10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

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Domestic car with high cross-country ability Chevrolet Niva is very popular in the Russian market. At the same time, the operation of this machine is possible in different conditions that require the presence of appropriate “shoes”. The factory installs tires in the size 205/75 R15 or 215/65 R16, so when choosing a new rubber, you should focus on these data, choosing similar tires or the most suitable ones for these sizes (for example, 215/75 R 15).

Our review presents the best tires of different brands that will provide excellent driving characteristics for this car. The rating is compiled taking into account the declared properties of rubber, the opinions of service center specialists and, of course, owners whose reviews helped to get information about the behavior of a particular rubber in different conditions. For the convenience of the reader, tire models are divided into several popular categories.

Best summer tires for Chevrolet Niva

These tires can be installed on the wheels of Chevrolet Niva in the summer and spring-autumn period of operation. They are good for both asphalt roads and rough terrain, but they are not quite suitable for “hard” off-road conditions.

4 Nexen Roadian H/T (SUV)

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

This symmetrical tread pattern tire can only be fitted to the standard Chevrolet Niva suspension in size 215/75 R 15, which fully meets the factory requirements. The high performance characteristics of rubber were appreciated not only by ordinary users – South Korean auto giants use Nexen Roadian H/T (SUV) tires for the primary configuration of manufactured cars.

The elastic polyester cord and double breaker are able to withstand numerous shock loads without the slightest damage, which affects the durability of these tires. Designed using mathematical modeling, the tread pattern evenly distributes the load over the entire area of contact of the tread with the surface. This not only provides better traction, but also contributes to moderate wear, regardless of the intensity of use. Based on user feedback, you can also draw a conclusion about the high acoustic characteristics of rubber and high control accuracy at any speed.

3 Toyo Proxes STIII

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

Owners of Niva Chevrolet appreciated the capabilities and technical characteristics of the new generation Toyo Proxes STIII tire. This summer tire offers the best braking and traction qualities on any surface, thanks to a directional pattern in the form of lightning bolts and arrows, made in a sporty style. In addition, 3D slats in the shoulder areas of the tread ensure not only fast acceleration of the car, but also uniform tire wear.

Toyo Proxes STIII tires are able to withstand maximum loads and easily overcome poorly traversed areas of the track. High speed control accuracy and low noise levels were appreciated by users. In addition, the rubber has high wear resistance, which is also noted in their reviews by SUV owners. Another advantage of this tire is its excellent directional stability on dry and wet asphalt. For owners of Niva Chevrolet, it is possible to install only one size range of this model-215/65 R 16. To operate more massive wheels, it is already necessary to lift the suspension and change the geometry of the wheel arches.

2 Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 tire is designed to meet all the requirements for all-terrain tires in harsh off-road conditions. It is designed for use on most of the existing models of all-wheel drive jeeps and crossovers, favorably differing from competitors in increased strength and reliability. This summer tire shows a confident behavior on the most difficult sections of rough terrain. No weather conditions can affect the best traction properties of this tire model. Their stability is ensured by the unique composition of the rubber compound and a specially designed drawing of the working part with three-dimensional lamellae.

Thanks to modern technological solutions, stability and handling at high speeds have significantly increased. At the same time, the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is considered quite comfortable – the noise level is quite acceptable for tires of this class. Reviews note the long service life and best technical characteristics. These tires are great for any crossovers or SUVs. The presence of the appropriate size range allows you to install them on the Chevrolet Niva without changing the suspension.

1 BFGoodrich Urban Terrain T/A

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

Designed specifically for off-road vehicles, the BFGoodrich Urban Terrain T/A tire is the best choice for the Chevrolet Niva, which is mainly used in urban driving conditions, with the possibility of all-season use. This rubber has an increased resistance to wear and damage due to the presence of a reinforced cord layer. The improved rubber composition, with the addition of silicon, ensures not only durability, but also the most confident behavior of the wheels on the track.

The use of the new development ShoulderLock in the creation of this model has increased the contact area of the tire with the surface, which significantly increases the reliability of traction on any road. The specially designed aggressive pattern of this summer tire ensures timely drainage and thus guarantees better stability on the road. In their reviews, users note increased comfort while driving.

Best winter tires for Chevrolet Niva

Winter tires allow jeeps or crossovers not only to confidently hold the road in subzero temperatures, but also provide excellent traction on difficult road sections, so that the owner has the opportunity to effectively control the behavior of a heavy car.

3 Dunlop Winter Maxx SJ8

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

Dunlop Winter Maxx SJ8 is a winter Velcro rubber designed for crossovers and off-road passenger cars, including Chevrolet Niva. The developers managed to successfully combine a set of measures to improve the technical characteristics of this tire, designed to ensure safe driving in winter. The new tread pattern with t-shaped grooves in the center guarantees improved traction characteristics, thereby making it easier to drive the vehicle.

