15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Characteristics in the rating

Tires don’t just help the car move around, increasing comfort and safety. When properly designed, they can improve performance on the road, for example, reduce fuel consumption, or off-road, if they have the appropriate tread. As a rule, tires measuring 17 inches are used on crossovers, minivans and SUVs, however, some sedans, station wagons and hatchbacks provide for the installation of such tires.

In this review, we present the best R17 summer tires. to simplify the choice, we divided the models into groups based on their cost, creating a rating of budget, medium and premium tires. Each model is evaluated based on its characteristics, expert tests, and owner reviews.

Best budget R17 summer tires

This category contains tire models that cost up to 5,000 rubles. They are popular in the market, given their availability and good characteristics.

5 Cordiant Sport 3

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The first tests of Cordiant Sport 3 summer tires were held on the Formula 1 track in Spain, showing good dynamics and excellent braking distance indicators, which allowed the rubber to get the European category “B”for wet grip. The main fins with wide drainage channels made of a mixture of rubber mass using Sport-Mix technology provide good directional stability. The asymmetry of the tread pattern allows you to easily withstand loads during aggressive driving.

We can safely state the fact that the characteristics of the tires are not inferior to the best Continental models. In their reviews, car owners note the low noise level and cost-effectiveness of rubber. Some of them are only dissatisfied with the possible rapid wear and tear.

4 Viatti Strada Asimmetrico V-130

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico V-130 summer tires are suitable for driving comfortably on city roads and Federal highways. Good dynamics and fast response of the braking system is provided by the reinforced design of the inner part of the tread. Successfully cope with a large flow of water allow wide drains separating the checkers of the working area. Blocks of different stiffness located on the side of the tire significantly reduced the susceptibility of rubber to impacts on the road surface.

According to the owners, this model guarantees the stability of the car on off-road and dirt roads. The next year after the release of the tires, the Za rulem edition conducted comparative tests, but their results did not allow them to be awarded the title of the best tires in their category, although the cross-country performance indicator is at the proper level.

3 Nokian Hakka Green 2

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Nokian Hakka Green 2 summer tires have been proven to perform perfectly on wet surfaces by numerous independent tests. This rubber is best suited for motorists who prioritize predictable handling. In their reviews, users note reliability when maneuvering at high speed, even when hitting a dirt road. The reinforced side part allows you to move along city curbs without cuts and hernias.

The tire perfectly holds the bumps of roads, but is not very suitable for hard off-road driving. Crossover owners are really happy with the handling of the Nokian Hakka Green 2, but note low wear resistance.

2 DoubleStar DS01

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The DoubleStar DS01 best demonstrates its most significant advantages when driving on paved roads. Zig-zag slats allow the rubber to come into close contact with the wet road surface. Slits block the mobility of the tread pattern, increase sensitivity and make driving easier.

Also, the grip is improved by transversely wide shoulder blocks – minimal mobility of the elements prevents sliding, and massive longitudinal and transverse channels allow you to quickly divert water, ensuring a low risk of aquaplaning. Independent tests showed good handling, smooth running and low tire noise. In their reviews, the owners also note the optimal ratio of stability and softness, but they notice difficulties in balancing and noise at high speeds.

1 Toyo Open Country U/T

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The Toyo Open Country U/T series of summer tires is distinguished by its massiveness and high-quality balancing. The rubber is designed for crossovers and pickups, which must have great stability and handling. Due to the addition of silicon dioxide to its composition, noise is significantly reduced and energy efficiency is improved.

The functional design of the tread ensures high cross-country performance – a strong sidewall, a universal pattern, a large distance between the slats helps to move through mud and puddles without problems. Independent tests of the site “Expert prices” rubber passed with a rating of 9.7 out of 10, confidently taking an honorable second place in the nomination “Best summer tires for SUVs in 2021”. In their reviews, users note excellent dynamics and effective braking of tires on any surface, but there are complaints about the noise and “roll” of the car.

