10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

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Designers of the famous Danish company LEGO – a favorite entertainment of many children around the world and even some adults, young at heart. The developments of this manufacturer are incredibly diverse and include both the most understandable educational games designed specifically for the smallest builders, and extraordinary models for skilled collectors who love LEGO for its original design, high quality parts, technological efficiency and thoughtfulness. Of particular interest to any connoisseur of constructors are undoubtedly the largest and most expensive sets. They usually include at least a thousand parts, as well as all sorts of figures and other additions.

Although most people associate constructors primarily with the classic “bricks” that OLE Kirk Christiansen’s company was originally famous for, the LEGO range today is much wider. Under this brand, not only traditional kits are produced, but also constructors with radio controls, motors and other amazing features, designs inspired by the most popular topics of modern mass culture, as well as cartoons and computer games for real LEGO fans. Some of the latest creations of the company are so large and diverse that their Assembly will be the best pastime not only for the owner, but for the whole family and even a large group of friends for a long time. It is about these brightest representatives of the category that we will tell you in our review.

TOP 10 biggest LEGO constructors

10 LEGO Education PreSchool DUPLO Space and airport 9335

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

Developing LEGO Duplo space-aviation theme-a real godsend for future astronauts and pilots. The largest set for preschoolers is designed for children from 4 years old and therefore quite clear. To turn a lot of bright details into spaceships, lunar Rovers, planes, airports and satellites, a child will only need to show a little attention and ingenuity. Also, LEGO “Space and airport” will help you develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and learn how to communicate, negotiate and jointly create something grandiose. After all, assembling a constructor of 1176 parts is easier and more fun with friends or family. At the same time, the game does not end with the completion of the construction of aircraft and take-off platforms. The set also includes various figures of cosmonauts, pilots and airport employees, which gives a wide scope for imagination. The designer is also equipped with a rare addition-a storage container.

9 LEGO Star Wars 75187 BB-8

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

Large LEGO sets of the Star wars series are among the most popular and most expensive creations of the famous Danish brand. Fortunately, the manufacturer also created such a successful relatively budget version as this review participant. Although this friendly droid costs significantly less than a huge spaceship, it will be equally interesting for a child to play with it. This LEGO construction kit includes 1106 parts, from which the young connoisseur of puzzles is invited to assemble a large bright robot with a rotating head and antenna. At the same time, the head is not the only movable part of the toy. The designer is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to easily open and close the hatch to carefully study the” stuffing ” of the robot. Also, the best LEGO droid comes with a special stand with an informative information plate, on which it can be installed as at a real robotics exhibition.

8 LEGO Disney Princess Fairytale castle

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

The myth that the constructor is exclusively boyish fun has long been dispelled. The LEGO company produces separate series that the little Princess can play with from a very young age until she reaches adulthood. An excellent example of an expensive and multi-component designer for girls can be considered the LEGO Disney Princess 71040 Fairy castle model. The set includes 4080 pieces that are assembled into an elegant fairy-tale castle, decorated with fancy turrets and an original stone bridge. Such an acquisition will not only allow you to develop the creative abilities of a young lady from 16 years old, but also can become a great decorative element, because this edition is rightfully considered a collector’s edition. It is clear that such a high-quality and original product can not be cheap, so the price of 34,300 rubles is quite justified.

7 LEGO the Ninjago Movie 70657 Port of Ninjago city

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

Port of Ninjago city – the largest and most realistic area of the city of Ninjago, consisting of 3553 details. In this constructor, the picturesque quarter is recreated to the smallest detail. Tiled roofs, a semi-transparent pond with water lilies and water lilies, a log pier with barrels, a port crane and a large mobile boat, and colorful signs give the city a liveliness and verisimilitude. Modular buildings that contain a grocery store, cafeteria, Armory, workshop, a bedroom with a bunk bed, a kitchen, and even a ninja training dojo can be swapped. The interior is complemented by a variety of mobile mechanisms. The Turkey can be spun on a spit, fruit containers can be easily tipped over by tapping on the desired element, and the doors slide apart. In addition, the constructor contains 13 figures of familiar characters, including runye, Garmadon, Chan Kong-sang, Lloyd, Cole and many others.

