16 best doorbells

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Any modern house or apartment has a doorbell. This simple device signals the arrival of guests. Today, along with the simplest mechanical devices, many advanced developments have appeared on the Russian market. They attract with their unlimited functionality. To make the right choice of doorbell, experts recommend paying attention to the following points when buying.

Recommendations for choosing one

The principle of operation.To notify the residents of the house about the arrival of guests, several working schemes have been developed.

  1. The mechanical principle of operation is characterized by maximum simplicity, reliability and durability. Despite the archaism, mechanical calls are in demand among property owners.
  2. Electromechanical models have a shock (mechanical) mechanism (it emits a sound), which is activated by an electric pulse.
  3. Electronic devices are equipped with miniature sensors and microchips, which make it possible to transmit a signal wirelessly and configure remote access. But the price of such devices is higher than that of simpler models.

Signal transmission methods. When you press the ringer button, the signal should go to the speaker. To do this, there are two options for transmitting the pulse.

  1. Wired calls are the cheapest and most reliable designs. But in the wall or door frame you will have to make a hole for the wire. It will connect the button to the receiver, forming an electrical circuit.
  2. Wireless calls provide communication between the button and the sounder via a radio signal. The disadvantage of this scheme is the loss of signal when it passes through doors and walls. But such models look more modern, they favorably differ in functionality.

Weather resistance. When you need to install a doorbell in a private home, it is important to pay attention to the weather resistance of the model.

  1. The IP index can indicate dust and moisture protection. The first digit after the letters indicates the level of dust protection, and the second indicates the degree of moisture protection. The higher the numeric values, the better the protection. For example, calls marked IP44 are more resistant to negative factors than IP20.
  2. On the street there is a large temperature difference. Some electronic devices do not respond to pressing the call button in the cold. Therefore, the choice of model will depend on the climatic characteristics of the region.

Volume control. Doorbells also differ in their volume level. The best option is to buy a model with adjustable sound strength. But if the speaker is located in the hallway, then not all residents can hear a quiet trill in the back room. The loudest devices are those with a sound level of 80-100 dB.

Food.Electromechanical and electronic devices use current to operate. Electricity is required not only for the receiver, but also for the button.

  1. The speaker can be connected to the electrical network of a house or apartment with a voltage of 220 V. With the installation of such a product, serious difficulties may arise (shtroblenie and drilling of walls).
  2. It is easier to install receivers that run on finger batteries. But their service life rarely exceeds 1 year.
  3. Manufacturers install small batteries in the form of tablets in the button. Some power sources are rarely found in Russian stores.

We have selected the 16 best doorbells in our review. All of them are implemented in the retail network of our country. When allocating seats, the editorial Board of the journal started from the conclusions of experts, taking into account the feedback of domestic users.

Rating of the best doorbells

Category place product name price
The best Electromechanical doorbells 1 Melodica S509M 929 ₽
2 D157 ERA 680 ₽
3 Zamel RETRO-DNS-971 2 596 ₽
Best smart wireless doorbells 1 Ring Video Doorbell 10 940 ₽
2 iVUE Clever Dog Wired Doorbell 6 366 ₽
3 Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell 3 990 ₽
4 Zamel BULIK II IP56 4 142 ₽
Best low-cost wireless doorbells 1 Melodica B530 779 ₽
2 Elektrostandard DBQ12M AC 36M IP44 1 160 ₽
3 C108 ERA 787 ₽
4 REXANT 46-0215 710 ₽
5 Melodica C201 689 ₽
6 REXANT 73-0070 422 ₽
Best electronic wired doorbells 1 TDM ELECTRIC ZPB-11/2-25M 313 ₽
2 SVETOZAR accord 271 ₽
3 NEWT Cricket SV-03R 299 ₽

The best Electromechanical doorbells

Electromechanical doorbells are characterized by simplicity and affordability. Such devices work for a long time without causing problems to homeowners. Experts drew attention to the following models.

