16 best quests in St. Petersburg

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Social networks are bursting with photos of friends who have visited the next quest. It’s time to choose an interesting game and have a great time with your family or friends. The rating of the best gaming entertainment in St. Petersburg, compiled on the basis of the following parameters, will help you do this::

  1. the level of difficulty;
  2. territorial location;
  3. availability of Parking;
  4. ease of booking a quest;
  5. the realism of the atmosphere;
  6. prices for services;
  7. work schedule;
  8. the storyline.

User reviews played an important role in the allocation of seats.

Rating of the best quests in St. Petersburg

Category place name of the quest rating
Rating of the best quests in St. Petersburg 1 Houdini’s Escape 4.9
2 The Land Of Dreams 4.8
3 Fairy Tale-A Lie 4.8
4 Sacred dragon of the Tang dynasty 4.8
5 The cursed theater 4.8
6 Abandoned metro station 4.7
7 007: the Perfect Heist 4.7
8 Indiana Jones: in search of the source of wisdom 4.7
9 Fort Boyard 4.6
10 Destination 4.6
11 Alcatraz 4.6
12 Bunker 4.5
13 Thoughts like a criminal 4.5
14 The brain 4.5
15 Saw 4.5
16 Trapped alive 4.4

Houdini’s Escape

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The quest “Houdini Escape” has repeatedly won various popular votes. More than 90 percent of reviews about the game are positive. Escapology was inspired by the image of Harry Houdini, who became famous for his passion for exposing the paranormal. The quest takes place in a chamber located in the Peter and Paul fortress. Players are novice illusionists who have decided to repeat the success of the famous master of escape and liberation. The search for a way out is given only one hour.

It is recommended to go with a team of four participants. Visitors are warned that the quest is far from easy. Players will be delighted with the natural and expensive surroundings and emotions received. It remains only to stock up on resourcefulness, attention and dexterity. The establishment is located at 4 Roentgen street, Saint Petersburg. Phone: +7 (812) 426-12-80. You can book the time of completing the quest directly on the company’s website. Schedule: from 09-30 to 23-15.

The Land Of Dreams

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The quest “land of dreams” forces players to immerse themselves in the dream. Getting out of it won’t be easy. Participants with a height of at least 120 cm are suitable for passing. Despite the fact that the dream is for children, the tasks in the game are quite complex. There are a lot of puzzles for search, ingenuity, dexterity and coordination of movement.

Visitors note that the quest is quite dynamic. They advise you to wear warm socks, since you can not pass it in shoes, and choose a convenient clothing option. As a result, you can discuss the game with your friends, sitting in the lounge and drinking tea. The cost of the game is 650-1100 rubles per person. Free Parking is available next to the building. Inside there is a guest area. The quest runs from 10 am to 12 PM. Address: 12 Levashovsky Ave., Chkalovskaya metro station, Saint Petersburg. Tel.: +7-812-407-1423.

Fairy Tale-A Lie

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

Unlike the other participants of the rating of the quest “Fairytale is a Lie”all day. Visitors are expected both early in the morning and late at night. Inside the building there is a guest area, free Internet. The game will appeal to those who want to be inside a fairy tale and look into wonderful castles, discover witchcraft secrets, and walk through the rooms of princesses.

“Fairy tale-Lie” is perfect for family entertainment. Children from the age of seven must be accompanied by an adult. Visitors find the quest very interesting and exciting. They liked the sound design and theme sets. The quest staff is very polite and competent. The price for a game for two to five people is 2500-4500 rubles. Address: St. Petersburg, Vladimirskaya metro station, Dostoevskaya metro station, Zagorodny Avenue, 28. Tel.: +7812-317-2314.

Sacred dragon of the Tang dynasty

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The next participant in the rating is probably the most well-thought-out and entourage quest in St. Petersburg. Players are immersed in the history of Ancient China and the story must return to the glory of the powerful Li yuan dynasty, which became famous for the sacred relic-the dragon.

