10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

Characteristics in the rating

Experienced specialists and novice nail artists can not do without a high-quality vacuum cleaner. This is equipment for equipping the workplace, which allows you to make the procedure more comfortable. The device helps to quickly remove dust and small debris, protects the client from the development of diseases such as asthma, rhinitis and tracheitis. The main thing is to choose the right device among the available assortment. We reflected the best of them in a rating based on customer reviews.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for manicure, you should pay attention to the following parameters::

  • the volume of filtered air;
  • amount of power consumption;
  • additional functionality;
  • ease of use;
  • matching price and quality;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • protection against damage;
  • the build quality is.

These and other characteristics should be considered in the TOP 5 models from well-known brands. It is also important to determine the type of dust collector, which can be desktop or built-in.

The best professional vacuum cleaners for manicure

5 KrasotkaPro

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

Thanks to the powerful motor (65W) and high fan speed (3,000 rpm), the Krasotka Pro desktop machine is able to capture up to 99% of the smallest particles formed during manicure or pedicure. The vacuum cleaner’s performance is also impressive: 450 cubic meters/hour. It is made by order of the eponymous online store, which guarantees its operability for at least 1 year. The length of the cord is 1.6 m, which is quite enough to organize a workplace far from the workplace.

In addition, the device is famous for its simple and inexpensive maintenance. Bags can be put on the rubber seal reusable, and 2 pieces are already carefully enclosed in the kit. If necessary, they can easily be purchased at a cost of 50 rubles / piece. At the end of the working day, it is recommended to wash and dry the tank so that it can be reused. In some reviews, there is a mention of a problem with reverse dust emission, but it is caused by incorrect installation of the bag on the bell. If you follow the instructions, the vacuum cleaner works perfectly.

4 ZUP Nail DustCollector Premium

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

The dust Collector Premium nail extractor is equipped with 3 motors and, accordingly, 3 built-in fans. Due to the increased suction area, acrylic and gel dust gets into the bag, leaving absolutely no traces in the air. The vacuum cleaner is placed in a streamlined body, which simultaneously plays the role of an ergonomic stand for the hands of the client and the master. An additional option is a soft pad made of skin-friendly textiles, which further increases the comfort of the manicure procedure.

In the reviews of the device praise. It is powerful enough to effectively clean a space up to 10 cm away, while working quietly without causing acoustic discomfort. The design is convenient, but you need to take into account its almost 2-kilogram weight and decent dimensions – they complicate the work of a nail master if he provides his services on the road. For the same reason, the model is not recommended to buy as a mobile device for pedicure – it is better to immediately determine a stationary place for it.

3 Emil X2

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

The third place in the rating is occupied by a mobile hood from a Russian manufacturer. The device has an excellent power of 60 WATTS, so the amount of air cleaned is 400 cubic meters per hour. The design consists of a plastic housing, a built-in fan with a chrome grille to protect against fingers, two sawdust tanks and a power cord.

Reviews of the desktop device are mostly positive. Buyers choose the model for a reasonable price, easy operation, and efficient operation. The device from Grigory Fedotov is firmly held on the table and does not slip.

2 Max ultimate 3

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

You can achieve perfect cleanliness of the table and tools with the help of the next rating participant from the Max brand. The built-in model perfectly sucks up nail dust with the help of a powerful fan, and the original design of the vacuum cleaner allows you to form a competent air flow that prevents the sawdust from spreading from the nails. The device is easy to use due to the calculated shape of the case. It is made of high-strength plastic. Thanks to this material, the device is quite light in weight. During operation, the risk of excessive hand cooling is eliminated.

The ultimate vacuum cleaner is guaranteed for two years. Judging by customer reviews, they stopped using face masks. The owners of the model claim real dust removal and note the high-quality operation of the device, a stylish design solution. However, many people found it too noisy and cumbersome. It is worth paying attention to the fact that plastic requires careful treatment and care, otherwise it is easy to scratch and damage it.


10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

An honorable place in the rating of the best is occupied by a desktop device from ULTRATECH. It is sold assembled and perfectly fits into the work environment thanks to its stylish design. The power of the product is quite impressive-65 W, which guarantees instant absorption of dust and small particles. The cord reaches a length of 1.8 m, which is undoubtedly very convenient for organizing a workplace. The hood of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fan with seven blades. This allows dust not to fly back out with eddy currents. All sawdust is collected in a replaceable bag. In total, there are 6 of them in the set.