Best mid-range R17 summer tires

In this product group, we collected tires that cost from 5,000 to 8,000 rubles. They are manufactured only by recognized companies and have improved performance.

5 Gislaved Ultra Speed

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Gislaved Ultra Speed tires are considered the best choice of the buyer for a reason. They were awarded this honor due to several advantages: European production, low noise and good handling. Since these tires are characterized by low rolling resistance, they are protected from rapid wear. This is especially noticeable when traveling long distances. Gislaved Ultra Speed tires also hold the road perfectly.

However, some users claim in their reviews about the softness of the sidewalls, which is especially noticeable at speeds of more than 120 km/h: they get a slight instability, and this negatively affects the car’s obedience. In 2021, the Auto Bild publishing house tested these tires, as a result of which they took only 31st place. Despite this, many car owners are satisfied with their use.

4 Hankook Ventus Prime 2

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

In 2015, Hankook Ventus Prime 2 tires became a participant in 2 comparative tests – organized by the Polish edition of Motor and the Russian “Za rulem”. Their results were also confirmed by numerous reviews from tire owners, namely: Hankook Ventus Prime 2 took one of the leading places in terms of noise level, as well as economical wear. These results are especially impressive after getting acquainted with other reputable test participants-Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, etc.

Also, the tires showed excellent results on the braking distance – from 80 km / h, it was 25.3 m, and this is in wet conditions. The leaders of the Hankook Ventus Prime 2 test were only 40 cm behind. Users of tires confirm their good performance in the conditions of everyday use on domestic roads. Braking is effective on all types of road surfaces, except for primers. When driving, the tires make minimal noise, and the grip on the road surface is excellent even at high speeds. Among the disadvantages, aquaplaning can be distinguished. You should drive very carefully and at a minimum speed through puddles.


15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Nexen ROADIAN HTX RH5 tires are designed for driving on good tracks with a high-quality surface. However, on the ground, the car behaves confidently and reliably. The pattern is made of zigzag elements that are applied to all parts of the rubber. Thanks to this, the grip remains reliable even in rain and fog conditions, as if it gets into a puddle, water is immediately removed along special furrows. As a result, aquaplaning becomes extremely unlikely.

Tires have large side zones, where the pattern is also applied. This increases cross-country ability. Furrows applied across the car increase the quality of traction during acceleration and braking, reducing the likelihood of car skidding. 3D gutters are placed in the middle of the tires, which helps remove dirt or clay from the tires when driving on particularly polluted road sections. The rubber itself is soft, so there is a risk of puncture when hitting a sharp object. It can make noise at high speeds and is unstable in the track.

2 MAXXIS Bravo HP-M3

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

MAXXIS Bravo HP M3 tires are designed for vehicles that move on good paved roads. They are made according to the project, which at one time was used to make tires for racing cars. There are 5 axial protrusions on the tread, each of which is quite large in size and has a single structure. Thanks to this, the car has stability during maneuvers, which gives the driver confidence behind the wheel.

A strong grip on the road surface is achieved thanks to the complex tire pattern and a large number of gutters. This is especially evident during acceleration, as well as during braking. The shoulder areas are large and consist of separate blocks in the form of rectangles. According to the manufacturer’s plan, the longitudinal ribs were supposed to reduce acoustic discomfort when driving, but many tire owners complain about noise, as well as rapid wear.

1 Yokohama Advan Sport V105

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Yokohama Advan Sport V105-tires created by Daimler with the participation of Japan. This collaboration resulted in a high-quality product at a relatively low price. The model is designed for installation on premium cars. These tires, in comparison with their predecessors, are improved with an asymmetric pattern, while they differ in characteristics that reduce fuel consumption.

Tires have sufficient grip rigidity on the road surface, as well as docility and stability. Grooving helps to remove water, tires practically do not heat up, and their braking distance is small. However, for all their advantages, they did not take high places in the AutoBild tests, but were only on the 28th place of the rating. There are complaints from users about noise at high speed, as well as unreliability when passing the track in rainy weather.

