10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

Characteristics in the rating

The budget segment of 300 thousand rubles in the Russian secondary market is filled with cars aged 9-10 years or more. You can choose Chinese models, they will be fresher-6-7 years. At the same time, we considered used cars that were not involved in serious accidents. The average mileage of participants varies from 120 to 200 thousand km. Second-hand Chinese come across and with a mileage of less than a hundred.

The review presents the best used cars, the cost of which in Russia is in the range of up to 300 thousand rubles. The rating was compiled based on the technical characteristics of the models and the opinions of the owners, who evaluated such parameters as durability, reliability, maintainability, comfort and safety level.

TOP 10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

10 Datsun on-DO

Among used ten-year-old cars, this sedan is sold in the budget segment – 250-300 thousand rubles. An inexpensive car is of interest to potential buyers because the suspension is designed specifically for Russian operating conditions, and the model itself is equipped with Russian – made engines, a manual transmission, but at the same time an automatic transmission is Japanese.

The engines of this used car do not require special intervention up to a mileage of about 250 thousand km, while the clutch serves no more than 100 thousand. Among the body defects, it is worth noting the weak and thin paintwork, the rapid appearance of rust even with small scratches, and the swelling of paint on the wings. The interior and trunk, like other budget-level models, are standard, generally well-built and provide a satisfactory level of comfort.

9 LADA Priora

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

The first-generation Lada Priora car, which is already more than 10 years old, usually has an impressive mileage and a number of serious problems. The engine by this time is already losing power and stability of operation, often there are problems with the battery, electronics, gearbox. Different areas of paintwork are exposed to rust – fixing the fender, wheel arches, the lower part of the doors. A used car worth up to 300 thousand rubles, however, is in demand, even with years of operation, it is considered comfortable and reliable.

Among the obvious advantages of a used car, you can note more than affordable operation and the ability to purchase inexpensive spare parts, including non-original ones. However, samples with high mileage have quite a lot of malfunctions, which means that you will have to spend money on repairs. Buyers consider a fairly moderate fuel consumption to be an unambiguous advantage – up to 7-10 liters, depending on the driving style.

8 Geely Emgrand

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

This Chinese car is considered one of the best-selling on the “secondary market”. Hatchback and sedan are actively purchased for taxi companies, choosing them for their high build quality and easy handling. The main advantage of used models is the price, which averages 300 thousand rubles. Also among the advantages can be noted a roomy trunk, impressive dimensions of the car itself, a fairly high comfort of the cabin.

But the second-hand Geely Emgrand also has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it is the poor quality of the paintwork. Also, many owners note insufficient tightness – moisture when stored on the street can appear in the trunk and in the cabin. If the mileage is less than 100,000 km, then the purchase will not require serious investment. In any case, there are no problems with purchasing spare parts in any region, and their cost does not differ much from the price tag for spare parts for Russian cars.

7 Chevrolet Aveo

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

The Chevrolet Aveo car also boasts popularity in this segment – used models with mileage are quite cheap for owners, they consume fuel sparingly and do not require large maintenance costs. The disadvantages include the most common breakdowns of used models – wear of the front suspension, oil leaks on the engine, problems with the gearbox and traces of rust on the paintwork. However, these shortcomings can be quickly and inexpensively eliminated in any workshop.

The demand for such cars does not fall due to the affordable price – a completely acceptable option can be purchased in the range of about 300 thousand rubles. There is a spacious and comfortable trunk, an ergonomic interior with high-quality trim. The model is compact, has a stylish design and is very practical. Many people note high-quality equipment – ABS, fog lights, power Windows, alloy wheels, climate control.

6 KIA Rio

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

Used cars of this brand older than 2010 release usually already have a mileage of over 200 thousand km and a number of technical shortcomings. In five-door hatchbacks and sedans, many buyers note the poor quality of the chassis and transmission. The third generation of cars has a low roof, which reduces the useful space, weak head light, rigid suspension and a small gas tank volume.