Melodica S509M

The Chinese development Melodica S509M has a loud, but pleasant to the ear bell ringing. The Electromechanical bell operates from the household network (220 V), so you will only have to work with the installation and connection once, forgetting about maintenance later. Experts highly appreciated such useful functions of the device as protection against fire and annoying visitors. The call works for 5 seconds, after which it is automatically disconnected. The next trigger when the button is pressed will occur only after 10-15 seconds. The device looks modern and will fit into any interior of the room. The call becomes the winner of our review.

Domestic users are satisfied with the affordable price, fire safety, and wide functionality.


  • affordable price;
  • fire safety;
  • durability;
  • protection from fire and annoying visitors.


  • the smell of melted plastic in the early days.

D157 ERA

ERA’s products are popular with Russian consumers. The d157 doorbell is no exception. The model is connected to the household power grid, the manufacturer supplies a 1.5 m long wire in the kit. Experts liked the simplicity of the design and the traditional design. ABS-plastic is used AS the material for manufacturing the case. The device has a rectangular shape (30. 5×21 cm) and a small thickness (5 cm). The product weight is 560 g. the Electromechanical device is inferior to the winner of the review in terms of functionality and cost.

Domestic users are satisfied with the device’s appearance, ease of installation and connection, and reliability. But the product does not have any protective options against fire or annoying visitors.


  • affordable price;
  • easy installation and connection;
  • nice appearance;
  • a long wire.


  • there is no protection from importunate visitors;
  • just one tune.

Zamel RETRO-DNS-971

16 best doorbells

If the doorbell requires a high volume, then you should pay attention to the model Zamel RETRO DNS-971. Fans of retro style will also like the product. The case of the device is made of natural stained wood. A brass bowl with a diameter of 52 mm looks harmonious next to wood. The appearance of the doorbell corresponds to the era of the 30s of the last century. Experts liked the smooth volume control up to 88 dB. The Polish manufacturer preferred to make the device powered by a 220 V household network. The model takes an honorable third place in our review.

In reviews, Russian users admire the luxurious appearance, smooth volume control, and simple maintenance. They attribute the high price to the disadvantages.


  • luxury retro style;
  • smooth volume control;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • easy operation.


  • high price.

Best smart wireless doorbells

The most modern today are smart wireless door locks. Some models allow homeowners to monitor the area in front of the door while being away from home. Experts liked the work of several innovative developments.

Ring Video Doorbell

16 best doorbells

The Ring Video doorbell smart doorbell connects to an Ethernet network. The device allows owners of houses and apartments to monitor real estate online, while being away from their homes. The manufacturer has equipped the model with an HD camera with a horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees. Even small details are clearly visible in the picture. Thanks to the IR illumination, you can also monitor the area in front of the door at night. Experts liked the quality of the device, realistic video, and instant notification when activity is detected. The consumer can choose from 4 color options.

Russian users admire the advanced technologies implemented in the doorbell. You can get all the information on your smartphone. A limiting factor in the purchase is the high price.


  • high resolution camera (1080p);
  • IR illumination;
  • built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • possibility of voice control.


  • high price.

iVUE Clever Dog Wired Doorbell

16 best doorbells

In second place is the smart doorbell iVUE Clever Dog Wired Doorbell. The Chinese device connects to the household network, transmitting a signal to mobile gadgets via Wi-Fi. Owners of smartphones running Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems can receive this information. The camera’s viewing angle is 165 degrees, and it is equipped with a 3x zoom. In the dark, the IR light automatically turns on. The device is capable of operating in a wide temperature range (-20. +50 ° C). Video files can be stored on a micro SD card with 128 GB of memory. Experts liked the option to switch to voice message mode if there is no response for 15 seconds.

Not all domestic consumers managed to figure out how to connect a doorbell on their own. The instructions are not entirely clear.


  • large viewing angle;
  • IR illumination;
  • feedback;
  • a memory card.


  • complex connection.

Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell

16 best doorbells

The Chinese concern Xiaomi never ceases to amaze the world with its innovative developments. A smart video Doorbell has appeared in Russian stores. In the new device, experts found many useful options, starting with a motion sensor and ending with facial recognition of the visitor. When a guest appears, the device automatically starts video recording, while simultaneously sending a message to the host. You don’t have to press the call button. The picture quality is somewhat inferior to the winner of the review (720p), as is the camera’s viewing angle (105 degrees). But the smart call stands out from the competition at the most affordable price.

