12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Those who are lucky enough to be born with thick and long eyelashes are actually not so few. But the constant use of mascara, untimely make-up remover, poor ecology do their job. The hairs break off, thin out, and only memories of beautiful fluffy eyelashes remain. Today this problem is solved. Building up helps not only to restore the density, but also to change the whole image as a whole.

Curved lashes open up the look, making it deeper and more mysterious. They reduce the time spent on make-up. Many people stop using mascara often, which is also of great practical importance. Especially save artificial eyelashes on vacation. Today, you can choose the technique and source material to suit your taste. Some people prefer a doll eyelashes, some prefer natural. The wearing time of the material can be up to 4 months.

In the capital, there are many salons from economy to premium class. Our experts found out which one is best to go to so that the result does not disappoint. The rating includes 12 extension studios in Moscow, which are ahead of other Moscow institutions in terms of the number of positive reviews.

Rating of the best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

Category place full name Rating
Rating of the best eyelash extension studios in Moscow 1 MagicLashes 5.0
2 The Best Lashes 4.9
3 Center of aesthetics of eyelashes and body Element 4.8
4 Lash & Nail Kitchen 4.7
5 FresiaLab 4.7
6 Embassy of views 4.7
7 Recyclemania 4.6
8 Brow and lash up 4.5
9 Eyelash extension center #1 4.4
10 New Look 4.3
11 Beauty Bar Browissimo 4.2
12 Ciliary fairies 4.1


12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The Studio, which won the gold prize, has already become a permanent place of beauty transformation for many Muscovites and guests of the capital. A large 200-square m makes it possible to receive several clients at the same time, and each lashmaker has its own separate office, where sterile cleanliness and perfect order are provided. The work is made using hypoallergenic premium materials. Masters are highly specialized specialists with certificates and diplomas.

Among the services: extension, lamination, eyelash restoration, modeling, architecture, eyebrow coloring, face sugaring. Prices are average, but the benefits are quite tangible. The bonus card of a regular guest is refunded cashback in the amount of up to 10% of the cost of the procedures performed.

All amenities are provided for our clients. Recording is made on the site at any time. If you can’t show up, the session will be rescheduled for another date. A notification system has been set up to remind you about the procedure. A large Parking lot is located in front of the building. If you want, you can take coffee or tea with you, and it is absolutely free. The Studio is easy to find. It is located near the metro station “1905 goda Street” on khodynskaya street, 4. the opening Hours are daily from 10 to 22 hours. Phone number of the administrator: 8495998 21 38.

The Best Lashes

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The second place went to a Studio located in the center of the capital. Here you can relax, take a break from the routine and rush, sitting in comfortable recliner chairs. Highly specialized masters have extensive experience in various extension techniques. They constantly improve their skills, learn new techniques and trends in the beauty industry. Connoisseurs of naturalness will be offered a classic with a slightly uneven edge and slight asymmetry to create the effect of natural eyelashes.

All types of materials are always available: standard volume, 1.5 D-4D, Hollywood. Today, the trend is colored eyelashes and Ombre. This procedure will also be performed by experienced lashmakers. All consumables are certified and of the highest quality. Beginners will learn how to properly care for their eyelashes, so that the result lasts as long as possible, and wearing is comfortable.

The Best Lashes offers the services of a brow artist, make-up artist, you can painlessly remove unwanted hairs on all skin types. The premises are kept sterile. Free private Parking is available on site. The Studio is located at 2 Shchipok street. opening Hours: 10-22. 00. you can make an Appointment for procedures online on the website, via messengers or by phone: +7909993 27 27.

Center of aesthetics of eyelashes and body Element

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

On the third line – a Studio that does not just provide services for eyelash extension. It has a special atmosphere of relaxation. Clients relax in unique recliner chairs, drink health-improving oxygen cocktails, enjoy pleasant music or read an audiobook. The salon employs 20 professional craftsmen. The network is located in many cities of the country, and the number of branches reaches 100.

The price list includes various types of extensions: classic, double, triple, Hollywood, one-and-a-half, incomplete volume. There is also a poresnichnoe fastening of the outer and lower corners, the effect of “Naturel”, “Kim Kardashian”, decoration with colored hairs, rhinestones. In the “Element” offers a full range of services for the care of eyelashes: lamination, Botox, reconstruction. You can apply for a correction, even if the extension was made in another salon. Masters correct a poorly performed procedure using prosthetic eyelashes.

The salon offers massages, beauty programs,and a Solarium. It is located at 2 Gamsonovsky pereulok. it is Open from 10 am to 10 PM seven days a week. Registration for the procedure is made online via the website or by phone: +7985540 76 04.

