20 best storage water heaters

Characteristics in the rating

The problem of hot water supply still remains relevant even in the big cities of our country. In the event that the water supply is stopped or the system is not connected at all, consumers decide to purchase a special water heater. These simple but very useful installations are divided into two types – flow-through and cumulative.

The latter, as a rule, are much larger than running ones. This is achieved due to the fact that their design provides a reservoir for water accumulation. One or several heating Elements act as a heating element, depending on the model. The main feature of such a system is cost-effectiveness, since when the provided volume of liquid is heated to the maximum temperature, the thermocouple stops working at full capacity, continuing to maintain the temperature in the set mode with reduced power consumption. The disadvantage of a storage boiler is that the heating process is slow and if the water supply from the tank is completely consumed, a new portion will have to wait a very long time (it all depends on the volume).

Today, a huge number of well-known companies are engaged in the production and sale of storage water heaters. It is very difficult to evaluate the variety of products and accurately choose a great model, especially if you are a novice user. Therefore, as a purchase recommendation, we have selected for you the 20 best storage water heaters that have received high performance ratings and recognition from domestic consumers. Among the product selection criteria, the following were taken into account::

  • popularity of the manufacturing company in the Russian Federation;
  • user reviews about the operation of models and the opinion of reputable experts;
  • degree of compliance of technical characteristics with safety requirements and optimal performance;
  • system reliability and overall manufacturing quality;
  • the level of cost of production.

Best electric storage water heaters for vertical installation

5 Hyundai H-SWE4-15V-UI101

20 best storage water heaters

If you are looking for a compact, stylish and at the same time very functional device for a small kitchen, then this choice will be one of the best among the competing models. The 15-liter electric appliance is quickly attached to the wall with a bottom liner, its 7.8 kg weight and streamlined shape evoke positive emotions among users. This device consumes only 1.5 kW, while the built-in thermometer allows you to comfortably adjust the heating temperature. At the maximum, it can reach 75 degrees, which is also typical for more spacious models.

The miniature assistant is in no way inferior to them in other characteristics, primarily in the protection system. Its fuel element is considered wear-resistant due to the stainless steel from which it is made. The only element that causes an ambiguous reaction is the internal glass – ceramic coating of the container. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, but it is quite fragile. Therefore, when transporting the device, it is necessary to protect it from accidental impacts of the housing in order to avoid cracking of glass ceramics.

4 Electrolux EWH 100 Quantum Pro

20 best storage water heaters

This electric model is designed for 100 liters, so it is popular with large families. In addition, it shows good performance for the warranty period (at least 5 years)and durability in daily operation. The storage device is distinguished by the presence of several water collection points at once, a reliable enamel inner coating of the tank, a convenient mechanical control unit, and an optimal heating mode at a maximum of up to 75 degrees.

Wall mounting is carried out at the expense of the lower eyeliner. Of particular interest is the water protection system, which corresponds to the 4th degree. The device is fire-safe, as it will not turn on without water and stops working when it overheats. Users distinguish the presence of check and safety valves in the design among the advantages. The magnesium anode does not cause any complaints in the reviews. Among the advantages of the model, owners note the ability to operate in economy mode, the option of water disinfection, and scale protection.

3 Timberk SWH RS7 40V

20 best storage water heaters

Despite the small size of the tank (only 40 liters), the model is one of the best-selling, and there are a number of objective reasons for this. First, the heater is very safe, because it is equipped with a whole range of protective systems (up to electric shock). Secondly, the prestige of the manufacturing company, which a priori is not able to produce a low-quality product, affects.

Still, the Timberk SWH RS7 40V is not without some nuances. In particular, many people pay attention to rare malfunctions of the accessories included in the kit, such as cranes, connecting elements and places for attaching feeders. Sometimes accusations against the model arise from scratch, using the method “I do not know how it works, and therefore I do not like it”. We recommend that you treat such reviews with skepticism, since the water heater is really worthy of purchase, even if at an unnecessarily high cost.

2 Thermex Champion ER 50V

20 best storage water heaters

Compact and roomy electric water heater Timberk SWH FSM3 50 V 9 – a real godsend among all the “sturdy” category. Designed for 100 liters of water, it is able to provide hot water to a standard family consisting of 3-4 people. The heating element in it is a 1.5 kW dry heating element, which heats up water to a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius.

It is noteworthy that the Thermex Champion ER 50V has an anti-freezing function, which is typical for installations located in cold boiler rooms. This fact characterizes the main direction in its application: consumers confirm that they use the storage heater mainly in private homes, where it is often exposed to low temperatures. In General, the main reason for choosing this particular model is called the low level of cost – in other parameters, the Champion ER 50V practically does not differ from a number of competitors, because it is not quite the usual form.