Best premium R17 summer tires

In this category are the tires that have the best parameters. Their cost exceeds 8000 rubles, and for some the price even exceeds 20,000 rubles. They hold the road well, contribute to effective braking and the most comfortable ride on any surface.

5 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The tires are very light and well balanced, which is especially noticeable on R17 and higher sizes. The cost of this model of summer tires against the background of quality can be considered very low. The protector is created using SoundComfort technology. The resonance of air flows is reduced, the wheel moves along the track as comfortably as possible.

According to reviews of car owners, this rubber for crossovers is very economical. The car is well controlled, responds sensitively to every movement of the steering wheel, instantly changes direction, easily enters turns. Tires fully justify the money invested in them. At a straight distance, the car confidently holds the track even at the highest speeds. According to the results of tests conducted by Swedish publishers in 2016, the tires took 1st place in the overall standings. In 6 races there were the highest indicators. The tires reliably brake on both dry and wet surfaces, and can be considered the best balanced model of premium rubber. There’s a bit of noise in traffic.

4 Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 tires are in high demand among Russian drivers. There are more than 70 versions of the model on the market, suitable for crossovers and other passenger cars of different brands. The movable side parts make it possible to drive comfortably on roads with obstacles (with holes, potholes, tram tracks, etc.). Another important advantage of this model of summer tires is the ability of the rubber to maintain its technical characteristics when the temperature drops. In spring or autumn, you can drive even at 3-5 degrees.

The tires provide a smooth ride and confident handling of the car at any speed. This is confirmed by the feedback from the drivers, and test results. In 2017, tires were tested, as a result of which experts put the model in the first place. They noted the best balance of the main technical characteristics, a short braking distance. A small disadvantage can be considered not the highest resistance to aquaplaning.

3 Hankook DynaPro HP2 RA33

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The Hankook DynaPro HP2 RA33 summer tire model is designed for off-road vehicles (crossovers, for example) that drive mainly on asphalt. The tread has an effective drainage system that reliably protects the car from aquaplaning. A rigid longitudinal rib in the middle provides high directional stability. The tread has a symmetrical pattern that improves the car’s handling on asphalt.

In 2017, the ADAC publishing house tested this model of tires, and according to the test results, they took 8th place. Experts noted fuel economy, low noise level. But at the same time, experts noticed that the car behaves erratically on wet asphalt. Car owners write in their reviews that tires wear out quickly – after 30 thousand km of mileage, you may need to replace them.

2 Bridgestone Potenza RE003 Adrenalin

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The Bridgestone Potenza RE003 Adrenalin summer tire model is designed for all fans of extreme driving on crossovers and other passenger cars. The special tread pattern provides an instant release of moisture from under the wheels, improves the quality of traction during any sharp maneuvers, sharp turns, emergency braking. The asymmetrical shape of the shoulder area prevents vibration. The tires are made using innovative technologies from a mixture of rubber and silicone. This material is characterized by a high degree of resistance to wear.

Car owners in their reviews note that the tires are easily balanced, confidently withstand mechanical impact (impacts) from the side, and reliably grip the track when braking. The model was originally a track model, intended for sports cars. Japanese drivers from the Formula 1 team have won more than 170 victories on this rubber. However, some drivers describe this “civilian” rubber as harsh and noisy.

1 Michelin Primacy 4

15 best summer tires for passenger cars R17

The Michelin Primacy 4 tire model has regained its manufacturer’s popularity in the global automotive rubber market. During the tests, experts noted the shortest braking distance on a wet surface. Tires took the second place in terms of stopping efficiency on dry roads. Stability during high-speed maneuvering on asphalt was recognized as the best. This tire model is considered the best option for business class cars with powerful engines, as well as for sports crossovers. Any car with such tires gets a high level of safety when driving at high speeds, including when cornering, braking, and changing lanes.

According to drivers ‘ reviews, rubber has high wear resistance. One set of tires with careful driving can be enough for 3-4 seasons. A disadvantage of the tires is considered to be a high rolling resistance which increases fuel consumption when driving long distances and can cause accelerated wear.

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