But in General, the car attracts with its price, which is within 300 thousand rubles, inexpensive repairs and maintenance. High maintainability is ensured by the availability of all spare parts. The car is also distinguished by high build quality, an efficient braking system and a decent level of noise insulation. The air conditioner and heating system work perfectly even in used samples with high mileage – the build quality significantly affects the service life of the components. The car is perfect for beginners – it is safe and easy to operate.

5 Ford Focus

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

Since 2011, the third generation of the Ford Focus car has been released, while the models are available in station wagon, hatchback and sedan bodies. Diesel engines in the Russian secondary market did not take root – most often there are 1.6 and 2-liter gasoline engines. In these cars, there are many trim levels with an increased level of comfort – Parking assistance, heated steering wheel, tire pressure monitoring and the ability to recognize road signs.

For used cars, the price of 7-10-year-old samples varies within 300 thousand rubles in the basic configuration without additional options, while the average mileage is about 180 thousand km. This is the main advantage of used Ford Focus cars. The disadvantages include a low ground clearance (150 mm), not quite suitable for domestic roads, a cramped interior, short-lived steering rails, and low reliability of the robotic gearbox.

4 Reno Logan

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

Budget car Renault Logan enjoys stable demand in the secondary market. The second generation of the French-made model is distinguished by improved paintwork indicators – almost no problems with corrosion occur even in used models. Given the affordable price (7-10-year-old samples are within 300 thousand rubles), the second generation of equipment is not much different from the first-the configuration is the simplest.

There are also weaknesses in used cars. Most buyers note unreliable mounting of the front headlights, wipers, problems with the gearbox and gas pedal. There is a rather weak chassis-shock absorbers can fail already at a mileage of 15-20 thousand km. Despite these “sores”, the car is very cheap to maintain – the range of original and analog spare parts is impressive, and repairs can be easily performed in any car service center.

3 Nissan Almera Classic

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

This mid-size budget sedan of Japanese production has become popular not only for its low price, but also for the most spacious and comfortable interior, trunk, high handling and dynamics. A car that has reached the age of 10 already has a lot of nuances in its technical condition. Used cars often have rust on the body, problems with the clutch pedal and brake system, the interior plastic deteriorates and the trim panels loosen.

The main advantage of the car, despite its age – is the price within 300 thousand rubles. Potential buyers are also attracted by the cheapness of most spare parts, stylish design, high ground clearance, ideal for Russian roads, low fuel consumption. In addition, you can buy used models with different modifications and comfort levels for a specific budget and the wishes of the new owner.

2 Volkswagen Polo

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

The fifth generation of Volkswagen has been sold in our country since 2009. A used car is in demand on the “secondary market”, designed for the average driver. It is quite good to drive, it is characterized by reliable Assembly, a comfortable interior, but without excessive luxury. Domestic models are assembled in Kaluga and are equipped with only 1.6 (or restyled 1.4-liter) engines.

Among the disadvantages of a used car, you can note a rather ascetic, budget interior made of inexpensive materials, a weakly powerful and noisy engine, the lack of high-quality sound insulation, and a quick failure of electric lifts. But there are also advantages – the price is within 300 thousand rubles for a car with minimal options, high quality of paintwork for such a budget model, ease of maintenance and repair.

1 LADA Granta

10 best used cars up to 300 thousand rubles

“Granta” has been sold since 2011 and is still considered a hit of the domestic market of new cars. On the secondary market, a used car is in no less demand – for 250-300 thousand you can buy a used car in fairly good condition. Given the budget of the model and a fairly thin paintwork, the untreated body often suffers from corrosion at the factory, and the poor quality of plastic and interior trim forces owners to take a number of tricks. Also, the car can not boast of good sound insulation.

But, unlike many foreign cars, after the purchase you will not have to seriously spend money on maintenance. Spare parts are available everywhere and are quite inexpensive. In addition, it is necessary to note the stylish appearance, roominess and high maintainability of Grants. The car has good cross-country ability, is economical and easy to drive. As a means of transportation for Russian roads, it is perfectly suitable.

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