10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Characteristics in the rating

It would seem that the search for a good service center for the repair of household appliances should not take much time. Hundreds of workshops have been opened in Moscow, advertising their services on behalf of official manufacturers, attracting huge experience. Their websites are well designed and contain logos of well-known brands and trademarks of popular companies. However, after contacting the organization, it turns out that the cost of work is several times too high, and the details have an incomprehensible origin.

We decided to find out which service centers in the capital can be trusted, and collected the top ten. They use original spare parts or an alternative recommended by the manufacturer. Employees are trained and their knowledge is confirmed by certificates signed by the Manager. An important part of getting into the rating was positive customer reviews, their experience of cooperation and suggestions.

Top 10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

10 Alliance service

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Opens the rating of the best Alliance service, which has the largest training center for washing machine repairmen. The company employs dozens of specialists and uses original spare parts. Repairs are guaranteed, which depends on the year of manufacture of the equipment, the complexity of the process. Customers receive discount cards. Judging by the reviews, the service center has regular customers. The latter note a polite attitude and helpful employees.

Departure of the master for diagnostics is free, the specialist already represents the possible causes of the breakdown, has the necessary equipment. However, the warranty lasts up to 6 months, and competitors maintain the equipment for a year. The reviews warn that the repair time may take several days, and not all spare parts are available. The craftsmen don’t have documents for the parts, so you can’t check their originality. Prices on the site are underestimated, the real cost can be a surprise.

9 White service

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

The white service collected the largest number of reviews on the web, earning the trust of customers. Clients write about the extensive knowledge of the masters, the absence of uncoordinated expenses. The work is carried out by qualified specialists using original spare parts. Prices for washing machine repairs start at 1,680 rubles, while many competitors have more affordable prices. Here, customers pay for a well-known name and guarantees.

The reviews say that the masters arrive on the same day. They communicate politely, maintain a conversation, and explain the reasons for the breakdown if necessary. The parts are delivered in their original packaging, new and original. However, prices scare many away. Customers complain that repairs cost more than the cost of a new washing machine. The site contains an outdated price list, and you need to pay for every detail in addition. Call center employees are confused about prices.

8 Volna-service

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Volna-service specializes in washing machines of the BOSCH group, including SIEMENS, Neff. There are original spare parts for these brands, and employees have the latest information about their technologies. However, experts know how to handle most popular brands. They use high-quality analogues, parts from disassembling old equipment, which reduces the cost of repairs. The price starts from 800 rubles, there is an urgent call to the master.

When calling, the Manager asks about the problem, specifies the model of the washing machine, and voices the possible cost of work. After diagnostics at home, the master gives the final price. The process is fast, even complex problems are solved in an hour. Then the specialists check their performance and take their time. However, checks and contracts are not provided, the guarantee is given in words. They don’t show any papers for spare parts, and they don’t take them with them. Managers are also in no hurry to provide proof of the authenticity of parts.

7 nice service

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Nice service appeared in Moscow in the early 2000s, earning a reputation as a proven company with high-quality spare parts. The company is proud of its employees with extensive experience and provides a 12-month warranty. If necessary, specialists train the client to fix minor problems, give a short consultation by phone. The master comes to the house, works quickly. High-quality services are expensive, and most competitors ‘ price lists are more accessible.

Reviews say that employees show up on the same day, just a couple of hours later. They cope with any breakdowns of washing machines, while the age of the equipment does not matter. But not all models are serviced, the list of brands listed on the website. They don’t always find original spare parts, but they warn you about it. You should be reminded about the provision of documents, discounts, and guarantees. There are comments about the delay of employees, but there are no serious complaints.

6 Sadko household Service

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Sadko household service offers high-quality services at the most affordable prices. The company provides a one-year warranty and issues documents. The service center works with tasks of any complexity. the price list starts from 400 rubles. Masters arrive at a convenient time, and they do not charge extra for evening calls. To detect a breakdown, a free diagnostic is performed. However, it is difficult to judge the origin of spare parts, and there is little information.