1 Gorenje OTG 100 SLSIMB6

20 best storage water heaters

One of the brightest lines of storage electric water heaters from Gorenje simply could not fail to be in the rating of the best. It is represented by the original OTG 100 SLSIMB6/SLSIMBB6 model. Structurally, it stands out for both its pros and cons. According to some buyers, the vulnerable point of this heater is the safety valve. The situation reached the point that the tank simply burst from excess pressure, which entailed repair or scrapping of the installation. Of course, it is impossible to exclude a possible human factor from the situation, but periodically check the condition of the boiler is still worth it.

Otherwise, the design does not present any negative surprises. The heater is designed for 100 liters of water, which is heated to a temperature of 75 degrees. There is a standard set of protective systems, several connections for connecting water intake points, as well as status indicators and a temperature limiter.

Best electric storage water heaters for horizontal installation

5 Polaris FD IMF 50H

20 best storage water heaters

Consumers prefer a storage device for an apartment and a house for the tank volume of 50 liters, its optimal wall thickness, quality of construction Assembly, and horizontal mounting. Here you will find the most popular and useful functionality. The 2.5 kW power ensures fast heating of water to the maximum temperature. This process is controlled by a special indicator. An external temperature controller allows you to comfortably adjust the operation of the device. The 50-liter stainless steel tank retains heat for a long time thanks to a special polyurethane foam layer.

The design is protected from leakage and overheating, and the tank is covered by an 8-year warranty. The weak point of the model can be considered a copper heating element, which is subject to scale collection on its surface. The magnesium anode for protecting the device did not receive negative reviews.

4 Timberk SWH FSL2 50 HE

20 best storage water heaters

Users often purchase this model for placement in the country, as it has a flat body, is quite energy efficient (452.6 kWh). In addition, its power is 2 kW, which is a good technical indicator for heating a 50-liter tank. However, the increase in water temperature occurs gradually, up to 30 degrees in almost an hour, at a maximum of 75 degrees. In General, the operation of the device causes positive reviews, since it is equipped with several water collection points and already has a pressure of up to 7 atmospheres at the inlet.

Light indication of switching on and heating is another advantage of the design. From the protection elements, the owners of the storage device allocate a magnesium anode and a safety valve, the resource of which is enough for about 5 years. The stainless steel case is strong, neutral to the composition of water. However, because of this material, the electric device weighs more than 17 kg, in which it loses to analog models.

3 Ariston ABS SL 20

20 best storage water heaters

The water heater Ariston ABS SL 20 was created not so much with the expectation of operational efficiency, but rather to attract attention with the help of design and wear resistance of the materials used. The seemingly flawless body of the device hides excellent components, but their rational use for heating a 20-liter tank is highly questionable. As a heating element, the model uses one heating element (2.5 kW), the power of which is enough for almost instant heating of the tank.

The inner part of the Ariston ABS SL 20 tank is made of stainless steel, which lasts for 10-20 years of non-stop use. Another thing is whether the electronics will cope with this amount of work and whether the protection systems will not fail. In addition to the standard thermal relay and exhaust valve, electric shock protection is introduced here, so that the user feels safer. In General, the heater is a functional element of hi-tech decor, which is most rational to buy for an apartment and connect only to one water intake point.

2 Garanterm GTN 50-H

20 best storage water heaters

In rooms with low ceilings, whether it is an apartment, house or office, many consumers prefer to install electric models of a horizontal type. Included in the rating of household appliances of the Russian manufacturer attracts first of all a solid warranty period of operation-7 years. A well-thought-out design contributes to this indicator. There are 2 internal stainless steel tanks with a total volume of 50 liters. All seams and joints of the housing are made by cold welding, reliably sanded, and no corrosion spots appear on them over time. A special polyurethane foam acts as a heat-conducting material.

The model is equipped with a comfortable mechanism for adjusting the operation, a total of 3 power modes are provided, at the maximum this indicator reaches 2 kW. High-quality operation is provided by 2 open-type heating Elements. Among the advantages, users also call the flat shape of the water heater, the IPX4 protection level.

1 Electrolux EWH 80 Royal H

20 best storage water heaters

Electrolux EWH 80 Royal H turned out to be perhaps the most paradoxical water heater in the entire range of the company. It has a practical flat body shape, which, however, raises questions about the build quality. Poor fitting of parts to each other forces consumers to make a choice almost with their eyes closed, but by installing such a heater at home, they completely forget about problems with hot water supply.

One of the key advantages of the Electrolux EWH 80 Royal H is the presence of a powerful protection system, both from overheating and from accidental electric shock to the user. If you are looking not so much for an efficient as for a safe electric water heater for an apartment (or even a house), then this model is exactly what you need.

