12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The birth of a child is a special event for every family, for which everyone is very carefully prepared. When choosing a maternity hospital, many parameters are taken into account. This is equipment, comfort, and the qualification of doctors. Some people choose free services in public institutions, while others trust paid private clinics more. In any case, the health of the mother and the unborn child depends on the correctly chosen maternity hospital.

A large number of obstetrics and gynecology institutions operate in Moscow. They serve not only local women, but also visitors from other regions. Our review includes 12 maternity hospitals in the capital, which were recognized as the best in all respects. The opinions of professionals and reviews of ordinary women were taken into account in the compilation.

Rating of the best maternity hospitals in Moscow

Category place Maternity hospital rating
Rating of the best maternity hospitals in Moscow 1 Mother and child perinatal center 5.0
2 V. I. Kulakov scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology 4.9
3 Maternity hospital No. 17 4.8
4 Maternity hospital No. 20 4.7
5 Maternity hospital at GKB No. 29 4.6
6 Maternity hospital No. 5 at GKB 40 4.5
7 Maternity hospital No. 15 4.4
8 Maternity hospital No. 3 4.3
9 Maternity hospital No. 1 4.2
10 Maternity hospital No. 4 4.1
11 Maternity hospital No. 7 4.0
12 Maternity hospital No. 25 3.9

Mother and child perinatal center

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

First on the list for several years is a clinic that meets high international standards of medical care. The multidisciplinary institution provides a full range of services, starting with the management of pregnancy at any time, ending with the help of children with developmental disorders. Doctors have the highest qualification degree. They have experience with normal pregnancies, as well as complications, miscarriage, and IVF procedures.

Women apply for infertility, where the causes are identified and a set of measures is prepared to eliminate them. The center combines the ancient traditions of midwifery with the use of advanced technologies that make it possible to protect the mother and child as much as possible during childbirth. In a special Department, under-mown animals with very low weight are safely nursed.

Delivery takes place in individual boxes. Relatives can wait in special relaxation rooms. The wards offer a calm and comfortable stay for the mother and child. Another important advantage of the institution is the stem cell Bank, which eliminates the transportation and damage of valuable material. Clinic address: 24/1 Sevastopolsky Prospekt, Moscow. multichannel 24-hour phone: +7495331 85 10.

V. I. Kulakov scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

In second place is the leading Russian medical institution, which is a medical and research center in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. All doctors are either specialists with rich experience, or young, well-trained staff who are trained in European clinics. In addition to the maternity center, there are several departments, including IVF and children’s.

Here, pregnancy and delivery are performed not only in healthy women. The clinic helped many patients with cancer and other serious diseases to become mothers. Assistance was also provided to premature babies, using the latest developments of scientists. Weekly consultations are held, where the preservation of pregnancy with fetal defects is discussed. Teleconsultations are also widely used.

After birth, babies with pathologies are sent to a special Department without transportation to other medical clinics. Thanks to scientific research, the mortality rate of women and children has significantly decreased, even with very complex diseases. Location of the institution: Moscow, Akademika Oparina street, 4. Full information about services can be obtained on the website or by phone: 8495531 44 44.

Maternity hospital No. 17

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

The top three included a medical facility that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It provides both paid and free services. The maternity hospital is famous for its modern equipment and qualified staff. The main direction is to help with premature delivery. For difficult cases, there is everything you need to protect the mother and child from complications.

The intensive care unit is equipped with high-tech equipment for nursing a premature baby. It was in this institution that such a Department appeared for the first time in 2000. It cares for infants weighing less than 1,000 g. The smallest patient who was rescued weighed only 560 g. There is a separate intensive care unit for the mother’s emergency care. That is why the death rate in it is one of the lowest in Moscow. Doctors are well-known gynecologists and obstetricians of the capital, many of whom have scientific degrees. The wards are very comfortable. Women in labor do not complain about food. The technical staff is polite.

Many people sign a contract with this maternity hospital in advance, knowing that it is in it that you can get high-quality services. The institution is located at 22 800-letiya Moskvy street, Moscow. 24-hour phone number: + 7499906 01 31.

Maternity hospital No. 20

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

The fourth place is occupied by the maternity hospital, which is included in the state clinical hospital named after D. D. Pletnev. It was opened in 1959. During 2000-2009, the building was renovated and the equipment and furniture were completely updated. During the year, from 5,000 to 5,500 births are accepted, both in healthy patients and with pregnancy pathologies. The latest equipment helps to diagnose and treat diseases in a woman and fetus in a timely manner.