Lash & Nail Kitchen

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The fourth prize-winner is a manicure and extension Studio, which attracts the professionalism of the masters and the quality of services. Certified consumable materials are used during operation. You can choose the volume and length yourself or by consulting an experienced lashmaker. As a result, a long-term effect is achieved, which pleases for from 1 to several months.

The price list includes the following services: extension, Botox, restoration, bioavailability of eyelashes, lamination, correction, eyebrow coloring, pedicure, manicure, SPA programs. The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation. Everything is decorated in snow-white tones, the couches and armchairs are soft and comfortable, and you can enjoy a Cup of coffee or tea in the recreation area. Maintained sterility ensures maximum safety.

Constantly held promotions give everyone the opportunity to use the services of Lash & Nail Kitchen. At the first visit, a 20% discount is given, students receive minus 15% permanently. Every 6 procedures – as a gift. You can come to the salon located at 12 Novaya Basmannaya street at any convenient time from 10 to 22 o’clock, having previously made an appointment by phone: +7929614 89 78.


12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The fifth is a Studio that specializes in the most natural extension. The new technology made it possible to make even voluminous eyelashes not vulgar, but natural. Before the procedure, the master examines the type of appearance of the client and suggests different combinations of hairs. An important parameter is the goal of adding volume and length. If this is a planned event, then the new image will be memorable and festive.

While visiting the salon, you can simply relax in comfortable chairs, listen to audio books, meditate, and draw using art therapy to relieve tension. Brovists and lashmakers are Champions of Moscow, who will be engaged in transformation and will do as accurately as possible what the client expects. Among the services: permanent makeup, make-up, lip, eye, eyebrow tattooing, eyelash restoration.

The price tag is quite acceptable. Building up using the latest Natural Look technique will cost 2500-3000 rubles, depending on the master’s qualifications. The club card gives you privileges when visiting FresiaLab. Accumulated bonuses can be used to pay for services. Secure Parking is available for guests. The Studio is located on 32/1 Prechistenka street. It is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 PM. Phone number for making appointments for procedures: 8925581 81 66.

Embassy of views

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

On the sixth line – a specialized Studio for eyelash extension, where quickly and efficiently make the procedure at quite reasonable prices. The use of all existing techniques makes it possible to meet the needs of each client. The price list includes classic, 2D, 3D, 4D volumes, Kylie, L-bend. Procedures for laminating and lifting eyelashes are in demand. In the first case, the hairs are covered with a thin layer of useful components that saturate the pigment and give Shine. Lifting involves not only care, but also perming with coloring.

The complex Hollywood technique is performed in 2 hours, and the speed does not affect the quality. This is due to the experience of masters who regularly improve their knowledge level. If the eyelashes are weakened, damaged or there are contraindications, then the visitor will be offered a more gentle technique that will make the look no less beautiful and expressive. Removal is done with a hypoallergenic paste that does not cause irritation and puffiness.

The Studio is comfortable and cozy, tea and coffee are offered here, and pleasant music sounds. The “Embassy of views” is waiting for visitors from 10 to 22 hours. Location: Narodnaya str., 4s1. Recording is done by phone number:+7903770 88 81.


12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

On the seventh position-Studio in Moscow, which offers 13 different services. It employs craftsmen with extensive experience, using only high-quality materials. Affordable prices become even more attractive during ongoing promotions. Customers are located in a comfortable relaxation area, where you can use the free bar with refreshing and revitalizing drinks.

Before proceeding with the procedure, the master discusses all the nuances and recommends the most suitable application technique. All types of extensions are safe and painless. After that, you get a beautiful curve of the eyelashes with the selected length and volume. All services are guaranteed. Prices are quite reasonable: classic extensions cost 1,900 rubles, the most expensive Extra Hollywood-2,700 rubles. Promotions and bonuses are always available.

In “Recyclemania” open training courses to build up and lash care. According to reviews, many first-time visitors become regular customers and recommend the Studio to their friends. Location: Potapovsky pereulok, 5s1, near the metro station “Chistye Prudy”. Opening hours: daily from 10 to 22.00. Contact phone number: +7977494 80 68.

Brow and lash up

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The eighth place is given to the Studio, which offers a variety of transformation procedures. Here they build up and carry out correction, color and decorate eyelashes, produce permanent eyebrow makeup, lip tattooing, all types of hair removal, haircuts and coloring. If you don’t have enough time, you can perform several procedures at once. The prices are attractive. All consumables are certified. Disinfection and disposable tools ensure hygienic cleanliness.