Best gas storage water heaters for vertical installation

5 Hajdu GB80.1

20 best storage water heaters

This interesting model can be installed in apartments, offices, and private homes. It has a fairly ergonomic body, is standardly mounted on the wall, and is easy to operate. Thanks to piezo ignition, it starts up quickly and comfortably. The device is safe, as it has a special protection system, which includes gas control, the ability to adjust the temperature regime, a magnesium anode, and a safety valve.

A tank with an optimal volume of 80 liters can heat water up to 80 degrees, while remaining cold outside. What is also important, it provides a technical solution for the operation of the unit on liquefied gas. The disadvantage of the design is its weight of 48 kg, but during operation the feeling of bulkiness of the water heater does not arise.

4 American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV

20 best storage water heaters

The floor storage device has a 190-liter tank, an open combustion chamber, a versatile design in dark colors that is suitable for almost any interior. The rated power of such a device is 11.7 kW, which allows you to heat water to a temperature of 70 degrees. Ambiguous design solutions include the presence of an internal glass-ceramic coating. It provides a smooth surface, where scale accumulates more slowly, there are no signs of corrosion, but cracking is possible.

The options include overheating protection and temperature control. The model is equipped with a piezoelectric element with a pilot burner. There are also flue gas deflectors to ensure good traction and increase the efficiency of the equipment. Disadvantages of the design-inconvenient threaded connections, almost no warranty obligations and service.

3 Vaillant AtmoSTOR VGH 220/5 XZU

20 best storage water heaters

The most important disadvantage of Vaillant AtmoSTOR VGH 220/5 XZU is the level of cost, otherwise this gas heater meets the requirements of users. The tank capacity is 190 liters, which is more than enough to meet the hot water needs of several families at once. Therefore, they are periodically purchased for installation in cottages or mini-hotel boilers. The maximum water heating temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, which is a very good result for a heat output of 9.5 kW.

But the main advantage of Vaillant AtmoSTOR VGH 220/5 XZU is a high degree of reliability. The safety thermostat is activated at the slightest sign of overheating, so that the meager (admittedly) electronics do not fail. Users who bought this model note that during normal operation, it can work for at least 8-10 years, but the price is still unreasonably high.

2 Ariston SGA 200

20 best storage water heaters

Ariston SGA 200 can be considered an unspoken leader among all inexpensive and spacious gas boilers. As is often the case, the objective assessment of the model on the Internet is blurred by the pressure of angry comments from deceived users who have nothing to do with the real state of Affairs. The vast majority of buyers are interested in buying this device in one way or another, and here’s why.

The actual volume of the Ariston SGA 200 is 195 liters, which are heated to 75 degrees under the influence of a heat output of 8.65 kW. Additionally, it is possible to work on liquefied gas, a gas control and piezo ignition system is installed. Connecting diameters are standard, 0.75 inches, so the only problem with installation will be the placement process itself. As a result, the model has something to please the owners.

1 Bradford White M-I-75S6BN

20 best storage water heaters

The choice of a model in this segment is complicated by the meager variety of the product range. The presented device of the American brand attracts attention primarily by the size and design of the tank. It is designed for 284 liters, so it can be used in a network of Ferret establishments, etc. the structure is simply Installed on the floor and connected via the lower eyeliner. The glass-ceramic inner coating of the tank is permanently brittle, so the device remains reliable only in the absence of mechanical damage to the body.

The water heater has a gas-control function, a draft stabilizer. Among the mandatory design elements are a safety magnesium anode, a brass drain tap. Hidrojet technology slows down the descaling process. The model is additionally equipped with a built-in emergency thermostat. Significant disadvantages include the body weight of 120 kg, increased energy consumption, and the cost of goods.

Best storage boilers for indirect heating of vertical installation

5 Protherm FE 200/6 BM

20 best storage water heaters

This is one of the most optimal options among the 200-liter models. The tank of the device inside has a high-quality enamel coating, applied in an even layer using a special technology. Due to this engineering solution, as well as the magnesium anode, the structure is able to work for a long time without special preventive maintenance. Heated to 80 degrees, the water meets all hygiene standards and can be used as drinking water.

The case as a whole has compact dimensions (59×120. 6×59 cm), so it can be installed even in small rooms. The model is quite energy efficient, easily and simply mounted to the boiler. Its versatile design makes it attractive for installation in any type of interior. The relative disadvantage of the design is its weight of 97 kg, which corresponds to 400-liter analogues.

4 Hajdu STA300C

20 best storage water heaters

The vertical type water heater design is designed for comfortable and trouble-free operation for a long time. The metal container holds up to 300 liters, so it can be installed both in homes and on non-household objects. Inside, the tank is covered with an even layer of glass-ceramic branded composition. The material can withstand temperature changes, daily loads, and different water compositions. The active magnesium anode, which is equipped with the housing, prevents the appearance of corrosion in the event of chipping on the inner coating.