Visitors praise the friendly attitude of the organizers, delicious coffee before passing the game, beautiful scenery. Numerous emotions are caused by the completion of the game, in which there are many riddles and charades. The highlight is the technological efficiency and uniqueness of the quest. all tasks can be solved if you show ingenuity and observation. Price-from 2900 rubles. The number of participants is from 2 to 6. the age Limit is over 12 years. The restaurant is open from 10-30 to 24-00. Phone: +7-812-925-37-07. Address: 26 Fontanka river embankment, Gostiny Dvor metro station, Saint Petersburg.

The cursed theater

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

Next in the ranking is detective Noir. Players will be used as actors. They need to get out of the trap of the mad Director. Cursed theater is a medium difficulty game with a tense atmosphere and an interesting storyline. All puzzles are related to teamwork and are aimed at ingenuity and logic.

It is possible to adjust the degree of fear experienced during the passage of the quest. There is an actor in the game that enhances the experience. People over the age of 16 are allowed to participate in the quest. The number of players is from 2 to 6. the playthrough Time is 70 minutes. The price starts from 650 rubles. Address: Saint Petersburg, Electrosila metro station, novoizmailovsky Prospekt, 3. Phone: +7812-425-6202.

Abandoned metro station

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg metro holds many secrets. There are many stories among the inhabitants about the terrible creatures that live in tunnels and secret passages. To learn more, you should complete the quest “Abandoned subway”, which will open a fascinating story about the subway.

Visitors to the game will enjoy a dynamic story, special effects, realistic scenery and puzzles. Reviews of the quest are mostly positive. Users recommend the game to others and look forward to continuing. They are delighted with the entourage, fascinating puzzles and the resulting adrenaline. The restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 PM. Price-from 4 thousand rubles. Address: Saint-Petersburg, Transport lane, the house 10. Phone: +7812-603-4938.

007: the Perfect Heist

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

In this quest, players act as special agents. Their task is to steal secret data. Agent 007 left the players hints and ciphers to solve in order to successfully complete the mission. Spy adventure is within the power of the most cunning and dexterous players.

Visitors to the quest are impressed by the dynamic and interesting game. An hour passes quickly. The tasks are quite complex, but fascinating. If you have to wait your turn, you can sit on the soft sofa and drink tea. The quest is designed for 2-6 players. The price per person is 650-1000 rubles. Children over 12 years old are allowed. Opening hours: from 10-20 to 22-20. Address: 126 Engels Ave., sq. 1, Ozerki metro station, Saint Petersburg. Tel.: +7812-407-1423.

Indiana Jones: in search of the source of wisdom

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

Next in the ranking is an adventure quest of a historical nature. Its plot is as follows: brave researchers managed to get into an ancient temple with untold riches, insidious traps and secret loopholes. Visitors call the quest dynamic and interesting. They are delighted with the scenery, a lot of unexpected moments, transitions between locations. Most of the guests went through the game without any hints, and some of them found it very easy.

The room where the quest takes place is a little stuffy and hot in the summer. Some ideas haven’t been finalized yet. In General, you do not have to be bored, the emotions in the end are bright and a little disturbing. The cost of completing the game together with the animator is 2 thousand rubles. Address: 7 Kaznacheyskaya street, Sadovaya metro station, Saint Petersburg. Phone: +7-812-407-1423. Opening hours: 9: 45-21: 00.

Fort Boyard

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

A bright, active quest combines skill tests and intellectual play. “Fort Boyard “will be interesting for those who like to walk through long tunnels, study the details, being in a confined space. The atmosphere of the rooms is as close as possible to the legendary TV game. It is acceptable to play both together and as a group of six.

Visitors say that during the game they are immersed in the story of the quest and do not notice how time flies. They are happy to study objects, move and touch them. They advise you to make an appointment in advance at a convenient time, because there are a lot of people who want to visit this place. For a team, you need to pay from 2,900 rubles. Address: 3 Chekhov street, Ploshchad Vosstaniya, Saint Petersburg. Phone: +7812-643-2304.


16 best quests in St. Petersburg

Next in the ranking is a scary quest based on the popular horror movie that was released 18 years ago. A team of players will have to restore the picture of events and prevent the plans of death itself. The atmosphere of the room is saturated with the expectation of danger, it encourages you to look for answers to the question “how to avoid death”. The whole team will have to work hard to open the exit.