The salon guarantees pain-free application of eyelashes and the exclusion of undesirable reactions. In a cozy atmosphere, you can relax and listen to music. Customers are offered drinks. If the build-up is performed for the first time, then the master will select the optimal technique so that the result will please the client. All specialists have rich experience and follow the latest developments in the global beauty industry.

In the Studio, the correction of extensions, restoration of eyelashes is carried out, which noticeably strengthens the hairs and stimulates their growth. Reviews confirm the non-traumatic nature of the procedures, comfortable wear. Brow and lash up is located at Maliy Kislovskiy pereulok, 9. Mode of operation: 11-21.00 daily. Registration for services is made via the website or by phone: +7961540 01 50.

Eyelash extension center #1

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

On the ninth line is a Studio that transforms clients, making them attractive and well-groomed. It offers a full range of eyebrow and eyelash modeling services. Types of extensions: Doll effect, Hollywood, Fox look, natural, volume, color, classic, poresnichnoe, 2D-6D. The experience of specialists, strict compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, premium materials guarantee the safety of the procedure and long-term comfortable wearing of extended eyelashes. The work uses imported monofilament and tools of our own production.

For particularly busy visitors or those who are in a hurry for an important event, 4-hand services are offered. Manicure and extension masters will perform in 2 hours. The Studio has a cozy atmosphere. Bright offices, designer decoration, a recreation area with free Internet, upholstered furniture and aromatic coffee.

Free Parking is available on site. Address of the salon: 1G Minskaya str., building 4. Main opening hours: from 10 to 21.00. But if you need to visit at a different time, then specialists leave by the appointed hour from 7 to 01.00. Phone: +7925002 60 04.

New Look

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

Tenth in the review is a Studio that is proud of its team of top masters, whose work experience in the profile is at least 5 years. All of them were trained in well-known beauty schools and do not stop improving in the profession. Master classes are held every month, where you can learn about the latest developments in the beauty industry. Extensions are made only with the use of premium materials that have quality certificates. There are always different bends available, lengths from 6 to 15 and thicknesses from 0.07 to 0.15. In addition to traditional techniques, Ombre or bright color eyelash extensions are offered.

For hair care, you can use the services of lamination, protein and protein recovery. In addition, we offer a modern architecture of eyebrows from the best master of Moscow. Clients can get manicures, pedicures, and beauty treatments. The Studio provides a guarantee for all types of work.

Promotional offers significantly reduce the cost of services, although it is considered average in Moscow. Free Parking is available for visitors. New Look is located on Narodnaya street, 12s2. It is open every day from 9 to 22.00. phone number of the administrator: 8985242 64 64.

Beauty Bar Browissimo

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

The eleventh nominee is a network of eyelash and eyebrow design studios. They create festive and everyday images to make a girl feel attractive in any environment. According to statistics, more than 19,000 customers were served in two years, most of which became permanent. Beauty Bar Browissimo-premium materials, top masters, 100% expected result.

Main services: eyelash extension and restoration, eyebrow shaping, permanent makeup, make-up, all types of styling. For lengthening and volume, all known techniques are used. You can also use the hair coloring service. Brow specialists will model the perfect shape that suits a particular type of face. Prices in the price list become even more affordable if you use promotional programs. You can find out about current offers on the official website.

In beauty Bar Browissimo you can buy professional care and decorative cosmetics from various manufacturers and accessories. Studios are located in major shopping centers of Moscow: Kuntsevo Plaza and Capitol. Therefore, you can always combine shopping with transformative treatments. Opening hours of all branches: from 9 am to 10 PM.

Ciliary fairies

12 best eyelash extension studios in Moscow

Rounding out the rating is a professional Studio that produces all types of extensions using safe technologies. Here they will accurately calculate the amount of artificial material, so as not to harm natural eyelashes. As a result, the procedure can be performed regularly, without fear for the safety of the hairs. The work uses certified materials that provide maximum comfort to the client: soft collagen pads under the eyes, hypoallergenic glue, elastic eyelashes.

Masters select the material based on individual characteristics. The eye shape, color type, and condition of your own cilia are taken into account. The Studio has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere: comfortable couches, beautiful decor, pleasant music. It is always possible to relax from the daily hustle and bustle, entrusting a high-class specialist with your transformation.

Many of our clients have been regular customers for several years. They like that their eyelashes are preserved with continuous extension, and there is no need for restoration procedures. The salon is open every day from 9 to 21.00. It is located at the address: PR-t Vernadskogo,11/19. You can make an appointment for the procedure by calling: 8495230 23 83.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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