A wide range of free and paid services allows patients to choose the most suitable ones for themselves. The school of preparation for childbirth and motherhood will help you calmly give birth to a healthy child without physical and moral complications and then take proper care of it. In the women’s clinic, pregnancy is managed, and all the necessary diagnostic procedures are carried out.

According to reviews, many people note excellent conditions of delivery under the contract. Among them, the choice of a doctor, round-the-clock contact with him, being in a high-comfort ward, partner childbirth. A good technical base for assessing the condition of the fetus at all stages of development was also noted. The center is located at: 57 Verkhnyaya Pervomaiskaya str., Moscow. phone number of the help Desk: 8495465 18 76.

Maternity hospital at GKB No. 29

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

The fifth line is occupied by an institution that has been operating for a quarter of a century and accepts the most difficult births. It was built according to an innovative design and meets international safety requirements. The hospital has three departments: perinatal, maternity and children’s diagnostic center. In the women’s clinic, you can register and manage your pregnancy until the very birth. All tests are taken in one place, thanks to the full equipment of laboratories and special rooms.

Patients can choose their own delivery method if there is no medical indication for a caesarean section. Soft, vertical childbirth, which is most close to the natural process, has become widely known. If you have a paid services women living in the wards with high levels of comfort and a free visit to relatives.

The institution specializes in individual pregnancy management for patients with diabetes and other diseases. The delivery takes place in a quiet environment under the supervision of qualified doctors. Mother and child receive prompt and timely assistance. The center is located on Hospital square, 2. registration Number: 8495360 04 45.

Maternity hospital No. 5 at GKB 40

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

In sixth place is the perinatal center, which is part of the state clinical hospital No. 40. He specializes in giving birth to both healthy patients and those suffering from cancer. The facility recently underwent a full-scale renovation, so it is comfortable for both mothers and babies. Due to the specialization of the clinic on malignancies, the entire staff of doctors has a rich experience in managing and providing urgent care to such patients, including women in labor.

The diagnostic laboratory is provided with high-tech equipment. Intensive care for adults is provided in intensive care units. Premature babies are nursed even with a very low body weight. Postpartum wards are designed for 1-2 people. When concluding a contract for family childbirth, spacious rooms with a high level of convenience are provided.

Many people note that individual boxes for women in labor are an undoubted plus, even with free maintenance. The staff conducts conversations on the topic of breastfeeding, helping mothers quickly adapt to their new status. You can get advice from highly specialized specialists at the address: 6, Taimyrskaya str., Moscow, or by phone: +7495474 85 47.

Maternity hospital No. 15

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

Seventh place went to the maternity hospital, which opened its doors 80 years ago. For almost half a century, he has specialized in miscarriage. Delivery is accepted starting at 22 weeks, and then the newborn is safely nursed and is under the supervision of specialists until the age of 3 years. Modern equipment reduces the risk of fatalities to a minimum. 500-gram babies receive professional help from the best doctors in Moscow.

Due to the merger with GKB, the maternity hospital has become a multifunctional perinatal center. Here you can plan a pregnancy, register with a women’s clinic, and conduct routine and emergency checkups before giving birth. The children’s Department provides rehabilitation treatment. The courses are very clear about the process and correct behavior during childbirth.

Women can get both free assistance and sign a contract for paid services. The contract provides for individual pregnancy management, partner delivery (if desired), accommodation in comfortable wards. According to reviews, there are no serious complaints from patients. Preparation, delivery and rehabilitation take place in a calm environment. Address of the institution: Moscow, Veshnyakovskaya street, 23. round-the-clock phone number: 8495375 31 00.

Maternity hospital No. 3

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

The eighth place is occupied by the perinatal center, which is considered one of the oldest in Moscow. He began receiving women in labor in 1977 and was the first to practice mother-child sharing. All doctors are specialists of the highest category. Services are provided both on a paid and free basis. Patients are kept in separate boxes. If desired, after delivery, you can choose individual wards with a high degree of comfort or joint wards with 3-4 neighbors.

The maternity hospital is equipped with high-tech equipment. There are branches of resuscitation and intensive therapy for adults and children. Even difficult cases, according to statistics, end well, which is why the institution has earned an impeccable reputation. Every year, about 6 thousand children appear in this hospital.

