10 best washing machines with a dryer

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In the mass of modern multifunctional household appliances, washing machines with a drying function stand out for some. Not least due to the fact that in this type of apparatus, even minimal efforts to care for linen are excluded, namely, hanging and drying. This can be very important for apartments with limited free space and for families with small children, where frequent washing of the same type of clothes is expected. Experts analyzed the market and made a rating of the most interesting options in terms of functionality and cost. The very significant price of the average such unit is fully justified by the market and consumer expectations from the amenities received.

Rating of the best washing machines with dryers

Category place product name price
Best washing machines with dryers-loading up to 7 kg 1 Siemens WD 14H442 91 147 ₽
2 Indesit XWDA 751680X W
3 Electrolux EWW 51476 WD 50 390 ₽
4 Samsung WD70J5410AW 48 480 ₽
The best washing machines with dryers-loading up to 10 kg 1 Electrolux EWW 51607 SWD 109 480 ₽
2 LG F-14U2TDH1N 48 740 ₽
3 Candy GVW45 385TC 22 990 ₽
The best washing machines with dryers-loading up to 15 kg 1 LG FH-695BDH2N
2 Daewoo Electronics DWC-VD1213 64 829 ₽
3 Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD 117607 JD

Best washing machines with dryers-loading up to 7 kg

The first group in our review is compact drying machines that can load up to 7 kg.

The General technical specifications for all four models considered are as follows:

free-standing installation type;

drying up to 5 kg (except Siemens WD 14H442 with its 4 kg);

spin speed up to 1400 rpm (except for the Indesit XWDA 751680X W with its maximum 1600 rpm) with the possibility of manual adjustment until complete cancellation;

protection of children;

control over the level of foam;

program for wool;

tank material-durable plastic;

white body color;

type of drying – by residual humidity.

Siemens WD 14H442

10 best washing machines with a dryer

The washing machine of the German brand Siemens WD 14H442 is produced in China. This solution stands out from the others in the group by its installation method. Formally, the car is free-standing, but its design provides for the possibility of embedding and comes with a removable top cover. Machine dimensions-60x59x84 cm, weight-72 kg. Loading hatch with a diameter of 32 cm

Modes are controlled electronically using touch buttons with intelligent program selection – the system itself “predicts” the optimal program with the assumption of more fine-tuning options. Modes and other information are displayed on the digital display.

The energy efficiency class of this model is not the highest – “B”, but this is not uncommon for drying machines. A class of washing a, spin class “A”. Full protection against leaks is provided. Water is supplied by direct injection, there are programs for quick washing, pre-washing, stain removal, and washing delicate items. You can delay the start of any program by using a timer. You can manually set the water temperature, and the end will be signaled by an acoustic signal.

The declared noise level of this washing machine in washing mode is 54 dB, in spin mode-up to 73 dB.


easy to embed;


  • not quite universal dimensions, you need to take into account when skidding on the floor and in the apartment.

Indesit XWDA 751680X W

10 best washing machines with a dryer

Indesit XWDA 751680X W is a full-size washing machine of the Italian brand and Italian production. It is made in a well-recognized form factor for modern washing machines with front loading. The case color is white. Dimensions-60x54x85 cm, weight-66.5 kg.

It is controlled electronically with intelligent semi-automatic program selection. In terms of energy consumption, this washing machine is higher than the previous one and belongs to class “A”, the washing and spin classes are also “A”. Implemented partial leak protection at the housing level.

Using different combinations of temperature conditions, the nature of the drum rotation and drying and spin modes, you can use twelve full-fledged programs, including economical, pre-soaking, washing sports clothes, black things and delicate fabrics.

The noise level specified by the manufacturer in the washing mode of this model should not exceed 54 dB. According to feedback from real users, in spin mode, the machine also behaves as quietly as possible. With these characteristics, it can be recommended for night work in families with small children or light sleepers. This point would be almost perfect if this model had a delayed start function, but unfortunately it is not provided.


carefully treats underwear, without twisting it;


  • there is no delayed start.

Electrolux EWW 51476 WD

10 best washing machines with a dryer

The washing machine of the Swedish brand Electrolux EWW 51476 WD is made in Italy. Many users in their reviews emphasize the “country of origin” as a positive point, which is well reflected in the quality of materials and Assembly. Machine dimensions-60x52x85 cm, weight-68.4 kg. The body color is white, the shape factor is classic for such modern cars with front loading.

The machine is controlled by touch buttons with intelligent program selection. In any case, individual details of each mode can be adjusted manually, including the water temperature-the indicators are displayed here, on the control panel on a backlit symbol display.

Like the first in our rating model Siemens WD 14H442, this machine belongs to the energy efficiency class ” B ” (energy consumption-0.14 kWh per kg). Washing class – “A”, spin class – “B”. But it has one advantage that sharply distinguishes this model from others in the group – it is direct drive. This is not least the secret of the phenomenal quietness of this machine. In washing mode, the volume of its operation does not exceed 49 dB – this is the level of a quiet whisper. In spin mode, the volume, of course, increases significantly, but it should not exceed the declared 75 dB.

In total, this washing machine has 10 main programs, including special ones-washing silk, washing delicate things, washing downy things, pre-washing, super-rinsing. There is a separate function – steam processing, but according to user reviews, the functionality of this mode and its usefulness are not obvious. Any program can be delayed by using a timer for up to 20 hours.

About drying in Electrolux EWW 51476 WD should be said separately. It is implemented in three modes at once – for drying synthetics, cotton and wool separately. The nominal water consumption for one ordinary wash is about 52 liters.


large stainless steel tank;

high-quality European Assembly;

minimal noise and vibrations;


there is no full protection from children (the power button is not protected).

Samsung WD70J5410AW

10 best washing machines with a dryer

Samsung WD70J5410AW washing machines are manufactured in China. This is the most economical machine in this group, including the energy class – ” A “(consumption 0.13 kWh per kg). Washing and spin classes are “A”. The dimensions of the unit are 60x55x85 cm. here, as in the previous model, direct drive is used. Mode control is electronic, with intelligent prediction of washing parameters. The modes are displayed on the digital display on the front panel.

The machine has 14 washing programs: economical, fast, super-rinsing, soaking, pre-washing, washing delicate fabrics, washing children’s clothes, washing outerwear, the function of removing stubborn stains, etc. Separately, there are two drying programs for different types of things.

A distinctive feature of the Samsung WD70J5410AW is the presence of a bubble wash function. When it is used, small air bubbles are generated and rise up, passing through the washed items. The reel does not rotate. This function is often useful for washing particularly delicate items.

The nominal water consumption is up to 77 liters. The nominal noise level in washing mode is minimal-up to 54 dB, in spin mode – up to 73 dB.

Additional useful options in this model include steam refreshment, a Smart Check fault diagnosis system, and a long-lasting ceramic heating element.

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