Users like the low price of the device and the ease of connecting it. But the call runs on 4 batteries, which have to be changed periodically.


  • affordable price;
  • motion sensor;
  • face recognition;
  • the ease of connection.


  • modest camera;
  • powered by 4 batteries.


16 best doorbells

The flagship wireless call in the collection of the Polish manufacturer is the model Zamel BULIK II IP56. Experts included the device in our review for reliability and high-quality Assembly. Most of all, they were struck by the range of action (up to 350 m), which is especially important for owners of country houses. The touch button is highly waterproof (IP56). Up to 69 buttons can be programmed for a single call, which can be set on different input groups. The asset of the model should include a modern design, a rich set of options. The call can be powered by a household power supply or 3 AAA batteries.

The device earned praise from consumers for its rich selection of tunes (14 pieces), good volume (85 dB), and various power options. The disadvantage is the lack of remote access.


  • long range operation;
  • moisture resistance;
  • modern design;
  • illumination of the “ambiled” type.


  • no connection to your smartphone.

Best low-cost wireless doorbells

Wireless doorbells offer an excellent combination of ease of installation and ease of use. The range of action ranges from 25 to 100 m. Some products have built-in motion sensors. Here are some successful modern devices.

Melodica B530

16 best doorbells

In the budget segment, the winner of the review is the Melodica B530 doorbell. The button is made in a waterproof version (IP44), so the scope of application of the device is quite high. Experts liked the large selection of ringtones (32 options), the night light function. The sound volume is also adjustable (4 modes), the maximum level reaches 80 dB. The speaker is powered by three AA finger batteries (sold separately), and a disk battery is required to power the button (it is included). The range of action on the street reaches 100 m, in homes this indicator is reduced to 25 m.

Domestic users like the call design, wide functionality, and affordable price. But the battery life leaves much to be desired (2-4 weeks).


  • water-proof button;
  • offline operation;
  • 32 ringtones;
  • modern design.


  • batteries run out quickly.

Elektrostandard DBQ12M AC 36M IP44

16 best doorbells

The stylish black color features The elektrostandard DBQ12M AC 36M doorbell. The model is made in a waterproof version (IP44), the range is 100 m. The receiver is powered by a 220 V network, and the button requires a CR2032 battery (included). The device can operate in a wide temperature range (-30. +50 ° C). Experts liked the combination of sound and light signals, there are 36 melodies to choose from. The product was developed by German and Russian specialists, production is organized in China. The call becomes a silver medalist because of the higher price.

Russian consumers appreciated the beautiful appearance of the bell, its light weight (158 g), and a rich set of ringtones. The downside is the high price.


  • stylish design;
  • 36 ringtones;
  • wide scope of application;
  • a combination of sound and light.


  • high price.

C108 ERA

At the most affordable price, you can buy the ERA C108 doorbell in our country. The third place model deserves for high-quality Assembly. The device’s functionality also looks good. The manufacturer has provided volume control, mute, and melody selection. To power the speaker, the consumer needs to buy two AA batteries, and the button is powered by the built-in A23 cell (12 V). The range of the call is 100 m. The speaker can be fixed in the hallway or moved from room to room. Experts consider the call volume to be weak, and you may not even hear it when the TV is turned on.

Positive comments prevail in the reviews. People like the ease of connection, low price, and wide functionality. The downside is the low volume.


  • high-quality Assembly;
  • low price;
  • stylish design;
  • extensive functionality.


  • low volume.

REXANT 46-0215

The rexant 46-0215 doorbell is equipped with a remote motion sensor. The distance is adjusted automatically in the range of 5-10 m. The motion sensor requires three AAA batteries to power it. You can also set up the device without a sensor if there is a pet running around in the yard. Experts liked the call volume (90 dB), moisture resistance of the product. The model operates in a wide temperature range (-10. +50 ° C). The user can choose one of 12 ringtones, and the sounder requires 2 AAA batteries to power it. The manufacturer has installed an additional power connector (DC 9-12V). The model stops a step away from the prize podium.

