12 best CASCO insurance companies

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

CASCO, unlike CTP, is not a mandatory type of insurance. But today, many owners of motor vehicles have begun to understand what benefits they get from this operation. Despite the high cost of the service, which is several times higher than the CTP, voluntary hard hat has many advantages.

  1. The car owner, regardless of whether he is the culprit of an accident or not, is compensated for damage in the event of an accident. They also receive money after natural disasters that have caused damage, or if third parties cause damage to the car.
  2. In case of theft, the owner is guaranteed payments in accordance with contractual obligations.
  3. In case of minor damage, a certificate from the traffic police will not be required, which will greatly facilitate and speed up the required payments.
  4. Additional options include services that create comfortable conditions for the owner in case of a breakdown on the highway and evacuation of the car from the scene of an accident. In such cases, the insurance company takes care of all issues.
  5. The car owner chooses the type of compensation at its own discretion: cash or Troubleshooting in the service.
  6. The insurance amount is fixed for the entire term of the contract, does not increase and remains unchanged.

There are quite a lot of offers on the Russian market. And car owners want to choose the most profitable one for themselves, so that the payment amount, quality and quantity of services are optimally combined. Our rating includes 12 CASCO insurance companies that have long earned a reputation as a reliable partner and offer the best conditions for their clients.

Rating of the best CASCO insurance companies

Category place product name rating
Rating of the best CASCO insurance companies 1 Ingosstrakh insurance company 5.0
2 Rosgosstrakh 4.9
3 Renaissance Insurance 4.8
4 SOGAZ 4.7
5 Alfa Insurance 4.6
6 VTB Insurance 4.5
7 Tinkoff Insurance 4.4
8 RESO Guarantee 4.3
9 Alliance 4.2
10 VSK insurance house 4.1
11 Consent 4.0
12 MAX 3.9

Ingosstrakh insurance company

12 best CASCO insurance companies

The first place is taken by a stable financial institution, which has proven its reliability due to long-term cooperation with large companies in our country. With over 70 years of experience, Ingosstrakh now offers the most favorable conditions for all types of insurance, including CASCO. It has the highest level of business reputation, which guarantees citizens a wide range of services and full fulfillment of contractual obligations.

The policy may include such risks as theft, all types of damage, including hitting an obstacle, broken glass, and the consequences of natural disasters. The car owner can choose one of two options for restoring the vehicle. This can be a repair at the service STATION of an authorized dealer or at the technical stations of the insurer. The first option is most suitable for new cars, the second-for cars older than 2 years. The policyholder chooses a range of services that will be more in demand. For example, only transport deaths, including theft, or more advanced packages with damage and theft.

The full calculation of the policy can be done online in the “Calculation” section. According to reviews, Ingosstrakh is indeed a leader in the insurance market. You can apply for a hard hat directly on the company’s website. The policy will be ready the very next day, and you can get it via email or at the organization’s office.


12 best CASCO insurance companies

The second place in the rating is occupied by a company that has been assigned the a++reliability level. CASCO accounts for a significant share of the insurance portfolio. Branches are located in 85 regions of Russia. This means that the client can always and anywhere contact the office for any questions that interest them. 250 points of loss settlement will allow you to resolve issues with payments in a short time.

The developed rates will satisfy all policyholders: those who want to get the maximum package, and those who expect to save their family budget. For the second category of citizens, the tariffs “Nothing extra”, “anti-Crisis hard hat”, “Economy 50/50” are provided. If desired, in addition to theft and accidents, such cases as a car falling into water or sinking under ice, an explosion or fire can be included. A preliminary calculation can be made on the website in the calculator. The conclusion of the contract takes place online, by phone or at the nearest branch.

Car owners who choose this insurance company confirm that all obligations are fulfilled, there are no legal disputes, the conclusion of the contract is very fast, as well as making a decision on payments. The extension of cooperation implies more favorable conditions, so many people who apply once become regular customers of the organization.

Renaissance Insurance

12 best CASCO insurance companies

The bronze medalist of the rating is a large financial company that has been operating for more than 20 years and is a reliable partner of both individuals and legal entities. Branches are located in major regions of the country. There are 19 of them in total. you Can quickly apply for a policy through the Internet resource. Exceptions are rare cars and cars registered in other countries.

The programs are very diverse. You can choose all the main and additional options, or you can choose only those that are in demand specifically for you. These are accidents while driving or Parking, theft, theft, fire, explosion, and adverse weather conditions.

