15 best attractions in Sudak

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Sudak and its surroundings are a very beautiful territory of the Crimea. The city is located a short distance from Alushta and Feodosia in a large and picturesque valley. First of all, it is known for its quartz sand beaches, long tourist season and interesting architecture of local monuments. Our experts have compiled a rating of the best attractions in Sudak And divided them into categories.

Rating of the best attractions in Sudak

Category place full name Rating
The best architectural sights of Sudak 1 Genoese fortress 5.0
2 Cave monastery 4.9
3 Promenade 4.8
Best natural attractions in Sudak 1 Chaliapin’s Grotto 5.0
2 The Tract Alchak-Kai 4.9
3 Through mainsail 4.8
Best religious attractions in Sudak 1 Church of the intercession of the most Holy Theotokos 5.0
2 Lutheran Church 4.9
3 The temple with Arcade 4.8
4 St. Elijah’s Church 4.7
Best cultural attractions in Sudak 1 Knight’s helmet festival» 5.0
2 Water park 4.9
3 Sunny valley wine factory» 4.8
4 Factory “New world» 4.7
5 Museum of the history of champagne 4.6
6 4.5

The best architectural sights of Sudak

Genoese fortress

15 best attractions in Sudak

The main position in the rating of attractions in Sudak is occupied by the Genoese fortress. This is an ancient structure built by Italian colonists, and one of the business cards of the entire Crimea. It is perfectly preserved even to this day, taking into account all the outbuildings: the temple, barracks, towers and several others. It is located on the rocks, which will be difficult to climb.

It was one of the most important fortresses in the region, which protected from attacks from the sea until the invasion of the Turks. It is equipped with powerful walls with two tiers, towers and a very deep moat around the perimeter. The walls were up to 8 meters wide. In the center, the Watchtower has been preserved, from where you can see almost all the main attractions of Sudak. You can visit the fortress as part of an excursion.

Cave monastery

15 best attractions in Sudak

On the road from Sudak to the New World, there is another attraction-a cave monastery. It is located at the foot of mount Sokol, the largest in this part of the Crimea. Its height is 477 meters, and nearby are the ruins of an ancient monastery. According to historians, it was built in the 8th century ad with the help of Byzantine monks fleeing from the struggle with icons. And for almost 6 centuries, image-worshippers have lived here.

But in the 15th century, power was seized by the Turkish Sultanate, and the monastery was almost completely destroyed. Later it was included in the list of attractions of the province. In the XIX century, they tried to restore it, but after a few years they were abandoned again. This was due to the collapse of rocks. The easiest way to get to the attraction is along the Golitsyn trail.


15 best attractions in Sudak

Sudak embankment is a relatively young tourist attraction. Despite the fact that the city is very ancient, they decided to improve the coastal line only at the end of the XIX century, when the Crimea became a popular resort among residents of the country. The Russian aristocracy almost completely occupied all the major cities, so Philistines and poor merchants began to come to Sudak.

As a result, the small town turned into a full-fledged resort. Mostly intellectuals came here, and among them were nudists, who opened several beaches on the territory of the city. In the 1930s, the planned development of the Sudak line embankment began, but during the great Patriotic war the city was partially damaged. But the embankment was reconstructed several times, including in 2013.

Best natural attractions in Sudak

Chaliapin’s Grotto

15 best attractions in Sudak

The first position in the category of natural attractions of Sudak is occupied by the Chaliapin grotto, located almost at the beginning of the Golitsyn trail. It is not known whether the famous singer visited here, but Nicholas II definitely stayed in the grotto when the Prince brought him to the cave to taste champagne. Moreover, the name of the village “Novy Svet” was received exactly at the moment when the monarch tasted wine.

The cave itself appeared by natural means. The waters of the Black sea gradually broke through it. And thanks to the very cold climate, it was possible to preserve the wine, so they placed racks for bottles here. Then the excellent acoustics of the attraction were discovered, and they began to use it for concerts. Moreover, the mainsail performs this function up to the current time.

The Tract Alchak-Kai

15 best attractions in Sudak

Among the attractions of the region, one of the most fascinating is the Alchak-Kaya tract, which is a nature reserve. It will be interesting to visit it for those tourists who like an active lifestyle. This tract is an ancient coral reef located in the southern part of the Bay.

In 1988, its territory was recognized as a protected area of local significance, and since then the Cape has been under state protection. The main value of Alchak-Kai is its flora and Geology. For example, very rare Golden pyrite and calcite were found here. Unfortunately, there are almost no archaeological sites. You can get there as part of an excursion.

Through mainsail

15 best attractions in Sudak

The third and last position in the rating of natural attractions is occupied by a through grotto located on Cape Kapchik, near the village of Novy Svet. This is a small tectonic crack that completely cut through the natural rock. The length of the grotto is about 77 meters, and the height reaches 17 m.

It unites 2 bays of the city at once: Blue and Blue. The easiest way to get here is from the ridge on Cape Kapchik. Previously, it was used by smugglers from Turkey, where they held their meetings and hid stolen goods. Therefore, its second name is robber pass. And Prince Golitsyn made arrangements for the grotto, adding several stairs leading to the water.

Best religious attractions in Sudak

Church of the intercession of the most Holy Theotokos

15 best attractions in Sudak

In the Central part of Sudak, the Church of the Intercession of the mother of God is located. This ancient Church has a difficult fate, there have been a huge number of problems since its Foundation. But for the current period, the building has been completely restored. The structure itself looks traditional for Orthodox churches – 4 columns with small triangular pediments and mosaic images.

