10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Characteristics in the rating

Numerous websites of Metropolitan companies are full of promises of fast installation of ceilings from the best manufacturers at a low price. Such statements raise doubts, and for good reason: most companies are Resellers, or disguise Chinese goods as European brands. We decided to find out who is worthy of customers ‘ trust in the Moscow market.

When selecting the top ten, the points that should be specified in the contract were taken into account. These include a list of services, deadlines, materials, and the full cost of work. We paid attention to the warranty obligations, the number of complaints and disputes. Do not forget about customer reviews, their recommendations and tips.

Top 10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

10 Mos Siling

Over the years, Mos Seeling has established partnerships with major stretch ceiling brands: Clipso (France), Descor (Germany), and domestic manufacturers. You can choose from fabric and PVC structures, including semi-transparent ones. The company works with photo printing, installs multi-level ceilings. However, there are practically no reviews about the organization, only on the official website. Customers are advised to study the Treaty. I am happy with a small prepayment: only 30%.

Reviews talk about high-quality work, but the team is in a hurry, so it leaves garbage. Employees behave correctly and politely, and correct minor errors. However, there are complaints about delays, especially when it comes to warranty service. It is difficult to agree with the team about the time of the visit, and the process is delayed for several weeks. The company responds to calls reluctantly, looking for reasons to postpone work. At the same time, the correction itself takes half an hour.

9 ceiling Formula

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Formula ceilings offers a huge range of products, including PVC, seamless fabric structures, satin, glossy, matte processing. The company cooperates with Clipso and Decor brands. The team installs multi-level ceilings, boasts several hundred projects throughout Moscow. Customers receive a 10-year warranty. Installers appear in a short time, do not be late. The materials are certified, and licenses are listed on the site.

Customers are pleased with the prompt work, there is practically no smell after installation. However, there are complaints about the uncoordinated actions of managers and the team. The company’s work is not coordinated, there are deadlines and delays. Answers to questions have to be drawn out. The organization does not seek to maintain contact, and is reluctant to communicate. The exact timing of the appearance of the team is not called, they say approximate dates. And even in this case, they are late. There are no complaints about the installation quality.

8 Ceiling Alliance

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Ceiling Alliance is an official supplier of materials from well-known companies MSD, Deskor, Pongs. The company has collected a good assortment, although it is inferior to the leaders of the rating. The designer helps you choose a color scheme, and the Manager directs the order processing process. You can choose from Matt, glossy, single-color stretch ceilings, photo printing. The site offers a unique design fitting feature. The company provides a 2-year warranty – many competitors have a much longer period.

The company does not require a full prepayment, the Deposit is only 10%. The client transfers the remainder to installers after the work is completed. Prices are transparent, and incoming order stubs are issued. Employees bring a vacuum cleaner, clean up after themselves. However, many people talk about small unpleasant shortcomings. Especially often they relate to the simultaneous installation of ceilings and lamps. The company doesn’t like to admit mistakes.

7 Master BEAVER

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Master BEAVER is a multi-profile company that installs stretch ceilings, plastic Windows, and light fixtures. The range is very impressive: there are glossy, matte, satin, suede, textured options. Ceilings are available in all sizes and colors, photo printing is provided. On the website you can find the most convenient cost calculator. However, the company requires 100% prepayment, and installments of up to 8 months are possible.

Numerous reviews show the results of the work. The company undertakes installation of any complexity. There are no complaints about the quality, mostly complaints about delays and delays. The team is not punctual, and they don’t warn you about rescheduling time. The company’s prices are higher than the average in Moscow, and they are known in advance. Installers are in a hurry, leaving garbage behind. On the website of the stock, but many believe them to be invalid. The total amount is always high.

6 Etalon

Etalon appeared in Moscow relatively recently – in 2013, but has already managed to get an impressive customer base. Every year the range is expanded, new collections from European manufacturers are added. The company cooperates with brands known for their long service life. The Manager helps you choose a design that matches the interior. The organization accepts orders of any complexity, taking pride in the qualification of installers.