At a fairly high power, the vacuum cleaner works quietly, creating comfortable conditions for manicure. On the back side of the case, a pad is provided for placing the client’s hands. Owners of the model are advised to put a Mat under the hood to prevent the device from sliding. In their reviews, they note that the cost of the product corresponds to the quality level.

The best vacuum cleaners for manicure of the initial category: budget up to 3000 rubles.

5 Jessnail SD-39

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

The SD-39 model from the Russian company Jessnail can be found in almost every retail outlet with products for the nail industry. Its popularity in the market was ensured by its affordability and catchy colors in several variants. With proper operation (the device is not too powerful – only 23 watts, so after every 20-30 minutes of operation, it should be given a break), the vacuum cleaner shows itself to be a worthy defender of the health of the home master and his clients, significantly reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

Cute design allows you to design a working interior in a non-boring style. The device works very quietly, so it probably will not interfere with the passing consultation or confidential conversations that ladies so appreciate when they come to a manicure. It is equipped with 3 bags for collecting sawdust, but it will not be difficult to buy new ones on any site. Of course, for a large salon, its capabilities are not enough, but for beginners, such a vacuum cleaner is a real godsend.

4 Runail RU-858

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

This model has compact dimensions (17x35x30 cm) and a small weight, within 1 kg, which makes it an indispensable assistant for beginners in the field of manicure and masters working on the road. It is not very powerful, the specifications indicate only 20 watts, so for minimal dust spread, the nails need to be very carefully sawn. If necessary, the speed of rotation of the blades can be adjusted, thereby reducing the speed and increasing the overall service life of the device.

Among the advantages of the device should be noted the good quality of materials and Assembly. The case is made of high-quality plastic, covered with a soft, washable pad. This solution turned out to be very successful for both clients and nail artists, as it simultaneously provides a comfortable hand position and easy maintenance of workplace hygiene. The kit includes 2 garbage collection tanks and a bag for trouble-free transportation of the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, there is a division of opinions in the reviews: some users consider the device frankly weak and useless, while others – the best option at this price.

3 Contigo

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

The Contigo manicure hood looks like a regular vacuum cleaner. The table-top design is equipped with a corrugated tube that can be directed precisely into the work area. The rectangular case is made of ABS plastic with stainless steel elements, so the device is very stable and does not take up much space on the table. In addition, a vacuum environment is created inside the vacuum cleaner. This means that it is highly undesirable to drop it, but when transporting the device or turning on the motor, the risk of dust accumulated inside is completely eliminated.

At the end of the suction tube there is a pair of bright LEDs with a special type of glow that is optimal for the eyes when working with the device for a long time. This kind of lighting creates a good working environment. The device also has a built-in reusable filter that additionally purifies the air (the manufacturer claims 100% efficiency). It is necessary to replace it only once every 3-4 months, however, it is better to stock up on consumables immediately when buying the device – we could not find them in any online store.

2 Simei 858-5 48 W

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

This vacuum cleaner leaves a pleasant impression from the moment of unpacking. Colorful packaging (what is not a gift for your favorite manicure master) and several layers of air-bubble film do not doubt that there is a very valuable device inside. By itself, it also looks attractive-rich white, in a concise design, with a mega-comfortable pad on the client’s side. If you turn it over, you can see 3 fans, which perform the main function of drawing out dust.

Despite the rather high power (48 W), the device works silently. In review tests, to test its effectiveness, finely ground coffee was scattered nearby and a thin cellophane bag was placed. And if the bag stuck tightly, the coffee powder about 30% scattered around. It is important to know that the 858-5 model has many variations in power (from 12 to 48 W), and these characteristics are not always indicated on it. To protect yourself from disappointment, it is better to test in advance how powerful the device is.

1 Polarus ND-65W

10 best vacuum cleaners for manicure

If you need to save money, but at the same time want to get a sufficiently powerful device for pulling dust, we recommend paying attention to the Polarus ND-65W vacuum cleaner. It is desktop, but due to the 65-watt motor fights sawdust as effectively as the built-in ones. It is especially convenient to use it with a handstand (it is suggested to buy it separately) – so the client’s hand is in the center of the hood, and dust immediately gets into the bag from under the cutter.

By the way, it is the bags that deserve special praise from the craftsmen. Reviews note that they are very wear-resistant, so you have to buy new ones no earlier than in 6-8 months. To do this, as well as to extend the service life of the device, it is necessary to follow simple rules of care: remove dust particles from the body and shake out the container after each manicure session, wipe the blades, do not use aggressive cleaning agents. With proper operation, the vacuum cleaner fully performs its functions – the manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty.

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