Many respondents mentioned a convenient mobile application where you can analyze your driving style, play games in your spare time, and complete tasks that improve your driving skills. Using it, you can more profitably purchase a hard hat or extend the contract further. For example, when driving safely, the discount will be 90%. This great offer will appeal to those who spend very little time behind the wheel. When you select this fare, a device that reads the mileage is installed in the car. A limited mileage policy will save you up to 20%.


12 best CASCO insurance companies

The fourth place of the rating is deservedly occupied by a company with many years of experience, which helped it to stay afloat during the crisis and always maintain the reputation of a financially stable organization. The network of branches has spread throughout Russia. To date, there are more than 800 of them. To conclude a hard hat contract, you will need a standard set of documents. The company cooperates with both individual car owners and large fleets.

The cost of insurance depends on the selected package. The deductible will significantly reduce it, so many people prefer to choose this option when part of the money is not paid to the client in the event of an insured event. Tariffs include road accidents, intentional or careless actions of third parties, theft, theft, fire, explosion, failure of roads and ground shrinkage, falling of foreign objects, natural hazards. Car owners can send an application online via the official website and get the finished document in the office or via email.

Reviews from existing customers are extremely positive, and legal appeals can be avoided, since the company fully adheres to its concluded obligations. Payments are made on time without any changes in the amounts in the lower direction.

Alfa Insurance

12 best CASCO insurance companies

Alfa Insurance, ranked fifth, has the highest reliability rating. It offers more than 100 types of financial products, including CASCO. 270 offices are located not only in large regions, but also in small localities. The rates are varied and profitable for policyholders. Among them, you can choose the best ones for a specific case. So, “Smart hull” is intended for owners who do not use their cars much. After selecting the mileage limit for the duration of the contract, you can reduce it, increase it, or cancel it altogether if the conditions are not suitable for real life.

Insurance payments are made for standard cases: traffic accident, theft, damage, consequences of natural disasters. You can calculate the cost using an online calculator. At the same time, different forms are provided for new clients and for those who want to extend the contract.

The opinions of respondents and insurance experts coincide. They rate the company’s work on the highest score, highlighting prompt registration via the Internet, in the office or by phone, quick consideration of specific cases, and the ability to always be in touch with employees. Many people liked the advanced additional options.

VTB Insurance

On the sixth line of the rating is an organization that has been operating for 19 years and provides services for all types of insurance. Offices are located in 46 regions of the country. The CASCO rate can be selected according to your personal requirements by anyone. The “Personal lawyer” option allows you to receive competent expert advice 24 hours, 7 days a week. The application is sent online. Consideration is prompt, and you can use a ready-made policy the very next day.

Packages include damage from theft or any type of damage, total loss in a fire or explosion. The client can choose the service of a lawyer, compensation for damage caused during towing and evacuation or theft of documents and valuables from the salon, life and health insurance, round-the-clock help, technical assistance on the road (replacing wheels, opening the car, starting the engine, delivering fuel and lubricants, charging the battery).

According to reviews, the company offers excellent conditions for voluntary car insurance. The package of documents and registration procedure are standard. Regular customers receive significant discounts when renewing their contract or making other insurance plans. Many additional options allow you to be calm on long trips, as employees will always come to the rescue.

Tinkoff Insurance

12 best CASCO insurance companies

The financial company ranked seventh in the rating does not have its own branches, but sells policies through an Agency network located in 43 regions of the Russian Federation. Based on recent statistics, CASCO accounts for 1/3 of the insurance portfolio. A wide range of options has made this organization very popular among car owners. It provides real opportunities to save money, while getting all the payments stipulated in the contract.

You can take advantage of discounts already when submitting your application by filling in the optional fields. In total, they can be up to 30%. The policy is issued immediately after payment. It is completely transparent and does not include any additional fees or hidden fees. The document is delivered completely free of charge to any place at the specified address, while the time is unlimited and is chosen by the client himself. Various insurance claims are included in the packages. You can also choose free tow truck services, minor repairs without traffic police certificates, and other convenient additional options.

Car owners were satisfied with the cooperation. Qualified staff is always in touch and will advise you on any issue. Special offers are very profitable, and you can always get individual discounts.

RESO Guarantee

12 best CASCO insurance companies

Popular among car owners, the insurance company occupies the eighth line of the rating. It has a license for 100 types of services. The regional network includes more than 900 branches. The constant growth of insurance premiums guarantees stability and reliability. The application for registration is sent via the Internet. Preliminary calculation is available to anyone on the site via an online calculator.