The team arrives at a convenient time, and customers write about budget prices. Installers also work on weekends, and several days pass from the signing of the contract to the completion of the project. Customers can watch the installation, and the specialists are polite and moderately talkative. However, there are complaints of a strong chemical smell that lasts for weeks. There are minor flaws and mistakes. The company does not seek to fix problems, and it takes months to re-call the team.

5 Vipsiling

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Vipsiling is the largest network of organizations selling stretch ceilings in Moscow. They operate under a franchise, so the quality varies. The company not only installs, but also produces goods, which allows you to reduce prices. Appearing in the early 2000s, it has collected a solid range of PVC film, there are no fabric options. In addition to their own products, brands from Europe and Asia are represented. Promotions and sales are held periodically.

Buyers are advised that a full prepayment will be charged upon conclusion of the contract. Most of the reviews are positive, praising the quality of the ceilings. But there are complaints about deadlines, the company can not boast of the speed of production of goods. Sometimes the team is late, sometimes there are not enough components to complete the work. The terms of warranty service are not inferior to competitors, but the company is in no hurry to fulfill them. It takes several weeks for the team to fix the problem.

4 Cheap ceilings

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Cheap ceilings, as the name suggests, attract an affordable price. They are one of the largest companies in Moscow. The company has its own production facilities, which supports such prices. Products pass quality control and receive certificates. However, in terms of durability, domestic material cannot be compared with Italian or German. The organization speaks about an experienced team and advanced training courses that it regularly takes.

Buyers are advised not to be afraid of low prices, installers do their job conscientiously. Along with the ceilings, you can also order lamps. Reviews call the installation neat and fast. However, many ceilings are attached inserts not in the same tone, which the company does not warn about. Buyers are advised to register and specify all the details before signing the contract, then such shortcomings will be corrected for free. There are several complaints about minor installation errors.

3 ART DESIGN Potolkoff

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Opening the top three is ART DESIGN Potolkoff, which attracted us with a good quality of work backed by a 10-year warranty. In the latter part of the disassembly when repair. The company prides itself on its highly qualified staff, claiming that even managers regularly attend courses and trainings. The company appeared on the Moscow market in the mid-2000s, but pushed older organizations. Prices and materials attract new customers, and we are pleased with the fast installation time.

The company claims that stretch ceilings are supplied only through official manufacturers. The site contains certificates. Customers praise the professional and fast work of installers. The Manager helps and patiently answers questions. The choice of designs is large, although it is inferior to the leaders of the rating. However, customers are saying about a strong smell after installation, which do not disappear within a few weeks.

2 Photolocker

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

Knowing about the variety of tastes of their customers, Photolocker gathered a large collection of suspended structures. There are options for fans of the original, classic blending of all styles. The company writes about the best optimization of work, from the project to the end of installation takes several days. A choice of glossy, Matt and fabric ceilings is available. An unlimited number of luminaires can be installed on any of them. Installation takes place quickly, without affecting the comfort of people in other rooms. On average, production takes 24 hours.

Reviews praise the team, calling it one of the most competent in Moscow. They say that no one else works so quickly and efficiently. The managers who help with the selection process and calculate the final cost also deserve compliments. Even for the production of complex structures, the company needs no more than 3 days. However, the cost is not encouraging. For each non-standard corner and pipe, money is charged, the amount is much higher than the price tag of competitors.

1 NatCom

10 best stretch ceiling companies in Moscow

The most worthy place was taken by Natkom, which has been engaged in stretch ceilings since the early 2000s. They can be installed in geometrically complex rooms, with flexible contour outlines, and multiple levels. Measurements and cost calculations are carried out free of charge, the master comes with an impressive catalog of colors and accessories. Installers appear at a convenient time, if necessary, bring certificates for the product. The team has licenses and extensive work experience.

Customers note full-fledged consultations with the portfolio, the availability of mobile terminals, and the professionalism of employees. When the work is handed over, installers give time for inspection. Light bulbs are also installed along with the ceiling. There are no complaints about the quality of work, and customers are satisfied. Only the team is in a hurry, the company allocates little time for installation. Because of this, they do not have time to clean up. After leaving, dirt and dust remain, competitors rent out a clean room.

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