Provided in this model zigzag channels provide high-quality and fast removal of snow mass or water, which significantly improved aquaplaning. Another distinctive feature of this winter tire is the increased number of slats, which are responsible for better grip on ice. Reviews note the unusual softness of rubber and the absence of noise. At the same time, the Chevrolet Niva will have a slightly reduced ground clearance – only 2.5 cm (the appropriate tire size of this brand will be 205/70 R 15), which will make the car more stable in turns.

2 Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 SUV

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

The Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 SUV studded tire is the best choice for car enthusiasts who value safe winter driving. This model is characterized by higher braking performance on icy and snowy roads. The directional asymmetric tread pattern ensures timely removal of snow mass and high-quality grip on the surface. Thanks to the modified shape of the spikes, they are provided with a reliable and durable fit, which also significantly improved contact with the road.

Improvements were also made in the composition of the rubber compound, taking into account all the features associated with driving on a winter road. Car owners who have installed Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 SUV tires on their SUVs note in their reviews good cross-country ability on snow-covered areas, and easy handling. For Niva Chevrolet with standard suspension, the most suitable size of this model will be 205/70 R 15 or 215/65 R 16.

1 Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

To prove its status as a leader in tire manufacturing, Finnish company Nokian has released a new winter tires Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV that can adapt to any temperature and weather conditions. The unique technology of using two types of spikes at the same time provided this tire with, of course, better handling and stability on a snowy or ice-covered road.

On the Chevrolet Niva, this novelty is available only with R16 wheels. Users who have tested Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV tires this winter and last, note excellent braking on icy roads, better maneuverability (there are changes in the tread pattern) and directional stability. Thanks to the side spikes, high-speed turns on the winter road became possible. All, without exception, the owners are satisfied with the choice made and in their reviews Express full confidence that they have not yet met better winter tires. At the same time, there is a barely noticeable “clumsiness” on bare asphalt – however, this behavior is quite natural for tires with spikes.

Best mud tires for Chevrolet Niva

The presence of a distributor in the transmission of the Chevrolet Niva implies the ability to move in difficult off-road conditions. This means that you can’t do without mud tires with large primers and deep treads. This category includes the best all-terrain tires, which do not require suspension modification to install.


10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

The Russian manufacturer produces NORTEC in only two standard sizes for 15 and 16-inch wheels – the most suitable size for the Chevrolet Field. The rubber is very powerful, with a thick side part and good ground hooks along the edge of the tread. It is easily self-cleaned due to a well-designed tread and wide channels between the tread blocks. They allow you to easily get out of a deep rut and demonstrate excellent cross-country ability in any mud. The capabilities of the NORTEC MT 540 are not much inferior to imported, more expensive mud tires.

In the reviews, the owners note the good quality of rubber – during operation, the possibility of getting a puncture is negligible. It floats a little on the sand, but for more confident driving, the tire pressure needs to be released a little. The rubber rim protects the disc from possible damage during overcoming obstacles. NORTEC MT 540 tires are positioned as summer all-season tires, but they do not behave well on asphalt in winter. A characteristic feature of rubber is a high noise level and a slow response to steering turns (rolliness) on the asphalt surface, so it is advisable to use it as an everyday “Shoe” for cars only on country roads.

2 Bontyre Stalker M / T 215/75 R15 100R

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

The rubber is not suitable for high-speed driving on the highway, despite the softness and lack of noise inherent in mud tires. At the same time, it is erased rather slowly – with year-round use, a third of the tread “goes away” on average in 1.5-2 years. For Chevrolet Niva tires are very good-an attractive price (several times cheaper than the leading brands) and the ability to install on the car without alterations made this brand one of the most popular among owners of this car.

The aggressive tread pattern with large directional “herringbone” checkers has proven itself well in impassable mud swamps – until the car “lies” on both bridges, it will go. On shaky sand, for good cross-country ability, you only need to bleed the air a little. Very strong sidewall perfectly supports the weight of the Chevrolet Niva and on half-lowered cylinders. Among the disadvantages, owners note somewhat weak side lugs, which makes it quite problematic to jump out of a deep rut. In user reviews, the driving qualities of rubber are also highly appreciated in winter – with the exception of areas with icing, it adequately copes with rolled and loose snow and is completely not prone to aquaplaning.

1 Kumho Road Venture M/T KL71

10 best tires for Chevrolet Niva

The range of off-road tires from the famous South Korean brand Kumho has a size suitable for the Chevrolet Field. Rubber 215/75 R 15 perfectly fits the factory suspension and no adaptation (lifting or increasing the wheel openings) is required – the wheel arches cope with the amount of dirt flying out from under the tread. At the same time, even with the most difficult off-road conditions, the tire copes quite confidently.

The rubber is moderately soft, and generates a much lower noise level than other mud tires, despite the rather impressive weight. However, because of this, it wears out very quickly if most of the mileage occurs on an asphalt surface. Many owners in reviews indicate that the tires are perfectly balanced, provide better stability of the car at high speeds and behave perfectly on wet roads. Punctures and even side cuts are very rare for this tire. Despite the fact that the tires are all-season, it is extremely problematic to use Kumho Road Venture M/T on winter asphalt.

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