CASCO packages can be selected in three versions: full, partial or extended with additional options. In addition to the main risks, expenses for evacuation, causing damage to the car in case of failure of bridges and roads, and ground shrinkage are paid. Without a certificate from the police, damage to Windows, mirrors, lighting devices and exterior body parts is compensated (once during the current contract within 5% of the insured amount).

Payments in case of damage are made within 25 working days, in case of theft-30 rubles. days. Policyholders noted the excellent level of service, efficiency, legal assistance in various disputes. Repairs at the company’s service STATIONS are performed quickly and at the highest level. The cost of policies corresponds to the average market prices. You can also get individual discounts and save money when entering into a contract.


12 best CASCO insurance companies

The ninth place in the rating deservedly goes to an insurance company that is part of an international financial concern. CASCO rates make it possible to choose the most optimal one and not overpay for options that will not be in demand during the contract period. You can get a policy very quickly by filling out the form on the website and submitting it online. The cost calculation is ready in a couple of minutes after the application is submitted.

Payments are made according to the established rules: for theft – up to 15 business days, for damage – up to 30. In addition to the main risks, the services of an emergency Commissioner and tow truck costs are compensated. The amount can be reduced or not reduced. This parameter is selected by the client itself. If you have doubts about the terms of the agreement, our employees can answer all your questions by phone or in the office and help you choose the most favorable tariff.

According to the reviews, cooperation with the company is quite comfortable, no serious disputes arise, and if they do exist, they are resolved in a pre-trial procedure. The cost of insurance is immediately announced and no additional payments are added at the conclusion of the contract (if the client himself did not want to increase the option package).

VSK insurance house

12 best CASCO insurance companies

The TOP 10 of our rating includes an organization that has been operating for more than 20 years and offers a wide range of insurance services to its clients. The extensive network includes 600 branches in all regions of the country. The company’s popularity was brought by CASCO policies with different levels of car protection, timely payment of compensation, and fast contract execution.

Rates include a full or partial package. The contract includes optional insurance claims for theft, damage, as well as additional options that are convenient for the car owner. After the application, the policy is ready the very next day. The company provides an opportunity not only to visit an expert, but also to remotely inspect the vehicle using a mobile application. All documents are saved electronically in your merchant profile, so if the policy is lost, you can always restore it.

Car owners who have opted for “VSC”, praised the many benefits of contacting this company. An insured event can be settled without visiting the office by registering the incident on the website or through the app. You can track the current status of events in your merchant profile. Another advantage was the availability of consultations on any controversial issue.


12 best CASCO insurance companies

The eleventh place in the rating was awarded to a company that has been offering high-quality services for all types of insurance for more than a quarter of a century. It is assigned the highest level of reliability, which guarantees new customers full security of contractual obligations. The network has 350 divisions in all Federal districts of the country. CASCO is concluded for all car brands and offers various conditions for owners. With the full package, all insurance claims are compensated, including theft, all types of damage, and technical assistance is provided in case of unforeseen situations on the road.

An online application is processed instantly, and the contract amount can be found out within 5-10 minutes. You can pick up the policy at the branch or receive it via email. The rates are very favorable. For online registration, the discount is 25%. The “100 for 50” package allows you to pay for insurance at half price, if during the year there were no cases for compensation.

The owners noted that the repair of cars is very high-quality, carried out in official service centers. Free phone numbers allow you to stay in touch with your employees at all times. Payments are made strictly according to the contractual terms and conditions, and the terms are not violated.

12 best CASCO insurance companies

The rating is completed by a company that offers the owners themselves to collect the necessary options in a single constructor. The basic policy includes compensation for damage and theft, non-reduced insurance amount, free evacuation of the vehicle 1 time a year, compensation for minor damage without certificates from the police, repair at the service STATION. The client can always reduce the cost of a hard hat by removing additional options from the contract.

For those who want to get the maximum package, the service of an emergency Commissioner and collecting the necessary certificates in the traffic police are provided. You can also insure additional car equipment, drivers and passengers against accidents, and extend the validity of the policy outside of Russia. The information service is open around the clock. The dispatcher is always in touch and will always come to the rescue. Various favorable offers allow you to save on insurance. For example, a break-even contract can be extended with a 25% discount.

Our clients were able to evaluate the benefits of cooperation with MAKS. These include minimum terms for reviewing a specific case and resolving an event, replacing parts with new ones without taking into account the wear and tear of damaged ones, and fixing breakdowns at authorized dealers or at trusted technical centers.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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