There is no blood or axes, but the level of fear is quite high. It will be scary and difficult for beginners. Winces are provided for everyone. Among the advantages, there is a complete immersion in the reality of the plot, 60 minutes of intense tests, and a quality-price ratio. The price starts from 2500 rubles. Address: Monchegorvskaya 11. Phone number: +7812-407-2258.


16 best quests in St. Petersburg

Alcatraz action game is two hundred square meters of a legendary prison full of traps and dangers. Visitors to the quest will have to get out of it using only one powerful weapon – their intelligence. Any wrong step can lead to failure.

The cost of completing the game together with the actor is 2000 rubles. The quest is perfect for a determined and friendly team. Next to the building there is free Parking, inside there is a guest area for 15 people. Reviews of the quest are mostly positive. You can book time directly on the company’s website, choosing the interval from 10 am to 10 PM. Location: 21 Stakhanovtsev street, Novocherkasskaya metro station. Phone: +7812-407-1423.


16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The next ranking member is not just a standard quest with riddles. “Bunker” is a whole bomb shelter in the basement, where there are many rooms. The game is quite long, it takes 100 minutes. One of the tasks is to find a box of rations that you can eat right in the room or leave before leaving.

Visitors are delighted with the surroundings of the room. The organizers made it possible to book General sessions. So, if there are only two or one players, they take up seats for a certain time and wait for other participants. This allows you to save money, meet new people in an interesting environment, and build a full team. Address: 4 Sevastyanova street. Phone: +7812-243-9953.

Thoughts like a criminal

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

As the name of the quest suggests, players will play the role of detectives who are looking for a maniac. The game can not be called scary. The riddles in it are quite complex. You’ll have to open combination locks and complete mindfulness tasks. In very rare cases, beginners solve only part of the puzzles and remain puzzled until the end of the game, and did not cope with the task. Therefore, it is advised to go on the quest as a cohesive team. After passing it, only pleasant impressions and rosy emotions remain.

The game is suitable for those who love detective stories. Players unravel the complex case thread by thread, and eventually understand who the real culprit is. Address: novoizmaylovsky Prospekt, 3. Phone: +7812-426-1280. The restaurant is open from 10-20 to 22-20. The price per person is 500-750 rubles.

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The next participant in the rating allows you to get into the depths of the human mind. The quest requires maximum intellectual skills, observation and ingenuity. You will need computational skills, patience and dexterity. Some tasks are accompanied by a certain amount of humor.

The plot allows each player to act separately and together. Amid the General silence, there are several high-profile effects. Clothing for passing will suit any. There is only one room in the quest, but there are so many interesting details, bright props, and elegant solutions in it. The price for a team of 2-4 people is 3000-4500 rubles. Age restrictions-from 12 years. Address: 28/32 Kurskaya street, second floor. Phone: +7812-649-48-88.

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

One of the most terrifying quests in St. Petersburg is the game “saw”. The quest is a combination of a fear room and an escape room. From the very beginning, visitors will face a dangerous challenge. All the time players are accompanied by a Billy doll. There are a lot of silicone props in the room, which are quite cheap to buy. However, players are happy that they have to deal with fake spiders.

The tasks are of average difficulty. You need to be able to think outside the box and be more attentive. If it is difficult, the operator will give you a hint. Six people can come to the quest, the optimal number of participants is four. Address: 42 Kolomenskaya street. Phone: 998-38-27. The price per person is from 400 to 770 rubles.

Trapped alive

16 best quests in St. Petersburg

The final participant of the rating is not a terrible quest, the plot of which takes place on a tour in the castle of If. Players will have to visit a mysterious place with an iron door. They need to find the message of Faria and Dantes to open the way to freedom. On their birthday, participants receive a discount on the game.

Visitors find the quest very interesting, but don’t think it’s worth the money. In any case, “Imprisoned alive” is a great place to spend time with friends. The cost of completing the quest is from 2500 to 4000 rubles. Number of players – 24 people. The restaurant is open around the clock. Address: m. Vladimirskaya, Zagorodny Avenue, 24. Phone: +7812-407-1423.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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