The lower placement of the heat exchanger with an area of 1.5 square m speeds up the water heating process to 95 degrees and makes it more convenient to maintain the model. Additionally, the installation of a heating element Is provided. All settings of the mechanical control unit are intuitive and easy to adjust. The weight of the case of 100 kg is also mentioned by the owners of the equipment as one of the positive features of the design.

3 Drazice OKC 100

20 best storage water heaters

The smallest, but very strong and inexpensive storage water heater Drazice OKC 100 can not fail to attract attention. Its useful volume is only 95 liters, but it will be quite enough for the needs of a family of 2-4 people. The maximum heating temperature barely reaches 74 degrees, with the full consumption of hot water from the tank, the next portion will have to wait a long time.

But the model’s security system should be added to the asset. The installed safety valve is responsible for monitoring the pressure inside the tank, and the thermostat saves the system from overheating. The inner coating of the tank is enameled, so that the flask itself can last more than 10 years. The Drazice OKC 100 uses a ceramic heating element that consumes no more than 2.2 kW. The device will be an ideal addition to the water supply system in a small private house, as well as in a spacious city apartment.

2 Nibe-Biawar Mega W-E300.81

20 best storage water heaters

The model enjoys a well-deserved customer demand, since it has a number of the most optimal technical characteristics. It holds 300 liters of water, which, thanks to the removable thermal insulation of the PVC housing, cools down more slowly after heating. The maximum temperature range of 95 degrees is indicated by users in reviews as an absolute advantage of the equipment. Its threaded mechanisms are fully compatible with the standards of our plumbing systems. The degree of heating is controlled by an open thermometer and mechanical control.

Inside, the tank is protected by a layer of enamel, and the magnesium anode does not allow scale to form. The structure is equipped not only with a heat exchanger, but also with a special outlet for additional installation of a heating element. The side liner simplifies the installation procedure, making it more convenient and safe. Disadvantages of the accumulative model-the fuel tank is not included in the package, the unit weighs 150 kg.

1 Gorenje GBK 150 OR RNB6/LNB6

20 best storage water heaters

The Gorenje GBK 150 or RNB6/LNB6 water heater can be confidently attributed to the category of the most successful and technologically justified storage devices. The first positive aspect is related to the electrical component of the system. Two ceramic heating Elements with a capacity of 1 kW each are provided as heating elements inside the circuit. This is quite enough to ensure the maximum heating of water to a temperature of 75 degrees. But the waiting time slightly fails: 150 liters of liquid reaches a hot state in at least 275 minutes.

The second positive feature of the Gorenje GBK 150 or RNB6/LNB6 is the provision of maximum security. From the protective elements in the design of the heater, non-return and safety valves, an anti-freezing system and a thermal relay are provided. Together with the low level of cost, this kit is the main incentive for consumers to make a purchase.

How to choose a good storage water heater for your home and apartment

The choice of a storage water heater is combined with many difficulties, the main one of which is the multi-aspect nature of these simple installations. In order to find the best model among many and avoid making a fatal mistake, Markakachestva recommends paying attention to the following parameters::

  1. Type of heater. If you are the owner of a house or apartment with a gas pipeline, then you may have to choose between electric and gas water heaters. All other things being equal, gas models will be more economical, but electric ones will require fewer connected utilities.
  2. The volume of the tank. The first most important parameter that determines the degree of need for hot water. For a family of 3-4 people, water heaters with a volume of 50-100 liters will be enough. For further calculations, use the figures provided.
  3. Number of water collection points. This criterion shows how many hot water points can be connected to the heater. If the installation is high-pressure, has a large volume and operates at high pressure, then several water collection systems can (and should) be connected to it. Otherwise, the feasibility of buying such a model is very doubtful.
  4. Availability of a safety valve. Be sure to choose models with a tank equipped with a safety valve. It serves to relieve excess pressure generated by heating water. If such a valve is not provided, the tank will burst and the water heater will go either for major repairs or for scrap.
  5. The presence of othersecurity systems. The category of “desirable to have” can include a protection system against electric shock, overheating, heating limiter, as well as a frost protection system. Ideally, if you have all these components in one device – this is an additional guarantee of long service life.
  6. Maximum heating temperaturewater. A purely individual criterion that the user can choose for himself. The majority of boilers offer heating up to 70-75 °C, but there are models that can raise the temperature to 80 and even 95 °C.
  7. The installation location. It is also necessary to choose a water heater depending on the type of property at your disposal. For an apartment, an electric storage model that is compact is ideal, while for a private house it is better to buy a more voluminous installation that will accurately meet the needs of residents in hot water.
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