Reviews note the professionalism of specialists. They make detailed estimates and record the cost. New customers receive discounts. However, receipts and guarantees have to be knocked out, and they are often “forgotten”. They don’t tell you by phone that free diagnostics are performed only with subsequent repairs, otherwise it will cost 1,000 rubles. The price list on the site is called outdated, now services are more expensive. However, the final amount is still lower than the competition.

5 East-Pole

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Vostok-Polyus has earned a place in the best rating thanks to partnerships with major manufacturers of household appliances. The service center offers original spare parts, good post-warranty service. It unites several small repair companies, using their knowledge and equipment. Prices start at 800 rubles and do not exceed the average for Moscow. The cost can be significantly reduced by agreeing to non-original spare parts.

The service center provides services at home, but only for an additional fee. Employees process applications promptly, and employees arrive with the correct equipment and appropriate documentation. They conduct thorough diagnostics, inform the client about upcoming work, and negotiate the final cost. However, there are complaints about the delay of the masters, the wait is delayed for several days. The initial price doesn’t always match the final price.


10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

AVALON is known for high-quality repairs of household appliances and affordable prices. The services are guaranteed, diagnostics is only 500 rubles. It will be held free of charge if the client takes advantage of the repair offer. The wizard works slowly, the process is delayed for 3-4 hours. After the call, the specialist quickly appears on the doorstep of the house, has documents for spare parts. The guarantee is valid for one year, and the client receives confirmation papers.

Reviews praise the work of managers. They talk about the upcoming repairs, announce the cost, and patiently answer questions. After some time, the master calls back, specifies the model of the washing machine, confirms the amounts and terms. The company does not require prepayment and handles its equipment carefully. However, sometimes repairs are delayed for several days if the necessary spare parts are not available. There are complaints about tardiness and delays of the masters, but the service center is not operational.

3 Whirlpool

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Whirlpool, an official representative of The company of the same name who works with its brands, opens the top three. The service center receives official parts and has the most up-to-date information about these washing machines. Our specialists provide advice and fast technical support. The team works on a daily basis, but requires much more capital competitors for their services. For example, diagnostics will cost 2,000 rubles. But the amount is fixed, no surprises.

Customers are warned that the call handlers only leave before 6 PM. But employees are not late, repairs take about an hour. There is no regular card payment, just a transfer or cash payment. Every little detail makes the process more expensive, for example, the movement of equipment is additionally considered. The company warns about all this in advance, the high cost is justified by high quality.

2 Helpanu

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Helpanu appeared in Moscow in the mid-2000s, collecting a large number of grateful comments. Repairs are guaranteed, which varies from several months to a year. Specialists bring original parts, which is confirmed by documents. Repair of breakdowns takes place at home, there is no need to spend money on transportation. Diagnostics will cost 1,000 rubles. most of the prices are higher than the competitors ‘ price list.

Reviews note the competent work of the Manager, mention the quick appearance of the wizard. Specialists are not in a hurry, repairs take a long time, and include testing. The whole process takes several hours. The prices are the same as those announced by the Manager, and all services are specified in the receipt. If necessary, the wizard will explain the reasons for the failure and schematically show the work plan. Customers thank the service center for its high quality, and there are practically no complaints about the service.

1 Moscow Repair Service No. 1

10 best washing machine repair services in Moscow

Moscow Repair Service No. 1 remains true to its name, providing the best service for equipment of popular brands: LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and many others. The company is proud to work with specialists who quickly eliminate the causes of breakdowns. At the same time, prices remain average in Moscow, and there are discounts for regular customers. The company offers free diagnostics, subject to further repairs. The master appears on the doorstep of the house within a few hours after the call.

Reviews speak of competent and patient call center employees. The cost of repairing washing machines is announced immediately, it rarely differs from the final one. The only complaint to the employees is that the repair team does not have documents for spare parts, they have to be knocked out from managers. Sometimes they forget to issue a receipt. But in terms of quality of work and warranty service, the center has few equals in the capital.

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