The Church is dated 1819, when the Zemstvo court was ordered to create a new Church according to a previously prepared project. And the building itself was necessary, since there were almost no places for prayers in Sudak. Funds for the construction were provided by the parishioners themselves. The attraction is located on the main street of Sudak-Lenin Avenue.

Lutheran Church

15 best attractions in Sudak

The second position of the top religious attractions is occupied by the Lutheran Church. This is an example of German architecture, which was built in 1887 by a company of German colonists who arrived here from württemberg, after the expulsion of the Tatars from the Peninsula. And their settlement appeared in 1804, and some of the structures have been preserved to this day.

At the top of the Church is a plaque that tells that the Church belonged to a German colony. During the Soviet era, it was converted into an Amateur club, and then a cinema was arranged. The Germans were later deported from Crimea. But after the collapse of the USSR, services were restored again. It is located in the village of Uyutnoye on Primorskaya street. You can get there by trolleybus from the center of Sudak.

The temple with Arcade

15 best attractions in Sudak

This former religious landmark of Sudak currently serves as a Museum of the Genoese fortress, which houses ancient artifacts. It is here that you can learn a lot about the history of Crimea since the time of the first man. According to archaeologists, it was planned to build a mosque here, but in 1365 the city was captured by the inhabitants of Genoa, and the structure was turned into a Catholic Church.

So far, only part of the original mural has been preserved. And in the XV century, the Turks arrived here, who turned it into a temple. In the future, the denomination changed several times, and in 1924 it was liquidated. Since then, the room has been occupied by the Museum. You can reach it by moving towards the fortress.

St. Elijah’s Church

15 best attractions in Sudak

In the vicinity of Sudak is the oldest of all the active cathedrals of the Peninsula-the Church of St. Elijah. It dates from the period between IX-XI centuries. Moreover, it is believed that the Greeks built it, and later it became the property of local residents. Even after the arrival of the Genoese and Turks, the temple continued its activity.

In 1904, a large-scale renovation was carried out. And in 1939, the Church was closed, and the premises were used for industrial needs. After the end of the great Patriotic war, the Church was almost completely destroyed. It was then that a huge marble font was stolen. At the moment, the temple has been restored, and you can get to it as part of an excursion, or by going to Sunny Valley on Chernomorskaya street.

Best cultural attractions in Sudak

Knight’s helmet festival»

15 best attractions in Sudak

2 times a year on the territory of the Genoese fortress, a tournament is held between fans of historical fencing. The festival starts during the tourist season, in July and August. Moreover, participants try to carry out an accurate reconstruction of all historical events. Excellent costumes and scenery, artillery shots announce the beginning of the festival.

Every year, two armies meet at the walls of the fortress: the defenders and the defenders, who try to recreate the atmosphere of a real battle. It is used as a traditional weapon, and firearms, and long-range. And for tourists, it is offered either to watch the battle of the knights, or to participate in one of the medieval amusements. Unfortunately, the festival is held only 2 times a year.

Water park

15 best attractions in Sudak

The second position in the category of cultural attractions of Sudak is occupied by the water Park. This is a modern entertainment center that perfectly fits into the development of the Bay. On the territory of more than 2000 square meters there are 6 swimming pools, a number of restaurants and a small disco, as well as a children’s Park. During the tourist season, up to 2000 visitors come here.

The main pride of this Park is the water slides. There are more than 5 of them here, designed for children and adults, including small and extreme ones. For those who are tired of the attractions, you can relax in the area with sun loungers and small sunshades. And during the day, sports events are regularly held here. The water Park is located on Gagarin street. You can get there on foot, about 20 minutes from the bus station.

Sunny valley wine factory»

15 best attractions in Sudak

The last attraction of Sudak included in the rating is the oldest winery in the Crimea, which has a very interesting history and traditions. The history of the factory began in 1888, when Prince Golitsyn decided to move wine production from the New World to the Sudak region. He bought land near the city and planted the best vineyards in the Crimea, for this purpose attracted foreign specialists. But already in 1899, the investor Gorchakov forbids the Prince to appear in arkhaderess.

The winery was preserved, and it still pleases owners and connoisseurs with excellent drinks. Moreover, they regularly occupy high positions in the ranking of world manufacturers. The attraction is located in the Sunny valley on Chernomorskaya street. It is easy to get here by public transport or as part of an excursion.

Factory “New world»

15 best attractions in Sudak

The next attraction of Sudak Is also associated with wine production. It traces its history back to 1878. Visiting this production area is not only an interesting pastime and an opportunity to taste alcoholic beverages, but also to study production technologies.

And the actual immersion in the process will take place in dark basements, where bottles of wine and champagne have been stored for several decades. You can visit the factory as part of one of the excursions, which ends with a tasting. It is located in the village of Novy Svet, not far from the city. You can sign up for a tour as part of one of the agencies. You can get from Sudak by minibus No. 5.

Museum of the history of champagne

15 best attractions in Sudak

The next attraction – the champagne history Museum is open in the Big house of the “New World”. It was here that Prince Golitsyn lived, who founded the settlement and his own alcohol production. The exterior of the Museum itself is very attractive, the facade and veranda are decorated in an Oriental style.

The exposition of the Museum attraction is divided into 7 halls. The first one is dedicated to Prince Golitsyn himself, and the rest are about the history of grapes and their cultivation. In addition, there is an exhibition hall dedicated to the history of the construction of the complex and basements. During the tour, you will learn about various production secrets that allow you to achieve the best taste of the drink. You can get here by minibus number 5.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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