12 best accounting courses in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In Moscow, there are many specialized courses where you can learn accounting, namely taxation, accounting, or master the 1C program. Training centers offer not only to master the basics of accounting, but also to improve their skills in an existing profession.

Often the program includes the study of accounting combining the theoretical and practical basis. After training, the specialist receives certification, a state diploma, and sometimes an international one.

To find out which accounting courses are the best in Moscow, our experts suggest reading the rating of 12 educational organizations. They have a number of positive reviews, and are also popular among novice economists and professional accountants.

Rating of the best accounting courses in Moscow

Category place full name rating
Rating of the best accounting courses in Moscow 1 Academy of accountants 5.0
2 1C: Training center # 1 4.9
3 Accounting courses from the Moscow School of Economics 4.8
4 Mapb 4.7
5 The training center msutm 4.6
6 UMC Moap 4.5
7 PwC Academy 4.4
8 Runo educational center 4.3
9 Institute of certified public accountants 4.2
10 School of SKB Kontur 4.1
11 The chief accountant 4.0
12 Accounting courses at the Stack Training center 4.0

Academy of accountants

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The first place in the rating is occupied by accounting courses opened in Moscow more than 10 years ago. During this time, the number of graduates of the Academy exceeded 10,000. The Academy of accountants is an official partner of 1C. The training center provides the best graduates with employment opportunities in Moscow.

In The “Academy of accountants” classes are taught by 10 practicing specialists. The school’s experts have developed more than 50 accounting courses. These are programs for beginners (1C, tax accounting, trade) and specialists (practical accounting for chief accountants, IFRS courses, preparation for DipIFR, accountant calculator). Training programs are constantly updated in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. For better assimilation of the material, theoretical classes are always supported by practical tasks.

Each group has 10 students. Lessons are held up to 3 times a week. The advantage Of the “Academy of accountants” is a convenient schedule that allows you to study at different times of the day, including weekends. Training is possible in Express mode. After completing accounting courses, students receive documents that officially give them the right to conduct accounting activities.

  1. Address: Moscow, 5A Novodmitrovskaya str., building 2, office 652
  2. Phone: 8(495)120-42-93
  3. Website: gor-c.ru

1C: Training center # 1

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The second place in our rating is assigned to the division of the company “1C”. The company provides an extensive range of 1C courses on various topics, including an overview course for beginners, 1C programming, Expert and Professional 1C.

Training center No. 1 provides training for Directors, project managers or franchisee firms, consultants, and teachers of CSOs. 1C offers courses in management, programming for schoolchildren, and sales. The center also provides its clients with an individual training program developed by the company’s specialists.

The educational process is conducted in the form of trainings or in a training format with subsequent passing of exams. 1C offers its clients a flexible schedule, including evening training, weekend courses, and webinars.

The organization’s headquarters employs more than 150 specialists. Among them are professors of MEPhI, MESI, representatives of higher economic schools, candidates of Sciences and doctors. All teachers have experience in implementing 1C products, and some of them have created a number of economic training manuals.

The study of accounting is accompanied by the use of the latest technology, including computers, projectors, microphones. The school has a canteen with low prices and a varied menu. Moreover, Lunches are often already included in the price of most programs.

A nice bonus of the training center No. 1 – inside the building there is a dressing room, vending machines with coffee and food, water coolers. Near the establishment there is a convenient Parking lot, the building is well renovated, there is a recreation area with soft sofas, and visitors are greeted by polite staff at the reception. Disadvantages of accounting courses-online classes are often conducted without audio accompaniment with technical problems.

  1. Address: 9 Dmitrovskoe shosse, Moscow,
  2. Phone: +7 495 688-90-02
  3. Website: 1c.ru

Accounting courses from the Moscow School of Economics

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The third position of the rating is occupied by accounting courses developed on the basis of the Moscow Higher school of Economics. For conducting classes, the Moscow higher school of ECONOMICS has allocated its own building, where trainings are held not only in accounting, but also in accounting in the tourism, construction, agro-industrial, and trade areas. The school also offers courses on currency and banking operations.

MVSHE provides all students with a package of new regulatory documentation. The school provides the necessary materials and manuals for full-fledged education. The educational process is conducted in the form of lectures, consultations, and practical lessons. At the Moscow school of Economics, you can take accounting courses remotely by prior online appointment. After training, each student receives an MVSHE certificate.

The disadvantages of accounting courses at the Moscow higher school of ECONOMICS are that there is little information, often there is no practical part, and there is no prepared material. It is noteworthy that the Institute does not have accreditation, so the organization does not issue diplomas and related documents.

