, in which everything accompanies a hearty meal and enthusiastic communication. Cozy sofas with pillows, comfortable chairs with patterned ornaments, wall panels and frescoes based on folk tales, wrought-iron candlesticks and massive chandeliers.

The institution has three halls, one of which is equipped with a stage where talented musicians perform every evening. There is a VIP room for celebrating the celebration in a narrow circle. The menu is varied and includes both traditional and original author’s dishes prepared on the grill or in a tandoor, which can be enjoyed in the restaurant or ordered home delivery. Here you will be offered a variety of drinks and a tobacco-free hookah. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy pastries and desserts prepared directly in the restaurant.

The bar menu is varied. This includes draught beer, wine, cocktails and stronger alcoholic beverages. Guests of the Northern capital are provided with special comfort conditions: the menu is in English and English-speaking staff. Opening hours: from 11: 00 to 01: 00. Residents of the capital and tourists are welcome at the address: 7 Furshtatskaya street. Contact number: +7812325 65 56.

The best restaurants of Caucasian cuisine in St. Petersburg


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The first place in the rating in the category of the best restaurant of Caucasian cuisine goes to an institution that has long been loved by local residents, but also by tourists coming to St. Petersburg. Here you can fully experience the real hospitality that guests immediately feel from the doorstep. The menu is designed so that everyone can choose a dish to taste. The restaurant offers both Caucasian and European cuisine. Special pride is served by dishes from the Georgian region of Megrelia, which are little known even to many gourmets.

The interior combines European minimalism and Oriental chic. The restaurant has two floors, so visitors can find a suitable place for themselves. Panoramic Windows offer a magnificent view of the city street. Discounts and special offers are available daily at the restaurant. Various programs will not let you get bored: master classes, tastings.

Parents can relax and enjoy a meal while their children play in the specially equipped play area under the supervision of a professional babysitter. A special menu has been developed for kids. The restaurant is open every day from 9 am until the last customer. Location: 191 Moskovsky Prospekt. it is better to Book a table in advance by phone: +7812640 16 16.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The second place in the rating is occupied by “Erivan” – a restaurant that brought a piece of Sunny Armenia to the cold Northern capital. In the interior, everything is chosen not by chance, and there is not a single superfluous detail in it. Furniture, dishes, candlesticks, chandeliers, carpets-all created by talented Armenian craftsmen. The menu includes dishes that are prepared according to ancient technologies with the inclusion of original ingredients.

All forgotten recipes were collected by local historians of the country. Despite the complexity of cooking, chef Armen Pinachyan embodies them in delicious dishes that preserve the taste qualities of products and their useful properties. Here you can cheer for your favorite team during sports broadcasts. Live music is available from Thursday to Sunday. During the warmer months, there is a summer terrace with magnificent views. Banquets are held both in the common rooms and in the VIP room.

The children’s room is equipped with everything you need to keep your kids busy while their parents are relaxing. The hospitable establishment is waiting for its visitors every day from 12: 00 to 00: 00. It is located on the Fontanka river embankment, 51-53. For more information you can contact us by phone: +7812310 51 53.

Tbilisi city Council

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

If you have not been to Georgia yet, but you want to get a closer look at the color, customs, and national cuisine of this country, then the restaurant “Tbilisi” has opened its doors in St. Petersburg, which welcomes its visitors with cordiality and hospitality on a daily basis. The interior resembles a street with a pavement and houses lined with shell stones. There are a lot of authentic details around: old coinage, lamps, metal products. The booths are separated from each other by semi-transparent organza with images of paintings by the famous artist Niko Pirosmani.

The menu features more than 100 dishes, some of which are prepared strictly according to ancient technologies, and some are a godsend of the chef. It presents a long-forgotten recipes of Adjara, Kutaisi, Imereti cuisine. A large selection of Georgian wines is even more uplifting. In the evenings, you can enjoy live music. At anniversaries and weddings, lezginka people dance here and sing beautiful national songs.

The restaurant starts its work daily from 12 o’clock, ends from Monday to Thursday and Sunday at 00.00, on Friday and Saturday – one hour later. Address: 10 Sytninskaya street. A room for communication with the administrator: +7812232 93 91.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Next, we include another restaurant specializing in Georgian cuisine in the rating. Visitors can choose any convenient location on one of the two floors or on the summer veranda. Although they are decorated in the same style, their interiors differ from each other. The ground floor resembles a street cafe with cobblestones and lots of flowers in large tubs. On the second level − a more intimate atmosphere with soft sofas and textiles.

The menu is very diverse. Here you can also taste traditional dishes on the grill, and you can try mchadi, tsitsila, phaleuli, achma. For those who like to have Breakfast outside the house, both the usual cereals and Oriental variations of the first snack are offered. Guests can enjoy live music in the evenings. Regular master classes will help you get a glimpse into Georgian cuisine from the inside and learn how to prepare delicious hot dishes, snacks and soups.

A game room and a special children’s menu are provided for toddlers. For visitors arriving by car, free internal Parking is provided. The restaurant is located in Degtyarny lane, house number 2. From Monday to Friday, it is open from 8: 30 am, on weekends-from 10: 00. The restaurant closes at 01: 00. You can order a Banquet or book a table by calling: +7812917 20 04.

