11 best TVs for the kitchen

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For quite some time now, many Russians want to have a TV in every room, with the possible exception of the bathroom. Some people at one time managed to find a place in the kitchen for a pot-bellied TV created using kinescope technology. Now everything is much simpler – models with a liquid crystal screen do not take up much space. In this regard, we decided to tell you about the best TVs, primarily intended for use in the kitchen.

How to choose a TV for the kitchen

If you think about it, when choosing a TV for the kitchen, you need to focus on slightly different parameters than when buying a device for the living room or children’s room. It is unlikely that your kitchen has a huge area, and therefore you immediately need to cut off options that have a screen diagonal of more than 28 inches. You should also think about how exactly you will mount the device. If there is a vacant wall, make sure that the model you are purchasing supports wall mounting. If you are going to put the TV in a locker, on fridges or somewhere else, then the traditional version with a stand will suit.

And how to decide on the size of the TV for the kitchen? To do this, you need to focus on the area of the room:

  1. 6 m2 — will suit a TV with a screen diagonal from 18 to 20 inches;
  2. From 7 to 10 m2 — you will need a TV with a display diagonal of 20 to 23 inches;
  3. From 10 to 16 m2-a TV with a screen diagonal of 23 to 26 inches is suitable;
  4. Over 16 m2 — you are lucky, you need to start from the 27-inch diagonal.

Of course, these are only approximate parameters. In fact, it all depends on where the dining table is located, as well as on the location of the TV itself. But what you can not argue with is that the model purchased for the kitchen must have the maximum viewing angles. They are provided by an IPS matrix, as well as screens created using a similar technology. And it is better to come to the store, having estimated the viewing angles yourself — in this regard, you should not believe anyone’s words. In all sorts of reviews, it may be written that there are no problems with viewing angles, but in fact it turns out that some distortions in color reproduction are still present.

Perhaps these are the main criteria for choosing a TV for the kitchen. Smart TV is the last thing to think about. As for the screen resolution, with a small diagonal, 720p will suit you perfectly. Also, do not forget that the analog signal is no longer relevant, so it is advisable that the TV supports the DVB-T2 standard (or DVB-C if connected to a cable operator). There is no need to worry about the number of connectors — it is unlikely that you will place additional devices in the kitchen.

Separately, we note that there are also so-called embedded TVs. They are embedded, for example, in the locker door. But it is almost impossible to find such devices in Russian stores, so in our rating we will tell you only about one such model.

Rating of the best TVs for the kitchen

Category place product name price
Best compact TVs for small kitchens (up to 22 inches) 1 Samsung UE22H5600 12 999 ₽
2 LG 22LH450V 10 140 ₽
3 Samsung T22E310EX 9 990 ₽
4 Philips 22PFS4022 8 990 ₽
5 Toshiba 22S1650EV 8 680 ₽
The best TVs for the kitchen with a screen diagonal of up to 28 inches 1 Samsung T27H390SI 16 435 ₽
2 LG 24MT58VF-PZ 12 290 ₽
3 Philips 24PFT4032 15 700 ₽
4 Samsung UE28J4100A 11 999 ₽
5 Akai LES-28A67W 11 990 ₽
The best TV for embedding in kitchen furniture 1 AVEL AVS220K (Magic Mirror) 39 900 ₽

Best compact TVs for small kitchens (up to 22 inches)

Samsung UE22H5600

11 best TVs for the kitchen

A small TV with a screen diagonal of no more than 22 inches (56 cm). The device has a modern appearance, offering not the widest frame and an elegant stand, painted in silver. This device can not be called cheap — in Russian retail they ask for 15 thousand rubles. In this regard, do not be surprised by the presence of Smart TV here. This feature will allow you to avoid using your smartphone in the kitchen, quickly reading the news and fresh arrivals in online cinemas using a TV. Connecting to the router is done via Wi-Fi — you don’t have to pull the network cable. The product also boasts a decent number of connectors — on the back panel you can find a headphone Jack, two HDMI inputs and the same number of USB ports. Everything is fine with the TV and with the digital TV tuner-terrestrial and cable standards are supported, only the satellite is left out.

Perhaps the most important advantage of the Samsung UE22H5600 is the display — it has a Full HD resolution, and its refresh rate is brought up to 100 Hz. It’s a pity that the sound doesn’t match the screen in any way. The TV has two built-in speakers, but the power of each does not exceed 3 watts. Surprisingly, this is the only significant drawback of the device, if you forget about the price.


The screen has maximum viewing angles;

It is possible to mount on the wall;

Weight does not exceed 3.6 kg;

There are a large number of connectors available;

There is a Smart TV;

Increased scan rate;

The image is displayed with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels;

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