The advantages of the doorbell users include good quality, clear operation of the remote sensor, loud sound. One of the disadvantages is the lack of mounting in the kit.


  • remote motion sensor;
  • moisture resistance;
  • loud sound;
  • high-quality Assembly.


  • there is no attachment.

Melodica C201

Melodica c201 wired bell has a high degree of dust and moisture protection. The speaker of the device is connected to the household power supply, and the button is powered by an A23 battery. The range is 150 m on the street and 40 m in the building. Experts pay attention to the official permission received for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. The body of the product is made of modern ABS plastic, the material is practical and fire-safe. The user can choose one of three ringtones. Thanks to the coding system, the impact of a nearby call signal of the same type is eliminated.

Domestic users are flattering about the affordable price, high-quality Assembly, simplicity and practicality. The disadvantage is the poor assortment of melodies.


  • dust and moisture protection;
  • high-quality Assembly;
  • easy connection;
  • practicality.


  • not enough tunes.

REXANT 73-0070

The REXANT 73-0070 doorbell has a high volume (85 dB). The manufacturer has installed three-level volume control (low, medium, high), allowing each owner to set their own sound level. Experts included the model in our review for a large number of melodies (36 pieces) and the presence of a light signal indication. The range of the device is 80 m. The receiver is connected to the 220 V power supply, and the button is powered by an A23 battery. You can add an affordable price and a neat build to the model’s asset.

The low position of the doorbell in our review is explained by critical reviews of Russian consumers. They report a weak signal that does not pass through two walls. And if you attach the product to a metal surface, the bell stops working altogether.


  • affordable price;
  • a careful Assembly;
  • adjustable volume;
  • lots of tunes.


  • the weak signal.

Best electronic wired doorbells

Wired doorbells are considered the most affordable and simplest. Their operation does not depend on the radio signal level or the operation of the Ethernet network. The following devices are distinguished by their long-lasting operation.


A simple and reliable device is the wired doorbell TDM ELECTRIC zpb-11/2-25M. Experts liked the model for its ease of connection, a large number of tunes (25 PCs.), and a reasonable price. The device can work either offline or offline. Two AA batteries can play the role of a current source for the speaker, and an A23 (12 V) element is inserted into the button. The length of the wire connecting the button to the bell is 1 m. The product can be credited with a 5-year warranty and economical energy consumption. Users claim that one set of batteries is enough for the doorbell to work for 1 year.

The model also has one drawback. Consumers don’t like the sound quality of the speaker. And the maximum volume level reaches 70 dB.


  • affordable price;
  • easy connection;
  • a lot of tunes;
  • economical energy consumption.


  • poor-quality sound.


THE Svetozar accord wired doorbell has an affordable price and high strength. The manufacturer has equipped its product with a long wire (2 m), which is more than enough in most cases. On the button there is an indicator, the call notifies the residents of the house or apartment, both with a melody and a light indication. The consumer can choose from 16 melody options. Experts have no complaints about the sound quality. The device requires three AA finger batteries to power it. Weak protection against dust and moisture (IP20) limits the scope of the bell.

Russian users are satisfied with the ease of installation and operation of the electric device. They are satisfied with the cost and appearance of the device.


  • long wire;
  • 16 ringtones;
  • stylish appearance;
  • indicator on the button.


  • low degree of dust and moisture protection.

NEWT Cricket SV-03R

The TRITON Cricket SV-03R doorbell stands out from the competition with maximum simplicity. The model has only one melody, which resembles the trill of a cricket. The manufacturer has installed a volume control on the speaker body, and the sound can even be completely turned off. The device is connected to the 220 V electrical network. Experts appreciated the build quality and ease of connecting the model. But there is no button or wire included with the device. Therefore, the model is best suited for replacing a failed speaker.

In reviews, domestic consumers are flattering about the quality of manufacturing, ease of operation, and ease of connection. The disadvantage is incomplete configuration.

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