Here you can order partner deliveries, as well as choose vertical ones with minimal intervention of medical staff and without the use of painkillers. The diagnostic center takes all the necessary tests without additional visits to third-party highly specialized laboratories. You can also visit the school of preparation for childbirth. The building is located on Nezhinskaya street, 3. Contact phone number: 8495442 22 89.

Maternity hospital No. 1

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

In the ninth place is the clinic, which has been operating since 1988. Three years ago, a full-scale renovation was carried out. Long-term experience of doctors and the latest technological equipment help to give birth to healthy, strong babies, and their mothers-to avoid complications after childbirth. A woman can apply to a consultation for pregnancy management and then choose the method of delivery here in due time.

Services are provided both for a fee and without payment. If desired, you can conclude a contract for individual service. Many patients choose a birth partner. The institution has several departments: two rehabilitation, diagnostic, postpartum, pathology. The wards are designed for 2 people. With a paid contract, more comfortable conditions are provided.

According to reviews, young mothers who did not attend preparatory courses are taught about breastfeeding and proper baby care. Patients do not have any complaints. Everything is kept perfectly clean. The diet is very balanced and delicious. The center is located at 4 vilisa Latsis street.round-the-clock information phone: 8495495 11 01.

Maternity hospital No. 4

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

The tenth place is taken by a medical institution, which accepts about 6% of the total number of births in Moscow per year. It is part of a multidisciplinary center, so even in the most difficult cases, emergency care is provided in all areas. The staff consists of experienced doctors, 80% of whom have higher and first qualification degrees. The wards are bright and spacious, designed for 1-3 patients, depending on the Department. The maternity hospital has been operating since 1981. As a result of major repairs, all departments were updated.

For paid treatment, comfortable wards are provided for family living together. Affiliate programs are also widely used. Vertical births account for 20% of the total number. In the women’s clinic, pregnancy is carried out starting from the 7th week. Special courses will help you physically and mentally prepare for the process. Expectant mothers will be able to learn how to properly care for and feed their baby.

All patients are provided with a Bathrobe, Slippers, nightgown, babies-clothes and diapers. According to reviews, the food is balanced, high-quality, the staff is polite, the atmosphere is friendly. Location: Moscow, Novatorov street, 3. Contact phone number: +7495103 46 46.

Maternity hospital No. 7

On the eleventh line is an institution that provides services for free delivery, as well as on a contractual basis. It is equipped with several departments, including an operating room, intensive care for adults and children, as well as a diagnostic center, a pathology building and a women’s consultation. Premature babies are nursed with a weight of 600 g or more. During pregnancy all those who wish to take courses in preparation for childbirth, which teaches the further care of the newborn.

Doctors have the highest qualification degrees. All Junior staff are polite and always come to the rescue when needed. Childbirth is accepted both in the traditional and vertical way, which has recently become very popular among expectant mothers. It involves non-drug anesthesia, that is, minimal intervention in the natural process. In practice the establishment of a delivery partnership.

According to numerous reviews, perinatal center No. 7 meets high standards, not inferior to European institutions. Excellent comfortable conditions, competent doctors and nurses, modern equipment-everything makes for a successful delivery without complications. The maternity hospital is located at the address: Moscow, Kolomenskiy proezd, 4. round-the-clock number: +7499612 45 66.

Maternity hospital No. 25

12 best maternity hospitals in Moscow

We conclude our review with an institution with half a century of history. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff, more than 4,500 healthy babies are born there every year. Provided in a timely manner helps eliminate the risk of complications after childbirth. The facility has operating units, an intensive care unit, a day hospital, its own women’s consultation, free for several people and comfortable paid VIP wards for one patient.

Our staff helps young mothers take proper care of their babies. Paid services include individual management of pregnancy and childbirth. The doctor will always be in touch and will provide timely assistance at any time. If desired, you can order a partner delivery. A soft, natural method of delivery is also practiced, where there is a minimum of medical intervention, but a pediatrician is always present.

According to reviews, maternity hospital No. 25 accepts births of any complexity. There is no rudeness on the part of the staff. Meals for a solid “four”. Free wards are quite comfortable for both mother and child to stay in. The perinatal center is located at 6 fotiyeva street. phone number of the registry office: 8499137 35 35.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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