Best Japanese restaurants in Saint Petersburg


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The first place in this rating category is occupied by a restaurant that got its name from the combination of letters of cities: Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. It is located on the first floor of the respectable Four Seasons hotel. Panoramic Windows offer a beautiful view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. You can appreciate the interior immediately at the entrance, where all visitors are greeted by stone lions. Luxury design allows you to plunge into the Japanese and Asian flavor.

Famous Singapore chef Leong Teng is responsible for the menu. All dishes are created for real gourmets, are unusual in taste and are prepared exclusively from those ingredients that are used at home and brought from all corners of Asia. A vegetarian menu is widely available. The wine list includes alcoholic beverages from different countries of the world. Beautiful presentation and decoration will create not only a gastronomic delight, but also an aesthetic pleasure.

Children are offered a variety of entertainment programs and more familiar dishes. All visitors noted the high class of service and polite staff. Address: Voznesensky Prospekt, 1, Letter A. enjoy Japanese cuisine from 16: 00 to 00: 00. Contact number: +7812339 80 00.


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

In the second place of the rating of the best Japanese restaurants – MEGUmi. The chef, who is the President of the Association of chefs of the land of the rising sun in Russia, prepares national dishes according to traditional old recipes. At the same time, it uses products that are imported from Japan and Asia. The national cuisine is rich in fish and seafood dishes. In the restaurant you can try oysters, shrimp, sea devil. For those who do not eat meat, vegetarian rice is offered.

The restaurant is divided into two zones. Three separate rooms are suitable for business and romantic meetings. The interior is made in an Oriental style and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a country far from us and appreciate the dignity of dishes, their presentation, taste and aroma. The menu offers a wide selection of drinks. These are traditional sake, plum wine, beer, as well as vodka, whiskey, and a variety of cocktails.

According to reviews, the prices in the institution are quite high, but they fully correspond to high-class service. The restaurant is located at 2 Antonenko lane. it is located in the Lotte luxury hotel and is open on weekdays from 12: 00 to 23: 00, on Saturdays and Sundays from 14: 00 to 23: 00.+7 812336 10 00.

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, there are three Miso restaurants United by one concept. Their main difference is quite affordable prices compared to other Japanese food establishments. The interior is quite concise, nothing distracts from the main purpose of the visit-to get acquainted with new unusual dishes, as well as enjoy the classics created by the chefs Of the land of the rising sun. Comfortable sofas and upholstered chairs encourage relaxation with a glass of European wine or a Cup of sake.

The menu includes soups, salads, desserts, appetizers, vegetarian and lean dishes. They can not only be tasted in establishments, but also ordered to take away. A business lunch is available from 11 to 17: 00 and costs 290 rubles. Simultaneous capacity of guests during various celebrations – up to 60 people.

The establishments are located at the following addresses: Moskovsky Prospekt, 48; Nalichnaya street, 15, building 1; Suvorovsky Prospekt, 15. They open on weekdays at 11 am, on weekends at 13: 00, close on Monday-Thursday and Sunday at 23: 00, Friday and Saturday at 01: 00. You can find out about the availability of tables in one of the restaurants by calling: +7812 325 55 50.

Best Chinese restaurants in Saint Petersburg


22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The first place in this category of the rating undoubtedly goes to the Moscow-Peking restaurant. It belongs to the premium class establishments and surprises guests with its refined interior and panoramic views from the Windows. The walls are hand-painted, colorful details add a special chic and luxury. Two chefs are responsible for the menu: a Chinese and a European, so it is represented by two national cuisines that are strikingly different from each other, but complement each other.

Guests will not be left indifferent to the serving of dishes. Here you can try Peking duck, Cantonese goose, smoked Gravlax, crystal dim sum, Chinese dumplings, crispy fern, Sichuan giblet appetizer, pig buns and pumpkin cakes. The restaurant will be able to surprise adherents of various food cultures: meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are available in a wide range.

Live music combined with great taste of dishes will give you a real pleasure and allow you to spend time in a cozy atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. Free Parking is provided for visitors. The restaurant is located in a picturesque location on Aptekarskaya embankment, house 8. it opens its doors at 12 o’clock, closes at 00:00. Phone number for more information: +7812775 10 00.

Made in

22 best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Completing our rating is a restaurant that offers national dishes of the middle Kingdom at quite affordable prices. All of them are prepared according to traditional recipes using fresh, natural ingredients. A guest chef from Hong Kong embodies complex ideas using his own technology. The menu, of course, includes Peking duck. Gourmets will be given a gastronomic pleasure by wood mushrooms, fern, bamboo shoots.

The bar menu includes original author’s cocktails, so during the visit you can enjoy not only a meal, but also drinks that have interesting names: “fire-Breathing dragon”, “Tiger”, “Panda”. The restaurant prepares dishes for those who observe fasting, adhere to gluten-free food, for vegans and vegetarians. At lunchtime, you can take advantage of the business lunch offer, which includes several complexes to choose from.

The interior is created in the Chinese style and fully conveys the flavor of the country. The dominant red color attracts visitors right from the doorstep. The facility is located at the address: Shkolnaya street, the house 14. Opening hours: daily from 12: 00 until the last visitor. Contact the administrator by phone: +7812929 56 06. You can book a table on the official website by filling out the guest card.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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