6 LEGO Star wars Death Star

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

The great release of the 2008 model, much more interesting and colorful, consists of an increased number of details. LEGO Death Star-2016 contains 4016 blocks to build and as many as 27 mini-heroes to play with. With the help of designer parts, you can recreate an almost complete analogue of the Empire’s absolute weapon from the world-famous Star wars movie Saga. The price of the original model in online stores starts from almost 40 thousand rubles, the set is designed for the age category from 14 years, the weight of the finished superweapon is just over 6 kg, the dimensions are 41 cm high and 42 cm wide. By purchasing the new version, you are guaranteed to provide your child with an exciting activity for a long time, as well as give them the opportunity to remember and independently restore the most exciting scenes from their favorite movie.

5 LEGO City City square

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

LEGO City 60097 City square is designed for children from 7 to 12 years old to play. This is the largest model of this series (the number of parts – 1683 PCs.), which undoubtedly affected its cost – the minimum price is 10 410 rubles. The constructor allows you to experience incredible emotions, plunging into the noisy, exciting life of the city square, where players are surrounded only by friendly neighbors, safe transport and a lot of interesting and useful accessories of a megalopolis resident. LEGO sets have been one of the most sought-after gifts for children of all ages for decades. And LEGO City 60097 City square will help any child feel independent and help them acquire useful skills on how to behave correctly in the realities of a modern city.

4 LEGO City 60198 Freight train

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

Assembling a constructor is a very entertaining activity in itself, and playing with the best LEGO railway, assembled with your own hands, will make the most ordinary day a real holiday. The Cargo train set contains 1,226 parts and 6 mini-figures, which allows you to recreate the life of a busy railway station. The child is invited to get acquainted with this interesting area from a variety of angles. Having assembled a forklift truck, a railway lover will be able to bring goods to the trains, and a large crane will allow you to load everything into the right car. Having laid the rails, a young mechanic can run a train on them not only manually. The LEGO set is equipped with a remote control, thanks to which it is convenient and interesting to play with an Electromechanical toy. The ability to swap cars, change the train route in every possible way with the help of rails and set up forks makes the game with the constructor very exciting and informative, especially for children from 6 to 12 years old.

3 LEGO Technic 42082 cross-country Crane

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

The largest, tallest and best functional LEGO Technic model will help you feel like a professional crane operator not only for a child, but also for an adult. The crane for rough terrain is larger than its analogues not only in terms of dimensions. The constructor consists of 4057 fragments and many skillfully executed mechanisms. Fully steerable chassis, powerful engine with pistons and fan, outriggers for 360-degree rotation and a boom that extends a full meter, impress with thoughtfulness and realism. The presence of the upper and lower modes of operation of the crane will ensure that the building blocks attached to the constructor accurately hit the desired site. At the same time, the crane operator’s cabin in this LEGO set is thought out to the smallest detail. The opening door, adjustable rear-view mirrors, tool and chain compartments completely immerse the player in the world of construction and engineering.

2 LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

Elite designer Bugatti Chiron will be a luxury gift not only for a young genius, but also for an absolutely adult connoisseur of prestigious cars. A collectible model made in the form of a world-famous foreign car will give you a sense of excitement and pride during Assembly and, undoubtedly, will decorate the interior when all 3,599 parts are in their rightful place. After all, a copy of the luxury car, created in collaboration with the developer of the supercar, absorbed the best features of Bugatti. The company logo steering wheel, 8-speed gearbox, W16 engine with movable pistons and active wing are designed with amazing attention to detail. At the same time, the constructor is protected from forgeries. Each set is equipped with an original serial number, which is easy to see by looking under the hood. Also, the LEGO manufacturer did not skimp on accessories. The designer car is complemented by a compact, stylish Bugatti suitcase and a set of stickers.

1 LEGO Star wars Millennium Falcon

10 of the biggest LEGO constructors

The largest constructor, which has more than 7,000 parts (or rather – 7541), is LEGO Star wars 75192 Millennium Falcon, released by the company in 2017. In addition to a huge number of plastic bricks that are assembled into a model of a spaceship from the legendary epic about star wars, the constructor includes 8 mini-figures of the main characters of the story. Although the box indicates that this constructor was produced for a boy’s audience, it will undoubtedly be interesting for girls who are fond of such topics. Due to the relatively high level of difficulty, the Millennium Falcon set is designed for ages 16+. The price of the toy, depending on the offers of various markets, ranges from 69,990 rubles and above.

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