  1. Address: 21 Vorontsovskaya str., Moscow
  2. Phone: 8(495)911-07-65
  3. Website: mos-econ.ru/kursy_buhgalterov/

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The fourth position belongs to the Academy of international accountants, founded in 2006 in Moscow. Over the years of its activity, the specialists of the educational institution have created and implemented a multi-stage certification system and advanced training courses.

Mapb trains accounting professionals, chief accountants, managers, economists, and managers. Additional professional education is carried out according to two forms. The first form – 240 academic hours with attestations and obtaining qualifications. The second form is 40 training hours devoted to additional education of certified accountants.

Mapb offers a system of remote and full-time training. The Academy regularly holds one-day seminars. The training lasts from 10.00 to 15.00 with a coffee break. Up to 20 people study in one group. All participants receive practical manuals and certificates confirming their qualifications.

Mapb students note that teachers present the material easily and clearly, and that the courses are informative and relevant. Among the disadvantages, it is worth highlighting problems with organizational issues.

  1. Address: 16/2 1st shchemilovsky pereulok, Moscow,Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 640-51-69
  3. Website: mapb.ru

The training center msutm

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The fifth line of our rating is occupied by the best state center specializing in accounting and taxation training. The msutu Institute division also offers courses in audit and personnel management.

All programs combine the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and subsequent practice with the use of 1C products. Msutu specialists also regularly conduct seminars on budgeting, labor inspection, staff remuneration systems, attracting foreign employees, and auditing personnel documents.

The duration of accounting courses is determined by the level of training of students and ranges from 8 to 252 academic hours. After graduation, the Institute issues a diploma confirming advanced training or professional training.

The advantages of accounting courses at mgutu are guaranteed employment, reasonable prices, and constant discounts. The center also provides a flexible schedule that allows you to choose the best time for training, and a small number of people study in each group.

  1. Address: 73/b Zemlyanoy Val, Taganskaya metro station, Moscow. Wood lane, 17/2
  2. Phone: 8 (495) 660-36-72
  3. Website: ipkit.ru

UMC Moap

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The sixth position of the rating is assigned to the training and methodological center, which has been successfully conducting accounting courses since 2002. During this time, the company has trained more than 7,000 specialists and more than 3,000 companies.

The training programs of UCC Moap will be interesting and relevant for Directors and specialists involved in accounting, Finance and audit. Teachers of the center have solid practical and consulting experience. Everyone can take courses and seminars on accounting, bidding, and receive instruction on AML/CFT at the moap UCC.

The Institute provides an opportunity to conduct accounting courses on the customer’s territory in Moscow and the region. UCC Moap offers its students free access to accounting “round tables”.

The Institute also provides a “subscription service”service. This means that you can pay for the accounting course in advance, and then complete it throughout the year at a convenient time. Other advantages of UCC Moap are constant discounts on training, convenient location of the center, and assistance in finding employment.

  1. Address: Moscow, Lavrushinsky lane, 3/8, building 2, office 310
  2. Phone: +7 (495) 780-20-04
  3. Website: intercon-intellect.ru

PwC Academy

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The seventh position of the rating is occupied by the PwC Academy, which has one branch in Moscow and 7 other branches in major cities of Russia. PricewaterhouseCoopers is accredited under the CIA, CIMA, ACCA programs. About 65% of the company’s clients are included in the Expert-400 rating.

PwC Academy has a unique expertise in the market and has more than 100 years of history. Therefore, taking accounting courses in the company allows you to learn all about new trends from international teachers. 50 curators of the Academy have practical experience, are highly qualified, and constantly take courses to improve their professional skills.

PwC offers three training formats: open, corporate, and distance learning. The first type of courses consists of thematic seminars designed for a large audience, which are held in the training center according to the schedule. The corporate look can be dedicated to a specific topic or compiled according to an individual program. At the same time, the client chooses the place and time of the training. The third form of distance learning is intended for students who cannot attend the Academy.

PwC regularly hosts free events and course presentations. The Academy’s specialists have also developed a number of licensed programs. Accountants who have completed courses at the Academy confirm that after that, they get a higher position or get a more promising job.

  1. Address: Moscow, Butyrsky Val, 10, Belaya Ploshchad business center»
  2. Phone: +7 (495) 232-5438
  3. Website: training.pwc.ru

Runo educational center

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The eighth position of our rating belongs to one of the most popular accounting centers in Moscow – the center for additional professional education “Runo”. In an educational institution, you can learn the basic basics of accounting, study analysis, and audit of business activities.

In the educational center, you can learn how to conduct practical accounting and learn what to do in difficult situations from practice. Other types of courses offered by the center: accounting of foreign exchange transactions or financial and state organizations, taxation.

The peculiarity of “Runo” is that at first students master a small theoretical block, which is immediately fixed by practical classes. You can also learn the 1C program at the courses.

The educational center has two forms of training. Advantages of the full-time form – convenient classes, electronic notes, visual material, new equipment. Runo also offers the best distance learning system in Moscow. Advantages of the correspondence form – video lectures AND 1C workshops, intermediate texts, electronic notes, practical tasks. After completing accounting courses, the student receives a state diploma. The course duration for beginners is 250 hours.

Runo provides permanent discounts for accountants who want to improve their skills. The company often offers promotions for women on maternity leave (up to 40%) and disabled people (up to 80%). The school also regularly publishes free video lessons and conducts webinars on its website.

  1. Address: 2 Volgogradsky Prospekt, Moscow
  2. Phone number: +7 495 740 31-02
  3. Website: cpb-runo.ru

Institute of certified public accountants

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The ninth line in the rating is assigned to the Institute for advanced training of accountants. The educational institution belongs to IFAC, is a member of the Association of the Eurasian Institute of St. PETERSBURG and unites 11 countries. The Institute was opened in 2008 in Moscow. CPA Russia develops international business relations and supports international integration.

Specialists of the institution have developed a three-level certification program in Russian, as well as in English. The technique involves the development of 17 courses and the exam. The first level, in addition to standard courses, contains a new program – “Professional ethics and business”. The average level corresponds to CIPA level II. The third level consists of a number of old (taxation, financial management, audit) and new (business environment, corporate governance) disciplines.

Accountants with a CPA Eurasia diploma and certificate are professionals in managerial and financial accounting, corporate governance, management, and strategic analysis. Such specialists can work in any foreign organization, accounting company, or run their own business.

  1. Address: Moscow, Pyzhevsky lane, building 2, house 7
  2. Phone: +7 (495) 150-19-57
  3. Website: cpa.org.ru

School of SKB Kontur

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The tenth position of the rating is occupied by the educational online project “Kontur”. This is one of the best portals for distance learning of accountants. Every day, 5,000 participants register at the school, and more than 30 lessons are held. In 5 years, the online school has graduated more than 115,000 accountants.

The main areas of accounting courses at the school are IFRS, changes in accounting, reporting, taxes, salary, USN. Also “Loop” runs courses on the topic of electronic trading. On Fridays and Tuesdays, the school conducts free online broadcasts on tax and accounting. For students who want to personally communicate with professional accountants, the center’s specialists conduct practical seminars.

Currently, Kontur offers its clients 35 Express courses and 33 full-fledged programs. There are 2 free courses. The initial cost of a paid training method is 6,500 rubles. Also on the school’s website, you can view up to 184 seminars (starting from 2000 rubles), which are updated every week.

SKB Kontur school regularly holds competitions of young professionals for students of economic universities in Russia. The training center offers a program of privileges (gifts, additional discounts) for teachers whose students participate in Kontur Olympiads and are trained in an online school. And anyone can come on a tour to the main office of the company in Moscow to see how the school’s specialists create training projects.

  1. Address: Moscow, l. Sushchevsky Val, 18
  2. Website: school.kontur.ru

The chief accountant

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The eleventh position of the rating belongs to the GlavBukh higher school, where every accountant can improve their professional level remotely. The convenience of learning is that you can learn new material at any time of the day if you have access to the Internet not only in Moscow, but also in other countries of the world.

After completing the course, the accountant receives an official document. Also, starting from 2021, GlavBukh issues international-level certificates that meet the European educational standard.

All information used for the training process corresponds to the professional standard. At the slightest change in legislation, teachers of the school systematically update the programs of accounting courses. Training methods are developed by specialists of the Federal Treasury, the Ministry of Finance, and leading Experts of the Russian Federation.

Each course is presented as text lessons. After paying for the program, you can print or download the training manuals. The material is also presented in the form of visual diagrams and video lectures.

  1. Website: school-budget.budgetnik.ru

Accounting courses at the Stack Training center

12 best accounting courses in Moscow

The last position of the rating belongs to the large and popular training center Stack, which has been operating in Moscow for more than 24 years. Teachers of the capital’s universities, as well as heads of state institutions, work here. Stack offers programs for beginners and advanced training courses. The center also conducts corporate accounting courses for large business companies.

Each student has the opportunity to choose a convenient time for classes and independently set the duration of academic hours of study, selecting the necessary course. Many people point out that in the” Stack ” the cost of studying is an order of magnitude lower than in other centers of Moscow.

After completing the course, the accountant receives a state-issued certificate confirming practical skills and high qualifications. The training center provides its graduates with post-training support and promotes employment. Stack also provides a permanent system of discounts.

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